Update Forty-One: 6 September 2017

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

44 hours, 27 of 27 achievements
tsuper review: 6/10


This will be a quick review because the game is fairly simple - it’s puzzles! Jigsaw puzzles! But virtual!

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime is part of what is, ostensibly, the pixel puzzles collection of jigsaw titles, and it’s a little harder than other jigsaw games I’ve played (mainly the Animated Jigsaw series). There’s twenty-five (technically twenty-six) puzzles to do, from 60 pieces up to 350. Unlike other games, these puzzle pieces float around the edges of the screen, and also have to be rotated instead of just slotting into place. You earn ‘points’ as time goes on and as you put more pieces into place that fill up a meter - enough points and you unlock one-off abilities like being able to tell the correct orientation of a piece, to do a fade-in of the whole image, or to show where that piece if located.

This adds good challenge, though I wish the ability to check the full image is something you had all the time. You have that ability in real-life jigsaw puzzles, after all, where you can look at the box for help.

Beyond that, the pictures (all original art, I assume) are cute and anime, and the puzzle pieces are cut out in unique, themed ways, not just the normal ‘puzzle piece edge’ that adds spice to each puzzle. There’s this weird scientist-fairy mascot character that I think talks to you as you play, but I muted this game instantly bc I had television to watch. Her voice was very annoying, what little I heard, and I’m pretty glad I turned it off fast.

Next up: Continuing my challenge, this time I’ll actually crack into -

See you soon!


I’m currently playing this one! I don’t particularly like the fact that you have to rotate the pieces, and I’ve muted it too.


Yeah, I didn’t love it either, but I did appreciate it made it more ‘authentic’ to real analog jigsaw puzzles.


I’m not 100% sure, but if it’s like the other games in this franchise you can turn that off in the options so you don’t have to keep rotating the pieces - which is very irritating.
and yes, the sound effects are terrible too. That fairy keeps making a bunch of annoying sounds. xD