Third week of January

4 games completed and 1 more re-100%ed. Can’t complain too much about this weeks progress.

Current balance of acquired - completed games: 17 - 10 = 7

Completed SG wins

Playtime: 2.2 hours
Achievements: 320 of 320 (100%)
Review: The game has been banned from the store as it should be as it is basically just an achievement spam game with a not particular good match 3 attached to it. And for some reason the match 3 has lives which are timed which is beyond ridiculous for a PC game which makes me wonder if they just ripped of a mobile game. Works fine with Proton at least.

Other completed games

Nanotale - Typing Chronicles
Playtime: 12.3 hours
Achievements: 34 of 34 (100%)
Review: I really wanted to love this game, but it is worse than its predecessor Epistory - Typing Chronicles in every single possible way except that you can now move during "boss" battles: typing mechanic is worse, no workshop support, story is worse, upgrades and leveling up system are worse, the art style is worse, the adaptive difficulty is busted and the game is packed full of bugs. Linux game of the version works alright except bugs.
No Place Like Home
Playtime: 23.1 hours
Achievements: 158 of 158 (100%)
Review: Any enjoyable farming/cleaning up game where you are exploring and taking care of a world that had been pretty much abandoned by almost everybody and is now full of trash everywhere. There are some flaws with the game, namely it being buggy, some grinding and story, but overall I really enjoyed my time with it. Works without any issues with Proton.
Pixel Puzzles 2: Halloween
Playtime: 5.7 hours
Achievements: 27 of 27 (100%)
Review: While this jigsaw solving game is not bad, there is no real reason for it to exist due the fact that Pixel Puzzles Ultimate is a thing and it is better than this game in every way. The main 2 things that I am missing that PPU has is the ability to see a small preview of the image you are putting together and the option to turn off the pieces floating around. Works without any issues with Proton.

Yikes! That’s bad news about Nanotale! I really liked the first one. :(


Same :( I was so excited to play Nanotale and now I am just very very disaapointed :(