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Second week of July

This week I have finished 2 games that I have started ages ago and but haven’t finished till now. Considering I would like to reinstall my PC and some games just hate cloud saves there is probably gonna be a few more like this in the near future.

Completed SG wins

Kim Jong-Boom
Playtime: 1.3 hours
Achievements: 100 of 100 (100%)
Review: Basically a piss poor version of a memory game where you don't get to change anything about it and if you want all the achievements you will end up having to play the same thing a 100 times. Works fine on Linux.

Other completed games

Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Playtime: 11.9 hours
Achievements: 55 of 55 (100%)
Review: A lovely typing game where you travel around a diverse looking world. Supports just about any keyboard layout you might need (and you can also download more from the workshop if needed) and quite a few languages but sadly no Slovenian. Only real annoying part is how grindy some achievements are but again you can help yourself with workshop mods :)

First week of July

Anyone can explain to me how do I have 1.4 hours played in the last 2 weeks but 0 hours on record in total? Because something doesn’t seem quite right to be here ;D

Completed SG wins

Playtime: 3.3 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A simple puzzle game with 100 levels where you have to find words that fit a certain theme inside of a grid. It is pretty good and works fine on Linux.
Mahsung Deluxe
Playtime: 5.1 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: It is a bit of a weird version of a mahjong game. There is 50 levels in total to solve. It was ehhh, not horrible but there is plenty of better game out there with proper mahjong to play. As for Proton: I originally tried it with Proton 2 years ago and it has such bad artifacting it was unplayable. This time around I played it on Windows so I have no idea if it has been fixed since.

Other completed games

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two
Playtime: 1.4 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A coop game that puts emphasis on the communication of the two players. I found it a bit disappointing as it was pretty short and easy to solve. And because of the way the game works you can literally solve it in 2 minutes. No joke, the friend who I played with speedran it after we beat it (took us 76 minutes originally). Works fine with Proton.
Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse
Playtime: 3.7 hours
Achievements: 33 of 33 (100%)
Review: It is an Artifex Mundi HOG. It is OKish but I found this one to be so piss easy and the fact that at most you can access 4 or 5 scenes at once bothered me as well. Works fine on Linux.

June overview

PPU is still at 100%, its to warm to live, bye.

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First week of June progress
Second week of June progress
Third week of June progress
Fourth week of June progress

Completed since last post

Ecchi Puzzle
Playtime: 19 minutes
Achievements: 100 of 100 (100%)
Review: No comment lol. Works fine on Linux.

Completed SG wins

  • Snow Apocalypse

    6 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Mazement

    2 hours playtime

    6 of 6 achievements

  • Ecchi Puzzle

    19 minutes playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

Other completed games

  • Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle

    16 hours playtime

    96 of 96 achievements

  • 1 Moment Of Time: Silentville

    7 hours playtime

    43 of 43 achievements

  • Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows

    5 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

  • Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

    4 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

    76 hours playtime

    57 of 57 achievements

  • Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor

    4 hours playtime

    31 of 31 achievements

  • Summer in Mara

    27 hours playtime

    50 of 51 achievements

  • Romeow: in the cracked world

    34 minutes playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

  • Bunny Park

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

Additional statistics

Total number of beaten SG wins in June: 3
Total number of beaten games in June: 12
Total number of games won on SG in June: 8
Total number of acquired games in June: 17
Percentage of beaten SG wins: 41% (+0% since last month)
Percentage of beaten games: 37% (+0% since last month)

Fourth week of June

I think we can say this week has been productive when it comes to video games? Could always be better, but I can’t complain about 5 games compared to what I managed to get done in the past few months. Also the games have been pretty decent.

Completed SG wins

Playtime: 1.8 hours
Achievements: 6 of 6 (100%)
Review: It is an interesting physic game where you move the ground around for the ball to roll. I would actually like if it wouldn't be for the horrible mouse+kb controls. No idea if it is any better with controller but I would imagine so.

Other completed games

Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor
Playtime: 4 hours
Achievements: 31 of 31 (100%)
Review: It is an OK Artifex Mundi HOG, not much more to say about it. I did notice a typo in one of the HOS that I don't know nobody spotted it before ("paper plane" was called "paper plain" so I was confused for a bit what the hell the game wanted me to find). Works fine on Linux.
Summer in Mara
Playtime: 27.2 hours
Achievements: 51 of 51 (100%)
Review: Well this game is not what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be a farming game, but it turned out to be a fetch quest game where everyone is either a huge asshole or they have swallowed a self help book. Other than that the game has some pop-in issues and other game mechanic issues but in general it was ok-ish. Works fine with Proton other than the cutscenes just being black (you can skip them).
Romeow: in the cracked world
Playtime: 34 minutes
Achievements: 7 of 7 (100%)
Review: This game was way too short :( It is basically a maze game where you need to find your way to a wall ball and bring it back to your cat bed. It is not hard at all but a few levels get a bit confusing. There is 40 levels in total that took me less than 30 minutes to finish. But I guess I can't complain too much about something I paid 0,47€ for. Works fine with Proton.
Bunny Park
Playtime: 4.4 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: There is not a hell of a lot to this game. You have a park you can edit and collect 25 bunnies that appear as you put more work into the park. Works fine with Proton.

Third week of June

Yay, got Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! done :D

Completed games

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light
Playtime: 3.8 hours
Achievements: 22 of 22 (100%)
Review: It is an Artifex Mundi HOG, but it is a meh Artifex Mundi HOG. What I disliked the most is just how small of an amount of scenes you have unlocked at any given time, which is probably a silly complaint but oh well. Works fine on Linux.
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
Playtime: 76.1 hours
Achievements: 57 of 57 (100%)
Review: I love this series of games and this one is no exception. It is a cooking/typing/time management game where you run a food truck through 387 levels of madness. Most of them are perfectly doable with some upgrades even if you are not great at it, but a small handful right at the end are rough (but there is a cheaty way of getting those done). Only played a little on Linux (with Proton): PC worked, laptop thew errors at me (+save didn't syncing right there).

Second week of June

Only one game done again but I am very close to having CDS3 completed and that is taking 70+ hours at this point already.

Completed games

Dark Angels: Masquerade of Shadows
Playtime: 4.8 hours
Achievements: 30 of 30 (100%)
Review: I really didn't like this one. A lot of people seem to have but some stuff like slow transitions and the lack of intuitiveness what can be clicked and what not annoyed me too much. Also if you want to play this game I would recommend going to the main menu every once in a while since the game only seems to save when you do so and multiple people including me had the game crash and lost progress. Works fine with Proton (the crash is unrelated).

First week of June

Not much to say, 3 games of very different lengths done. PPUs monthly challenge puzzle came out, but I already finished it so I am back to 100% there.

Completed SG wins

Snow Apocalypse
Playtime: 6 minutes
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A horrible asset flip game with one level where zombies spawn right in front of your face. You have a few different weapons to kill them with, but the shotgun is the single least satisfying weapon ever and does no damage. Stay very far away from it. Works fine with Proton.

Other completed games

Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle
Playtime: 16.4 hours
Achievements: 96 of 96 (100%)
Review: A decent jigsaw game with 24 different jigsaw images you can do in 6 different difficulties (from 12 to 384 pieces). To get all the achievements you will have to play it on the hardest difficulty. Also the jigsaws have a timer but no clue what happens when it runs out because it never happened to me. My only real issue with it is the visibility of some images since they tend to be quite dark and its hard to distinguish the details. Linux version works fine.
1 Moment Of Time: Silentville
Playtime: 6.7 hours
Achievements: 43 of 43 (100%)
Review: I don't understand how this HOG has such good reviews. Yes there is way worse HOGs out there, but this one is not particularly great in my opinion. I found it quite buggy (both ingame and achievements - 2 of them didn't unlock properly for me) and the fact that it requires 2 playthroughts minimum (casual and expert difficulties) for 100% is just unnecessary and annoying.Works fine with Proton.

May overview

I dunno what to say other than hey PPU is still 100%ed ;D Which means my yearly goal is officially still completed :D

Weekly Posts

First week of May progress
Second week of May progress
Third week of May progress
Fourth week of May progress

Completed SG wins

  • 100 hidden cupcakes

    5 minutes playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

Other completed games

  • Small Town Terrors: Galdor's Bluff Collector's Edition

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Small Town Terrors Pilgrim's Hook Collector's Edition

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Archimedes

    18 hours playtime

    23 of 23 achievements

  • Pixel Puzzles Ultimate

    1593 hours playtime

    2118 of 2118 achievements

  • Sacra Terra: Angelic Night

    5 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Daylife in Japan - Animated Jigsaw Puzzle Series

    26 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

Additional statistics

Total number of beaten SG wins in May: 1
Total number of beaten games in May: 8
Total number of games won on SG in May: 6
Total number of acquired games in May: 10
Percentage of beaten SG wins: 41% (+1% since last month)
Percentage of beaten games: 37% (+0% since last month)

Fourth week of May

Yay, got more than one game done again, go me! Also another jigsaw game bites the dust.

Completed games

Sacra Terra: Angelic Night
Playtime: 5 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: It is not a great but also not a bad HOG. It did feel like it dragged on forever for me but it might just be because I was doing 300 other things while playing it. Also is it too much to ask for a map where you can teleport between locations? Works fine with Proton, just freezes for a few seconds when tabbing in.
Daylife in Japan - Animated Jigsaw Puzzle Series
Playtime: 25.6 hours
Achievements: 12 of 12 (100%)
Review: As the name implies it is a jigsaw game with animated images. There is 5 different jigsaws to do in 5 different difficulty levels. The smaller ones are nice but the bigger ones can get annoying when you have half of the image being a blue sky. Also has an option to only show edge pieces which in my opinion every jigsaw game should have. Works fine with Proton. And thank you Samwise for gifting it to me :)

Third week of May

Whaaat, I have finished not 1, not 2, but 3 games?!?!? And by finishing PPU I have also finished my goal for the year 2021. I guess I can say this has been a successful week. Also a very busy one (not just because of videogames).

But yea, have I mentioned I re100%ed PPU for the first time since beta????? I am so happy :DDD I was so scared they would add more DLC before I manage to write this post that I didn’t even write a review in advance like I usually do with games because I didn’t wanna jinx it lol. Lets see how long it lasts. My bet is not even by the end of the month.

Completed games

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion
Playtime: 2.2 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A horribly bad HOG game. I would advise to stay as far away from it as possible. Works fine with Proton at least.
Playtime: 17.5 hours
Achievements: 23 of 23 (100%)
Review: It is a time management game I really wanted to like but it is just so damn frustrating. The difficulty seems so brutal to the point it feels like if you don't do everything absolutely perfect you wont get 3 stars. And a lot of the times your clicks just don't register properly and you can't queue actions to take. There is a 100 levels in total to play and it works fine with Proton. There is something weird going on with the store page tho (constantly removed and readded).
Pixel Puzzles Ultimate
Playtime: 1592.6 hours
Achievements: 2118 of 2118 (100%)
Review: Uhhhh...well.... do you like jigsaws? Because there is a metric shitton of them in this game. Only problem is there is also a metric shitton of DLC for it so get ready to open your wallet. But it is a good jigsaw game with a lot of variety that you can get 1500+ hours of jigsawing time out of. Also works fine with Proton as long as your PC is not a potato (was a problem when I played it on my laptop) because if thats the case it might lag when loading things.