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I've decided that I'm gonna write a review as soon as I finish a game for the fresh memories and genuineness of the review, instead of trying to remember what the details were at the end of the month where I would definitely forget some. Yet I don't want to clutter my profile with a game per post(kinda OCD that I want to keep it neatly to only 1 post per month). So I'm gonna put reviews here as I complete games and I'll upload them all at the end of the month. Deal? Deal. :3


0 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 0/10
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This month I finished a bunch of games that I normally wouldn’t want to touch, so I’m proud about that. :3

2019 February update

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

5.5 hours of playtime, 58 of 58 achievements
Personal rating: 7.5/10
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This is a Challenge Me game. I have confirmed the optimal way for me to play a point and click game is following a guide.

I played the entire game following a 100% achivement guide, and still enjoyed the story and characters quite a bit, despite the problem of character's slow walking speed still being there. I think the game is based on a comic? Cuz the storyline and characters are certainly very comic-like and full of comic tropes. I don't mind that actually. I grew up on Japanese manga more so western comics are pretty interesting.

Gameplay wise, the game is the typical point and click. I would've gotten pretty angry trying to figure things out myself tho since it's not like typical point and click in that there's 3 people and 3 inventory, so I could've easily missed a crucial item and just gets stuck there. Yet I actually liked the 3 people system. It's pretty interesting and them being at different timeline gives the dev the opportunity to bring in different side characters and have different aesthetics. Personally I enjoyed Hoagie's timeline the most cuz of the Washington dudes. They are super funny! The music in that timeline is also pleasant. Bernard's present timeline would be the second except that in order to get an achievement I had to have this loud repeating music turned on and it's really unbearable so everytime I switch there I had to mute the sound. Laverne's timeline is the most boring one. The only interesting person is Harold. Out of all the 3 main characters, my favorite is Hoagie cuz of his chill attitude, although I hate that he burps when he's idle. Bernard is alright, just a typical nerd dude. And Laverne is really kinda cuckoo in her head isn't she? She feels super weird. I don't like her. :/

Overall, I enjoyed the game. The gameplay is ok, story is fine and characters are pretty good.

Fruit Sudoku🍉 2

20 minutes of playtime, 5 of 5 achievements
Personal rating: 4.5/10
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This game replaces numbers with fruits in a normal 3x3 sudoku game. It was alright, although the whiteness of the board made my eyes kinda hurt, and the fruits looked a little bit too similar. There's no feature really to differentiate it from paper sudoku so I'd still recommend people that, but if you want a quick 100% like I do and to knock a game off from your backlog then this'll be pretty ok.

Loot Hero DX

3 hours of playtime, 20 of 20 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10
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This game is actually pretty good. From the thumbnail and store rating I thought it's gonna be one of those shitty games, yet it's surprising fun. You play as a knight that needs to defeat dragon to save the world. You move right to progress and moving into monsters automatically attacks them and they drop gold. There's 4 attributes that you can upgrade using gold at the inn. The most fun one is speed. Speed in this game is an attribute you can adjust, so you can turn your speed up super high and just watch your knight zoom back and forth killing monsters. You can even zoom through the boss without killing it which is pretty funny. I would strongly recommend using a controller tho, since you can only click to move with mouse and keyboard which will be pretty uncomfortable.

Now, the downside of this game is one that can only be experience with me being a completionist. The final achievement requires you to get to level 100, which is just such a grind to do. I ended up muting the game and putting on my playlist to pass the time, but it's still super boring. Maybe I should prepare some audio books or listen to some podcasts next time I come around to these kinda achievement grind. But still, the game is good and I recommend people to give it a try if you have it.

How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness

37 minutes of playtime, 16 of 16 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10
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This game is kinda cringy.....The worst part is Nigel's voice. I just, really hate it honestly. lol The songs are pretty impressive tho. I guess, this game is an unique experience? You just have to try it out to get what I mean. xD


3 hours of playtime, 11 of 16 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10
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Won this game from Playing Appreciated. This is a simple game about balancing. You move left and right using arrow key, and touching people sticks them to your line. And then the balance starts to shift if one side is heavier than the other. Concept is simple and is executed really well. I especially love the extra touch of adding a person that'll give you a (mostly) bad side effect when you add him to your line. It becomes a decision of whether I should touch it and risk getting a really bad effect that caused me to lose, or go the other way and make it really hard for myself to balance.

The only complaint I have with this game is achievements. Particularly, the multiplayer and the hour played achievements. There's basically no one playing the online multiplayer and AFAIK from the forums, they don't unlock correctly. The other thing is the playtime one. I tried idling at the start of a match thinking that maybe it would count(thus the high hour count on my account), but nope. I think it only counts after you've put on the mask? I'm still really uncertain but my tactic now is to use the most balanced character and try to make the balance in the middle. Leave it there and go do other things. lol Let's see if the 5 hour one unlocks that way. If not I'll probably just give up. There's even a 24 hour one. Pretty stupid imo.

Overall I enjoyed this little game. It's a good filler in between games where you can play for 5 minutes or so. If the achievements aren't this bad the rating would probably be higher but oh well, that's the consequence of me being an achievement hunter.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

1.8 hours of playtime, 2 of 2 achievements
Personal rating: 8.5/10
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This is a Monthly Theme game. This is basically the same as the the previous one I played(Santa's Rampage), where you play as a janitor that needs to clean up a place. This time however it's set in world of Shadow Warrior, and the janitor has lines of the main character apparently? I only found that out after looking at the description of its steam store page. I originally thought they gave the janitor a personality or something, which I actually really like. I think it adds some characteristic into it. This game however is shorter since it has less achievements and less objects to clean. I don't really mind that tho since the two achievements it has are quite manageable and fun, although I do wish it had more, like collecting shuriken stars or something, cuz that sounds quite fun.

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Mandatory advertising. :P See you next month~

First month of the new year, and also it’s winter vacation~So Got quite a bit more done than the past few months. :3 Though there are two really short games padding the game count. :P

2019 January update


15 minutes of playtime, 6 of 6 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10
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This one hits too close to home. More often than not I focus on what I didn't do instead of what I did do at the end of a day. It's even worse for me since I procrastinate often(leaning towards the entertainments path) and beating myself up cuz of it is a common thing(especially under high stress). Even right now writing this post is me procrastinating on my finals next week. This is not a "fun" game for me to play. Through out the whole game I felt a weight on my chest. Oh and, it's ironic how I have to use a guide to find the perfect balance and that I couldn't figure it out myself. Makes me think that I also couldn't really figure it out myself in real life. The game is executed extremely well and I liked it a lot.

A Book of Beasts and Buddies

46 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10
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This game is sooooo adorable!!!! I found this game from discovery queue of the winter sale(hey, discovery queue actually working for once) and since the game is free and looks cute I decided to give it a try. I did not get disappointed. :D

Would this be classified as a VN? Idk but I'm considering it a VN since it only has text and choices. :P In this game you flip through pages of a book about monsters, and you unveil information of monsters by inspecting and interacting with them. It also has a little bit of puzzle element to it, but it's pretty easy to figure out via trail and error. The music is nice and fits the monsters' personalities, visuals are pleasing and the writing is good. Since the game is still in "steam is still learning about this game" state I recommend anyone who's interested in a short, cute and relaxing game to try it out!

Dear Esther

1.6 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10
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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

2.7 hours of playtime, 10 of 10 achievements
Personal rating: 8/10
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This is a Challenge Me game. After finishing the game, I found out that I actually own the Landscape Version which added achievements and director's commentary. So I played through the game for a total of 3 times.

Since the tag doesn't have horror in it I went in kinda layed back, thinking this might be a walking simulator that excels in scenery. I was partially right, but this game is like, super scary, at least for me. Maybe I shouldn't have gone in the water at the start of the game? But I was just really curious as to what would happen, and holy crap, it scared me good. (note that I use scared and creeped out usually interchangeably, so my scary is usually not the jumpscare type) That made me really on edge. And then when I entered the abandoned building there's suddenly very strong wind and ominous sounds. Like noooooo why are you doing this to me? QAQ I was pretty confused since it didn't have horror tag yet it's so scary, so I went on SG Discord to ask if people have played it and if it's a scary game. No one have played it, but a friend of mine was there so I decided to ask him to join me in VC and accompany me. I think I wouldn't have made it through the game if I was on my own the first time, so I'm glad I did it, but at the same time I probably won't have the same experience that some people have when playing it the first time since my friend was being very goofy in trying to keep me not scared. So that kinda broke immersion.

Even with my friend there, this is still one of the scarier games I've played. The good thing is, it's the kind of "good scary" that I quite admire, where the game builds an intense atmosphere instead of jumpscares(albeit, there's still 2 jumpscares in the game. lol). With the use of abandoned house, barren surroundings and back ground music, this game made me on edge all the time, even tough there's really no need to. It's kinda like when you're alone out in the wilderness. It's calm but at the same time you can't help but feel like the environment is conveying a hostile attitude.

The story is kinda confusing. You go along paths and at certain trigger points the narrator will speak. I did not get the story at all the first time around, but after playing through the director's commentary and understanding what the devs were thinking, my final playthrough I get it, a little bit? It's the type of story that's very vague and purposely left for interpretation, and I don't mind it at all. The voice actor of the narrator did a fantastic job tho!

Gameplay wise, honestly the walking speed is bit too slow. In the director's commentary they kinda explained why it's that slow and why they didn't add a sprint button. I do agree with them, but since this game has quite a bit of backtracking if you want to explore everything, that speed is just painful. I really wouldn't mind it as much if I didn't need to backtrack that much. As for the visuals, I love it. It's not very realistic and high res visual mind you, but they managed to made it look amazing! Almost all of the special places are worthy of screenshotting and they wowed me a ton.

Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot. Most people probably won't have as much trouble as me since I'm a scaredy cat. xD Would definitely recommend it.

Super Switch

0.9 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 1/10(2.5/10)
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This is a PA game, and I thought I'd like it, but it turns out I really, really don't like it. I stopped playing after going through all the levels and beating the ones I can because I think if I push myself to complete it all I'd break my controller. There's already several times that I almost smashed my controller on the table out of frustration.

The concept of this game is simple: You can press a button to switch the obstacles so you can pass the level. And it's a minimalistic art style platformer. However, the controls are not that responsive. I especially hate that it seem to fail to handle controller inputs correctly, where I would keep going left even after I let go of the joy stick. It only happens when I go left, not right. And I'm pretty sure my controller is not broken since on most games that doesn't happen(there's I think one more game that that happened? But I do think it's the devs not handling it correctly since I saw a review about the same issue). And that is really frustrating as I felt like my character is very slippery and moves on its own sometimes. I did try keyboard, but since there's no key rebinding and switch button is left shift, it's honestly really awkward to play. The level design is also pretty bad, especially the later levels. It often combines multiple of the same kind of mechanism/section layered on top of each other. Meaning you'll have to execute the same thing correctly consecutively and also after that you'll have to switch to another thing and do that thing for a couple of time also. There's also no check point in the game, thus making that failure extra frustrating especially if the cause of death is the controller bug.

Objectively speaking, this is not a bad game, thus why the other rating is 2.5/10. But for me, this game sucks.

Hidden Paws

3.3 hours of playtime, 8 of 8 achievements
Personal rating: 2.5/10
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This is a Monthly Theme game and a gift. I really wanted to like this game, but unfortunately I find myself unable to cuz of the controls. The worse thing is, I couldn't think of a solution to make it better.

This game is really cute, and the concept is great. I have two major gripes however. First is the controls like I said. You have to click, hold and drag to move in the scene, and to zoom in and out you need to use your mouse wheel. Every scene has a large amount of boxes, windows and little log piles that needs you to click on them to make sure cats or yarn balls aren't hiding in there. That's a ton of clicking and dragging! As mentioned in some of my posts my right wrists does strain and hurt since I use mouse and keyboard a bit too much, and this game made it pretty uncomfortable. I felt like this would be better played on mobile? Yet I don't seem to find a mobile port of the game which is surprising. And tbh this would be tolerable if the hint system isn't so bad. Which is the second problem with the game.

The hint system does not really help with finding the last cats or yarn balls since it doesn't even show the correct picture of the place. If the thing is hiding near a house, it just gives you a generic house picture so I had to search through all the houses which there are usually 15 of them or so, just to find that it's at the corner of the wall beside a house. Idk if it's me, but these kinda games for me categorize as "relaxing and casual", so you have to make your player really relax and enjoys the entire experience. The two things I mentioned failed completely on that. I don't play this game because I want to be challenged. I play this game to find cute kittens hiding in places. A good hint system would tremendously help on that. I ended up having to look up a playthrough video(thank god there's one) to find the ones I'm missing cuz my hand just couldn't take it anymore. And guess what, everything resets when you re-enter the scene so good luck clicking through those windows and boxes again cuz it's definitely fun right?

I felt like this review is just full of complaints and I'm kinda sorry about that. Maybe I have too high of an expectation for it? It has been on my wishlist for a long while before a friend gifted it to me, so perhaps I was overhyped. Or maybe it's just my personal preference, cuz the reviews on steam seems to show that I'm the minority. But alas, I tried very hard to like it, it did make me smile at the first few levels, but overstayed its welcome.

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Mandatory advertising. :P See you next month~

Happy new year!!! Can’t believe it’s already another year. Time flies past fast. :o And yep, still on the 2 games per month train. I did plan on playing more(especially since I have 2 short games downloaded) but let’s just say that it didn’t go as planned. But oh well, life has been giving me crap(more like I’ve been giving myself crap) and next week is finals so aaaaa! On to the reviews.

2018 December update

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

2.5 hours of playtime, 15 of 18 achievements
Personal rating: 2.5/10
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This is a Challenge Me game. I originally thought I would like this game, since I like to play rhythm games. But unfortunately, I didn't like it.

The biggest issue about this game is its controls. As a rhythm game, two things are important. First, your note map must be good and on point. Second, your controls must be responsive and comfortable for the players. To me, it's very much like platformer games where the player must be in full control of the game and the controls must feel natural. This game doesn't do that. The default setting that you'll naturally start with is all keyboard and asdf as white notes and wer as black. You can probably tell that this is not a very good set up since your hand will be cramped. You can ofc, re-map keys. But since it's a piano you're hitting notes with, the visual and instinctive reaction would be what the default mapping is. Guides suggested several different ways of playing including separating white and black keys, using mouse for black and using all mouse. In the end I found that using all mouse is the best for me.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage

4.5 hours of playtime, 13 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 8.5/10
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This is a monthly theme and challenge me game. I have played it before in high school on my friend's laptop(pirated btw)I really enjoyed it the first time I played it, and I still enjoyed it a lot the second time playing it now.

The premise is simple: You have to clean up santa's workshop. It's interesting how fun it is to clean up in videogames compared to real life. I've always hated tidying up my room since I more often than not spend a lot of time yet get very little done. Maybe I'm just not very good at it. In this game however, it is not tiring to clean up(since you're just controlling the player) and you have very obvious progression that you can see. It's kinda like idle games in the sense that it's using the quick progression and great accomplishment feeling for the fun factor. But oh well, I wouldn't have played so many idle games if I don't like that, so yeah, I enjoyed it a lot.

I kinda cheated using commands for playthroughs after the first where you can't break anything and clean out everything, and burning everything. The first playthrough I aimed to get burn everything achievement but didn't know that items in my box also counts. Since I didn't want to repeat it all over again and have the possibility of turning my like to dislike for the game I used commands. For "Tower of Babel" however I did it fair and square. It was really hard to have good position when putting new stools on, and only half way did I remember I can actually save to not redo eveything, but alas it was done. Pretty proud.

So yeah, liked the game a lot. Will probably play the other games in the near future. Would recommend to anyone who likes idle games or farming games since you'll feel accomplished.

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Mandatory advertising. :P Hope everyone had a good 2018 and have a good happy new year~

Guess I’m continuing the two games per month thing. :blobsweat: Reasons are basically the same as last month, plus I got to know a few people through DbD so have been playing quite a lot of SWF with them this month. It was a whole new experience and honestly a lot of fun.

2018 November update

Ninja Pizza Girl

6.2 hours of playtime, 26 of 28 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10
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I originally started this game for a website called "BountyMode" where you'll get a bundle if you get certain achievements before a certain time. Turns out I couldn't get the achievements in time. :P But I still ended up finishing the game anyways. Tried to go for 100% but gave up to prevent myself from getting angry.

This is a platformer game. I don't usually do well with platformer games, however this one is alright. Control wise it feels ok. I didn't feel like I'm not in control but it didn't seem as fluid as say Ori's control. One thing that's annoying right off the bat is that when you enter "fever" mode for the first time in a run, the game will do a dramatic slowmo. If I'm just running and there's no obstacles then it's all fine and dandy, but if I'm jumping in the air the sudden slowmo actually makes it really hard to navigate my character, plus it gets old real quick so it's just annoyance. I like most of the gameplay aspect expect the very last level. I have no idea why they did it, but you have to run away from enemies in slowmo. Why? Just why would you make it like that? It not only adds unnecessary difficulty cuz there's no space for mistakes since enemies are right behind, it also makes it very frustrating when I die, and it doesn't have any checkpoint. It was really is infuriating. As for the story, it's laughable and silly. If they kept it light-tone all the way then sure, it's just a side thing but they had to make it this dramatic thing in the final level(yes, I have a lot of complaints about the final level), and then give you a half-ass happy ending. Like, it didn't solve anything? Why are all those people there?

When I finished playing through the story, it didn't leave me with good impression. Surprisingly tho, for this game achievement hunting actually helped it at making me like the game more. Each level there's credits and QR codes to collect that can be used to unlock items, and one of the achievements is to collect all of them. It was a pleasure going through each level and finding all of the hidden collectibles since it requires you to explore every possible path which is quite fun. There's two other achievement for delivering 100 pizzas and getting highest score on all levels. I was close to 100 pizzas and didn't want to farm so I decided to start trying to get the highest score in all levels. I had a blast! I kinda understand why speedrunning is enjoyable now. It's the accomplishment after getting it that's so great. Though I still gave up on the latter achievement since I got stumped in a level and I think it'll be really hard for me to get high score, it still made me like the game a bit more. So overall, it was quite a nice game.


3.2 hours of playtime, 12 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 9.999999/10
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Dang, I did not expect this. I played this game for last month's monthly theme + it got picked for challenged me. My first impression of the game is not that good. I played the demo version way back when it first came out on PS3. I got to the spider part and didn't notice those are legs, so I got brutally murdered. Needless to say little young me was super scared, so my impression was that this game looks interesting and has jumpscares. Oh how wrong am I.

This game is the perfect kind of(imo) horror game where it builds up tension using atmospheres and surroundings and scare you instead of using cheap jumpscares. I'm not saying jumpscares are bad since I enjoyed Puzzle Agent quite a bit and it has those old style jumpscares, just that when a game overuse it or use it incorrectly, after getting scared(it's human nature) I'll just feel cheated. However I've always viewed those that rely more of "creepieness" better such as Little Nightmare or this game. You feel like you're thrown into a unknown environment where everything's hostile and wants to kill you, so the tension builds up as you move forward, thinking about what's the next lethal thing that the game's gonna throw at you. And both of those games did well on warning you of what's coming most of the times. I also absolutely adore the art style in this game. It looks amazing because of the simplicity of using black and white(feels a bit like Chinese ink painting), and it's made even more wonderful when you got to the secret path and everything goes dark. Speaking of secret path, that I think is my favorite of this game. When it's getting darker and darker the tension builds up and I was half expecting there to be a jumpscare(I'm paranoid ok? xP) but then I was surprised by something that's as stressful and as lethal as jumpscare monsters: platforming with only your ears. The art style here totally makes the whole thing so much better since you'll only see your glowing eyes and hear those danger coming with your ear, it was very exciting and a smart way of utilizing it. The game is also very fair in giving you time to learn and keeping sounds in their seperate sections. Though the ending of that path is quite anti-climatic. I was expecting some secret but nope. :<

If I have so much praise for this game then why is it not a perfect score? Well, it is infinitely close to perfect score, but somehow I just can't give it that. It didn't have the "Oh dang this game is a masterpiece" feeling like after I finished Ori and Transistor, but thinking back I really can't find any major flaws. I think some nitpick problems that might be preventing me from feeling like this game is perfect are one, I don't really get the story. Story for me is really important as it allows me to get invested in the character and really immerse myself in the game. I am the kind of person that gets into good stories real easy(and also cries real easily) and good story is what keeps me interested in a game after finishing it, thus I feel like there's something lacking(although I also know that it's really fine as it is. This is more of a personal preference). The other problem is that it has a bit of trail and error. This is a really small nitpicky problem but take an early puzzle of the game for example: when you're chasing those little kids and coming across two piston-like things with sensor buttons at the bottom, the first one you have to jump on the button, the second you have to avoid the button. It's simply silly when you put two different mechanisms so close to each other. The player is bound to die one time whether they choose to step on it or not. I feel tricked when doing this part and it's not a good feeling. Plus, when the kids start chasing you, there's no way they don't know how to avoid the piston since they must've gone over there to get to the other side, yet they all died to it. The last problem is that the play time is too short. However I do understand why it's made that way and it's really an ok length, especially since it's a horror game. But idk, I just can't give it a perfect score, even though there's really no big complaints and I feel like it's worthy of all the praise it can get.

Overall, I highly recommend this game and I urge anyone that hasn't played it to go play it.

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Mandatory advertising. :P Still haven’t added much to it, but at least I submitted all my new reviews to it~ See you next month. :3/

Only two. This month I’m busy trying to balance out school work and my own time and then struggling with procrastination. :/

2018 October update

The Lion's Song: Episode 1 - Silence

2.8 hours of playtime, 19 of 86 achievements
Personal rating: 8/10
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The first chapter of this game is free, and I have it in my library somehow, so I decided to give it a try. I know nothing beforehand btw. After playing this game, I kinda understand the appeal of VNs. This game has a lovely pixel art style. Character expressions are also done very well through it which makes dialogues believable. The writing is also pretty good, which I assume is very important for VNs.

The main character of the first chapter is a college student studying music. The whole episode is about her getting a composer's block, and her professor suggesting she go to one of his cabins in the woods to find inspirations. It all started quite normal(although her mentor is a little bit too excited at times), but when I saw the first nightmare I was like: "Is this kinda a mystery thing where she gets drugged by her professor and the reason he insists she goes there is because of that? " since I got suspicious when Leos called. That'll be really interesting actually, but alas I was disappointed.That is just a nightmare and it's just a normal story about her hitting obstacles and overcoming it. Not really that interesting, but also not really that boring. I like the writing and the way characters express their feelings tho. Overall, quite an enjoyable experience. I think one of the reasons why I can't really get into VNs is that some of them only has a fixed portrait and it's hard for me to visualize the expression and stuff. The visualization and the median of game can be good and bad at the same time, since I will be distracted by it. But in Aviary Attorney it's quite ok, and in this game they did it really well. Oh and, tried very hard to get the last achievement but I followed the guide and tried out another few variations but no luck, so I just gave up. :P

Between Me and The Night

2.9 hours of playtime, 18 of 18 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10
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This one is for the monthly theme, which is spooky~So yeah, expect biased review. This one tbh I've put it on my wishlist for a while before getting it. I got intrigued by its visual style and it seemed interesting so I wistlisted it. Didn't know it was horror tho, but since I wishlisted it I thought why not try it out for the monthly theme?

Note that I used guides for the game since I don't want to wonder around aimlessly and get scared. However, this is actually a really nice game. I kinda get why some games use horror as an element now. If a game has horror in it, players will be constantly on edge, thus resulting in higher concentration and greater ability to notice details. Using this, player will be more engaged in the story. When I first got into college, there's an event to welcome freshman and our seniors prepared a haunted house for us. I was(and still am) a scaredy cat so I practically hid behind my partner the entire time. However when we're done with it and the discussion of stories happened, I was super into it. Although I was super scared when in the scene, when it's over everything just seems far more interesting and engaging. I can remember certain aspects that I inadvertently and unavoidably saw and piece them together. This game is kinda the same. If it didn't have horror aspect in it, I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much since its story is very vague. But I still grasped what it's trying to tell tho(except the end, like, wat. The achievement for finishing the game "I don't get it" perfectly described my feeling), and it makes perfect sense for there to be horror since the main character is just a boy. And that is the principle cuz the finale feature very much no horror at all(except one jumpscare). The visual style is as good as I thought it would be especially at the start with the TV monster. Vibrant color contrast looks great. I like it.

Now I'm gonna go on a rant about a stupid mini game in this game. It's at the very start of the first chapter, where you have to play a retro platformer to stage 3 to get an achievement. Being an achievement hunter and completionist ofc I'm going to try and get the last achievement. I never liked platformers, especially retro ones. I didn't really play much of the original Mario or megaman. My childhood games consist of pokemon, harvest moon and mario sunshine. I especially do not like when a platformer has shitty controls because I know I am going to rage very quickly if I died because of the game's fault, and there's little to no checkpoint. That's why I praise Ori and the Blind Forest so much despite it being a platformer since its controls are so well done. This "retro" platformer is honestly shit. I got so mad at it that I was cursing a bunch, not caring that my mom is right there in the room with me. The jumping is sluggish that I don't feel like I'm in control at all, the enemies are annoying especially when they're bound to jump down the ladder and I had to wait for them but then the ladder will soon disappear, and the ladder. Oh boy the fucking ladder sucks. I get stuck on it so much and when I get to the top of it it's freaking hard to jump and then when you don't jump properly you fell down. And did I say that they disappear? I don't remember how many times I've died because of the ladder. Each stage has 100 seconds time limit, and when you die the stage resets......Stupid stupid stuff. *sigh* The things I do just to get achievements.

Overall, I quite enjoy the game, and it was not that scary so that's great.

BLAEO review finder

Mandatory advertising. :P Still didn’t add much to it. I really do have this problem of getting bored of things quickly and abandoning it. >~<

Not much games yet again cuz I fell into the hole called Monster Hunter World. xD Thankfully it did make me want to play more games, plus school has started so I don’t feel like shit when playing games since I am doing something productive now.

2018 September update

Cryptocurrency Clicker

89.9 hours of playtime, 51 of 51 achievements
Personal rating: 3.5/10
Click for review

It's just a random clicker game with no reset mechanic and (before update when I first played it)no offline progression. What more do you want me to say? :P Playtime mostly idled cuz no offline progression. *shrug*

The Deer

5 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10
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This is a game? Of some sort. There's a total of 3 mini games with about 5 minutes content. You can pass it off as an educational game, but I'm really confused as to the target audience's age. Content wise, it's suited for little kids, but educational wise, it throws lots of professional words at you with large paragraphs(considering the age). I just don't think it works for anyone. I don't dislike it per say, but I don't think it's a good game.

Cube Escape: Paradox Chapter 1

1.1 hours of playtime, 13 of 28 achievements
Personal rating: 7.5/10(6.5/10)
Click for review

Another multi-score game, I'll explain down below. I originally found this game on mobile. After finishing it and jumping on here to write reviews, I decided to check if there's a steam version(for the thumbnail, since a lot of the mobile games I covered before has a steam port). It turns out, there is! It's free and it even has achievements~So I decided to play the game again on PC, cuz why not? I'll list my reviews on mobile and PC respectively.

First off, I played the mobile version with no sounds since one, I'm too lazy to use a ear bud(since I was eating dinner) and two, it turns out that this is quite a spooky one so I'm too afraid to play with sounds. This is quite a cool escape room puzzle, with rather direct puzzle logic which I really like. There's also occasional jumpscares and spookieness. To be honest I got quite spooked when playing the game. The last part when you walk in snow reminds me especially of the game "Year Walk" that I started for the last monthly but quickly abandoned due to being too scary. Really liked it.

Now, as for the steam playthrough, since I'm playing on PC, and it's the second time so I'll know where the scares are, I decided to play with sounds on. Oh boy, did I realize sounds make all the difference, and how bad sound effects totally ruins the mood. The major jumpscare parts all uses really old fashion jumpscare sound(not good ones, mind you), and pick up and use item sound effects are all so silly sounding that they took me out of the mood instantly. Voice acting could also use some more work. As for the good part, I really like the background music. It has this chill feeling that soothes you and won't annoy you when you're solving puzzles. It would've worked really well if the game has proper creepy ambiance sound effect, cuz it'll be totally unexpected and you'll be on edge at critical parts(like I was when playing on mobile). There's also some parts that nailed the ambiance sound(like when drinking vials) and the background music is pretty good when you're out in the snow(albeit a bit too strong, making it feel like it's trying too hard). So oddly enough it's a horror game where no sound is scarier than with sounds. Quite disappointed.

Another thing to note is that this is a direct port from mobile, meaning they didn't change any controls for PC. It obviously feels very much like a mobile game, with the arrows clicking to the side and when scrolling through the person's info card you have to drag and it's really weird. Overall not a bad game, especially since it's free. I would recommend playing without sounds(I guess imagination and unknown really is the most scary thing), and preferably on phone. Give it a try if you like these kinda games.

Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime

10.4 hours of playtime, 27 of 27 achievements
Personal rating: 3.5/10
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I really don't like this one. The main reason is it doesn't allow me to turn off piece rotation. I play jigsaw puzzle games just cuz I can assemble the pieces without worrying about its orientation. If I wanted to do one with rotation I would rather go and do one from my actual jigsaw puzzle backlog. Another thing is playing jigsaw puzzles on PC kinda hurts my wrist since you hold left click for so long. For a while I don't really have a proper computer chair so my hands are always slightly upwards, thus resulting in my wrist pain. But now I got a computer chair my posture is much better. Other than that, not much else to say about this. I did use the cheats that I mentioned before.

BLAEO review finder

Mandatory advertising. :P I am slacking off on adding other people’s review but I will try to get back to it. See you next month~

Not much games. Kinda was unmotivated to play any games. Ended up having to ask my friend to choose a random number to decide which game I’ll play out of all the game I’ve installed. lol I don’t really do well with long breaks.

2018 August update

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition

2 hours of playtime, 16 of 16 achievements
Personal rating: 5.5/10
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Gahhhh I hate horror games so much! I just, can't even. ;-; Got this free on mobile, but then noticed I have it on steam. Was contemplating on if I should play but then decided to give it a go since monthly theme fits it.

Honestly, I don't even know where to start......I played half of the game muted(when I anticipate there'll be a jumpscare), but it is still pretty scary. The whole story is unique in a way, but also super cliche. Cliche in that whenever I arrive at a new area, my thought is always "Oh great, another old apartment/cabin in the woods/shady hospital/drug filled apartment cliche". It's just, idk, expected yet I get annoyed at it. Unique as in the main character needs to seize properties from others(how do you call it, property agent or something? ), but I partly disagrees with what it's trying to convey. You see, this is how our society works, you work, you get paid, you get better life. If you borrow money from others and put your property as a mortgage, you should expect it to be taken away when you can't pay up. Or else why would they lend you money in the first place? Their money didn't come for free either. They worked for it(legal or illegal it doesn't really matter, although if you're talking about illegal money by my moral standards it'll depend on which kind of acts they did). Yes, there's always a reason for them not paying up and what not, and yes there are some cases that we sympathize with them, but imagine, if you allow them to keep extending the due time of their loan, what would happen? The company you work for will go bankrupt eventually. How can you tell if the person asking for extended due time is telling the truth or not? Yes, the bosses shouldn't be so rude to the people that called them, but I also could imagine they'll be getting these kinds of calls all the time. It's either harden your heart or go crazy, like the protagonist did I guess. So, I suppose the entire game is the struggle of the protagonist's conscience and stuff.

Maybe I'm just nitpicking cuz I don't like horror stuff >.> but the story doesn't really justify all the horror. Gameplay is pretty generic walking, interacting, solving things with items you get stuff. The green drug mechanic is pretty cool tho. I like it, although it hurts my eyes a bit. So, subjectively speaking, I dislike this game, but objectively speaking, it's a pretty ok game.

The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne

1.3 hours of playtime, 5 of 5 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10
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Found this free visual novel type game from Akantha's review when I'm uploading them to my BLAEO review finder. Found quite a bunch of interesting free games that I've either downloaded or added to my wishlist by just looking through the reviews. x3

This is a game about a college girl with anxiety issues and quite anti-social. And your task is to choose the correct decisions to help her go to the communal kitchen, successfully cook oatmeal as dinner and return to her room. I personally doesn't have anxiety issues, so I can't really understand some of her thoughts and reasoning, although I can still very much relate to her in that she's like me that overthinks way too much, while caring too much about what others think about ourselves. That's why although I feel like some of her worries are silly, I can't help but feel like perhaps my worries look really silly in other people's eyes. But they are so real, and they stop me from doing some things that I think I really should do, but I don't want to do because of doubts.


1.3 hours of playtime, 5 of 5 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10
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Another game from Akantha's review.

I really really like the art style of this game. It's the highlight of the game imo. It's intricate and visually pleasing to look at. Gives an ancient vibe that it's suppose to. The movement of the totem is also super cool in that the totem itself briefly disappears when you jump, with a dark red trail indicating where it's heading and then it reappears at the end of the jump.

As for the story, I don't really get it. I think this one is largely based on a certain religion, I want to say Buddhism since some parts look like it, but then the godly figure doesn't look like it that much? Maybe it's one that I'm not really familiar with. Not a religious person myself. The background music also gives out this ominous feeling so at first I thought it's gonna be a creepy scary game and I'm not really down for that(tried playing a bit of Year Walk before this game. A huge nope from me for Year Walk. Too scary. ;-;)

I did get some frame rate issues tho, sometimes it'll have slight slow down lag which makes movement not as fluent. But overall I enjoyed this game.

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist

2.9 hours of playtime, 6 of 6 achievements
Personal rating: 9.5/10(7/10)
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Third free short game. :3

This game is great. I haven't laughed so much in ages with anything, not to mention a videogame. I'll resemble this the closest to Stanley Parable, only that it's funnier, but it's more linear. However to me, this one is far better than Stanley Parable due to the fact that I enjoy games that make me emotional, whether it be laughing, crying or anything really(except scared, I don't like horror games). Stanley Parable has some moments that's funny, but the majority of the game focuses on the choices and the, I can only describe as fresh and coolnest of the game. I felt like "wow, that's kinda neat" through out the game, but that's it.

I think it all comes down to the narrator's voice. Stanley Parable's narrator is always in a high authority place. He's usually calm, distant and narrating or give instructions to the player. The narrator in this game however, sounds like a real person is talking to you through a speaker. I suppose it's their fault so he can't really stand on a high ground, but that really made the difference. Like always, not obeying is really more fun in these types of games, but in Stanley Parable, you felt like, although you're misbehaving, the narrator is still mostly in control. In this game, the narrator can't do anything about it if you misbehave, and he'll genuinely sound annoyed when you do(props to the voice acting work). That, puts the power back on your hands(at least it seems like it although the story is linear). I think it's human nature to want to have power in their hands, and to feel joy when you see someone else's mishap(just like when you watch those videos of people tripping over something and fall, most people will laugh), especially if that reaction is caused by you(look at all those prank videos and all the people that like pranking). Or maybe it's just me? Anyways, I had a good laugh.

Why the (7/10) at the end then you ask? Well, that's cause I tried to get all the achievements. I'm starting to think that when I try to get all the achievements and thus replaying a game(which was maybe not meant to be played more than 1 or 2 times) I always tend to notice more and more of the mistakes and what the game lacks in. I still don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, since I get to thoroughly examine a game, but then my nice first impression usually gets tramped a bit. The problem with this game, is indeed the linear story line. It really wouldn't be a problem if I didn't need to go back and replay the game, and it wouldn't be such a huge problem if the achievements really unlocked as they were intended. I got 2 achievements in my first playthrough. For whatever reason, once you get an achievement in one playthrough, the next one you do achievements won't unlock, unless you close the game and restart. There's also no save option, so for the rest of 4 achievements, I was forced to do 3 full playthroughs of the game. And, I did not know of this issue when I played the second playthrough so I wasted a lot of time on getting all the collectibles only to found out that only one of the achievements unlocked. And when I was doing my final playthrough, I freaking fell through the floor in one room and ended up having to restart the game. Like, really tho, if you're going to put achievements in these kind of narrative focused game where you have linear story line, either make them cool easter eggs like in Stanley Parable, or please make sure they work? And that doesn't only happen to me, I recommended the game to one of my friends after the first playthrough and he said this also happened to him.

Although there's problems with the achievements, I felt like it'll be unjust to give the game a 7 based purely on that, since my first impression really is fantastic. Thus, I recommend everyone to play it, although if you're an achievement hunter keep those things that I said in mind.

BLAEO review finder

It’s still here btw. It’ll always be on my profile. :P See you next month. Hopefully I’ll be more excited and motivated to play more games. I am considering buying Monster Hunter World to play with my friends tho, so that might take up my time. At least I’ll know what to play. :3

I totally forgot to post this in last month’s post, and also procrastination has been preventing me from making a post but I’m gonna do it now.
I finished 2 jigsaw puzzle from my jigsaw puzzle backlog last month! (yes, that is a thing)
Still have a couple of 108 small pieces of Totoro series, 2 1000 pieces ones and a 600 pieces ones. Gonna get around to them when I motivate myself to do so. :P
They are super fun to do but usually I’ll need to dedicate a chunk of my time to it since I like to finish one in 1 sitting, so it’s quite hard to motivate myself to start one.
Alright, see you on my next monthly update. :3/

BLAEO review finder

So, I had this idea in my monthly update to create a sheet that gathers reviews from posts through forms. Because posts get push down and disappear as time go by, and it’s quite hard to find reviews for games you’re consider playing but want to hear what others’ opinions are first.

If you are searching for reviews for a game, you start by going here.
Click on the drop down arrow beside the column "Name", choose "Add filter" and type your game.

If you are looking to submit your reviews, go here and fill out the form.
If you didn't find the game in the list, it probably hasn't been added yet. Fill out the Games form instead and continue with your Reviews form.

It’s not really a review finder, more like a review database but I just went with the name cuz it sounds cooler. :blobsweat:

This took longer than I thought. I originally wanted to make a website since I’m studying computer science and it’s a great way for me to get off my lazy ass and actually do some personal projects. But then I got into the process of looking for a free website hosting service with database, and then having to learn it and then finding out that it doesn’t have all the functionality I wanted or I ran into a problem that I can’t resolve and can’t find a solution online.

Tried 000webhost, WordPress, GithubDB, Firebase. Maybe it’s just that I suck. facepalm So I said fuck it, I’m doing google forms instead. Nice and easy. But……it’s not. Google sheet doesn’t really do what I wanted since it’s just excel, and data looks ugly unless I process it but I don’t really have that much knowledge in excel, and in my mind really the data is stored in database format. So I found this site. Took quite a while to set up everything and test them out. But I’m quite happy for the result. :3 At least I actually got something done and out for personal enjoyment instead of giving up.

I do need everyone’s help tho. I will try to import posts into it, but I am only one person. Well, come to think of it, another way I can do it is to learn crawler and try to use that? xD I’ve seen other people use it and I think it can do stuff that I want? I’m probably gonna bang my head against the wall again from the frustration if I try tho. ;-; Sometimes I wonder if I should really be studying CS……Orz

Long post ahead. :P Lots of small games this month(especially some android titles) and also quite some progress on other games. Cuz it’s summer vacation and I have a lot of time to play games~

2018 July update

A Raven Monologue

5 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10
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Found this short game and the next one from the post by robilar5500.

It's basically a short story book experience. When I opened the game I was immediately intrigued by the music. It's an amazing song sang by Christabel Annora. Really grabs your attention and makes you wanna know what's going to happen next. And it fits the story well~ Yes, the story. It's great. I'm not gonna say anything about it since I don't want to spoil it, but it made me choke up and teary eyed. If it had lasted any longer I would've definitely cried. Great game and fantastic story telling done in minimalistic way. :3

Banyu Lintar Angin - Little Storm -

5 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10
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This game's tone is very different from the above one. I can't stop smiling the entire time. The music is charming, the visual is adorable, and the story is heartwarming. The setting is really similar to early Taiwan(although it's in Indonesia), like going to school in uniform, drinking juice from a bag, crossing a ditch on a plank of wood, and eating Popsicle in the old style grocery store while waiting for rain to stop. Really familiar, but note that some people might not get it as much since it's so different from their culture. Oh and, it's a bummer that I don't have any siblings. I can't really relate that much to the sibling part. However, it's still a really nice experience. :3

Among Ripples

17 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10
Click for review

Another short game. This one is kinda meh tho. You control a pond's ecosystem. Spawning fishes and clams and stuff and you can change oxygen level to make things grow better or less. There are advanced stuff and small details to make it not as shallow as it appears like eggs and certain fishes living better under some oxygen level, judging by the only guide in steam, but I'm just not all that interested in seeing or finding them out. :P Perhaps I'm not the target audience for this game? Found it boring. Also poor otter, forever alone. :o

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

2.5 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 8/10
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I wasn't expecting much out of this game since I really didn't like Life is Strange all that much. I was pleasantly surprised.

At the starting cut scene I cringed quite a bit. I suppose that's me reacting to childish behavior, since I was never good with kids. However, the more I got into the story, the more those silly actions make me smile. Maybe that makes me old, but I felt like I was an elder looking at kids playing. And oh my is Chris a child with great imagination. The beginning part where Chris' dad called him to breakfast kinda annoyed me slightly, since I'm the kind of player that likes to read and interact with everything possible, and I simply don't know if I'll be able to get back to the room and continue my interaction.

Now onto his dad. My opinion of him is conflicted leaning towards negative. Like, I know life sucks for you and such, but fucking get it together and stop treating your kid as your servant or errand boy! The fetch quests has him yelling at me after only like 10 seconds. Just, stop. >.> His character is also weird(perhaps I just never seen/had such an experience? )to the extent of making me think that maybe he has bipolar disorder or something? Because one moment he's this chill dad that's cool, the other he immediately turns into a douche bag. For instance, I was extremely uncertain and scared that he'll do something when I saw the soft bullet gun and the option to shoot him, but it turned out well and he acted like that super cool dad. But then he asked me to get him a beer and he returned to being rude.

For the ending, spoiler ahead btw(duh): I didn't know that waking dad up is the cue for the ending. I guess since I goofed around too long he fell asleep earlier(progress wise) than the devs intended to be? Thankfully I can continue from the previous save. And it doesn't matter if you bluffed the lady away or not. Your dad will still be a jerk and you'll still run away. Honestly, I would like the super power thing to not be true. As cruel as it sounds, I hope that Chris actually broke a bone or at least got hurt when he fell off, since that might just be what Chris' dad needs to get thing together. Someone like him will be hard to recover from soft words and such, but rather needs a loud slap in the face to make them realize just how damaging they can be to the people around him.

I really do commend DONTNOD for picking the best musics for the few quiet moments where you get to appreciate the setting and scenery. I just love both songs where you lie down on the bed and the tree house. It's also really nice that they made special interactions for player who stayed long enough on the couch with dad. Overall a really nice game. Definitely worth a try especially that it's free.


6 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10
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Well, this one is challenged by Blue. First off, I already know almost everything about this game. Watched all the endings and quite a few people playing through them. So that'll change the way I interact with things and my judgement. However this game still surprises me in that I rarely feel bored when I know a lot of things about it, which is pretty cool. :3 Oh and, spoiler review, harsh words and also death of major characters btw.

Although I didn't find myself to be bored most of the game, there's also not much in between special interactions. So I'm just going to list my feelings and reaction from start to end for special interactions and my thoughts of them since perhaps it'll make my thought process more understandable.

Woke up from the flower bed. Flowey is such a shithead. Goat mom is the best. <3 Napstablook is cute~ Random encounters are kinda getting on my nerves. Reached goat mom's house. I would stay with her if there's more things to do, but sadly I can't. There's not much to do really. Didn't kill goat mom cuz how could I? When she smiles I just wanna hug her. And then she frowned and I'm sad. >< Leaving Ruin.

Sans you goof ball. The atmosphere at the start gave me chills btw. Doggo is kinda funny. :P But my fucking controller moving on its own with the blue attacks omg stop please! I've googled it and it's a known issue and there's no fix. I know you could just play with keyboard but imo joystick makes the bullethell part much more bearable. I wasn't too keen on bullethell games anyways so that's a thing I have to push myself through. Wanna own a lesser dog for pet so much! I kept petting him and petting him until his neck is underground. xD Greater dog is also super adorable. :3 Ended up ignoring him too much so he walked away. Both of them are one of the few in the game that got me to chuckle.

Monster kid is cute and silly. And stop guilting me with all these "we're stuck down here boohoo". >.> Onionsan is quite chill tho. Absolutely love the umbrella song. :3 Hung out with Napstablook. Spooktune is nice~

Killed a certain fish lady since it's just so annoying seeing her be like: "I'm a heroine for everyone. " yet she's sacrificing someone for their cause. Not very heroic. Couldn't stand myself sparing her repeatedly when she's throwing all these attacks at me. I wouldn't be so against the idea of "Oh hey we need to achieve something and we need you so just die" since I know oh so well how disgusting people are(including myself), but you have to face the truth. You're not a heroine. You're doing selfish things so have the guts to admit to it.
And I still fucking got sad at the end of it when she fading. THANKS background music! glares Actually started sparing her when that happened, but it's too late. Don't regret it tho.

Alphys is such a goof. I like her. RG 01 and 02 are a perfect match for each other. :D And oh, I was totally pressing the right time when the book bomb passes through the defuse zone, but why you no register? >:(

Would've killed Muffet if it was not for her amazing music. Probably one if not my most favorite track. She's also kinda chill. But it's still annoying that she's like: "I'm gonna kill you cuz you didn't give me money. " but I guess the reason I didn't dislike her that much is because she's honest about that.

Killed a certain robot since he's yet again, being all like: "I'm doing you good hurr durr I'm the greatest. " but at least this time he's able to most of the time say it's because he wanted something and it's for his own desires. Still did it tho since I just can't stand him. His fights are kinda annoying. And got sad againt at the end cuz of him saying at least he performed for a human and I'm a good audience, also god damn alphys being all sad. Stop shoving emotions I don't want down my throat aaaa! ;-;

When the story time at New Home happened I got quite emotional at the story of Asriel, but when they started saying they are going to be free and I should be happy I just can't help but feel......sick. It's......the feeling is close to We Happy Few. If you've seen the trailer of that game you'll probably know. This, cruelty under their hope/happieness that they just didn't realize. And they are telling all that to the one that they hope to die. You should not expect anyone to die for you. That's disgusting.

Alas, I really can't make myself kill Asgore, since goat mom is so nice and I know killing him will make her sad. And I didn't hate him as much since, he knows what dirty things he's doing. He knows it's wrong, but he's the king so he has to shoulder the responsibility of taking monsters out of underground. For that, I respect him. And perhaps I just didn't care for Alphys or even maybe Papyrus as much since I killed the above two, but it is how it is. Would've loved to live with Asgore and Toriel and other friends. It doesn't matter anyways cuz god damn flowey piece of shit did it. You just killed your dad you dumb dumb!

Omega flowey gave me so much goosebumps. Kinda hard fight and it's frustrating to have to restart the game after dying, but thankfully I'm quite ok at it so I beat it on my third try. My controller really needs to stop moving on its own tho since both times I died due to that. glares Was really contemplating if I should kill him or not since Asriel is there. Decided to kill him since in his state right now, sparing him would only make him heal up, come back and cause more trouble to the people underground.

I think I made some choices that a lot of people might not approve of. Maybe it's due to my world view. For me, I view people with different circles of closeness. There's me, there's people I'd risk(or even sacrifice) myself to protect, and then there's people I care about, and finally there's people I don't care about. If you ever threaten to hurt the previous two I will fight back. If you dare sugar-coat it with "justice" all those shenanigans, I will hate(maybe not that strong, dislike) you. As for the other two, I'll help out when I can, but I won't go out of my way to do it. I'm a nice person, but I'm not a good person. I'm selfish and I admit that.


7 hours of playtime, 29 of 29 achievements
Personal rating: 3.5/10
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Another Challenge Me game. I've actually played the second one before the first one, and must say that the second one improved on quite a lot of things, although still keeping other problems that I have with the game.

Maybe it's due to me not having played much RPGs when I was young, or the fact that I am much more impatient nowadays, I had a really hard time enjoying the game. The movement speed is way too slow, the sword swing in 3d is super clunky(it's not actually a swing because if you hit two enemies, only one will get hit which is just stupid), and the amount of backtracking is insane. Couple that with the slow speed and you have the worst thing I hate in games(which is part of the reason why I don't really like point and click games). The story is quite cliche and mediocre, the switching of 2D and 3D actually made it more annoying, since there'll always be the animation and waiting time, and my goodness the random encounters are terrible. Like, I just want to get to a place without being interrupted could you just go away? >.> And my patient was near ran out with the end boss. The first time I fight it I can barely run the same speed with the second phase boss' fire, I died tho. The second time it seems that I'm slower? The fire is constantly catching up to me which is really annoying.

Don't have much else to say. There are good moments yes but overall I just find myself to be either bored or frustrated with the game.


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Personal rating: 6/10
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Actually just found out that this game is also on steam when searching for thumbnails to use. :P But I got this game when it went free on android. From Rainbow Train.

This game is the typical minimalistic puzzle games that you'll often find. They are usually quite short, sharp but simple visuals and unique(or not) mechanics. The feeling of playing this game is like unboxing a present with excessive packaging or peeling an onion layer by layer. The way you'll always look at a problem is where do I start unraveling this bunch of mess that's all stuck together. The process is not at all hard, in fact I would actually prefer if at later levels they didn't give you 3 lives. As long as you take it slow and think through all the ways that current will go(kinda like an electricity circuit diagram) you will not have any problem getting past levels. And the satisfaction of untangling all the mess is pretty good. However, this game is still those minimalistic games that I just always feel like, they are kinda good yeah, but that's it really. So I usually can't give it too high of a score.


8.6 hours of playtime, 8 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 7.5/10
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This is actually one of my earlier games on steam. Beaten it 2.5 years ago. I was kinda bored and dunno what to play(shocking isn't it? Considering I have such a huge backlog) and I remembered this game and how I've only beaten it once and still have some achievements to get. So I decided to replay it. And boy oh boy I forgot how fucking hard this game is.

I would actually compare this game to Ori and the Blind Forest. It's like a......discounted Ori and the Blind Forest. It's got the stunning visuals and design that Ori too has. The art style has the same vibe(this sorta spiritual feeling? ) but Ori's is more sharp which makes it better. The music is also quite good in this one. Transitions between relaxing music and tense music were well done, although it doesn't have as memorable tracks as Ori. And the tense feeling and this sort of swimming platforming reminds me yet again, of Ori. It also has an escape sequence!

This game is not without downsides ofc(perhaps due to me comparing it with a "perfect" game imo that is Ori). The controls are iffy at time. Although quite responsive, the core design of you controlling a flock of fishes has the problem of the flock's tail being caught in all sorts of damage. Whether it be the biters catching on and eating the trailing fishes, them being separated and gets you a bit stuck when there's a thin rock dividing two areas or them dragging too long that they actually stops and gets hit by the bullets of the flower. Another thing is the mass of your flock is too big, so sometimes(especially in the escape sequence) it's just not really possible to avoid damage. I'm glad I didn't try to go for the no casualty achievement, or else this would be a rant review. xD This game is also not that optimized in that when entering certain areas my framerate will drop down to 10 and then go back up, causing slight lag. Although that could be because of my computer.

I really like this game, and feel like it's a hidden gem that not many people know about, but definitely deserves more attention. That's the reason why I wrote this review. Even tho there might not be many people that reads this I still hope I can do what I can to help the devs.


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Personal rating: 5.5/10
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Another android one from Rainbow Train devs. Quite like these puzzle games. A nice way to relax and/or get some exercise for my brain.

This one is a bit harder than Hook. Requires more thinking instead of just be careful and do it step by step. Got stuck a bit, tho still managed to pass through everything. Didn't like the mechanics as much as the other one, but it's still quite cool. :P Not much to say really. :3


17 hours of playtime, 33 of 33 achievements
Personal rating: 10/10
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Omg this game. Wow. I did not expect that. The second 10/10 game for me(the first being Ori and the Blind Forest). Thank you stef for picking it for my Challenge Me, and I look forward to beating more of the picks.

I'm actually kinda speechless here. Don't even know where to start. Well, I've actually heard and even sang to Transistor's soundtracks before(The Spine and In Circle) and I loved both songs, thus why I sang them even tho their vocal range is too high for me. But the gameplay never interested me that much(I've played about 3 minutes or something in an Apple store on apple tv with its remote once lol. Probably not the best device to get first impressions on). I was very wrong. Yes, it's a bit hard to get into at first, but once I learned how it works, I got more into it. Still really challenging for me, since I overloaded quite a bit and died a bit in my first play through. After discovering the cheesy cheat way of playing(Spark() + Switch() + Purge(), add in other survivability skills like Jaunt() + Tap() and you're basically unkillable) tho it all kinda became a chore. I'm both glad I discovered it and sad that I resorted to that for the entire recursion since I would've definitely get angry at myself for failing many times if I didn't use it, but at the same time it's kinda a boring strat. However I will not take credit off of the game because of that cuz it's all me choosing to play that way. Tho imo, the strong suit of this game lies in the story, art style, immersion, voice acting and the soundtrack.

Let's talk voice acting. Undoubtedly my favorite voice is the unknown man's. His voice is just so full of emotion and he speaks to and for Red all the time. It's impressive how he's able to convey so much with just his voice, while Red conveys even more without her voice. It's a perfect synergy!

Soundtrack is absolutely stunning. Every song fits perfectly, and the ability to hum almost whenever makes it even better. I found myself often just pressing down the hum button, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of being surrounded with the awesomeness that is the music and Red's humming. Especially in the sandbox.

Art style is beyond great. It's the kind of art style that'll never get old. The kind that whenever you look at it you'll go "wow". It also builds atmosphere really well. All three of the above is what makes the immersion real. Which brings us to the best part of the game.

The story! Spoiler ahead! At first I thought she was only fleeing because of a failed assassination attempt. It's as simple as that, but nope. The process started showing up and it's like: "Ok, that's something. Just enemies to fight right? " But the more I progress, the more dreadful I feel. It's an apocalyptic feeling, where you feel like you're the only ones left, and the only thing that's driving you forward is the urge to find out what made all this happen and punch him/her in the face. You keep getting hopes up and then only disappointment. Through the journey, I've bonded with unknown man and Red. They became a really close friend of mine, where I'll do whatever I can to protect them. And then at the end, just when I thought everything's over, and it'll be a happy ending, Red started putting the sword down, lying down. I was screaming "NO NO NO NO! " inside, but then I realized, the drive for her is gone. She's done everything she wanted to do now, expect one thing: to be reunited with her lover, face to face. How could I stop her? I shouldn't stop her. I have to let her go, that way she can be happy. But there's a part of me that doesn't want to. It's the conflicting emotions, plus the loss of a person you cared for all this time that made me cry, twice actually. I guess, this is a sad story all along. Or perhaps, that's a good ending for her. I also noticed the subtle parts of when Red said she's gonna "break its heart" before the Spine battle, and her remembering unknown man saying he wants to see her face to face. These little things break my heart, but I also love that they're there. And damn, I still cried the third time when watching a Youtube playthrough.

The gameplay is the strongest part for Ori. Add that with equally good soundtrack and story and you've got a perfect game. However for this game, the story and everything about it is way over the chart that they made up all the negatives with the gameplay for me, that this game is also one that's comparable to Ori. A perfect game, to me.


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Personal rating: 6.5/10
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Yes another one of these puzzle games~This one is pretty good. Every stage you get a sequence you need to figure out and press. What I like about this game is for new sequences, they don't tell you how it's done. They let you figure it out by handing you basic ones, and then gradually increasing the difficulty. It's really smart of them to do this for basically all of their games, just this game particular makes me like this mechanism a lot. This one also involves some test on concept of space where you'll have to trace the sequence in third dimensional thinking. Overall I really liked this one. :3

Forbidden Clicker Party

16.3 hours of playtime, 7 of 10 achievements
Personal rating: 3/10
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I'm not sure if it's that I have higher expectations for it, or if it's just not really that good, but someone has recommended me this game on a post before, and I won it on astats. Since I've recently completed Zombidle and the rest of the game can be played on mobile, I decided to start a new clicker game. Originally it was Crush Crush, cuz the 100% time on it is low(lies! ), but then that one got to a point where it's pay to be sane level of waiting, so I decided to play this one.

The best thing about this game is the art style. It's very similar to Cuphead, and it looks great. The music is also quite nice and fits the zone that you're in, although it gets repetitive quite easily.

Now the bad part is well, gameplay. I've played quite a few clicker/idle games, and this one is the dullest of them all. (except maybe for My Name is Mayo, but that one has quite interesting humor. ) At first you have 1 dood, and then as you progress you can buy more doods, but you can only have 4 in a team. The doods will automatically fight enemies for you, and you can also click to reduce enemies' health. The whole concept is quite similar to Tap Heroes, except that, you don't have healing upgrades or healing units, and the enemies usually won't be in a fixed place so you'll have to move your mouse constantly if you want clicking damage. Every dood, even the witch who I thought would have a healing spell is the same. They can only attack, so there really is no point in switching doods up since you'll have to train them from level 1. That wouldn't be much of a problem since I could just carry them with my high level doods, except that the currency you use to level up is kinda hard to come by. I've never reached the upgrade cap(when you buy upgrade to the same as your level) except for the new doods, and grinding takes forever as you can't stay on the highest level since your team will probably all die eventually cuz there's no healing units, and the only healing tool you get is a spell that needs time to recharge. Worst of all, it doesn't have offline grinding. So I'm forced to let it run in the background and grind for currency just so I can level up and get to push my level further just a tiny bit more. Most clicker games I play will eventually run into this problem, but they usually all solve it by providing a recursion system where you restart the game with bonuses so you won't get stuck grinding all day but this game doesn't have that.

For normal mode it's fine, since they'll just respawn. The mechanics annoyed the most in Hardcore mode, because when a dood dies, his/her level will drop back to 1 and all the currency upgrades that I bought are gone. The only thing I can think of that'll get me past the level 1000 boss or even just the level 500 one is grind my ass off in low levels, AND you can't just idle, since there's no passive healing you'll be forced to babysit the doods, swapping in time when they're about to die and cast heal spell when you can cast it. It all becomes a chore and the grinding can't be efficient since you can't stay on higher levels to get best income. This is not fun gameplay.

As much as I'd like to like the game because of its art style, I really can't.

Has anyone played DISTRAINT before? Is it scary? The jump-scaredy type of scary or atmospheric scary? (former like FNAF and latter like Little Nightmares) I actually got it free on android and also found out that I own it on steam. Was contemplating on whether I should play it since it’s a horror game. Art style looks quite cool tho.

Also another thing I was thinking about is making a google form linked to a google sheet to gather all the reviews of games. The sheet will be a place for people to search for reviews of a specific game done by other members, and the form will be a place where if you want to contribute to the sheet you can submit your own post into it. Cuz at the moment old posts on here are kinda hard to dig out unless you go to the specific member’s profile, and I think it’ll be helpful to be able to read other people’s review before deciding whether to play a game. Just a little idea that I came up when I was thinking about playing DISTRAINT since it would definitely help me if I could see the reviews of the game instead of asking at the end of the post. :P Would that be helpful to you if that’s a thing? Or maybe I should get off my lazy ass and actually do something with coding. Make a website for it or something. xD