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I've decided that I'm gonna write a review as soon as I finish a game for the fresh memories and genuineness of the review, instead of trying to remember what the details were at the end of the month where I would definitely forget some. Yet I don't want to clutter my profile with a game per post(I want to keep it neatly to only 1 post per month). So I'm gonna put reviews here as I complete games and I'll upload them all at the end of the month. Deal? Deal. :3


0 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 0/10, Date of finish: June/01
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  • Memory Puzzle - Mystery Mermaids
    Memory Puzzle - Mystery Mermaids

    19 minutes playtime

    3 of 3 achievements

    Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ July/7

  • Rescue Love Revenge
    Rescue Love Revenge

    1.6 hours playtime

    2 of 2 achievements

    Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

  • The Emptiness Deluxe Edition
    The Emptiness Deluxe Edition

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

    Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

  • Mahsung Deluxe
    Mahsung Deluxe

    1.5 hours playtime

    no achievements

    Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

  • Underhero

    15.2 hours playtime

    42 of 44 achievements

    Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Stealth Bastard Deluxe
    Stealth Bastard Deluxe

    6.7 hours playtime

    12 of 27 achievements

    Rating: ★★★★☆

The Emptiness Deluxe Edition

3 hours of playtime, no achievements
Personal rating: 1/10, Date of finish: June
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I hate cheap jumpscares, and this "horror" HOG is full of it. So after being jumped twice I said "fuck you", gave the game a middle finger and muted the game. lol Thus, I played the game with my own music in the background, and none of the jumpscares got me afterwards, and boy there's a ton of cheap ones. The only "horror" aspect in this game are them, and everything else are kinda shitty. The puzzles are boring, the HOG elements are kinda annoying because there's no location fast travel, and worst of all, I got motion sick by its switching room camera movement. I'm not one to normally get motion sick and plays most 3D games just fine. Even VR doesn't really bother me(granted I've only tried those for at max 30 minutes with those free tickets at malls), but this game managed to get me dizzy and sick that I have to close my eyes when moving after a while. So definitely would not recommend. lol


15.2 hours of playtime, 42 of 44 achievements
Personal rating: 5.5/10, Date of finish: June/18
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I wouldn't say I have a lot of expectations for this game? But for a rare occasion of games I picked to play myself, and one I've gifted to a friend to play, I did have some expectations. Perhaps that's why I'm a bit more critical of it? Because I did enjoy it(not by a lot), but got annoyed by it way more.

This is a pixel artstyle platformer that tries to do the "minion is the hero" type story, but didn't quite land it for me because the writing is a bit generic. I talk to each enemy before attacking them, but their dialogue is either tips(which I appreciate but doesn't add to the personality of the characters) or boring filler that serves as the answers of the quiz show. There's really no incentive to bribe them instead of fighting them(other than I guess monkeys for the correct way through the jungle and mask kids for the achivement) as you lose precious money and doesn't gain much. And there's also a mechanic of rhythmn in combat? You get a bonus to damage if your attack is synced with the beat, and the special attack also requires you to attack on beat. The problems with that is 1. the beat is very much not obvious in the music(at least to me, and I played a fair bit of rhythmn games before) and 2. the music goes out of sync after you're in combat a while which is the most bizarre thing that renders that gimick completely useless, so I really only tried to do that at the start and quickly gave up. If I get it by chance that's good but if not then so be it. Ok combat not good, what about platforming? That's really not a main focus of this game either? Every map has their style and some little gimick, but the base platforming abilities never changed and you only have jump and glide. Tho perhaps that's unfair since the platforming games I've loved were all metroidvania games? And the story and the "plot twist" makes sense, but also didn't grab me because the writing feels boring and the final boss feels too Undertale-esque?

I don't really know how to feel about this game. I did enjoy it, and it's a nice game, but at the same time there's no highlights to the game, and all I can think about are the annoyances.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe

0 hours of playtime, 12 of 27 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: June/01
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Template review.

2022 June update

Most Enjoyable

Currently Addicted To

Wayout 2: Hex

4.3 hours of playtime, 40 of 40 achievements
Personal rating: 3/10, Date of finish: June/06
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Picked 2 puzzle games for pagywosg since I'm just kinda in the mood for that(the other one is sudoku universe which I've beaten but wanna play slower at my own pace). This one tho is a bit meh for me. There's moments that I enjoyed, but ultimately these "click one tile and everything around it flips" puzzles are not my thing. I've always had problem with them in HOGs, and I've had problems with them here where I kinda just, my brain doesn't think and just clicks tiles, hoping it works? xD And then get frustrated when I'm just doing the same motions and it's not working. lol

TRIP Steam Edition

1 hours of playtime, no achievements
Personal rating: 2/10, Date of finish: June/06
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Really weird, walking simulator. I was simultaneous intrigued and bored and felt like I'm getting hypnotized or something. xD I took quite some pics here.

I was annoyed by the invisible walls like on world 3 where I couldn't reach the big sun, world 4 where I couldn't get to the gateway looking place and the staircase at the distance in world 9. I did manage to get inside the building and avoid the invisible wall on world 5 since the building doesn't have collision, so got to practically the highest point. :3

world 4 is my favorite because of the platforms that I can jump on. Wish there's more throughout the worlds on the side of buildings so I can get an overview of the place.
world 5's blinding white of the terrain hurts my eyes.
world 7 music actively hurts my ears with the static sounds and noise.
world 8 is a fucking, horror game I swear. Even tho it's like, not that scary visually the music just made me feel like there's an invisible monster chasing me especially with my backing away from the red platform and the music getting coincidentally quieter, then starting to get louder again just made me feel like the monster's catching up and I hate that, but also feels like it's good in a, it's a good atmosphere way? I really don't like horror games tho so I strongly dislike that.

There's also an inventory with a collection display, and there's various 2d sprites throughout the trip world, but I can't seem to collect them(tried with all keys on my keyboard) and people on the forum couldn't figure it out either so that's something. I at least screenshotted the ones I saw so "collected" them? :P


7.8 hours of playtime, 11 of 11 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: June/09
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A super fun puzzle game! It works kinda like a nonogram but with individual cells? Where there's numbers indicating what the row's dots amount is, and you have to try to match them. The max dots that you can input in a single cell is 3, and there's various special cells that have their own rules. The most enjoyable thing about the game for me is, it almost doesn't require too much pre-thinking? Like, I really enjoy puzzle games, but only the ones that doesn't need me to wreck my brain a whole ton before making any progress or just straight up solving. The ones I like the most are either can be solved by trial and error and a little bit of thinking, or some thinking amounts to small progress that accumulate into the final result. And the main part of this game is entirely the former which I loved, with making progress on one spot and everything else just clicks into place. Only the special stages require quite a lot more thinking and has the possibility of making one mistake and resulting in just me being confused at where I made the mistake. xD Kinda like how I am with harder sudoku puzzles, just sometimes having to restart entirely cuz of that. :P

Opus Mortem

2.4 hours of playtime, 5 of 14 achievements
Personal rating: 3.5/10, Date of finish: June/09
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A reflect based game that I randomly decided to try out. It's, ok I guess? Basically there's souls flying towards your retical area and based on the color of the soul you either press up if it's a good soul to send to heaven, down if it's a bad soul to send to hell and let pass through if it's neutral. A pretty ok passtime that I originally planned on playing to completion(since it's just accumulative upgrades so not really skill based) but the chromatic aberration effect is too hard on my eyes, and even tho the dev made a thread in the forum on how to get rid of it I can't seem to get it figured out? Dev said to write something, but typing the words out in-game doesn't work, there's no place to input anything, and putting that text in steam launch options doesn't work either, so I just decided to call this beaten. :P Been dropping games that I no longer enjoy more and it's a freeing feeling, to not push myself, since life is too short to spend more on things I don't really like. :3

White Dandelion

2 hours of playtime, no achievements
Personal rating: 1/10, Date of finish: June/15
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Gone back to sg and started winning games again, but I do check winnings now and see if they're short and fit the pagywosg theme, or if I just want to play them, and this one happens to fit the theme and also short so I thought why not? Playing a lot of jigsaw puzzle games recently in fact and that's cuz I got back to Dead by Daylight, and kinda addicted to it. lol And since I work from home now if I got things done already today I can play games, so I've been playing some games(including this one) in between DbD matches and waiting for queue since it can take a bit.

This game is, however, not that great tbh. It's said to be an asset flip which, for me I do not mind since jigsaw puzzles are just, most of the similar concepts. There's a lot of bad things about this one tho, one is the preview doesn't match the actual pieces as the picture gets stretched weirdly, so that's kinda annoying. Another, actually a major problem I ran into that made me change my plan of 100% completing this game to just call it beaten is on one of the puzzles there's a piece that's misplaced? It's a border piece and when I put it to where it's supposed to be at, it snaps with the bottom piece but doesn't have that *ding* sound when it matches, so I dragged it around and lo and behold the correct spot is slightly above it and misplaced, causing the top piece of it to never be able to be placed cuz it's a corner piece. So I just called it quits. *shrug*

Fidel Dungeon Rescue

3.6 hours of playtime, 15 of 25 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: June/16
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Playing Appreciated win. Been joining a lot of roguelite games cuz I'm in the mood for trying out some of them, but this one fooled me! I would not say it's really a roguelite, but instead is a pathfinding puzzle dungeon crawler game since you can't really "die" except in the ghost levels.

In this game you step on monsters to kill them and gain xp, but most of them cost health to kill, and you have a line behind you that you cannot cross. So each level is basically a puzzle on figuring out the path to maximize your xp gain while getting to the other stairway. I really liked how it dropped me into the game straight away with a few tutorial levels, mostly shown all the mechanics through practice and you only getting to the "main menu" through beating the normal stage once.

There's 2 main story levels, and there's 3 dogs with their respective abilities, quirk and downsides(2 unlockable through 2 of the 4 additional modes). Regular dog has bomb(3 coins cost, blows up in a cross) and health pack(6 coins cost, full heal), and level up with xp, with normal maps that has coins and health packs. Zombie dog which has worm(3 coins cost, converts/turns cross area into worm) and worm can(9 coins cost, place a worm on all empty tiles) and levels up with xp. The reason for the worms abilities is zombie dog does not have health pack on the map, but rather heals with 3 combo or high value enemies. And then the robot dog has lighting(3 coins cost, cross beam attack) and level up(9 coins cost, gains 1 max health), and the exit stairway has a xp requirement for opening. I actually didn't realize the level up thing when I first played as him and did not have good growth so had to start over. :P It's really interesting how the basic game mechanic can change with some tweaks.

The 4 extra modes are daily challenge which has you play as the robot dog(kinda similar to the puzzle mode tbh), the centipede mode which is a special enemy that you have to try to destroy all of the centipede with cutting it, puzzle mode where it's more about given a map, how do you perfect the path to get the required xp, and finally the ghost mode which is a timed challenge that I tried a few time and gave up. lol I suck at timed puzzle challenges, and good thing it didn't force me to beat it to unlock another dog. xD

Overall I enjoyed the game. The soundtrack is quite good as well. I'm listening to it as I write this review as you get the soundtrack when you beat normal mode. :P Or was it downloaded when you downloaded the game I'm not sure, there was just a button that led to the window showing where it is. Not what I thought the game was(since I didn't look much into it), but I had fun with it. Will keep it installed to do daily challenges for the 319 days of challenges probably(unless I get bored and give up), but won't try to 100% it. :P

Woodle Deluxe

1.2 hours of playtime, 11 of 11 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10, Date of finish: June/17
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Pagywosg game. This game feels almost identical to the other one I played(Woodle Tree Adventures) and I only just checked and that one got removed from steam, so I guess I just played the same game twice? lol Not sure if there's any changes even, but it's just an average 3D platformer. Each stage has 3 droplet as goals, and additional berry collectibles to unlock extra weapons and levels. The music is not the greatest as the melodies are too repetitive and fast paced, doesn't fit the vibe the game gives me(kinda a chill, cutesy little game). The biggest complaint I have about the game is when you die while the camera pans in a certain way, you might respawn with the camera all wonky and facing the wrong direction(only fixable when you get to a section that changes your camera). But since each level is short it doesn't hurt much to restart if needed. Other than that it's a relatively fun pass time, and grinding the 3k berries is actually kinda fun as I tried to optimize my route each restart as a little challenge. :3


5.4 hours of playtime, 16 of 16 achievements
Personal rating: 8.5/10, Date of finish: June/24
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Bought this during summer sale and finished it in one afternoon. I had a blast! Initially found and wishlisted the game when I saw a playthrough of it, and I knew I would like it because of the simplicity yet kinda incremental idle game feeling? In the end it was more like a micro-management game than anything tho. It's kinda odd cuz I enjoyed and liked it a whole lot but doesn't have much to say about it? It's just super fun, and I'll leave it at that. xD

Yes I got back to DbD again, and I’ve been, really addicted to it. Just checked the hour count and I clocked 124 hours last month and 44 hours this month so far. sweats
I also cleaned my desk a little bit and dug up the buried printed TIS-100 manual that I had, so perfect nudge for me to perhaps go back to the game and finally finish it. :3

2022 May update

Most Enjoyable

Most Looking Forward To

  • Amulet of Dreams
    Amulet of Dreams

    3.2 hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆

  • Everhood

    48.1 hours playtime

    64 of 78 achievements

    Rating: ★★★★☆


    52 minutes playtime

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆

  • Professor Watts Memory Match: Cats
    Professor Watts Memory Match: Cats

    3.3 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆


52 minutes of playtime, no achievements
Personal rating: 3/10, Date of finish: May/15
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A pagywosg game, yes I'm rejoining some event stuff, getting back to playing more games and slaying backlogged ones, which is always fun. :3

A bit of a boring walking simulator-esque game. The environments are super dark that if it isn't for looking up guides I wouldn't know where the elevator even is to progress the game. The models looks cheap unpleasant to look at(tho the game isn't trying to be pleasant so I guess that works). The work part I also had to look up a guide on exactly what I need to do since I've ran around several runs without any idea of where to go, and the fast paced music and the speed of movement made my heart felt weird and I started to hold my breath again(I've found that I do that with some games that has dying effects like heavy breathing or are very tense like FPS PVP games. I'll instinctively hold my breath and then hyperventilate when I ran out of breath, rinse and repeat all without me noticing). I think the game is a metaphor for middle easter people's oppression? Or perhaps I'm totally missing the point but it's so vague(not a good vague) that I don't really like it. The reveal that the letters you wrote weren't getting sent out and they were fabricating your letters instead I did not expect and quite liked that actually, which bumped up the score by 1, but overall I didn't really enjoy the game.

Amulet of Dreams

3.2 hours of playtime, 7 of 7 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10, Date of finish: May/16
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Another pagywosg game. A HOG with absurd story that contradicts itself and bad voice acting, and some of the solutions made me go "Oh bullcrap why does that item solve it? The other item I tried would work so much better". But the good thing is there's no "don't use hint" achievements and hints recharge quite fast so I've just been spamming them when I get stuck. lol The actual HOG scenes are also kinda poor quality? The whole game feels a bit blurry. I do like that there's many locations and worlds with their own aesthetics.

Game was alright, tho there's better HOGs out there to play than this one.


48.1 hours of playtime, 64 of 78 achievements
Personal rating: 9.5/10, Date of finish: May/21
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This game is so freaking good, it's kinda what got me back to like, actually playing new games and back to steamgifts and here. Just the excitement of playing and finishing a game and having it on my mind for a couple of days, and looking up playthroughs of the game to sorta, extend the length of thinking about it and consuming more of its content cuz I wanted more, if that makes sense? And I completely stumbled upon it by accident, just one day decided to redeem my humble bundle, saw it and out of the blue wanted to play it. It's meant to be I say! x3

This is a rhythm-esque adventure game where you dodge the notes instead of hitting them in combat. And the reason I added "esque" is because the notes aren't arriving to you on beat, they come out on beat(most of the time), so you have to time your moves with a slight off beat which throws me off quite a lot at first and at some certain moments, but when you get used to it it's a really great gameplay system.

It's heavily inspired by Undertale I'd say, with quite some winks and nods to it, but is by no means a "clone" of it as the gameplay and story stands on its own. The gameplay is so good that I went back and attempted no hit achivements for most of the fights, which I almost never do unless I really love the game(like Ori) since restarting over, and over is just so tedious and I get angry easily, but I loved attempting them. The story gripped me really hard, but that is because I accept the narrative and the story setting that it has and doesn't really, insert my own morality into it? I have read some people's comments when watching playthroughs that it didn't resonate with them quite a much especially the ending, so I think it depends. The game does have flashing lights and nauseating effects tho(which there's a setting that reduces it but still), and that's kinda, a charm of it? xD Like, I doubt I would ever get to experience what acid is like, but in a sense I can get a feel of it when playing the game and oh boy it's fun! :3

I haven't mentioned the soundtrack have I? It's so, so, fucking good!! Every single song is a banger with multiple different genres of music sprinkled in. If not for the banger soundtrack the no hit runs would be just that much more tedious, but since the songs are That good, it doesn't even make me that mad that I have to restart.

I didn't really go into much detail of the game because I feel like it's a game played best blind, like how I got into it. :3 The twist in the middle changed the entire perspective of things and made it really refreshing even tho it's the same really, which is super cool!(and that's all I'll say. xD) I highly highly recommend checking the game out if you have the chance.

Professor Watts Memory Match: Cats

38 minutes of playtime, 1 of 1 achievements
Personal rating: 2.5/10, Date of finish: May/30
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Won this from Playing Appreciated. I know it's a cheap asset flip game, but sometimes it's just "fun" playing these sorta short asset flip things. xD

During my playing I've observed some things regarding the game:
1. You can click on the same card twice and it'll count as matched lol
2. You can unflip the cards that you've already flipped and matched
3. The timer counts down into negative so it could deduct points even tho it says 0
4. Seems to be a random infinitely generated levels thing.

So yeah, that was quite interesting to kinda, break it apart, I suppose. :P

Debated on participating again in Monthly Theme and Challenge Me, but decided to take it slow and pick some that I want to play alongside the pagywosg event for now, just to avoid it becoming a “chore” for me again. ^^; I did pick some nice puzzle games for the event and I’m especially looking forward to(and actually played already) Sudoku Universe since I can play with Remote Play and I unironically enjoy sudoku in my freetime. And also Nonogram, and minesweeper. xD

Oh hi there. 0v0 Idk, I kinda decided to, write a post cuz why not? There aren't a lot of games that I played, cuz well, Covid happened so I was at home for a couple of months, and during that I fell into the abyss that is Cyberpunk 2077 fandom. I learned modding(making mods that is) and that's just a whole lot of fun that became just my regular hobby now, and I actually manage to take commissions on them which is, quite nice. And I wrote a fanfic, or two, or 3. I've always wanted to write fanfics cuz I do make stories in my head when I'm bored, and actually writing it all down to words is great! Also made a lot of friends on Discord. Some really close friends. And well, the most significant thing is I suppose, I fell in love with a fictional man? xD *cough* I also got a job finally after the quarantine. Working sucks. :) But gotta adult eventually.

Lots of months update volume 2

Month Finished games
2020 December 5
2021 January 6
2021 February 3
2021 March 1
2021 April 1
2021 May 1
2021 December 1
2022 January 1
2022 Febuary 1
2022 March 2
2022 April 1
Total: 23


  • Christmas Mission
    Christmas Mission

    17 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Christmas Race 2
    Christmas Race 2

    5 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Cube Runner
    Cube Runner

    5.8 hours playtime

    41 of 41 achievements


  • Fine Sweeper
    Fine Sweeper

    6.5 hours playtime

    15 of 19 achievements


Cyberpunk 2077

678.1 hours, 40 of 44 achievements
Personal rating: 10/10, Date of finish: 2021/December/23~Ongoing

Absolutely fantastic story, world building and atmosphere. Subpar gameplay that works if like me, you haven't played too many openworld AAA title, and didn't run into too many game breaking bugs, mostly visual ones that I can look past. I even enjoyed the gameplay quite a lot. :P 10/10 changed my life for good. :3


  • Slash It 2
    Slash It 2

    2.2 hours playtime

    303 of 303 achievements


  • Mainlining

    4.4 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Habitus

    37 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Super Switch
    Super Switch

    7.5 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Angry food
    Angry food

    6 minute playtime

    no achievements


    1 minute playtime

    no achievements


2021/March          2021/April          2021/May




Neon Abyss

30.1 hours, 25 of 35 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: 2022/February/20

Insanely fun rogue-lite. A bit of bullet-hell and it's surprising I liked it so much considering I don't normally like bullet-hell games. The weapon combinations are just so damn fun, gameplay concept simple yet challenging with the bosses and challenge rooms. Unfortunately I got really annoyed with having to try and get to true Ares/Athena cuz I just don't like the fact that you have to control the meter and there's certain RNGs to it. And when there's a bit too many bullets on the screen due to your own upgraded gun, it can get really hard to see just what exactly is happening. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it a lot. :3


Impostor Factory

4.3 hours, 1 of 1 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10, Date of finish: 2022/March/1

Didn't make me cry as much as the previous two, but the murder mystery part got my goose-bumps going! And the final twist, I totally didn't see that coming. :P Freebird games doesn't disappoint. Now it's another 3 years wait. xD

A Normal Lost Phone

6 hours, 13 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10, Date of finish: 2022/March/27

Would've liked it more if there's more about Sam's actual life, and also the game leans more into the severity that made Sam do what she did. As it stands, the game didn't make me bond with Sam that much, and because of not wanting to spell out the supposedly horrible things that people did to her, I find it hard to empathize with her.


Hope everyone’s doing well. -w-

So hmm......I haven't posted in 9 months. Procrastination really got me good, especially since I wasn't in a writing mood so finished games just kept piling up and seeing so many of them there just makes me not want to write even more......So I'm just going to forget about writing and just get this post out with it so I can clear it all and restart. Hopefully this'll help, cuz I really do enjoy writing my thoughts on games when I finish them.

Lots of months update

Month Finished games Playtime
March 3 4.3 hours
April 9 44.3 hours
May 6 18 hours
June 7 42.2 hours
July 8 33.7 hours
August 5 17.3 hours
September 7 87.1 hours
October 2 5.7 hours
November 6 6.2 hours
Total: 53 258.8 hours


? hours of playtime, 27 of 27 achievements
Personal rating: 8/10, Date of finish: March/25
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Got this game when it went free. At first I thought it's an assassin game with its menu art, but it turns out you are the cleaner guy which is pretty interesting.

This is a point and click game. Your goal is to clean up the body and evidence while not leaving anything abnormal behind. There's only 1 way of doing it clean, but all of the ways to pass the stage are creative and fun. It is a little bit annoying to try for 100% clean tho since I often forget one thing or the other, but I don't really blame the game on that cuz it's just me being forgetful. :P

So yeah, I would definitely recommend trying it out on your phone. It's also on steam if you're more interested in getting them achievements to show off.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

3.9 hours of playtime, 14 of 14 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: March/31
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This game is pretty interesting. It's essentially a point and click walking simulator with light combat mechanics, and it's presented in a story telling way where the main menu cigarette smoking guy is the narrator(sorta)There's also kinda fourth wall breaking in-game where the main character is said to be controlled by an unknown hand(us players).

The story of this game is honestly kinda cliche and I didn't really understand fully? You are a hunter looking to vanquish the darkness, and the motivation is because you are controlled by players? The setting is kinda cool tho and it works well with game mechanics because there's an overworld, but then you can sleep in the hut to go into dream world. Dream world is different depending on the moon state which changes with real time. Fortunately there's an in-game way to change the time or else I'll probably have to resort to changing the system time outside of the game.

The things I like the most in this game are soundtracks and voice acting of the wood guy. The soundtrack of this game is just fantastic and although I can tell the wood guy is probably not a professional voice actor, he's really fun to listen to and made me chuckle with his awkwardness.

I would definitely recommend trying out the game since it's pretty short. My playtime is probably a lot longer because I was playing some mobile games on the side since the walking speed is a bit slow, but it's expected in a walking sim anyways.

The Lost Valley

22 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 1/10, Date of finish: March/14
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This is a pagywosg and Monthly Theme game. I don't usually mind walking sims, though I find most of them to be a bit boring. However, this one I found no real point in its existence and very boring.

There's no real story and no clear objective. No voice-acting and nothing to interact with. The background music is honestly kinda bad not because itself is bad(although it's not great, especially the piano track) but because it does not fit the game. All of the music has this relaxing but eerie vibe but all the game is is a scenery explorer. I feel like it would really enhance the game a lot more and at least gave it a purpose if you pair it with peaceful and relaxing music and implement interaction sounds like the sounds of walking on grass or through shallow water, or more sounds of nature. You also can't open doors or interact with anything. So honestly I was pretty bored throughout the game. At first I thought it's gonna be a game without an end which would not be that good but thankfully it's just a really short walking sim. Would not recommend. Watching a documentary of nature would be 100% better than this.

Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can

3.5 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10, Date of finish: April/26
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I thought I was getting tired of HOGs, but it turns out I'm just getting tired of Artifex Mundi's HOGs. This game is by MumboJumbo and it's fantastic.

The strongest part of this game is the story. Story is very important for me and boring story is the major reason why I'm getting tired of Artifex Mundi's HOGs. But this game just gives narrative and builds atmosphere really well. I'm pretty immersed in the world and because of that some of the old school jumpscares actually got me to jump out of my chair. Interestingly enough I didn't get annoyed at it cuz it indeed builds atmosphere that made it justified.

What I also love in this game is that HOG's gameplay ties into the story. It's not just a mandatory mechanic that you have to do to find the item to progress the game. In the game the usable items can be hiding in the scene itself, although sometimes it hides too well that I got a bit annoyed that I'm stuck. Thankfully hints are not rare and the game doesn't have achievements so I can freely use them. Sometimes the killer will require you to collect a specific number of items so the scenes themselves become a huge HOG game. The most brilliant part is the ending where you search for all the victims' rings in the killers' base. It just ties in the story so well and as I find more and more rings I actually got some shivers as just thinking about how many lives it represent got me a bit sad and creeped out.

I would definitely recommend this game as it's really rare to find a HOG with actual good story, and I had a great time.

Cyrano Story

1.1 hours of playtime, 13 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: April/17
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Yes, I played it for the free game and I actually got Moon of Madness on my first try which is nice. I wonder if it considers achievements and stuff when rolling the chance since being the usual myself I got everything I could on the first run.

It's quite an interesting game tho. Going into it I thought it's a horror game since I saw the tag on the store page and was kinda scared. It ended up being more of an atmospheric creepy experience, which I like quite a lot. Basically it's an ARG game where you try to find the password to the next level with the 3 pictures the game provides you(and perhaps audios too? ). Each level reveals an audio log of an astronaut and a picture of files and stuff. The voice acting is pretty nice and the story is cool. So yeah. Overall I like the game and since it's free why not try it out?

Death's Hangover

6.9 hours of playtime, 36 of 50 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: April/23
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I forgot who recommended me this game but I talked about losing motivation to play games and someone said this game is pretty straight forward and nice. They're not wrong and this game is pretty good and I tried hard to like it, but since I'm super bad at pong the game in the end just became a bit too frustrating. And yes, this game is basically pong with monsters. In this game each level has a soul room where you can have a chance to collect souls, and souls basically acts as your restart chance. When you die you can either choose to restart the level or use a soul to continue and get a nice ability. The problem with that is you need 4 souls in order to unlock the final stage, and since I'm bad at the game I ended up having to restart the same levels a lot sometimes, and that's annoying. Further more, in the castle level you can potentially screw yourself over and create an unbeatable area because walls can be broken. I really think that they should respawn walls if you lose a life, or if they want to balance it respawn certain numbers of wall tiles each death. I did like the game at first as it's quick to get into and the mechanic is interesting, so I'd still recommend anyone to try it out since it's pretty innovative.

Moon Hunters

9.9 hours of playtime, 21 of 47 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: April/18
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This is one of the games that I put off on getting achievements but in the end I just decided to call it beaten and done instead of torturing myself, because the core gameplay of this game really isn't great. It's ok for the first 3 runs or so since you can do a run for each character, but after that it just becomes really boring since character movements are generally slow and maps are randomly generated so you have to explore all paths and backtrack. On other games it would be fine but since you'll only be playing a single time but this is a roguelite game so it expects you to play over and over to unlock new things. The concept is very unique tho. I like that there's events that give you traits and events locked behind traits, and in the end your character will have a story depending on what traits it has. It's a shame that there's a limit on how many places you can visit. I would've like a free roam mode where there's no days limit and you can fully explore the land. And the arena although is a decent idea for players to continue playing their previous run heroes, it just isn't enjoyable because of the combat system.

Overall, I would say that I enjoy the game. It's good art and music that's lovely for the first few playthroughs. Beyond that I would not recommend unless you really like the combat system.


4.8 hours of playtime, 18 of 19 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10, Date of finish: April/06
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At first I loved it because of its interesting mechanic, challenging levels and uninterrupted gameplay flow. But then the levels got harder than I can enjoy because of the randomness of the trucks and it being unforgiving. I especially struggled on 8-10, 9-7 and the boss level. I swear, branches are my nemesis. I always struggle with levels that have branches. I tried putting myself in the front of the truck where I'd duck under the branches but sometimes it works and sometimes I just die randomly? In one case I almost got to the end a random bump on the truck I'm at just sent me flying to my death, which tilted me a lot. The final boss is also a bad design choice because I got to the top instinctively jumped on the green button, but then just sent flying and I was super confused as to what I was supposed to do because I didn't know I'll have to do it a second time. Looked it up on youtube and apparently a lot of people struggled because they didn't even know you should step on the green button because all the mechanics have been teaching them not to touch anything that's not truck. I ended up using this guide because I just don't feel like going up there twice when I'm already struggling going up there the first time.

Overall I did like the game, although it overstayed its welcome.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

25.9 hours of playtime, 31 of 37 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: April/27
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I have postponed on writing this review for over a month now just because I have so many strong emotions and conflicted opinions about this game that I'm uncertain I can't fully express them through words. I loved the previous game so much that I pre-ordered this game(I very rarely pre-order games), but the direction they went for in this game is just not what I liked in the original. There will be spoilers ahead, so beware.

To establish a memorable videogame franchise you have to have several things. One is unique and constant gameplay that improves and adds new things each game, but didn't remove the old core that made it unique in the first place. Two is distinct and relatable characters that fans can latch onto. Third is great story and setting that players can immerse in. Ori 1 has all three of those. It really looked promising and I just feel like it could be a fantastic franchise. However, in Ori 2 they threw the first 2 away.

The most unique thing about Ori 1 is the self-made save point, and really is something I felt like they could've made into an iconic mechanic throughout the franchise. When I think about Ori 1, I'll think of the intense escape sequences, beautiful visuals and fantastic music but really the save point makes the game so great. It gives player control over where to respawn and if they failed to do that it's all on them. Instead in Ori 2 it's auto-save points where I do not know how far back I'll spawn at. And to make it so it doesn't get frustrating the devs put wayy too many save points so most of the times if I die I don't really care, which sometimes makes me just go wreckless to cheese to the next point. While other times the save points made it so I have to do tedious things before getting to the part where I'll die so it's just annoying. And don't even get me started on the combat. This game is centered around the combat yet it's just not that great. Normal enemies are usually fine, but the bosses are just awful. A lot of them do not have great hitboxes since only part of their body like their head counts(who thought that was a good idea?!), and sometimes your attack doesn't hit their hitbox for some reason yet you still get hurt by their impact damage which is so unfair. Another thing is you can only equip 3 abilities, and since you'll want a basic attack one slot is always taken up by the sword or hammer, and the heal ability is a must have since hitboxes are so bad that only leaves 1 ability option left. That honestly wastes a lot of potential and I barely played around with other abilities as I can't and don't find the need to. It's just unnecessary hassle. And can we talk about the heal ability itself? I'm both glad and dislike that it exist since if it weren't for it I probably wouldn't be able to finish the game. It's such a bandage fix to the bigger problem of unfair hitbox and heavy hitting bosses tho. You just stand still and hold the button for a few second then you convert energy to health, and since energy always respawn there's no strategy there. Honestly I would like them to make it so bosses hit lighter, and also all minions that give you health and energy are like the fish in frog fight where it's 1 hit kill and they spawn more often. That's a much better risk and reward system and more fun to play around than just standing still for a few seconds.

As for the story, I don't know if it's just me, but I find myself not caring about the owl as much as I'd like to. The intro to the game really didn't grasp me as much as the first one, and since we're separated from the owl for the majority of the game and we didn't even play with him for that long before he died I'm just like: "Am I suppose to feel something? But I don't really know the owl and don't really care tho......." I have no idea why it's like that, but my speculation would be that we didn't get to play as the owl in the intro. In the first game, we played Naru both when she discovered Ori, and when she's getting food with Ori. I feel like the act of controlling a character really connects the player to it, as the player has as much time as they want to observe the character and see just how cute he/she is(yes I'm talking about the jiggly belly of Naru <3). We barely get to control Ku in this game. My suggestion would be that perhaps when Ori defeats a boss or get to a certain checkpoint we change to playing Ku, and try to survive as Ku. Perhaps make Ku have some escape sequences so that one, we get to like Ku more and two, when we switch to Ori we get the urgency to go save him. We now know that he's in real danger and that's much better than when we know nothing and can just afford to run around. In the end the favorite character for me is actually the villain. I cried 2 times(start and finish) in Ori 1, and I only cried once in this game, when they revealed the villain's backstory. I just feel so bad for him. And contrary to some people, I actually don't mind the ending. Tho now they'll need to prove to me that Ori 3(if there is one) will be worth playing since pretty much the only thing driving me to buy the game is gone now.

Although there's so much negativity in my review, I still wouldn't say this is a bad game. Visuals are as stunning as ever, soundtracks are still amazing. Maybe the hype just got to me, since I love the first game so much. I'm sure if people go into the game not knowing much about the first game they'll enjoy it quite a lot, but for me this game is a huge disappointment.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

7.2 hours of playtime, 24 of 24 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10, Date of finish: April/14
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Perhaps I've been gradually getting tired of HOG games? I have found that my patience with them are lowering and in turn the scores and enjoyment of the games are lowering as well. It's just that every HOG game seems the same. Boring and cliche story with bad jumpscares and bad voice acting. Gameplay is those usual puzzles with HOG scenes. Normally tho I would be fine since it's a great time waster. But I do not appreciate games that expect you to play it twice to get all achievements while it is a linear story experience. The game has HOGs, and then they have domino games. You can either choose to play HOGs or domino, but not both. And there's achievements for finishing all HOGs and all dominos. That is really annoying. On top of that I accidentally did a HOG in one third in my second playthrough(since you get less dominos goals if you find some objects first) so I had to do a third playthrough. It's just very boring. I honestly thought of just quitting the game. lol But eh, I still did it.


47 minutes of playtime, 6 of 6 achievements
Personal rating: 3/10, Date of finish: April/12
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I think this game is about simulating life and your goal is to kill all life? And apparently it's a recreation of a old simulation. Tho I think this game doesn't do a very good job at telling you all that. The how to play button literally calls out wiki. Does the game expect us to read the wiki to know how to play? What's the point of recreating something if you didn't improve on it? In the end I just played on easy and it became sorta tedious to just pause and use single square to clear everything. I feel like I wouldn't enjoy the game even if it has tutorials but eh, I suppose it's kinda fun for a few minutes watching all the particles go on its own for a bit.

Mahjong Solitaire

22 minutes of playtime, 10 of 10 achievements
Personal rating: 2/10, Date of finish: April/20
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Growing up playing what I consider to be real "Mahjong", I've always consider these to merely be go-fish. Don't get me wrong, people do play this in real life. Mainly in night markets where you can earn prices and stuff, but to me this is not real Mahjong, and always raise an eyebrow most westerners say: "Isn't mahjong just this matching game? " So going into this game, I know that I won't like it, and sure enough that's what happened. A major problem with this game tho is we have infinite shuffles. Doesn't that make everything meaningless as you can just keep shuffling until you get the right pair?

The Signal From Tölva

13.7 hours of playtime, 42 of 42 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: May/29
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This game is a strange mix of walking simulator and first person shooter with open world map. It's set in a world full of robots, and you are a program/conscious(it's never mentioned exactly what you are) working for an information broker and he hacks into one of the 3 factions to inject you into their robots to collect information. The setting and scenery are very interesting and it builds ambient really well. The problem with the game tho is indeed that's it's sorta a walking simulator. You will have a lot of down time from objective to objective, and since there's no vehicle you just have to walk. The game does spread currency collectibles somewhat regularly throughout the map, but one, it's still pretty boring and two, when you die it is extremely frustrating to have to walk. Kinda feels like Titan Souls where on top of dying the game punishes you with painstaking travel time. Though I'll have to say, when you first get to a new environment and first step into a new contaminated area, the wow factor is really there. It's just so cool and interesting the first time, but then it starts repeating and gets boring to look at. There are data snoopers to scan which fills in as story telling and world building but they were mostly flavor text and I just got too bored to read them all. The combat is also just as bland as the data snoopers. It basically comes down to shoot enemy to get them to use shield -> hide and wait for their shield to run out -> pop out to finish them with your shield on, or the more boring alternative which is just pop your shield, stand still and fire to destroy enemy shield while he's also standing still and firing at you.

My conclusion for this game is that it's a niche game that requires quite some patience to get the best out of. You could have a decent time playing it if you're the walking sim type of person. Just don't expect too much. And also, I hate the mazes in this game. It's the worst.


13 minutes of playtime, 5 of 5 achievements
Personal rating: 3.5/10, Date of finish: May/14
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This is a short temple run style game where you dodge incoming pillars and collect coins, except there's no standard 3 lane movement. You have free left or right movement and you can even fall off the path which is slightly interesting but honestly I would prefer the normal 3 lane instead of this. I played the game with my own music so didn't hear the background music that much, but from the faint sound it's generic dubstep and I imagine will get annoying quickly. Although the gameplay itself is actually pretty nice. The start is really slow and boring but once you reach higher than 1200 it really picks up and is pretty fun~Although the game barely had any replayability as the achievements end at 2000 meters and coins are used to buy skins but they don't even work after buying. I'd say it's pretty alright since I got it for free from sg, but paying for it will be a no, even at as low of price as it is.

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition

2.5 hours of playtime, 13 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 1.5/10, Date of finish: May/18
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This store rating is unreal. It's all nostalgia speaking I tell you, but unfortunately I didn't have the nostalgia to support me through this game, so I really struggled and am so happy I decided to use a video guide when playing.

This is a remake version. As with all remakes, it's hit or miss, and usually if you haven't played the original or didn't grow up with the original and the remake it mediocre, you'll hate it. That's me. From what I understand, the remake only updated the graphics and added a bunch more checkpoints. It did not improve the controls. The game still has arrow key to move, shift to jump and ctrl to shoot AND run. How stupid is that? You couldn't just rebind the shoot button to another one? Also, the remake even removed the background music that the real original has, and it sure as hell did not add hints to trail and error puzzles to make them more fair and easier to understand. I would not have gotten any of the puzzles myself if not for the video walkthrough. Even with it I get stuck multiple times just cuz I missed a single small detail or worst of all, the stupid enemy hitbox got me(looking at the stupid cave mouth on the ground >.>)I especially struggled with the underwater puzzle where you have to dive down to go shoot a wire. Because in previous cave sections I've learned that it's best not to run and jump with those mouth thingies since the controls doesn't always respond when you jump, so taking it slow and safe is best. However, at the place where you climb out of the water there's 2 mouths there. You could just stand still and jump right with no problem, and it kinda looks like you touched the right mouth a little bit but the hitbox didn't register. However when you jump back, you need to sprint and jump, or else you won't be able to get through. That just defies everything I've learned in the previous sections and I just didn't try it. I kept thinking I need to edge closer to the right mouth but kept dying.

I'll say that story is the only alright part of the game. Like, I did get intrigued at first with the sci-fi settings and stuff, but it never got established other than "oh it's an alien world with very advanced technology" since we're just running, shooting and solving boring puzzles all game. I would not recommend this game unless you grew up playing and loving it.

Mystery Of Rivenhallows

30 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievement
Personal rating: 1.5/10, Date of finish: May/13
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It's a boring point and click game with boring story, blurry background and worst of all the transition between scenes for some reason hurts my eyes. Thankfully it's very short.

ABC Coloring Town

35 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 1/10, Date of finish: May/25
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Tis is what I get for entering each and every giveaway. This is a coloring game intended for toddlers to learn alphabets. However I fail to see how a toddler would be able to use mouse to draw on stuff, and if it's intended for kindergardener then it doesn't spell out the actual words but only the alphabets which is not that helpful. The brush feature basically draws on top of the everything and has a very ugly border around it so I barely used it. Another thing is the camera movement from alphabet to the next actually makes me a bit nauseous. I started out painting "seriously" but in the end just tried to make the most ugly thing every time which actually turns out to be a bit of fun, tho I still got very bored most of the time. There are definitely better coloring games out there and tablet and phone might be a better choice, although I'd still recommend doing the old fashion way of crayons and paper.

Midnight Carnival

26 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 1/10, Date of finish: May/22
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Well, this is a bad VN with bad writing, tons of grammar error, atrocious music, mediocre to bad art and stupid storyline. I don't really need to say anymore except stay away.

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive

28.8 hours of playtime, 17 of 17 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: June/14
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A diving spear fishing game that's honestly not good for my wrist, but thankfully I quickly switched to using a controller. I wouldn't say I like nor dislike the game, it was kinda just meh. Every world you're doing certain tasks like spearing some amount of a certain fish, capturing some amount of photos of a certain fish and stuff. It's not bad, it's just a bit bland. My only question is: "Why can't we fish clown fishes? " Like, I understand that perhaps you wouldn't want to fish turtles and dolphins, but why clown fish? If it's because of finding nemo then why can we fish dori like it's no one's business? lol

Future Proof

3.5 hours of playtime, 17 of 17 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: June/14
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One thing that I do not like in games, is wonder around aimlessly while having a time limit. I'm fine with wondering around or having a time limit on things, just not both things combined, unless it's done in a bite size chunk. Meaning I should be able to remember important detail on what I need to do just on the top of my head like in The Sexy Brutale for example. This game tho has quite a big map with a lot of things and different paths to explore, and it's just not my kind of game. Thankfully, there's a guide I can use. So I ended up using the guide to explore each path. Even then, some paths still has very vague hints. The story is honestly pretty interesting and answers the question of why can our main character rewind time over and over again. In a sense, this game is kinda similar to reventure where you follow a certain path to unlock an ending, only that the game has actual puzzle elements and less about collecting endings. I played it the same way as reventure tho cuz of the guide. lol

If you like puzzle games and like to play games with time loops where you gradually collect information, I would definitely recommend this game as it's pretty cheap. Tho I would also recommend you to give The Sexy Brutale a try since I love that game and it has a similar premise.


37 minutes of playtime, 2 of 2 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10, Date of finish: June/16
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This game would be great, if the strangers you meet are actually interesting. It's labeled as a visual novel and has barely any gameplay, meaning that the most important thing of this game is the story. Yet the people you meet on the bus are either super boring or doesn't make any sense. Like, I get that most people you meet on the bus won't be interesting, but if you're making a game on it you can at least make most or some of them do. And I also don't understand the eating/drinking and money system in this game. At first I thought something bad would happen if you get no food or water but since you can't control how long the dialogue goes it was kinda tense when a guy just keeps talking, but then I found out nothing happens if I don't have food or water, then what's the point of the system?

I spent way too much time on the banners. ^^; But I had a lot of fun! Although it did delay the post a couple of weeks more. :P See you next month, hopefully.

Super late post yet again. Haven't had much motivation to write these couple of days so I was kinda stuck on the last review. Finished quite a lot of games this month which is nice. I also tried calling it quit early on games I did not enjoy that much to avoid the annoyance of getting achievements which is a good thing that I should always do. And due to getting a new PC I've discontinuted some games that's near impossible to transfer save data and I don't feel like replaying, which I think is alright.

2020 February update

Most Enjoyable

Most Looking Forward To

The Window Box

2.9 hours of playtime, 6 of 6 achievements
Personal rating: 9.5/10, Date of finish: February/08
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This was a pagywosg game but I didn't complete it last month, although it kept me interested enough that I made it the first finish this month. :P It made me so angry for the protagonist at the end that I had to go listen to some lighthearted songs, which is definitely a great thing cuz it got me emotional and that's the greatest thing a VN can do.

Tbh I don't really want to talk too much about the story, since it'll ruin the game. I'll just say I really want to punch a certain someone in the face at the end and it got me so angry I'm shaking. >:( If you've played the game you'll know why. Also there's not much story-changing choices you can make, but I feel like it's fine cuz it did its job great: telling a great story. I will talk about the gameplay tho, which is VN mixed with puzzles that tie into the story. The puzzles are all very enjoyable and not really that hard. Although it is questionable if everything is happening is real life cuz of the bizarre things that happened.

I highly recommend the game. It's got lovely art style, fantastic writing, great character design and an awesome story. I love it. :3

The Invisible Hours

5.9 hours of playtime, 36 of 36 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10, Date of finish: February/16
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This is a pagywosg game. Tequila Games really does not disappoint! I love their previous game The Sexy Brutale, and this one has a similar premise which is just great. The game is all about experience tho so if you haven't played the game I strongly recommend you play it first as I will go into deep spoilers in this review.

In this game you are basically in a movie as a spectator. You can pause, rewind and fast forward and also interact with objects. Most objects doesn't mean anything unless it glows in yellow. The great thing about this game is similar to The Sexy Brutale where you'll get to uncover the secret and the story behind everyone bit by bit, although this time it's not metriovania-esque and you(mostly) are free to go where ever you want in the house. The story in this game tho is great as everyone has their own motive and their own background story that you can discover through news clippings scattered around the house and through their action and words. What is interesting about this game compared to the previous is that the characters aren't all charming. In fact some of them have major flaws that make them unlikable, where as the previous one I feel like all the guests are shined in good light. I think the reason is your role is to save the guests in The Sexy Brutale. If you dislike the guests you won't be inclined to save them right? But in this game you're merely a spectator. Imo that made it possible for the devs to build characters that are complex and intriguing but aren't that likable. Well, one of them rather. lol

So yeah, let's talk about the characters and at the same time talk about the story associated with them: (spoiler ahead)

First off our "protagonist" Gustav. He's honestly not that interesting. A typical detective that has made a mistake trope. Not a smart detective mind you, since he didn't notice Swan's lie at the start yet Flora did.

Next is Flora. Like, I understand why she does what she did and all, but she didn't really grab my attention. All I want to ask is where did she go after chapter 0? lol I tried looking for her but she's nowhere to be found. Also if Tesla died but goes to the future wouldn't it cause a time paradox or something? It explains very little about the actual time travel which is the biggest problem of time travel stuff really.

Next on the roster is Swan, which I sympathize with the most. He just seems like a decent guy. He has a nice heart but was oppressed. Honestly all this time until when I saw Flora took the handle I thought he was the killer, and I'm totally fine with that. He tries to do good, and even though at the end he made a mistake, his intentions were good. Ofc, that's all because I'm not the one involved so I can say all these. When I first saw Gustav's ending I was pretty confused and kinda annoyed on why Swan did it but then I rewind and followed him and understood. Although I'd say straight up pushing him off the cliff was a bit extreme but I suppose since Gustav has a gun he didn't want to take the risk. It's also really strange for me when I saw Gustav go near the cliff with Edison cuz like, why? In a normal scenario he would just stay in front of Edison and that wouldn't have happened. Swan is also great cuz of amazing emotions the voice actor conveys and also damn when he gets serious his voice goes deep and it's like wow you got a wonderful voice I like it. :D

Vanderberg boy, oh Vanderberg boy. Tho a bit arrogant and spoiled, he's the most innocent of everyone in the mansion. Just a troubled teenager and it's really a shame that he just died like that. Which comes to our next part.

Mr. fucking Edison. God I hate him so much. When I talked about unlikable characters I was mainly talking about Edison and Mundy, but boy oh boy is Edison unlikable And boring. You see, I don't work well with slimy people as I'm a very straight-forward person. View it as a self-defense mechanism if you will, but I do not like people that do all the schemes and stuff as I know I will not notice and fall for those easily. So even though Mundy is far more violent, I dislike Edison more as he's the typical slimy businessman and he also has a huge fucking ego. Always jumping to stupid conclusions way too quickly and being overall an annoyance. And he punched Swan and killed Vanderberg boy. Like, what more do I need to say about him? You drank the whiskey that doesn't belong to you, gets poisoned from it and then suddenly the whiskey is yours and someone is out to poison and get you? No, just no. I will say tho the first conversation between him and Bernhardt is so cringey it's a bit funny. He's trying to sound so "dangerous" but I mean, I suppose he is dangerous to the weaklings but he's scared of the strong like Mundy so lol bluff all you like.

Bernhardt is really cool. I admire her. She can stand up from all those terrible things and then enact revenge is just great. I actually know that she's Mundy's daughter as soon as she pulled her nose off. And at the end I all I was thinking is: get that knife wound checked girl stop standing in the rain! xD

Lastly Mundy. Honestly I actually really like him, which is interesting since I like Bernhardt so much so I would think that I won't like him, but i did. One of the reason I'll talk about later but another is he's straight forward and direct. I like direct people. Also his voice is deep and pleasant and I enjoy that a lot. Another thing about him is he's the perfect enact of a "dangerous Christian". I am a theism myself, and I generally don't mind religions. However, one major religion I have problems with is Christianity. My dismay kinda started with all the war that it has caused, and then to it opposing and oppressing homosexual people. And then a couple months ago I attended a Christian funeral of one of my distant relatives and honestly it made me realize just how dangerous the belief can be. Hear me out before hating alright? In my mind, funerals are suppose to be about the dead, but in the funeral I attended, when it's the priest's time to give a speech he started talking on and on about how great God and Jesus is and my relative would happily live immortal in heaven. He even preached for the people attending to join Christianity like my relative did. Imo this is just not the place to do that, and also if everything can be undone and you'll live forever in heaven as long as you believe in god, that's dangerously easy to manipulate people! And really the problem I have with it is if you're a strong believer, you will not be afraid of death. That's scary because being afraid of death is one of the major aspect in stopping terrible things from happening. Now back to Mundy. Since everything of Christianity involves God and people say he'll give signs to his believers, it gives people the kinda, scapegoat to do whatever they want in the name of "God". When the person is kind-hearted, ofc all the signs will be good. But when that person is violent and bad it's very easy for them to get triggered by any "sign" that could just be their mind speaking. I hope I didn't upset many people with what I just said.

Next part I'll talk about me shipping the guys in the game. If you don't like slash(male x male) then skip this part: I think it's the 3D models guys! Why do they always make my mind go into the gutter. xD I guess also cuz I was a spectator in this game so I can only enact my dismay by imagining it? Yes your guess is right, it's about Edison~The scene that got my imagination running is when Mundy is pressuring Edison to help him with the spirit radio. I guess it was a combination of Mundy's deep and sexy(yes I said it) voice, Edison being a jerk that I really wish someone would punish him and also I love seeing guys in formal wear getting manhandled. Especially the type that's all ego and "I'm the greatest you all are peasants". And also the dialogues are just great. Mundy keeps saying "come here" in his deep voice which is aaaa great! And the "I do bite" part and the close up whisper. O///////O Also the fear in Edison's voice is delicious~And then Vanderberg boy and Edison heading down to the secret basement oh boy! I love it. :D I'm a simple gal. When I ship, I love. :3

I do have minor complaints about the game. I wish I could go back into to the menu whenever I can and pick a time and place to go back in since a lot of times after getting the scenes I needed I'll either have to speed up to re-select scene or rewind to the start. A quick button to restart the scene would also be very helpful.

Overall I enjoyed the game very much. Would highly recommend if you're the exploration/story/discovery type of person, and oh man that's a lot of words that I just typed. It's 3 am I should go to bed. lol

Scanner Sombre

1.7 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 8/10, Date of finish: February/09
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This is a Challenge Me game~I contemplated on playing the game and almost quit at the start due to its horror nature, but in the end I pushed through! I'm proud. :D And the game is pretty nice~

It's kinda funny that I found myself ramble and talk to the game a lot when playing a horror game. I guess to lessen the alone and silence atmosphere and also to lessen the effect of ambient noises? I felt like perhaps I should've recorded me playing it since my new PC can handle that now. xD My most said sentence when playing the game is "I don't trust this. " cuz really tho, I don't trust anything in the game. lol The bridges(whether wooden or stone) makes me feel like they're gonna collapse. I also often yell at the game to stop doing all the ambient noises and stop scaring me, as if the game can hear me. lol

The strongest part of the game is the looks. It's a very pretty game throughout. Especially at the river part. It's interesting tho cuz at first I thought it's just a special effect, but after a while I suddenly realized that the scanner points couldn't stick cuz of dripping water, which just blew my mind cuz the game sticks with consistency instead of fancy looks(granted it's still fancy looks but just makes sense). I would love it more if the game explored horror with that aspect alone instead of the jump-scare like ones, but I'll say that there's rarely jump-scares. It's more towards creepy and atmospheric scary. What I meant by using the scanner in horror is for example there could be an area that has shallow flowing water on the ground and you couldn't make points stay and just keeps flowing, which builds up atmosphere and will be a cool visual like the lake. And there could be a creature or something(kinda like the lake monster) that has points on the back but since everything is moving it'll be hard to spot it moving towards you. It could be lethal or not since either way we'll get scared, tho I'm more leaning towards non-lethal since it'll be great to have a companion, but I'm sure that goes against the isolated feel they're aiming for.

Story wise the game is meh. The final reveal is hinted at quite a bit so it's not really a surprise. I will say I really like the ending, but despise the monster growling cuz it just doesn't fit and feels like a too obvious jump-scare attempt.

Overall I'm surprised I like the game a lot, as it has less of jump-scare and it's very visually pleasing. Tho it does strain my eyes a bit at the end of the game with all the constant rainbow or pure green and brown and white. I would recommend it a lot, but maybe take a short break or two to makes your eyes feel better.

Merry Glade

47 minutes of playtime, 76 of 76 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: February/11
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This is a Monthly Theme and pagywosg game. It's quite an interesting one.

I didn't really expect anything when I go in except that it's bloody but with cartoony art style, and I must say I really like the art style. It's very trippy and weird and honestly at the final battle it gives me a strong vibe of cuphead for some reason. It also is bloody in a kinda exaggerated way.

While the art style is its strong suit, the gameplay is just mediocre. I would've liked it more if it supports keyboard movement or even controller since you move with clicking which is not that comfortable. However the mechanics in the game are pretty intuitive and interesting. I will say tho the hitbox is pretty terrible as it doesn't fully go away until the full art vanishes, and also the hitbox is all of the art, not just where it should land. It's especially annoying with the idol's fist and the horizontal level since you could die even when you're ways ahead the landing zone of the fist. Another annoying part is the final boss battle which is a bullethell. I've died at least 5 times and it's very frustrating because of the control and also sometimes you just can't avoid everything that's coming towards you. If you die then back to the start of the battle you go~Lastly the music. It's pretty alright most of the time and even accompanies the theme of the game pretty well. However I just had to turn off the sound altogether at the last battle due to repetitiveness since I died so much. -.-

Overall I'd say I enjoyed the game. It's a neat little story about blood and gore and rabbit and carrots. Bizarre but fun. :3


12.8 hours of playtime, 18 of 26 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: February/25
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This is a gift and a Monthly Theme game. I actually finished the main game a while ago but been putting off getting more achievements since I didn't quite enjoy the gameplay that much. Decided to do some easy to get achievements and call it beaten. I've been doing that more lately and it's actually been nice cuz I don't need to push myself to do things I don't like just for achievements. :3

Since it has been a long while from when I finished the game I won't go into details about specific mechanisms(cuz I don't remember that well lol). I will say tho I have some problems with the gameplay. It's a neat concept yes but gets old rather quickly. On top of that, the game doesn't really "stop" when you stop, rather it moves at a much slower pace, which sometimes gets frustrating as I always forgets and thought I could plan out my movement when stopping but nope. One major frustration tho is dying to blind bullets. Because it's a FPS, you will have a lot of blind spots and since you won't be familiar with the spawn points the first time playing it's quite easy to die.

Next is the story. Although it's pretty cliche, I honestly really like it. I think it's executed well and it gave me quite some goosebumps. :P

Overall, I'd say I enjoyed the game but think it's overrated. People praise it like it's a masterpiece but I just don't see it. Though it's still neat to play through the story mode and experience the mechanics tho.

Little Inferno

3.3 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10, Date of finish: February/18
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This is a gift and a Challenge Me game. :3

I really think it's a shame that I already watched several playthroughs of this before actually playing it, but at the same time if I haven't watched videos of it I wouldn't have wishlisted it and wouldn't have been gifted it so eh, idk. Cuz when playing the game I felt sufficiently intrigued but at the same time kinda bored. It could be that I used a guide but I just didn't feel like figuring everything out blindly since you have to wait to try out combos which will get frustrating.

I don't really have anything else to say about the game really. I suppose since I played the game "wrong" cuz I used a guide. But I'd say overall I enjoyed the game, and would recommend.

Luxor Evolved

2.4 hours of playtime, 13 of 33 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10, Date of finish: February/14
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This is a Challenge Me and a pagywosg game. Dang my eyes hurt after beating this game in one sitting. lol Probably not a good idea on my part but I'll probably lose motivation if I put it down and I wanted to play a new game so I guess it's fine. But I've decided to call it beaten and put it aside(probably for the best) unlike other games where I'd try to go for remaining achievements.

I've never really fully play a Luxor game before. I remember trying it out once and then got annoyed at the mechanics so I left it. And yes, I still got annoyed by the mechanics in the game. I guess I just don't like it cuz the game seems "skillful" but sometimes it's just bullshit that made you lose your streak or screw up. Like sometimes if you cut off the trail the front will stay while sometimes it goes backwards rapidly causing you to miss. Or the start of the game it all goes wayy too fast that if theres no 2 or more of your color then you can't possibly add to the correct place. Or sometimes the marbles will get pulled to the front like a magnet instead of the back like where I'm obviously shooting. Or the level design of having horizontal lines right in front of my base causing me to have to not be able to do much about it but wait for it to turn an angle. Or the worst of them all, the protecting trails in front of bosses. I don't really have a problem with them if there weren't those damn warp points. Warp points are just weird in general when you shoot at it. Sometimes it passes through while other times it adds to the trail going into it. Since I normally won't be shooting at it it's not a problem but at boss fights sometimes I just need to get rid of my current color but it instead passes through and stick to the boss' ring which is just so frustrating.

Now that gameplay rant is out of the way, let's talk about art style. On paper and in theory, it's very cool and futuristic. But in practice, it just doesn't work well with human eyes. And also on bonus stages all the particle effects and lights are just wayy too strong. I will say tho I do love the arcadey feel and the super mode transformation that made your platform super cool.

So why did I give it such a high score even though I rant so much? Cuz in the moment of playing it, it's all kinda alright. It's like when you're fully playing a game you won't really notice the problems(well, except the gameplay), but afterwards it becomes more apparent like some things are not that great. Like after finishing it I found my eyes very sore. I'd say tho overall I did have a lot of fun with game in the moment, but had to point out the problems afterwards.

A Hat in Time

19.4 hours of playtime, 28 of 46 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: February/21
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This was last month's pagywosg game. Honestly I got into the game with high expectations, since all I heard were praises about the game. I left the game in disappointment and frustration. I almost threw my controller.

I grew up playing Nintendo Game Cube, and one of my favorite games was Mario Sunshine. This game gives me a strong vibe of that and is also what got my hopes up. It could be my bias speaking, but this game is not that good. The biggest problem I have with the game is the camera. It's a 3D platformer so camera placement and moving is very important, and imo the game should do as less movement itself as possible, because that interferes with the movement of the character and it's so frustrating when you're trying to land a jump but suddenly the camera moves causing you to miss. It's especially infuriating at the tree climb in subcon forest. It jerks your camera so much that I'd say majority of the trouble you'll have is cuz of the camera. Like I've said before, for me a platformer has to really be fair and every death/failure has to be the player's fault in order not to get called bullshit and not get frustrating. Another annoyance is the auto-climb feature. It's both a good thing and bad thing really cuz it can be helpful but in certain cases where you have to land in precise area with a ledge to the side it's very hard to do. I was mainly talking about the faucets on mafia town's lava level.

Tbh I actually went through most of the game without much issue since the game is quite generous in health and I am not That bad at platformer, but what really pushed me over the edge of saying: "Fuck this I'm out. " and uninstalling was a combination of the the arctic cruise chapter and challenge road. At first I tried passing the time rift since it's at the dock. What a wrong decision I've made as it's a very difficult time rift with stingy hearts that punishes you for mistakes by sending you either to the start of the level or in the case of death the start of the rift. It's also a very long rift btw so after dying 2 times I just gave up and moved on to the main chapter. I really like the seals and the captain and the ship itself is very cool and I love the details in the DLC, but the designs of the map and mechanism are just atrocious. It is basically a huge maze. Most of the time I spent on it was on getting lost and finding my way, especially the fetch quest in act 2. Although it's fine for me since I wasn't planning on getting the no mad captain achievement anyway. However act 3 is awful with its weird angle and ice water and when you get too many people on you the game pushes you around. The tilted angle works wonderfully on paper, but the collision and engine of the game just doesn't work well in reality. More often than not I felt like I was walking on thin pipes with slippery ice on it. Come to think of it, perhaps it was because of the overloading cargo that caused that? Cuz I felt like I was constantly fighting with the game to gain control of my character. What does the devs expect us to do when presented with a linear path with multiple people needing pickup? Obviously we're not going to pick up 1 or 2 and then just go back. Combine that with the ice water where it's near impossible to get out without getting hit twice when fallen into it and you have a prime example of bad design where the game fights the player instead of work with the player. Then there's the challenge road. After finishing chapter 6 I decided to try it out and the first 2 worlds were pretty fine and nice. The third world gave me a lot of trouble at the start of the world. I have no idea if it's the level design or the game but I couldn't wall climb and jump at a place where you have to. Hat kid would just fall down the abyss while next to the wall. And it's limited lives so as you can probably guess it pushed me over the edge and I ragequitted.

Next is the story. The main story did not grasp me at all. I feel like it's kinda the same with Life is Strange in that I just cannot bring myself to like mustache girl. She is arrogant, annoying and stupid. The story is also really boring. I would say tho, I really like side character's story, particularly the ones that's told through storybook you find in time rifts. Vanessa's story is just super sad and I love that it gives insight to the world and how subcon forest became how it is. Captain's story(although I didn't get it I looked it up on wiki) is also sad and honestly brings up my next point which is Hat Kid is a douche. Tbh if I wasn't playing as Hat Kid I probably would dislike her also. I think a lot of it is because hat kid's personality is rarely shown, while her actions do a lot. What I'm talking about is I don't see the regret or empathy or emotion much except rarely in cut scenes, but I do see that she's wreckless in blowing shit up and then tries to make up for it(which is suppose to have emotion but doesn't due to gameplay) and somehow people praise and thank her for all she's done? That's just stupid.

I will say tho, this is not a bad game. It's got cute visuals, great soundtrack and alright gameplay. It just hits all my nos about platformer, which is also part of the reason why I don't like to play platformers. I get frustrated easily by them. Would I recommend the game? Sure, I think a lot of people will like the game far more than I do. So give it a try and see if you'll like it.

Frankenstein: Master of Death

1.8 hours of playtime, 20 of 20 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: February/23
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This is a pagywosg game.

It's a generic HOG game, which mean normal HOG gameplay with mediocre puzzles, lots of backtracking, bad voice-acting and bland story. This game has all of those, so I suppose it's just an ok game. lol Nothing more I can say really.


2 hours of playtime, 9 of 9 achievements
Personal rating: 3/10, Date of finish: February/19
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I think I won this from astats and just decided to download and play it since I thought it'll be those nice simplistic puzzle games I've played before, but this one is not that great.

In this game you aim to make every tile into a single color by drawing a single line. Sound easy and allows a lot of interesting designs right? Except in this game, there's not much "learning" involved. By learning I mean that usually these kinda games introduce new mechanics gradually to keep things fresh. This game however, only has 2 special tiles. One is a teleporter tile while the other is a cross available tile. This game has 96 levels! It not only stops introducing new mechanics, on later levels there's also a lot of huge levels that has no special tiles. Maybe I'm just not the puzzle type person but I do not enjoy trying to figure out how to get a path through everything repeatedly. It gets boring, especially since there's no starting point to reference so you just have to kinda pick a place to start and if it doesn't work you'll just have to restart. It wouldn't be much of an issue if the controls weren't so bad. I feel like this game really should've been a mobile game since having to hold down and drag constantly is not comfortable, and the game made it worse where you'll get stuck if you move too fast. You know what quality of life change this game needs? An undo button. Countless times I drag too fast for the game to register so the lines goes to the wrong place. Having to redo everything is not fun. Time mode is worse. Although I did reference a guide, time is actually pretty tight so I on later levels have no idea how you'll do it legitimately without reference. I did not enjoy the game and I'm glad I got it over with.

  • Challenge Me

  • fault - milestone one
    fault - milestone one

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 12 achievements

  • Monthly Theme

  • The Lost Valley
    The Lost Valley

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • TRIP Steam Edition
    TRIP Steam Edition

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 14 achievements

  • Play a game you won on SteamGifts

  • A Virus Named TOM
    A Virus Named TOM

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 47 achievements

  • Others

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    0 hours playtime

    ? achievements

Ori 2 comes out next Wednesday!! Also Animal Crossing New Horizon comes out on the 20th!!! Omg I’m so excited. This is going to be a great month for me. :D See you next month~:3

Super duper late post again! Cuz I just didn't feel like posting. Also as you can probably see I finished a bunch of games at the start of the month and due to rl stuff and lack of motivation didn't play much for the rest of the month. lol I did make progress on A Hat in Time and managed to finish the main story at the start of this month tho~Still need to go back for more achievements. :3

2020 January update

Most Enjoyable

Most Looking Forward To

Cat Quest

9.3 hours of playtime, 7 of 12 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: January/05
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Cute art style. Simplistic yet enjoyable combat.


Story kinda boring and cliche.


Repetitive background music. Not much replayability yet achievements asked to replay the game 3 times.

Full review

This is a Monthly Theme and Challenge Me game. I'm writing this review a long while after finishing it cuz I decided not to go for the remaining achievements, so some things might be a bit fuzzy for me. :P

This game is pretty fine. A lot of cat related puns, which I got used to and just kinda started ignoring. lol Gameplay is quite straight forward and simplistic yet it's very addicting when you do get into the flow. Part of the reason why I finished the game in a single day. Story wise it's pretty boring standard hero stuff with a "twist" at the end which is just eh. Music is honestly a bit too repetitive for its length as it's just very short bits repeated over and over again. There's also not a whole lot of variety. Combine all that without the ability to skip dialogues is what made me give up on getting the remaining achievements. I just don't feel like playing the game over again 3 times.

So yeah, overall I'd say I enjoyed the game while it lasted. Though come to think of it I have no idea why I enjoyed it so much. lol


8.9 hours of playtime, 100 of 100 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: January/03
Click for review


Really fun mechanics. Funny endings.


Gets boring after a while.


Too repetitive.

Full review

This is a Monthly Theme game of last month. Got it from chrono.gg coin shop.

In this game, you restart everytime you get an ending, and the world changes as you get more and more endings. Whether it's unlocking a shortcut or simply seeing the blood and corpse that you caused. At the start of the game it's really fun and cool to explore the world and get to know what you're working with and what combinations there is. I especially loved to carry around the hug bear and finding out what exactly I can hug. But ofc, passing the initial phase it becomes a bit repetitive and it gets especially annoying if you're aiming for an ending but triggered one you already got. I ended up using videos as guides to get the rest of the endings after getting half, but I have to says it gets very interesting for later endings. So overall I enjoyed the game.

Crush Crush

196.6 hours of playtime, 25 of 25 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: January/07
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Nice arts, some funny dialogues.


Dialogues can be cringey sometimes.


Too many clicks per reset(auto-clicker highly recommended). Wait time way too long at end game.

Full review

Holy crap I finally finished this game. It took a long while cuz of the absurdly long waiting time at the end game.

In this game you "crush" into all kinds of girls and will manage to date all of them by furiously clicking on them, talking to them so fast you can't even read what they replied, giving tens of thousands of gifts and taking them on tons of dates. The game is simple, the art is quite nice and some of the dialogues are interesting and funny while others are a bit cringey. There is a soft reset ofc, but that's my biggest problem with the game. You have to click wayy too much for each soft reset. Constantly clicking to gifts tab, get to the gift you have to gift and choose number. Sometimes the numbers aren't even rounded so when you don't have enough money you'll have to click multiple times of the same step to gift everything required. Dating is better since every date is on the same page but that's only cuz I have an auto-clicker. If not then the date amounts are annoying. Not to mention each stage you usually need one kind of date, making the early girls a chore to go through. They did come up with a "solution" that allows you to click on the requirements and instantly complete it if you have the stuffs, but that's hiding behind a pay wall so nope, your game is not good enough that I'll spend money on it. I generally don't buy in-game purchases. Also did I mention the absurd amount of time needed at end game for hobbies to level up? You need 10~15 days just to level up a single level. And that's with max prestige. What's up with that? Ain't nobody got time for that. lol

I'll probably still go on it daily just to get missions and potentially get new girls unlocked since the devs are doing that a lot lately, but it's been fun and I like the game.


45 minutes of playtime, 4 of 4 achievements
Personal rating: 5.5/10, Date of finish: January/09
Click for review


Visuals is nice. Relaxing game.


Sound effects are a bit sharp at times.

Full review

This game is pretty interesting. I finished Crush Crush so I was thinking about starting another clicker game. This time I want it to be short, and since the hltb time for this game is 45 minutes so I gave it a try. Btw steam's tag search system is kinda neat. :3

In this game everything is math generated presumably? At least according to the store page, and it basically simulates a plankton's life of evolution. The game alternates between plankton hunting for food itself and you feeding it depending on levels. Generally it's more of an idle game than a clicker game, especially when the plankton is moving on its own. You can nudge it to sprint forward but that won't help with eating the food. I saw it on the forum that a lot of people have problems with level 12, but I don't think it's that hard? It's just being patient I think. Overall the aesthetics of the game is nice, sound effects are pretty alright, although a bit too sharp at times. It's a relaxing game.


30 minutes of playtime, 66 of 66 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: January/10
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Quick 100%. Multiple solutions to a puzzle.


Not challenging. Gets bored after a while.

Full review

This is a pagywosg game. It's......ok I guess? A bit boring. Basically you have to move to the exit while going over all tiles once. Not really that innovative and there's several solutions to a puzzle which I actually like but it boils down to move in whichever direction you feel like while not leaving 1 space gaps(dead ends where you wouldn't be able to fill later) while not forgetting to fill out part by part to the exit. Not really that challenging. Only got stuck like 3 times and it all took less than 5 tries to pass. A nice quick 100% I suppose.

Hopefully I’ll be able to play/finish more games next month. It’s looking good cuz I just finished a game and got in the flow to write the review and this post which always feels nice. :D Also also, I got a new PC and was moving all my saves but I just couldn’t find the saves for Impulse! and The Window Box. I am pretty far in Impulse and honestly do not want to restart the game again cuz the writing and voice acting are both bad so I dropped it. I do have to give props to the devs for making it fully voice-acted, although it isn’t a that good of an idea if done poorly. :/ The Window Box is the game I just finished and thankfully it has a chapter select feature, although I still would replay it again if there isn’t cuz it’s just a lovely game. :3

Looking through the games I've beaten I've noticed, this month is just kinda meh. However I bought Supergiant Games' game bundle in winter sale and fell in love with Hades! It's such an amazing game~Everything about it is great. Supergiant Games really do not disappoint. :3

2019 December update

Most Enjoyable

Most Exciting Addition

  • 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
    7 Wonders of the Ancient World

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Cellar

    4.2 hours playtime

    13 of 15 achievements

    Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Clawberta

    ? hours playtime 📱

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Dragon Quest Builders Demo
    Dragon Quest Builders Demo

    ? hours playtime 🎮

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★★☆☆


    ? hours playtime 🎮

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆

  • Lucid Dream Adventure: Chapter 1
    Lucid Dream Adventure: Chapter 1

    ? hours playtime 📱

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★☆☆☆

  • Piczle Lines DX Demo
    Piczle Lines DX Demo

    ? hours playtime 🎮

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • The Mirror Lied
    The Mirror Lied

    22 minutes playtime

    no achievements

    Rating: ★★★★☆

The Mirror Lied

22 minutes of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 7/10, Date of finish: December/18
Click for review


Nice atmosphere building.


Repetitive music. Confusing story.

Full review

Saw this game from Ylthin's post and I can't believe I didn't know this one! It's from the Freebird Games who made To the Moon and Finding Paradise. It's listed under different devs so that's why I missed it in steam store. It's their usual style but this time it's a thriller/mystery game. Tbh I still have no idea what the game is about, and talking about it would be a spoiler cuz it's these types of games. So I'll just say that it gave me chills and builds atmosphere pretty well. I like the game. :3

Piczle Lines DX Demo

? hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: December/18
Click for review


Nice art. Alright gameplay.


A bit boring.

Full review

This is another switch demo. This is basically flow free(if you've played those on phone) with added length limits to nodes. It limits your moves to a set one and makes it much easier than flow free. Ofc they made it so there's only ever one solution since they're painting a picture and I actually quite like the mechanism since the things you drew will appear in the room. In the end it makes it less challenging and a bit boring. Also it has pretty nice art style, even though the objects that appear sometimes doesn't match the background.

7 Wonders of the Ancient World

4 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10, Date of finish: December/26
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Game looks nice despite the graphics. Sound effects are satisfying.


Gameplay gets blend after a while.


Bad background music.

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This is a Challenge Me and a pagywosg game.

It's a match-3 game~I've actually been craving for some on my phone so I'm pretty happy that it got picked by samwise(thx buddy. :D). The game feels pretty old with its graphics since everything is kinda blurry, but it's really fine and for the buildings that you build up part by part they actually look great! Match-3 mechanic is simple but perhaps a little too simple. You got a layer(or two) under every tile to break and you also get 1 to 2 boulders that'll fall after a bit into the game and you need to drop them to the bottom. If you match 4 you'll get a horizontal swipe power, and 5 or more gives you a cross wipe power(especially useful for boulders). The first playthrough is very easy as I had no trouble going through them and did not die once. I started the second playthrough and what's pretty cool is the buildings you're building up changes from the first playthrough and all look much more fancier and prettier. I like the detail there. But ultimately I gave up due to wrist strain it's causing with having to drag the mouse around a lot, and also I was getting a little bored of the gameplay cuz there's no variety. Oh also, the background music is just bad so I turned it off and listened to my own music. Sound effects are nice and satisfying tho so I kept them on.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo

? hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 5.5/10, Date of finish: December/26
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The world is quite colorful.


Gameplay is alright.


Story is a bit boring.

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Another switch demo cleanup~I've actually heard some good things about this game. Some people compared it to Minecraft and some prefer this one over it. I'd say I still like Minecraft more cuz of all the mods, but that's not really fair isn't it since vanilla Minecraft is really not that fun for me. I'm sure there's amazing mods out there for this game(if the devs supports the option). But as it stands, the demo didn't impress me.

The thing I didn't like about this game is the slowness and treating the player as dummies. Mostly I'm annoyed at the spirit/god that keeps repeating what she's saying. This is largely due to there being a plot in the game unlike Minecraft. Also the story is really mundane and boring. At first I tried reading but after a bit I just skips every dialogue with villagers which is probably not a good thing for this game? I enjoyed exploring, but the direction on switch is not that accurate. Combined with camera movement and it makes combat much harder than it's supposed to be. Also building things is also annoying cuz of controls. So overall I was kinda feeling meh about the game. It's alright, but just alright.


4.2 hours of playtime, 13 of 15 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: December/30
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Nice pixel art.


Meh gameplay.


Cheap and bad sound effects. A major bug that could cause frustration in having to replay the level.

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This is a pagywosg game. Tbh I wasn't expecting much from the game so that kinda made the experience ok.

Tbh I don't really know what genre to call this game. In the game you basically need to find the key and then outrun the scary green monster to the exit. It's not really that exciting and the sound effects made it way worse. However I do enjoy the nice exploration before getting the key tho as there's no pressure. And I like how the pixel art looks. There's one major bug in the game I'd like to point out is that if you get chased very close to the exit door the monster will actually phase through the door and get you if you don't move forward. It got me twice and that's pretty annoying. Other than that it's a ok game that's just meh.


? hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: December/22
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A bit of nostalgia. Collector game.


Idle gameplay.


To many pop-up ads.

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This is a crane style idle game where you grab gachas and wait for them to open to get toys. I played the original game Clawbert wayy back on my dad's iphone before, so when I saw this I was like:"Why not? " And the bad thing about this game is its filled with pop-up ads, and it gets really annoying that I'll always just close the game and restart to bypass it partially. Still need to sit through the intro screen tho. I got every toy, puzzle and hats so I'm counting it as a finish even though they might add other worlds later, which I'm not going to go back to play. In general it's just an alright game to satisfy my needs of being a completionist/horder where I love to collect things. If you also like to do those things then go for it! Maybe try the original first tho, since I just downloaded it and it has way less ads. Edit: Nvm only after playing a certain amount do you get pop-up unskippable ads. Arg annoying!

Lucid Dream Adventure: Chapter 1

? hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 4/10, Date of finish: December/12
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Art style. Cool design of a major character.


Standard point and click gameplay.


Cliche story.

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This is a free android app. First noticed it cuz of the art style and it did not disappoint. It's this sorta realistic yet fantasy feel. I like it. :3 Only the first chapter is free tho, and I don't plan on buying the rest.

It's a point and click game, and tbh, the gameplay is not that great. It's not bad, just a bit boring. It's the typical collect items, use on place and progress. The story has a lot of potential but turned out cliche even just on the first chapter. So basically, the only good thing about the game is the art style and the design of the evil dude. He's really cool looking. :3


? hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Personal rating: 3.5/10, Date of finish: December/13
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Real-time turn-based gameplay.


Slow movement. Cliche story.

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I got back to playing Pokemon Quest on switch recently. Browsing the games I have on there I decided to finish and clean up some of the demos that I downloaded long time ago. This is one of them, and I originally downloaded it purely based on the looks on its frontpage(the thumbnail of the game), but it deceived me! It's the turn-based rpg that I personally don't really enjoy. I still trudged through it though even if I'm pretty bored.

When I said turn-based, it's in fact real-time turn-base where there's action bars filling up and stuff. I've found that I'm not as patient as I was when I was little where I could enjoy turn-based games like Pokemon very much. They became a bit too slow for me. In this game the special thing about the combat is that you can suit up to have different move sets and attack more powerfully, and also you can freely position yourself when attacking so that you can utilize area attack more. Also positioning is really important as I almost died from area attacks since I grouped my dudes closely. It is pretty strategic, but well, I also don't like RTS games. lol So yeah, I was kinda bored by the gameplay. Not to mention the movement speed is slow and important objects on the map are a bit too sparse. It's my pet peeve that movements are too slow.

The story is also not all that interesting. Rather cliche with the empire being bad and doing evil deeds while the protagonists helped first but discovered the evil and fights back. At least that's the vibe that I got from the demo, and the writing is also boring with sometimes questionable translation.

Overall I must say I'm not that impressed. Granted that I'm not their targeted audience, so it may have effected my enjoyment a lot. Still, give it a try if you're into these kinda games. Cuz it's free. :3

Some fun yearly stats based on my assassinations:
Number of assassinations: 71 games/dlcs
Hours played on record: 208.5 hours
Achievements earned total: 697 achievements
See you next month~:3 Oh and, happy new year guys!

Super late post~I dunno, just didn't feel like posting. Plus, I was super excited to play Dropsy and decided to put it in this post cuz I haven't made one yet. :3 Kinda not feeling like playing much games lately again, which is why I skipped this month's Challenge Me. Gonna ease up on pushing myself since I realized that I've been playing games to tick them off like tasks instead of enjoying them which might be the reason why my will to play has decreased.

2019 November update

Most Enjoyable

Planning On Continuing


4.5 hours of playtime, 30 of 30 achievements
Personal rating: 9.5/10, Date of finish: December/06
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Fantastic story. Great environmental and atmosphere building.


The clown foot sound achievement is annoying and grindy.

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This is a pagywosg game. It's a point and click game! And surprising I have a lot more patience for this one than all the others. In my main playthrough I wasn't really bothered about the walking speed. Only really noticed it when going for leftover achievements.

I think part of the reason is the game builds atmosphere really well, and has a variety of environments that each has their unique looks and background music. I feel like I was constantly going to brand new places when exploring for the first time, and boy did I spend a lot of time exploring the map ignoring the main quest. lol It's nice that the game allows you to get to most places. It made me grasp the world better and kept me entertained. The world is also super bleak and terrible, and that actually made me sympathize with the people in there and made helping them later much more rewarding. Helping each of them and giving them a hug afterwards always made me smile.

On the topic of helping, let's talk about the story. It's great, it's amazing, I love it. I never thought a point and click game of all things can make me bawl my eyes out for two times! Dropsy is really lovable in the way he moves and when he gets happy he jumps around, but he also made me question if it's in real world would he still be likable? In the game it's all pixelated and cutified, but the glimpse of "real" Dropsy in the mirror really jumped me. I'm not sure I would really go near him in real life, which makes me feel super bad. But alas, it's a game. When I play games, I often form a close bond with the main character. I see it more like caring for them like a mother or elder, and it makes emotional scenes much more impactful. Helping Dropsy makes friends and hug everyone really just warms my heart seeing him grow. Spoiler alert: And it made the ending all that more heart-wrenching. When I saw Doggo, Birdie and Rat get monsterfied I was furious, super sad and worried about Dropsy, but then I saw them getting along fine and its just so nice, but also at the back of my head I was still not happy about the 3 of them being like that, but then I question myself if I was judging them and at the same time also judging Dropsy based on looks. But then that fucking CEO pulled out a gun and shot something, someone? Anyways, there's too much chaos that I didn't really understand what happened. When I saw the news on the TV I just couldn't take it and started crying. I tried so hard to help Dropsy and now everyone think he's a criminal. I just feel so bad for him. Thankfully we helped a lot of people so when I saw that people were telling Dropsy where the CEO went and helping I felt much better. But when we got through the portal and the only way to progress is to hug the CEO and he shot Dropsy, I cried the second time cuz fucking hell Dropsy doesn't deserve this! Thankfully his mom saved him, his dad and pet friends. But then I couldn't help but wonder if it's true and it isn't just the afterlife of Dropsy. I'm really hoping it is since CEO seemed to see the bright light and reacts. Anyways, I freaking love the story. I love me games that can make me emotional.

Eventide: Slavic Fable

3.5 hours of playtime, 25 of 25 achievements
Personal rating: 6.5/10, Date of finish: November/26
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Interesting HOG scenes. More leaning towards puzzles.


Quite a bit of backtracking.

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This is a pagywosg game. A HOG that hardly felt like one. It's really interesting actually. :3

When I said that this hardly felt like a HOG game, I mean that this game is more like a point and click puzzle game with slight HOG elements. Even some of the HOG elements doesn't feel like traditional HOG cuz you're finding objects with their shape instead of names. Puzzles in this game are mostly alright, with some of them being a bit annoying but managable. It has quite a lot of backtracking but it's got a map teleportation with areas highlighted with interaction so it's pretty alright. Overall I enjoyed the game. :3


8.6 hours of playtime, 46 of 46 achievements
Personal rating: 4.5/10, Date of finish: November/23
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Really good looking visuals.


Voice acting and animation being clunky at times. Story doesn't make much sense and disappoints me. Characters unlikable. Slow walking speed.

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This is a Challenge Me and pagywosg game. I must say I'm fairly disappointed about this game. I thought it's gonna be a great point and click story game since I've heard some good things about the game, but it just didn't grab me.

First thing first, it's a point and click game. With almost all point and click games I have the problem of having to wait for characters to walk to the destination. It's probably just a me problem, but it's so boring and annoying having to wait, especially since some point and click games have backtracking which makes it wayy more tedious. The puzzles also aren't that straight forward. Though I did use a guide(a bit too late if I may say), but some of the solutions still made me go: "What? That's stupid. ".

The story. I really wanted to like it, and I feel like if they done it right it can really be great, but they didn't. First off, voice acting is a bit iffy at times. On one line it'll be full of sadness and the next it'll just be calm or joyful. It feels unnatural and makes it a bit hard to connect with characters. Coupled that with the sometimes weird animation and you made me unable to fully like and connect with the characters. Next is the plot. There's definitely some pacing issues or writing problems. The first big "reveal" where Noah is actually Sadwick did struck me a bit, but honestly all this way I knew what it means to be in Silence from the prologue so I know someone is having problems. Imo it would work much better as a final reveal than the mirror. And the final reveal is just weak. The effect they used on mirror's voice is just not pleasant to hear, I already know what's coming and there's no surprise. Finally, the characters. They are not fleshed out enough and are hardly likable. Noah is pretty stupid in what he does and as our controlled character he lacks personality. Kyra is just a freaking jerk. I'm very confused with her, like are we supposed to like her? Cuz she just came off as rude, violent and annoying. Reenie is a bit eh. We are suppose to like her no? But she's just an annoying kid that doesn't listen to people and do stupid things. She got through everything only cuz she's lucky and/or she's the queen. Spot is adorable but hard to really......like? Partly due to he's sound effect sounding bad and out of place, but he's alright. The only character that I did like is Sam, cuz he's pretty chill and his interaction with Reenie is pretty nice. But even him has moments of annoyance, mostly after both groups meet up and under the influence of Kyra(like that one scene where he kept whispering with Kyra. That one is the most annoying since it's just freaking disrespectful. )

Overall, I'm not that impressed by the game. It's alright, but could've been better.

I also adjusted the format of my post again. Hopefully it’ll be better to look at now. See you next month~:3

Jigsaw puzzle update #2

I have finally made some progress in my jigsaw puzzle backlog, and oh man I’ve bought far far more than I’ve finished.
It’s just that so many of them have amazing pictures or adorable animals and I just can’t control myself.
Sooo…..basically I now have around 6 1000 pieces ones, a couple of 500 and a bunch of little ones of Totoro that I mentioned last time but has yet to touch. It’s worse than my gaming backlog. D:
But I still really enjoy doing them tho. :3 Well, I enjoy both buying them and completing them, but since completing needs time and dedication I ended up buying more. ^^;
Oh and, the Pokemon one I bought from Pokemon center at Tokyo when I went there with my friends. :D And I like Eevees quite a lot so it’s nice. :3
Until next time~Which is hopefully soon since I still have the urge to complete more. :3/

I've stolenlearned from EvilBlackSheep's post and added two top games in my post which looks quite nice. :3

Finished a bit of game and re-visited the other view. Pretty nice progress I'd say~Also I finished Tadpole Treble yesterday but decided to put it in this post.

2019 October update

Most Enjoyable

Most Looking Forward To

My Brother Rabbit

2.7 hours of playtime, 30 of 30 achievements
Personal rating: 9/10, Date of finish: October/18
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Great art style, great soundtrack, nice gameplay. Achievements are direct and pleasant to get.


Quite a lot of backtracking. Story is meh.

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This is a game I won from Playing Appreciated. I joined the giveaway cuz of the art style, and it did not disappoint.

This is a point and click/HOG game. Unlike normal HOG games however, in this game there's no HOS(Hidden Object Scene). Instead, objects are hidden throughout the map. What's more, you can't pick up an item before knowing you need them. Tbf, it does get a little bit annoying at first since I'm so used to collecting everything in a scene before moving on, but after a while I got used to it and actually kinda like it. Have you wondered or get annoyed in HOG games, why you can pick up some items and not the others? This game solves that by only letting you pick up items after knowing. It's more logical really. And also it becomes kinda a memory as you can tell what items you're supposed to be able to pick up, and exploring a scene fully does pay off since you'll have a vague idea of where everything is. Another thing I really enjoy is that most of the achievements you can get normally if you just explore and clock everything. It is honestly a real surprise when I finished the game without using a guide that I end up with 29/30 achievements, and the best thing is, the game allows chapter select. What a delight that I can actually play a game with achievements without altering my playstyle or looking up a guide.

Now onto the art style which is the strongest point of the game. I really like the real world art style with black and white outline first and then the colors filling in. It's also really well done. As for in-game, it's just fantastic. It has the cuteness there but also oddly weird world and creatures, much like how it's wanting to portray: a child's imagination. I really like it. :D

And then last but not least, the soundtracks are great! The main song(menu/outro song) is just very pleasant to hear. The story itself is not really that pleasant(except the ending), and background music really fits the scenery and invokes feelings.

Overall I really enjoyed this short game. Probably the best HOG game I've played so far. Would 100% recommend. :3

Year Walk

2.5 hours of playtime, 10 of 10 achievements
Personal rating: 8.5/10, Date of finish: October/24
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Visuals, music and story. All great.


Puzzles are a bit easy.


Jumpscares. A bit of directionless at the start of the game.

Full review

Woo I actually finished this one! It's a Monthly Theme game. I tried this game way back on 2018 August's Monthly(Second Chance) since someone suggested it, but got too scared at the start so I stopped. I'm really surprised I like the game a lot.

You know, there's several times that a game has left a strong impression on my mind but I just can't quite put words into it, and this game is one of those. It took me 3 days to finally sit down and write this review, accompanied by the soundtrack of the game to really remind me of the vibe it gave. It's not gonna be as coherent as others I imagine but bear with me here. :P This game is quite something. From the visuals to the sounds to the cultural information it contains. It feels kinda like Never Alone, where I'm just learning to seeing things that were out of my knowledge and it's so cool. The game builds atmosphere really well which is what I really like about horror games. There's no monsters that will chase you when you walking in the snow so in general I wasn't afraid most of the game, but the strange symbols on tree trunks and strange structures and also me being alone in the snow just really builds this feeling of isolation. The soundtrack is also amazing. It's interesting how little I notice background music until I actually listen to it without the game. What I love the most is each mystical creature has their own theme music and they're all really fitting of their characters.

The art style really is the best part of the game. Everything looks gorgeous and surreal, and when it gets creepy it does so really well. I also really like the designs of the mystical creatures. And the sound effects adds to the immersion a bunch, especially the snow crunching sounds when walking and other sounds like the baby wiggling and such. What really got me though is the story. It's a cliche story tbh, but the way they deliver it is brilliant. It's a combination of in-game mechanic and writing, which I appreciate since I actually really like to read about lore and story if it's written well. Especially in this kinda horror game, a nice long moment of reading is both relaxing and builds background knowledge and in this game's case tension. Remember me abandoning the game last year? It was merely because I read all the encyclopedia first and had the anticipation of there being scary monsters, also the fact that I'm alone in a snowy woods doesn't help. As for the actual story, there's several theories and the one I agree most is that nothing really changed and he didn't take the advice, hence the last remark on the news paper(to avoid spoilers I'll just leave it at that). I must say I'm most drawn to stories with suspense and surprise since they kept me wanting for more and thinking about them more.

As for gameplay mechanics, it's the only one I have complaints for. Firstly I did get kinda lost at the start of the game since I went through the intro last year. After wandering around aimlessly trying to find the Huldra(since I just can't figure out her song since it's kinda not that directional), ended up looking up a guide. Another thing is the god damn jumpscares. There's a total of 3 in the game, and I do not like them. The first one is the end of finding Huldra. This one I'm the most betrayed that they did it since I can easily think of a better one without jumpscare. Just make the Huldra rapidly teleport forward while getting more and more bloody and then finally her face right in front of the camera. It would serve as a semi-jumpscare but also the creepy factor is enough making it not feel as cheap. I did read a comment saying that it's suppose to give the feeling that Huldra is jumping to feed on your blood but I still feel cheated. The next one is the Windmill, which is the most useless one. Doesn't really serve any story purpose and makes no sense. The last one is the Grim which is the one that I understand the most. Grim suddenly comes out and is suppose to be scary. I still jumped but it's fine. But overall, the gameplay is pretty fine. Puzzles are not that hard and it relies on the old pen and paper tactic, which honestly I really like. It has a whole different feel than other puzzle games in me really making the notes down. Here's my notes btw:

So yeah. I'll definitely recommend this game to other people despite it being a horror game. It's worth experiencing and if you're bad with jumpscares just note the three parts that have jumpscare down and you should be fine. :3


5.7 hours of playtime, 4 of 13 achievements
Personal rating: 8/10, Date of finish: October/06
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Good story. Nice voice acting. Great atmosphere.


Gameplay flow way too slow.

Full review

This is a Monthly Theme, Challenge Me and pagywosg game. All in one ey? :P Figured I should write the review as soon as I finished the game for the fresh experience and then go back to get the remaining achievements. After that I'm gonna add more to the review.

First off, dang I did not expect this game to be this scary. And like, the creepy atmospheric scary which I liked a lot. Ofc there's still small jumpscares here and there but it's subtle and not abused.

Ok so now I'm gonna talk about my first playthrough. I had a bit of issue at first tho with the game having very low fps(most likely due to my laptop being potato) and I had to lower the resolution a bit to make it manageable. My fps was still always around 15 tho and occasionally drops under 10, though thankfully there's no chase scenes that requires fast movement in the game so it's fine. It did slightly effected my gameplay flow but overall it's fine. There's also occasional screen tearing and audio glitches but eh I managed. All those things did effect my enjoyment of the game, but this is still a good game.

Next I'll talk about story. The writing is great, the voice acting is fantastic and overall it was a good time. There was several times that when I choose my response I thought it's gonna be neutral but it ended up being a negative comment which is a bit annoying. Especially the first time when we flashback to Michael on the beach. I didn't mean to be a jerk to Clarissa(cuz she seemed alright at the time) but the options kinda confused me. Also I did get a bit frustrated with the story not being clear and also Alex getting pushed around not knowing what's happening. I think it's just my mother instinct(?) kicking in cuz when playing games I usually bonds with the main characters and care for them a lot. Seeing them hurt or get pushed around just gets me angry and sad, especially if there's no clear explanation of why. Suppose I'm just not used to the horror genre since a lot of the times MC gets tortured with no reason other than "oh ghosts want to kill" or something. The suspense and atmosphere that the game built really got me spooked. I got goosebumps several times and was very tense in certain sections. One last complaint I'll make tho is near the end of the game, when you yourself is choosing the response to give to others, I'm not sure if I was slow to pick up on that but I thought it's another test and that I have to pick the exact responses I got so I ended up doing that and I just think it's a shame that I didn't get to do that on my own.

So in the end it's really hard for me to start another playthrough of the game since I just have no motivation since the game is too slow, so I'm gonna leave the review there. Possibly re-visiting later but unsure.

Tadpole Treble

2.3 hours of playtime, 4 of 12 achievements
Personal rating: 6/10, Date of finish: November/01
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Art style is cute and music is great.


Gameplay itself. Notes not on point. Game mechanics not explained.

Full review

This is a Playing Appreciated game. It was on my wishlist for a quite a while before finally winning it so I was excited to play it, especially since I recently got into a mobile rhythm game so getting the grooves is nice, but sadly I did not like this game that much.

Let's talk about the good first. The art style is just so adorable and the story bits with the comic style is so cute. Music in this game is also just lovely all around. Different areas has their respective songs which fit the environment a lot. I also like the mechanics of dodging notes since it's a cool spin on rhythm since you're generally not hitting the notes, but dodging them. I also enjoyed the cool credit screen where you can play with the names. I just wished there could be more things to interact with. Maybe some things on the background you can use your tail to tap it or some other interesting interaction besides words as objects.

Now I'll talk about what I don't like, which is the main gameplay. The most important thing in a rhythm game for me, is to be on point. Every note needs to be on point so that it feels satisfying to play and when you miss a note you won't feel cheated. In general rhythm games are a combination of using your eyes to see where the notes' at and ears to judge the timing, and honestly everyone's timing will be slightly different. That's why for most rhythm games, you have a thing called calibration. Small offsets that the player can set to either change the judging of the notes or change the notes' placement. In this game, there's nothing like that, and the worst thing is I always have to hit "early" to actually get the hits on bells and polls. That is very frustrating and unsatisfying. The other thing is the controls. In most rhythm games, in order to not limit the player you usually can hit any lane you want to get the notes. In this game you use arrow key or w, s to move up and down. The only other game I've played that works like this is audiosurf, and in that game you can use a mouse which has far quicker and precise movements. Also the game doesn't tell you a lot of things and it's super frustrating. Like for example, the stage I had the most problem is Pihranna Jungle, and at the final part you had to tap the fruits down to get the pihrannas to go away. I did not know that and so I died at the end 2 times, which is super frustrating since I had lag problems before(fixed it by lowering resolution) and it's already a pain to get to there the first place. The other one is the final boss stage. How am I suppose to know the strings can be broken? Since the strings has electricity going through them I generally just avoid them all together. It wasn't until after 10 loops or so that I paused and look up posts on steam discussion. And thankfully I did since the egg and laser part are also not obvious at all as to what I should do.

Overall tho, I don't mind the game, but it's a huge disappointment. Guess hype really is a bad thing in some cases huh?

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

4.2 hours of playtime, 11 of 11 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: October/31
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HOG gameplay.


Story and voice acting kinda meh.


Way too much backtracking.

Full review

This is a Monthly Theme and a pagywosg game. It's a HOG that has achievements~Thankfully the achievements aren't too hard to get.

Gameplay is just like any other HOGs, but since I like HOGs it's fine. Although cuz of the achievement I'm having the limit of not using hints which is a bit eh. Story and voice acting are both kinda meh. There's cheap "jumpscares" but I didn't get scared at all. It's just whenever it happened I rolled my eyes and thought: "Here we go again. ". lol The worst thing about the game is there's wayyyy too much backtracking. There's three main paths that each has like 6 to 7 places, so I'm having to spend so much time backtracking to the right place which is annoying to say the least. Nothing much else to say really.


7.2 hours of playtime, 29 of 34 achievements
Personal rating: 5/10, Date of finish: October/04
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Pretty alright party game if you have friends to play with.


Grindy achievements. Limited gamemode so it could get boring after a while.

Full review

This was for August's Monthly Theme. A party game. Tbh, I don't really like party games. Probably due to me not having a large group of friends to play with. lol

In this game there's 2 game modes. Party and arena. I mostly played party since most achievements required party mode. Party mode basically has a few sets of mini-games and the goal is to get as much coins as possible and also be the last one standing since you'll get a pot of gold if you do. And arena mode is just fight to the death. Tbh I could've marked this as beaten long times ago, but I decided to get a few of the achievements that I'm willing to grind for. It is a huge grind and I can't imagine how much more I'll need if I want to 100% it, so I just gave up. It's just an average game with annoying to get achievements. The only complaint I have is that block collision is sometimes kinda wunky, especially on miners mayhem level. A lot of the times I can't jump onto a block and will get stuck on the edge. Other than that, it's a game that I really wouldn't recommend to anyone but there's also not much flaw to it.


15.9 hours of playtime, 11 of 11 achievements
Personal rating: 2/10, Date of finish: October/04
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Could be fun for a bit to see the tree grow if you have an auto-clicker.


Boring gameplay. Grindy achievements.

Full review

I've actually beaten this game when I first won it(2017/April) since it's a PA win, but when I was playing around with the new library system and saw the game I figured I could try to 100% it.

This is not really a good game. You grow trees by clicking, and you trim branches by clicking also. I'm not entirely sure if this is how Bonsai works, but as a game it's boring. Plus the graphics are not that great. The game even crashes if you grow a tree too much without trimming. And oh boy the trimming achievement is such a grind. It really is just unnecessary.

Ferrum's Secrets: where is grandpa?

4.3 hours of playtime, 20 of 20 achievements
Personal rating: 1.5/10, Date of finish: October/04
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If you love HOG games I guess play it just for the sake of it.


Game is blurry. Hidden objects hard to find with their weird models. Grammar, characters and story are bad. Nausea inducing scene.

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This is a pagywosg game. I have never played a bad HOG before, and I thought there would be no bad HOGs cuz they're pretty easy and straight forward and hard to mess up. But now I have.

I thought this is gonna be a nice relaxing experience with another HOG game, but this game is just bad. It's made in Unity, and the graphics are super blurry. It's 3D, which made me realize just how great the previous HOG games I've played with their drawn background since it's just so damn hard to find the objects in 3D. The blurry-ness of the entire game didn't help. Also it might be that they just found inconsistent models since a lot of the times models and models does not look like they fit together. I ended up just clicking everywhere in the HOS(Hidden Object Scene), which is definitely not what you want players to do in a HOG game. The worst scene tho is the rotating HOS. It's so damn dizzying with the camera movement and such. I rarely gets dizzy at games and this game achieved that. In theory could've been a great idea to incorporate moving HOS but they messed up big times.

Now for the story, it's all over the place. Grammar is bad, story doesn't make sense, characters are boring. Oh and, the menu music is a overused copyright free music. When I opened up the game and heard it I had a bad feeling and I was right. Also, did I mention how stupid the expert difficulty is? You have 20 seconds to progress in the game. If you don't make any progress, you'll have to start all over again. Also if you click too much there's a notification window pop-up telling you to stop wasting time but at the same time you can't click to close the window, thus the window itself is wasting your time. Wtf!? Just don't play this game. Play other good HOGs instead.

See you next month~:3