May's theme: The Grateful Assassins

New month = new theme; hopefully you’re all eager to participate. :) This month we’ll focus on games we received for free - either as a gift from a friend, a Steamgifts win, a raffle win or as part of a promotion (for example Steam/Humble Bundle giveaways where you get to add a game to your library for free for a limited amount of time). There won’t be a list of games that fit the theme, since the games are unique to each individual.

To participate, reply to this post and tell us which games that fit the monthly theme you’re going to play. Please use the following format to make it easier for me to keep the list of participants up to date. Feel free to add any extra thoughts about the games to your post, though. :)

name of game 1 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | SG win/gift/freebie? | unfinished/finished
name of game 2 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | SG win/gift/freebie? | unfinished/finished
name of game 3 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | SG win/gift/freebie? | unfinished/finished

Have fun!

Challenge me

The newest edition of the monthly Challenge Me is available here: click.


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?

What happens if I play all of my unfinished games this month?
Your backlog will be a much smaller place.

I don’t have any unfinished games-I’ve beaten everything I’ve started.
Really? well that makes one of us… I salute you.

I already finished my entry can I play another?
Go ahead-the goal of this theme is to reduce your unfinished games list the more you can play the better.

I’ve nearly beaten a game can I still use it as my entry?
Of course-as long as its been abandoned for the apropriate amount of time.

I’ve already beaten a game can I go back and play it again to use it in my entry?
Ideally the game you pick should be something unfinished. Depending on the game we can make an exception for you going back to 100% complete a game you previously beat the storyline for however it would be better for you to simply aim for unfinished games.


Name Number of games beaten Number of achievements obtained Hours of playtime
Evilblacksheep 6 62 88h
skanda 6 84 31.6h
Trent 4 66 54.4h
ninglor03 4 82 14h
UlverHausu 0 0 0h
tsupertsundere 9 156 278?h
devonrv 0 0 0h
escollo 4 96 30.7h
stef 2 11 9h
PeteOzzy 1 57 38.4
Lucky Thirteen 4 7 118h
86maylin 4 110 10.4h
Errise 1 36 6h
VitoStippkow 0 0 0h
Hawkeyebrow 1 24 2h
heilurmes 2 20 30h
Formidolosus 1 31 5h
Selby 0 0 0
thelasttimepiece 0 4 4h
Giselle 0 0 0h
Killerqueen 9 200 86.9h
JaffaCaffa 12 114 60.6h
malabagaa 3 57 19.7h
adil 1 73 6h
BigBlueWolf 2 18 8.2h
kubikill 1 25 4h
Draco 1 6 3.6h
kayhmkay 3 15 6h
madth3 4 6 10h
Blue Ϟ Lightning 1 71 42.7h
kiseli 3 11 11h
Mskotor 2 50 62
MouseWithBeer 7 32 26.1h
Alizarine 2 56 17.2h
Belmas 1 45 42h
Fnord 3 68 11.8h
RikkiUW 2 35 7.1h
Saph 2 47 47.4h
Girlbeard 3 36 11h
Formidolosus 2 48 25h
LinustheBold 2 51 13h

Updated: 26.05.2018


Awesome theme, i’m in !

I’ll be back later when i started playing but for sure Civ will fit in this :p now i realize it was your plan all along

Game Achievements Playtime this month Source Status
Slay the Spire 20/32 (+0) 30h Gift still playing
Civilization VI 17/191 (+1) 2h Gift unfinished
For the King 18/60 (+1) 2h Gift unfinished
Tiny Rails 12/12 (+2) 33 hours (fuck this) SG win completed
Samorost 3 30/30 (+30) 5h SG win completed
Card Crawl 4/9 (+4) 9h Gift beaten
Monster Prom 5/32 (+5) 6h Gift beaten
Snowball! 6/9 (+6) 2h SG win beaten
Wuppo 13/23 (+13) 17h Gift beaten
Regions of Ruin 0/20 (all broken) 21h Gift beaten
Armello 16/50 (+1) 1h SG win beaten
Children of Zodiarcs 35/40 (+33) 36h SG win beaten
Beglitched - 2h Gift finished
Chuchel 7/7 (+7) 3h Gift completed

I didn’t even realise! Everything went better than expected. :3


My 2 other current addictions are also gifts. So this is not gonna go well

The Talos Principle 3/40 achievements (+3) 0.9 h this month gift unfinished
Monochroma 4/5 achievements (+4) 3.8 h this month SG win finished
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare 5/12 achievements (+5) 3.6 h this month SG win finished
Zen Bound 2 8/11 achievements (+8) 4 h this month SG win finished
Lucid 9/11 achievements (+9) 5.4 h this month SG win finished
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler 13/25 achievements (+13) 2.4 h this month SG win finished
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken 16/29 achievements (+16) 3.5 h this month SG win finished
Cities in Motion 26/47 achievements (+26) 8 h this month SG win unfinished
Bad Rats 8/13 achievements (+26) 3.1 h this month SG win finished

Yay, a theme I can participate in! And I can play my two new wins after a year-long drought! :)

Game Name Achievements Playtime Source Status
Willy-Nilly Knight 15/15 achievements 39h this month SG win completed
Finding Paradise 1/1 achievements 7.9h this month SG win completed
OPUS: The Day We Found Earth 30/31 achievements 5.5h this month gift beaten
Emily Is Away 20/20 achievements 2.0h this month freebie completed
AER Memories of Old 12/20 achievements 8.0h this month gift unfinished

Omg Finding Paradise. You reminded me that I still have that and it’s from a friend. :o
Gonna play it for this month then. x3 Really looking forward to bawling my eyes out. xD


Not sure if I’m going to “bawl my eyes out,” =) but I am looking forward to it. I’ll play in next weekend (11-13 May), so I’ll let you know what I think. :3


I’m gonna try to play it this weekend. :D I can edit my thoughts in this reply if you wanna see. :3

Where do I even begin. This game man, it breaks me, in a good way. That sounds weird huh? Let me explain. A little warning tho: This review will contain spoilers for both To the Moon and Finding Paradise(tho I will try to avoid To the Moon's spoiler but it is needed for me to compare the two), so if you want to play those games or is consider playing them, go play it first. They are both brilliant games and I would recommend anyone to play them.

Now, this is the first ever Freebird Games' game that I haven't see a playthrough of. To the Moon and A Bird Story both I have seen playthrough of them before playing, and I must say even tho I know everything about the games, they are still super awesome. In my steam review for To the Moon I've elaborate on this point. When you know everything, it's a total different feeling playing it. Everything stings you cuz you know the truth. What about Finding Paradise? It's a whole new experience for me. Immediately the differences are that I giggled and laughed so much while playing the game, and I'm much more invested in the story. Neil is still as silly as ever. Eva keeping the whole business rolling, yet sometimes rolls with what Neil suggested and have some fun. And god damn I must say this one is spoopy! I had so many goosebumps and chills while playing it! From the start of the first ever memento where a black figure quickly ran across the screen. I thought this has turned into a horror game or something. xD The background ambient noise got me hard! Really a good atmosphere builder. Also at the end Laura Shigihara is just god damn cheating with the song. ;-; Every time.

To be frank, To the Moon's story is much better than Finding Paradise. It's very tragic, yet beautiful at the same time. The kind that'll get me teared up countless times even after knowing every nooks and cranny of the story. Why did I bring up this point? Because if it weren't for me playing through Finding Paradise myself and also the fact that I relate to it personally, I wouldn't have the same kind of emotional level and tearing up as much as To the Moon. It lies in the fundamental different between the two. Finding Paradise's story is in a way, a happy one? His life is pretty good as a whole. No real big tragic and such. The sad part comes in the fact that Faye and Colin separated, Colin has been unhappy since(or it's him being unhappy caused Faye to disappear) and Faye has always wanted to be there for him, to protect him. She has said that at the end of it all she'll be there and Colin can tell her how it all is, which is why she's been fighting Neil and Eva. It has the same setting/feeling as To the Moon, where River's strange behavior is the result of a promise, which Faye and River both persisted in fulfilling. That's why To the Moon is more tragic, because River didn't have the chance to get to see it all herself. For her, Johnny never remembered a thing. (I feel so bad for River omg. QAQ)

I'll take a brief pause to talk about the actual gameplay now. It has definitely improved from To the Moon, although the basic controls are all the same. The game feels more sharp, yet has this old game vibe that they both have. And I really like the new memento mini-game! Doesn't have the moves counter so I don't feel like shit for being bad, and these kind of trail and error puzzle games are ones that I actually like. Also the two fights between Neil and Faye are quite fun. x3 However, I did have a slight issue which seems a lot of people also have. The game lagged a lot when I first started it. I googled it and found out that I'll have to play in alternate version in order to play smoothly, but I'll have to replay the ending part for the achievement. I did that and everything went smoothly. I'm glad I did because it wouldn't have been ok to play in that of a laggy state. Props to the devs for being responding in the thread.

The last part I'm going to talk a bit about the ending and such. It hits me hard. The whole thing hits me hard because I'm also a person with very active imagination. In fact, my imaginations have accompanied me and also hurt me in my life. It is indeed a place where I could sink my whole self into, thinking only what happens in there. When I pull out of it, I despise myself for doing it. Yet at times, I wish my imaginations were real. I wish someone is there for me, to make me not lonely anymore. I even wished I have split personalities, so I won't be alone, even if it's a bad personality. Who knows? What if I'll get a good personality and it'll be a buddy of mine? That was little me's thinking. But alas, I'm not as talented(?) as Colin. It's just me, and my thoughts, bothering myself. How I envy Colin when the ending came. He has someone that cares so dearly about him, who would protect him at any cause and who encouraged him throughout his childhood. How I wish I was him. It just breaks me. Now typing this I'm not sure if it's in a good way anymore. Cuz I cried as I'm typing, yet it isn't the same relieve feeling that I felt at the end of the game. It's a deep envy, even a bit of jealousy, and emptiness. I'll just......leave it at there.

Sure, I’d like to see! Although I won’t read it until after I’ve played just in case. :p


I just finished the game, so I immediately came here to read your comments and review. :3

So my little disclaimer is that I played both To The Moon and A Bird Story, but I played To the Moon so long ago (mid-2013) that I really don’t remember that much about it (other than that I was in love with River, duh!) and I actually didn’t really enjoy A Bird Story all that much…it was okay I guess.

Spoiler review (and comments on your comments) below!
So…I liked this one more than A Bird Story and less than To the Moon. The story and mystery was pretty good, though I think it started jumping the shark a bit during the whole Faye takes over and it turns into a 2d shooter & fighter (admittedly, I believe you can skip those if you don’t like them without changing the story– I didn’t go back and see what happens if you just “give up” each time, even after the shield is broken). There were some interesting elements in the story, and for once I guessed the “secret” a ways before the reveal– that she was an imaginary friend. Yay me!

I didn’t have any lagging or other technical problems, I’m happy to report. I also liked the mini-game…in a game so light in gameplay, it was a welcome addition.

I didn’t think it was him being unhappy that caused Faye to disappear, nor did I think he became happy because she disappeared. I think it was that as he was finally starting to grow some self-confidence, had a pilot’s job, was dating a new girl, he didn’t have a “need” as much for the companionship and encouragement that Faye provided. All of this is a good thing. :)

The themes of regret and thoughts of re-living your life with different choices resonates with me, but also honoring and respecting the life that you chose– the life that you’re living. Many of us play games to escape from reality, and it’s a fine line between escapism and simply having a healthy release from the realities of life.

I’m sorry that you lacked something like what Colin had growing up, that you lacked support and encouragement, and feel a certain loneliness even today. I felt some of that myself growing up and still do to a certain extent, though I sense not as acutely as you (and Colin). There are always people who will talk with you, Lin, who care, who will spend time with you in real life or virtually. I’m sorry that writing this brought you to tears, but I admire that you are brave enough to share it with all of us. <3


Just to be safe I’ll still put my reply in a button. :P

I have the same rating as you, higher than A Bird Story and lower than To the Moon, although it's very very near To the Moon for me. I actually really like the shooter/fighter game part since it's done in a way that you won't lose that easily, which if you don't like those genres you can just push through them and get them over with. I have that problem with Evoland 2, where the game force you into a fighting game sequence and a bullet hell sequence. I did not like both(especially the fighting one) since they are both really hard for me and it's frustrating for me to have to play those without a way to skip. And yeah~I also figured it out beforehand that Faye is imaginary. x3 Imo it's quite obvious if you paid attention to the people interacting with Colin and how they completely ignores Faye.

That's why I say it's a happy story. :P But Faye did say that she'll be there at the end, but Colin didn't bring her back. Maybe that's the consequence of growing up? You can't be as pure and naive as before. And there must be some unhappiness there, since Colin asked for sigmund corp to come.

Well, for me, if I could live in my fantasies forever I would love to. I once read a novel that has a plot where the alien captured all the leaders of countries and put them all into a simulation where their deepest desires will be fulfilled. They will only wake up if they refuse to live the life that way. Non of them did. I would like to be them and not wake up. :P
I know that there's people that care about me, and I'm also actively trying to get over the feeling of overwhelming and consuming loneliness by going to therapists and such, but I don't know if I'll ever get over it all. It just feels like it'll always be there, lingering somewhere. And I just believe that the more I talk about it, the more it'll get better. Because that's what I did, and it has helped so much.

Well, I guess you can’t blame them for not waking up if their deepest desires are fulfilled. Who would? =)
I’m glad you’re getting help and getting better. So many people don’t get help when faced with things like this.


That is pretty brilliant! I have a few of those! Will so take part in it! happy

List will follow ;)

My Name is Mayo 50/50 1h+ this month Secret Santa gift! finished
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals 0/0 2h SG win finished
Dracula 4&5 0/0 but proof 7h SG win finished
The Uncertain: Episode 1 100% 4h SG win finished
House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector’s Edition screen 4h SG win completed
House of 1,000 Doors - Family Secrets screen about 4h SG win completed
Dirt showdown 4/49 achievements 0 this month Freebie unfinished
Game Corp DX 0/46 achievements 0 this month SG win unfinished
Wolfenstein: The New Order 0/50achievements 0 this month Family Sharing unfinished

Aw, dang! I was a few days too early for ‘the Little Acre’ AND ‘Off-Peak’ to count! I’ll keep an eye on making sure I try to pick SG wins/gifted games/freebies!

Japanese Women - Animated Jigsaws 15 of 34 achievements 14 hr BLAEO Secret Santa gift from MouseWithBeer unfinished
Kindred Spirits on the Roof No achievements 35 hr Christmas gift from IRL friend Brian Completed!
the Mammoth - A Cave Painting 1 of 1 achievements 0.1 hr Free game Completed!
MONITOR: the Game 5 of 53 achievements 2.4 hr Free game Won’t Play
Scrap Garden - the Day Before 21 of 21 achievements 1.5 hr Free game Completed!
Red String of Fate 4 of 4 achievements 6 hr Free game Completed!
Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came 15 of 15 achievements 6.8 hr SG/Playing Appreciated win Completed!
the House in Fata Morgana: a Requiem for Innocence 10 of 10 achievements 10 hr Gift from girlfriend Madison Completed!
Campus Notes - forget me not. 54 of 54 achievements 15 hr Gift from girlfriend Madison Completed!
Confess My Love 21 of 21 achievements 1.2 hr Free game Completed!
Blind Men 10 of 10 achievements 2.5 hr BLAEO Secret Santa gift from MouseWithBeer Completed!
Jade Empire No achievements 4.3 hr Gift from IRL friend Brian Won’t Play
Darkarta: A Broken Heart’s Quest 40 of 40 achievements 7 hr Gift from Steam friend Saraphel Completed!
Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- No achievements 4 hr Gift from girlfriend Madison unfinished
the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd 1 of 26 achievements 1.5 hr Gift from girlfriend Madison unfinished


Total games attempted: 15 // Games removed from backlog: 12 // Games completed: 10
Total achivements: 197 // Rough total of hours played: 110.3

I think this has been my favorite monthly theme yet! Thank you so much for hosting it


That totals up to 278h. :o Can you please confirm that that’s all playtime from May, not including playtime you might have had before?


It’s all in May… but probably a good half of that is idle time. I’ll go back in and edit them down to better reflect my actual playtime. Sorry about that, skanda!

Doing that brings it down to around 94.5 hr, which is a lot more realistic.


Sorry, but this gave me a chuckle. :3
I mean, it’s only about 11h a day (so far)…what’s to question? :D

Blue Ϟ Lightning

some people dont have lives aaaaaaaaaaa

I’m sitting here proud of beating one game cause I work all day and took a quick peek at the stats to make myself feel bad lol

*94 makes me feel loads better than 280


Hey, I do too have a life!

… I just leave my games running while I live said life



See, this is why I don’t like numbers! It’s easier to feel better when there’s no numbers involved!


Does it count if I beat the game yesterday?

EDIT: Nevermind, I remembered I gave up on that game.

Phantom Dust / 14/45 achievements obtained / ~15.5 hours playtime this month / freebie / won’t play

Explodemon 0/20 achievements obtained no playtime this month SG win unfinished
Guacamelee! Gold Edition 0/60 achievements obtained no playtime this month SG win unfinished
Steam and Metal 0/28 achievements obtained no playtime this month SG win unfinished

Hm, I got almost all of my games for free… Whatever

Apartment 666 2/2 0.1h SG win completed
Ballistic Protection 10/10 1.5h SG win completed
Beach Bounce 10/10 3.8h SG win completed
Beyond Eyes 10/10 2.2h SG win completed
Candy Machine 4/4 0.1h SG win completed
Crazy Machines 3 41/41 11.2h SG win completed
Death Goat 6/6 1.3h SG win completed
Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantoms 13/13 3.1h SG win completed
Overture 4/4 2.4h SG win completed
Roll’d 16/16 1.1h SG win completed
Sweet Fantasy 15/15 0.7h SG win completed
These nights in Cairo 24/24 3.2h SG win completed
Zeno Clash 2 18/19 13.2h SG win beaten
Willy-Nilly Knight 5/15 0 this month SG Win unfinished
MagiCat 2/24 4 this month Gift Finished
Reigns 4/13 5 hours this month Gift Finished
Stories: The Path of Destinies 0/37 0 hours this month freebie Never played

Hey– you won Willy-Nilly Knight 10 days after I did! *high-five*


Nice! Hope you enjoy it


I did! 39h this month (and 46 overall). It’s not THAT long of a game (so don’t be discouraged) but it just goes to show that I can’t play a turn-based RPG in less than 40 hours…it’s a personal problem.


I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing and am mostly doing this for fun so feel free to ignore me, sorry! Thank you :D

L.A. Noire 57/60 38.4 hours this month SG win Beaten

Really enjoyed L.A. Noire, more than I expected if I’m honest. I’m not a huge fan of Rockstar’s typical open-world formula, at least not since Vice City. The stories are great but there’s too much downtime between missions for me when I prefer a bit more linearity to my narratives. The noir theme and investigative gameplay really resonated with me - I always enjoyed the detective sections of the Arkham games and the game is largely made up of this. I think I’m in a tiny minority that enjoyed the ending. Phelps made for an interesting protagonist too, being so dis-likeable and flawed in true noir style. I don’t think I’ll finish off the last few achievements, I’ve heard how much of a pain it is to find all of the collectables and vehicles so I’ll leave it at a point where I still look back on the game fondly.

Edit: Just a note so I can remember my list: Trails, FF9, Beyond Reality, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Crookz, Last Federation, Aurion, Bastard Bonds, Subnautica, Castlevania LoD, Sunken, FF13.


I’m definitely more of a Simon than his cat in this one :S


Ooooh time to play ABZU muted


Doc nooooooo. :notlikeblob:


Don’t forget the touchpad for maximum minimum immersion!


Why muted, out of curiosity?


It’s a running joke. :) Blue Ϟ Lightning played Abzu muted (which is a crime considering the soundtrack was done by Austin Wintory) AND with a touchpad.



Lucky Thirteen

Sounds good to me, going to participate (if I can remember which games I got for free, heheh)!

Game Achievements Obtained Playtime This Month Source Status
Please Close the Doors N/A ~2 hrs SG win/gift/freebie beaten
Mini Ninjas N/A ~19 hrs SG win/gift/freebie beaten
Mystic Saga 44/53 (7 this month) ~9 hrs SG win/gift/freebie not finished
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 47/52 ~39 hrs SG win/gift/freebie beaten
The Secret Order 6: Bloodline 28/28 ~3 hrs SG win/gift/freebie completed
Pillars of Eternity 11/48 ~97 hrs SG win/gift/freebie not finished
Life is Strange 21/60 (0 this month) N/A SG win/gift/freebie not even started



Yay my first ever monthly theme. :D And I guess I’ll continue my journey of SG wins backlog killing. :P
All games are fresh from the start.
I guess I just needed an empty line in between text and table. >.>

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Finding Paradise 1/1 5.3 hours Gift 100% completed
Tick Tock Isle 0/0 1.5 hours Gift Completed

Play a game you won

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Moon Bullet 9/9 0.8 hours(49 minutes) SG win 100% completed
Lines ∞ 100/100 2.8 hours SG win 100% completed
Aviary Attorney 0/0 5 hours SG win Completed

Yay! New theme!

This is what I might work on from my SG wins; will look through other freebies in the next day or two. :)

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Game Corp DX 36 of 36 about 6 hours SG win not started -> 100%
Abscond 9/11 -> 10/11 19 minutes SG win unfinished
Retsnom 3/17 -> ? - SG win unfinished
Face It 11/16 -> ? - SG win unfinished
1,000 Heads Among the Trees 6 of 6 33 minutes SG win new -> 100%
Qvabllock 30 of 30 22 minutes SG win new -> 100%
ArcBall 4988 of 4988 about 4 hours SG win new -> 100%
HUBE: Seeker of Achievements 5000 of 5000 7 minutes SG win new -> 100%

Great idea! I have only very very few games that are eligible, let’s see what I can find:

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
BATTLETECH 68/109 100 h gift beaten

Read just now: Master of Onion. Seemed pretty wrong. Orion is better :)


Lol. Now I wonder what a ‘Master of Onion’ game would look like :D


Oh this theme is just what I needed! I have some games that I got from various friends and that I somehow couldn’t start until now.

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher’s Stone 24/24 2h Gift completed
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter 0/25 - Gift not started
Rise of the Tomb Raider 0/143 - Gift not started

This is a nice theme. :3 If i get gift tend to play it asap due feeling it being considerate thing to do so looking now rather empty list. o.o’ Only Kentucky Route Zero bla bla bla… from SG wins, Dead Rising 3 as gift from cousin, but it’s for our LAN fun. After pair of checks did find one game though so guess will join in this event. :D

Dungeons 2 20/25 20 h HB freebie finished
Mini Ninjas -/SS ~10 h Squeenix freebie finished

Edit: Got Mini Ninjas so will add it there too, have in fact gift of Worms WMD too, but only play it with friend so can’t really put it up there also. Guess he could play it with me for a while though again. o.-


I’m a big fan for gift appreciation - with amounts of games we buy, or won on SG and how important is to play one’s wins, personal gifts are often forgotten :)
Can’t promise proper gameplay, this month looks very, very busy for me. I made a list once about my gifts, it’s more or less up to date, if I didn’t forget games on it. So my part is just sharing my pile of shame for now :D

Blue Ϟ Lightning

play fata :3
you know you want to :3


I’ll try to leave it after my thesis, otherwise yes, I do want to play it - Higurashi, VA11-Hall-4 and T.H. in Fata Morgana are the top 3 VNs I want to play (and somewhere around the universal top 10 too)


This comment was deleted about 6 years ago.


This comment was deleted about 6 years ago.


Sorry for the triple post, both after pressing reply or deleting the comment, the page failed to load with this error message:


test: theme’s url is


yet after the comment I get forwarded to where my comment obviously can’t exist, becase it’s a wrong month’s theme. So at least the root of the problem is found.


Yep, comment permalinks appear to be broken.


Yeah I was in a hurry when I listed the post as a theme and forgot something. Should work now (test) yes it does.


Hmm well don’t have a lot of gifts, but maybe it’s time to finish these two?

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 23/74 0 SG win unfinished
Call of Duty®: Black Ops II 17/35 0 SG Win Unfinished

Right! So I have officially beaten Black ops 2. I need 4 more achievements to fully beat it, I may be able to add 3 of those relatively easily, but the storyline is finished, and so I’m calling it beaten. Hours added : 5, achievements total 31/35

Call of Duty®: Black Ops II 31/35 5 Hours SG win Finished


Observer 0/19 achievements obtained 0 playtime this month Gift Never played
Little Nightmares 0/22 achievements obtained 0 playtime this month Gift Never played
Through the Woods 0/27 achievements obtained 0 playtime this month Gift Never played
SOMA 0/10 achievements obtained 0 playtime this month Gift Never played
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture 0/18 achievements obtained 0 playtime this month Gift Unfinished



I have that habit of starting new games and forgetting/not touching the previous one >_< it will be good to go back and finish these two!

Bastion 4/24 achievements obtained 4 hours Gift unfinished
The Talos Principle 7/40 achievements obtained 0 this month Gift unfinished

Sorry I’m new to this group and don’t really know how to format the chart >_<


Try adding an extra line between your text and the table.


Thanks! It worked. ^.^


This comment was deleted about 6 years ago.


This comment was deleted about 6 years ago.


I’ll see what I can do! Placeholder table:

name of game 1 achievements obtained playtime this month SG win/gift/freebie? unfinished/finished
name of game 2 achievements obtained playtime this month SG win/gift/freebie? unfinished/finished
name of game 3 achievements obtained playtime this month SG win/gift/freebie? unfinished/finished
Game Achievements/Screenshots Playtime (May) Source Status
Pickers 20/40 2h SG Win Finished
MechaNika 30/30 2.8h SG Win Finished
To The Moon 01/01 7.4h SG Win Finished
BADLAND: GOTY 18/78 10h SG Win Finished
Zombie Bowl-O-Rama 21/21 3.6h SG Win Finished
Suits: A Business RPG 35/35 6.7h SG Win Finished
Westerado: Double Barreled 79/79 32.3h SG Win Finished
Secret Files: Tunguska Screenshots 13.5h SG Win Finished
Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind PE Screenshots 7.7h SG Win Finished
Mystery Masters: Psycho Train DE Screenshots 4.4h SG Win Finished
House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets CE Screenshots 7.7h SG Win Finished
House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster CE Screenshots 5.7 SG Win Finished

It was super fun playing all these games. I’d like to add a quick comments about them:

Pickers: Different hog. I never saw something like that. You buy and sell the objects you find in the several scenarios. I suck in math :P
Mechanika: A short point n click. Dark humour all the way LOL
To The Moon: It’s a walking simulator, not my type of game, but had beautiful music and story. In the end was very rewarding to play. I heard they will make a animation!
BADLAND: It was challeging. The level design is beautiful and smart. There’s local coop and I wish I had someone to play with.
Zombie Bowl-O-Rama: Casual bowling game. There’s online multiplayer :D
Suits: A Business RPG: I enjoy rpg turn based games. This one was fun in a sarcastic dark humor way. Too bad was so short.
Westerado: Obviously, my favorite this month. I got a thing for pixelated games. It was super fun doing all achievements and doing random stuff just because I was feeling to XD
Secret Files: Tunguska: An adventure point n click game. It reminded me the old times when puzzles made so little sense (it’s a old game btw)
Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind PE: I love hogs, but this one was hard to play. The puzzles are most trial and error, so I was a little bit disappointed, since puzzles are my favorite part in these games.
Mystery Masters: Psycho Train DE: An okay HOG. Kinda creepy, I liked the theme.
House of 1000 Doors series: Really good! I wish it had steam achievements.

Don’t tell anyone I’m inspired by the guy below


Awesome will definitely participate! Love the theme, thanks for hosting this time around.

Game Achievements Playtime (May) Source Status
Rusty Lake: Roots 16/16 (+9) 2.5 hrs Family Sharing Completed
Pixel Puzzles Ultimate 165/1100 (+10) 4.4 hrs Free To Play Currently Playing
Gigantic 8.4 hrs Free To Play “Beaten”
Paladins 34/58 (+3) 8.0 hrs Free To Play Currently Playing
Battlerite 1.1 hrs Free To Play Currently Playing
Kitten Adventures in City Park 4/4 (+4) 0.1 hrs Free To Play Completed
Papers, Please - The Short Film 0.2 hrs Free To Play Completed
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! 29/40 (+18) 11.0 hrs Gift Beaten
Fortified 15/23 (+15) 10.1 hrs Gift (SG Secret Santa) Beaten
Reverie 21/21 (+21) 6.8 hrs Gift Completed
The Cat and the Coup 0.2 hrs Free To Play Completed
Terminal Hacker 11/11 (+11) 0.7 hrs Free To Play Completed
Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist 4/6 (+4) 0.7 hrs Free To Play Beaten
Splasher 28/47 (+28) 7.0 hrs SG Win Beaten
A Raven Monologue 0.3 hrs Free To Play Completed
Mirage: Arcane Warfare 5.0 hrs Gift From Devs “Beaten”
Banyu Lintar Angin - Little Storm - 0.1 hrs Free To Play Completed
Totemori 11/17 (+11) 2.7 hrs Free To Play Beaten
Duck Game 4/18 (+3) 1.4 hrs Family Sharing Currently Playing
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story 10/10 (+10) 1.6 hrs SG Win Completed
Rakuen 13/15 (+13) 8.1 hrs SG Win Beaten
Cities: Skylines 37/90 (+13) 3.6 hrs Free Weekends Beaten
Total: +173 84.0 hrs   18 Beaten/Completed

Wow I’ve played a lot this month, especially with my brother. Hours are inflated some, but difficult to gauge how much was AFK. Either way, been a great distraction and productive backlog assassin-ing. Overall I had a lot of fun and enjoyed what I played!

Rusty Lake: Roots - Review.
Gigantic - Review. Have played all the characters, am considering it beaten.
Kitten Adventures in City Park - Wao shorter than I expected. Saw everything in 8 minutes, since it’s aimed towards children (didn’t realise). Little ones may enjoy this more. Added this in March after seeing it on BLAEO because…kitten.
Papers, Please - The Short Film - Review. Wanted to watch this once it was released (even opened it), but wasn’t in the right mood. Very well made, am happy to have seen it! If you love the game I think you’ll love this too.
The Cat and the Coup - I was incredibly ignorant on the topic, so this game led me to research more on the topic. I thought a lot of the art collages were beautiful and an interesting way to tell the story, the game play being alright but not the main focus.
Terminal Hacker - Review. This has survived a few purges of removing freebie games since I added it Dec 28, 2016…and I must say I really wish I’d deleted it. Flat out terrible with repetitive words, flashing lights/noises for no reason, just a waste of time. Was hoping for a decent enough word game, but man my low expectations still managed to be disappointed.
A Raven Monologue - Review. I’ve been only playing freebies that I’d already owned but after seeing this one on BLAEO I just had to install it and am so glad I did. A beautiful experience.
Didn’t enjoy Banyu Lintar Angin - Little Storm - as much, but still nice artwork to look through (like a graphic novel). I particularly loved this dedication.
Splasher - Was super grateful to have won this, looked like a mix between several of my favourite games (Super Meat Boy meets Portal 2 gels/Splatoon). Overall I really enjoyed it, though the difficulty majorly ramped up by the end. I spent like 3 hours on the last 4 levels alone. I did struggle with the controls a bit, and in some ways it’s actually harder than SMB because not only do you have to platform but you need to use your ink perfectly. Often I’d accidentally spray a little bit and go flying where I didn’t mean to and struggled with precision whilst needing to place it quickly underneath yourself and then immediately the wall etc. I actually got super sick for 2 days after playing the last few levels, the game is too intense for me rn so I’m not gonna do the speedrun modes. But I’m happy with what I play and proud of myself for beating it! If you enjoy platformers would definitely recommend.
Mirage: Arcane Warfare - I’m counting this one as beaten, since I’ve played 5 hours and have played all the different characters and gamemodes. The more I play (with other people) the worse the lag gets too, so I think I’m done with this for now unless they make some updates in the future (not likely, sadly). Was a lot more fun than I expected, is nice playing with friends (shame servers take it’s toll vs. really smooth solo). This made me interested in trying Chivalry: Medieval Warfare though!
Rakuen - Sadly I missed one pet so couldn’t 100% it, but wow what a journey. Really beautiful, can see why it’s so well-loved. The gameplay itself is pretty meh (a lot of “fetch this” quests and backtracking, which just isn’t my cup of tea) but the game as a whole was wonderfully done and clearly made with love, beautiful music too. Annnd of course it made me emotional. Would recommend!

p.s. In case you didn’t realise I believe the FAQ is copied from the Rewind Theme, so a couple of the points are a bit “off” talking about unfinished wins.


It honestly seemed applicable enough to me when I copied it over. :D And it turns out I can’t edit the main post now that it’s been changed to a theme so I can’t go fix anything (or update the table of participants…) anyway. :(


Haha all good, knew it wasn’t a big deal just threw me off for a minute! Reread the post wondering if it was only for already started games. :P That’s unfortunate though, seems like quite the flaw not being able edit. At least everything looks good so it shouldn’t be a huge problem. :)


Thanks for adding the numbers up, it makes my job so much easier. :D


No problem, I figured. :) Was amazed that you added up everyone’s early, looked like a lot of work with everyone.


Heh, too many to choose from! =P I’ll try to mix it with sg’s similar thread ;)
Also laptop cooler has just arrived, hopefullly I’ll get to play some more again! Lately it shut itself down after a couple of minutes into mildly-heavy games to avoid heat problems :(

Reserving for the moment, I’ll update later with list of games :)

name of game achievements obtained playtime this month SG win/gift/freebie? unfinished/finished
Hacknet 11/11 11.1h SG win Completed
Hand of Fate 1/53 0.5h SG win Unfinished
Last Day of June 21/21 5.6h SG win Completed
Midsummer Night 24/33 2.5h SG win Beaten
Serial Cleaner 0/28 0h SG win Unplayed
Shadow Blade 0/37 0h SG win Unplayed

NB: List above is liable to unexpected changes.


A similar SG thread? I wonder what you mean! :D


ehehehe =P
didn’t want to type the whole title but at the same time I didn’t know how to refer to it :v


At first I was sad because I just finished Dead Cells last month and it was my last win I wished to play. Then I won not one but two games! on SG so now I can participate too!

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Serial Cleaner 21 of 28 5h SG win finished
Lines ∞ 98 of 100 2h SG win beaten

Congrats, I’d love to hear what you think of Serial Cleaner! (Please love it and force me to play it. :D) I bought it when it was on sale and it was SO high up on my WL told myself to play it immediately…and here we are 6 months later, but so many gifted games to play. :P Hope it’s a lot of fun!


I have played it only 2h now and my first impression is that it’s still a fine game. I enjoy the graphic style and being stealthy is something I like. But the game still feels a bit lacking somehow. I’m not sure what but when I compare it to Party Hard, I don’t have the same addiction. Well, I’m only less than halfway done with it (hltb says 5h long game) so I’ll report back after finishing it.


I’m interested in Party Hard and have seen some game play, but am worried it’d get more tedious since the levels are so huge compared to Serial Cleaner, where a mistake seems more punishing. That’s interesting that you mention how addictive it is, will have to see how they compare for myself. Thanks for letting me know. :)


I believe the main difference between the two is possibilities. Party Hard has lot of options for killing and it felt a lot more rewarding to work on completing a level. As opposed to Serial Cleaner where there’s barely any interaction possible outside of moving a few elements to change a guard path and shortcuts. Plus you can simply hide in plain sight of guards so it’s really not that challenging nor rewarding as you only need (lots of) patience to complete a level.

At first I was curious and happy to discover the game mechanics but after a while it isn’t that exciting anymore since there’s nothing new introduced and I feel it’s becoming more like a chore than a game. But patience isn’t my forte in game so, it might still please you. However I enjoyed Party Hard a lot more if that matters.


Ah okay, I can completely see that. I tend to be the same way, but it depends on the game. Really appreciate you giving your thoughts. :)

Game Achievements Time Source Status
Refunct 9/10 1.8 hours gift Beaten
The Room Two 7/7 2.9 hours gift Completed
Undertale No Achievements 2 hours gift Abandoned!
Obduction 15/15 10 hours gift Completed

I tried Undertale. Sadly, I couldn’t really get into the game. :(


This is a great theme! I finally have an excuse to play some games I’ve got for free, so this time I’ll participate!

Game Achievements Playtime this month Source Status
The Final Station: The Only Traitor DLC 13/13 7h /r/GiftofGames gift completed
Poly Bridge 10/22 5h SteamGifts win won’t play
Please, Don’t Touch Anything 15/15 1h AStats win completed

Last update: 2018-06-01

Detective Draco

I like this theme. I will update this post when/if i finish another one.

Game Achievements Playtime this month Source Status
Japanese School Life 6/6 3.6h SteamGifts win Finished

Meh, I’m not for forward planning, so I’m gonna list just the ones I’ve played & beaten/completed… Can’t actually remember which games I’ve gotten for free and from where so this’ll be interesting… ;)

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Beholder 3/60 (no dlc) 1 h SG win beaten (1 run)
Shtriga: Summer Camp 8/8 2 h SG win completed
Bucket Detective 4/4 3 h SG win completed
The Caribbean Sail 4/17 0.8 h gift 4 runs (beaten?)
Mighty Gemstones 6/11 2 h SG win beaten (main game 100%)

Playtime includes any idling.

Uhm… Do the free to play Steam games really count? I understood that only games which normally have a price you didn’t have to pay it due to a promotion or receiving a gift count.

If free to play games count too, then I beat Echoes of the Fey Episode 0: Immolation as well (1.2 hrs, 7/11 chivs).


My modest list:

Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
Tiny Echo 6/6 1 h SG win finished
The Fool   3 h SG win finished
Spate   2h SG win finished
The Old City: Leviathan   4h SG Win finished
Blue Ϟ Lightning
Game Achievements Playtime Source Status
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 15/85 7 hrs gift unfinished...I give up
Rabi-Ribi 56/186 35 h gift beaten :3 spent most of the month on it :/
A Cinderella phenomena 14/14 9hr free completed
LA Noir 0/60 40 min gift unfinished

It has been a while since i did monthly theme and this one looks great :)

So let’s see if i can finish all 6 episodes of Season 1, and if it goes great i might start Season 2 as well.

I have played both of these when they were released and so far i figured memory helps a little ^_^

Game Achievements? Playtime Source Status?
Sam & Max: Season One Not available 9 hours SG win Finished 6/6 episodes
Sam & Max: Season Two Not available None SG win Finished 0/6 episodes
Back to Bed 11/20 1 hour Free Beaten
The Hidden Dragon Not available 2 hours SG win Completed
Zombie Shooter Not available 2 hours SG win Completed
Mushroom Wars 6/15 3 hours SG win Beaten
Total: 17 17 hours - 5 games finished

*Updated 31.05


Did you play it windowed because fullscreen was distorted? I initially had the same problem with Sam & Max and went on to use this:

It doesn’t work perfectly but I still preferred it over playing windowed. Maybe it helps you too :)


For some weird reason my graphics card and monitor sometimes have trouble showing those older games on full screen. So while the game itself works and looks decent, my monitor is acting up with a lot of vertical lines which makes it almost impossible to play.

And thanks for sharing the tool, i might try it if i don’t get too lazy :D So far enjoying games windowed as well so i might just stick to it :)


All game info added to reply :)

Sam & Max 101: Culture Shock - I remember enjoying this game back in ‘06 when it got released, that humor was good and i must say it still is. Finished it just now for the theme :) Only downside was that i had to play it windowed, but steam overlay worked for this old game so i got some screenshots :) Hope other episodes work fine as well and that they bring back nice memories :D

Sam & Max 102: Situation: Comedy [ss] done too :D Little weaker episode then the first one, and easier :)

Sam & Max 103: The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball [ss] This episode was fun, had little idle time with it but not for long. The whole Mafia thing was great and i am still enjoying humor :D

Sam & Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! I really don’t remember this episode that well as the others, but it wasn’t difficult since game is the same even thought the puzzles change. But i must say i loved War Song ^_^

Back to Bed It was free on steam some time ago if i remember correctly. So far i have beaten main story, will give a try to hardcore levels too :)

The Hidden Dragon Easy and short HOG game :)

Zombie Shooter I played this game long ago before, same as all the other Sigma Team shooter games. Cool and mindless fun :)

Sam & Max 105: Reality 2.0 [ss] Another episode done. Funny as always but gets little repetitive playing episodes close together :)

Mushroom Wars Newest SG win, part of PA. Cool and fun strategy game, been on my WL too. It is not difficult to beat, maybe since i already played this types of games, but it is very grindy to 100% :D

Sam & Max 106: Bright Side of the Moon Last episode of season 1, it has been fun as all other episodes and last part of the story behind all the episodes in season. :)

Game Achievements Playtime this month Status thingy Did I beat it
Alpha Protocol No achievements D: 12h SEGA free thingy Beaten to death in non-lethal way
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 60 of 81 52h Guilty gift thingy Yep
Finding Paradise 1 of 1 9h Guilty win thingy Yep

I have to ask…what’s a “Guilty gift thingy?”


Someone gifted it to me 6 months ago during Winter Sale. And we’re gonna have Summer Sale in a month. Hence guilty, as I could not make it to play this game before next sale :P


That’s okay, I just played/finished a gift that was given to me from my wishlist on Christmas, 2016. :3


pat pat




19/05 - beaten DE:MD base, now to story DLCs.



I’ve beaten both story DLCs. So game is fully completed. 50/81 ach



And I’m done with 2nd fast playthrough to grab achievements that both missed me, or couldn’t be obtained in 1 walk through.

DE:MD is super short without stealth approach, only running through levels… took like 10h to beat, mostly in offline mode.



Finding Paradise beaten


I am 100% missing some games in here, but there is too many of them and I am too lazy.

Game Achievements Playtime this month Source Status
Tap Heroes 50/50 (2 this month) 15 hours SG win Completed
Devils Share (removed from store) / 20 minutes Freebie Completed
Escape This 5/5 (5 this month) 5 minutes Freebie Completed
Gone in November / 20 minutes SG win Completed
Multishop Tycoon Deluxe 7/20 (7 this month) 5 hours SG win Unfinished
The Lost Valley / 20 minutes SG win Completed
Fruit Sudoku🍉 5/5 (5 this month) 3 minutes Freebie Completed
Diamo XL 14/14 (14 this month) 5 hours SG win Completed
Bitcoin / 1 hour SG win Completed
A Salem Witch Trial - Murder Mystery 10/10 (10 this month) 2 hours SG win Completed
Passpartout: The Starving Artist 25/25 (25 this month) 8 hours SG win Completed
Crankies Workshop: Whirlbot Assembly 5000/5000 (5000 this month) 21 minutes SG win Completed
Countryballs: Over The World 19/19 (19 this month) 14 minutes SG win Completed
Starting the Game 18/18 (18 this month) 19 minutes SG win Completed
A Shawn Story / 10 minutes SG win Completed
Hangover 21/21 (21 this month) 7 minutes SG win Completed
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 14/14 (14 this month) 3 hours SG win Completed
Teddy Floppy Ear - The Race 14/14 (14 this month) 4 hours SG win Completed
Animal Lover 24/24 (24 this month) 6 hours SG win Completed
Triple Otakus Puzzle / 38 minutes SG win Completed
Total (so Skanda doesn’t murder me): 5178 51 hours and 57 minutes   19

Nice. :) puts the knife away


I won Faerie Solitaire but I also got the remastered version and I started with that one. I’m still going to play both if I can run the standard version, but please let me know if I should only join with one of them ^^ Also, I started 12LoH V a couple of days before this month, so the amount is for the past 2 weeks.

Faerie Solitaire Remastered 25/30 9.9 hours SG win finished
Faerie Solitaire 9/30 2.1 hours SG win unfinished
12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas 19/23 6.5 hours (?) gift finished
Gnomes Garden 7/23 0.4 hours SG win unfinished
Hacknet 2/11 2.0 hours gift unfinished

Will be adding more as I see which ones I’m in the mood to play next. Also, thank you for the theme, I was actually just starting to play through my wins since I found a few I want to play in the near future. I’ve been very low on motivation for a couple of years now so I’m usually just thankful when I’m in the mood to play anything at all ;-;


This comment was deleted about 6 years ago.


Nice theme, here are my games. I’ll update the list as I go.

Subterrain 45/48 42 hours SG win Beaten
Frostpunk 29/49 20 hours SG win Beaten
Risen 3: Titan Lords 25/50 27 hours SG win Beaten in June
The Town of Light 13/20 3,5h SGwin finished
Decay - The mare 38/42 2,6h SG win finished
Cuphead 17/28 5,7h SG win finished
Sudden Strike 4 16/32 21,9h SG win finished

Might be adding more later

Puzzle Agent 2 50/52 3.6 hrs SG win finished
The Secret Order 3: Ancient Times 26/26 4.1h SG win finished
Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart 9/15 3h SG win finished
Cities In Motion 2 10.6 hrs 10/51 SG win unfinished

I just finished one! And another!

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 25/41 19.7h Steam Freebie finished
Puzzle Quest 2 22/53 27.7h Gift finished

Update table? :)


Soon(TM)! :)


Your wish was (finally) my command. :P


I’ve beaten a six SteamGifts games this month (two of them count as five games though) but they don’t have achievements, so I won’t list them. Here are the ones that have achievements to show progress.

Kathy Rain 20/20 6h SG win finished
Tiny Echo 6/6 2h Steam Gifts finished
Krinkle Krusher 10/13 3h Steam Gifts finished

Right! So I have officially beaten Black ops 2. I need 4 more achievements to fully beat it, I may be able to add 3 of those relatively easily, but the storyline is finished, and so I’m calling it beaten. Hours added : 5, achievements total 31/35

Call of Duty®: Black Ops II 31/35 5 Hours SG win Finished

I also completely forgot about subnautica. I had ‘finished’ it before when it had 3 achievements, and earned under half of the new ones when they were on the experimental branch. I’ve now carried on and beaten it. What an amazing game!

Subnautica 17/17 20 Hours SG win Completed

Month ended and by that time I’d also beaten shadow of mordor, meaning that all of my steam gift wins are now officially beaten to the end screen, still need to get some of the DLC achievements, but got to the end screen and saw the credits.

Middle earth: Shadow of mordor 53/ 74 25 hours SG win Finished

So that’s me 3 for 3.


Oh by gosh, I’ve been participating without even realizing it. I’m taking a slight break from the craziest parts of my schedule for a little while - a bit of downtime, see if I can recharge the batteries - so I’ve been playing a little this month, at last at last.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle 44/60 11 hours Base Game Free Beaten (not Completed)
Marie’s Room 7/7 1 hour Free to Play Completed
Beastiarium none 1 hour SG win Working on it

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a free game from the devs behind Slayaway Camp - wow, that’s really hard to type. The base 8 scenarios are free, and then there are further DLC scenarios to buy beyond that. The game is a hoot, so I’m planning to pick up the paid part of the package - well done, devs! - but in the meantime, I’ve finished the free content, and I’m marking it so.

Darksiders 30/43 22.5 hours SG Win Beaten

I’ve managed to beat some games that match this theme:

Mafia III 61/65* 39 hours SG Win Beaten
The Talos Principle 36/36** 22 hours SG Win Completed (kinda**)
NBA Playgrounds 13/13 17 hours SG Win Completed (kinda***)
Mini Ninjas screenshots 6 hours Freebie from Square Enix Shop Beaten
Shadow Blade: Reload 31/37 5 hours SG Win Beaten
Total 141/151 89 hours - -

* - there are a few story DLCs with 20 additional achievements
** - there is a DLC with 4 additonal achievements
*** - I’ve not unlocked all the players - that would require hell lot of grinding and at least 40 hours of playtime)

Trilled Meow
Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch 0/0 5.6 hours SG win Completed
Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials 12 of 14 7 hours SG win Beaten
Beyond Eyes 10/10 4.5 hours SG win Completed
Pickers 40/40 8.9 hours SG win Completed
Highway Blossoms 20/20 10.1 hours SG win Completed