Challenge me! Monthly Edition
(16.01.2020 - 16.02.2020)
A brand new year, let's continue our good work of last year also in the new decade.
Have there been awesome games you might recommend playing? Try to pick a game from the unplayed games of the challenger, which you already played in 2018 or 2019 yourself.

For Pickers. Just copy paste and complete the data :)

* [GAME#1](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#1-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#1-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#2](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#2-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#2-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#3](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#3-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#3-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#4](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#4-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#4-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#5](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#5-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#5-HLTBTIME

  • Please make sure your games are sorted by completion before applying.
  • If you so desire and you have at least 5 unplayed SG wins, the 5 games can be picked out of your SG wins (instead of only 2/5). Just note it in your application comment.
  • Note in your post if you're ok playing multiplayer only games.
  • Same for Early Access (I know some people want to wait for release).
  • When you finish one (or more) of the games picked for you, please post an update by replying to your picker's comment.
  • If the game has achievements, you can link to either the Steam or Astats page corresponding to your progress.
  • If the game doesn't have achievements, please post a screenshot showing your completion.
  • Finally, if you have completed all the games that were assigned to you but want another go at it, feel free to post another application.
  • You can pick for/challenge up to 2 fellow assassins, please refrain to pick more so everybody who wants get a chance at it.
  • You can pick for anybody who has applied and hasn't been given a list yet, unless they specified otherwise (see next point). It is recommended to signal with a "reserved" comment that you're currently picking for that person. This way it'll avoid the situation where you spend time picking games just to come back to somebody's comment 2 minutes prior.
  • Please use the following criteria when picking a list for somebody.
  • Pick exactly 5 games
  • Length-wise: at least 2 short games (under 10h to beat) and 2 medium (under 15-20h). You can use HLTB to check the time, or more conveniently the Enhanced Steam browser extension (it shows the HLTB time directly on the game's steam page). That rule can be overridden by the bottom (i.e. pick 5 short games) but not the other way around, as not everybody has the same time to dedicate to gaming.
  • Pick two SG wins unless the person specified SG wins only, in which case pick only in the applicant's SG wins list.
  • Quality-wise: at least 3 of the 5 games should have a positive (or above) rating. You can use this site to quickly sort games in a user's library by ratings (thanks to JaffaCaffa for the suggestion).
  • Please, respect the applicant's choice regarding multiplayer-only and Early access games, as well as other requests (exclusion of certain genre etc.).
  • Please use the code below to post your comment, it's already formatted, you just have to copy/paste & complete the data.

Do I have to participate in this event?
No, this is an event to help you reduce your backlog. If you already have a plan and don't want anyone to pick games for you, you're free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the event?
Absolutely nothing.

What happens if I play all the games picked for me this month?
Still nothing. (You might get a shiny profile badge at some later date. And you can come back for another batch.)

What if I don’t have time to play 5 games?
Don’t worry, one is enough, we’re just asking the pickers to select 5 to give the player a little choice.

One of the game picked for me won’t run on my computer for X or Y reason, what do I do?
If this happens, please notify the picker by replying his comment and ask them to pick a replacement. If the original picker don’t give you an answer within 24h, don’t panic, just leave a comment and we’ll pick one for you. Meanwhile, you could try one of the other picked games if you haven't played them all yet.

I played all 5 games that were picked for me and I want more!
If you have completed all 5 games and reported your completion to the original comment, you can make a new request for another list.

When picking for other people, can I only pick “never played” games?
Not necessarily, you can also pick games that seem to have been abandoned but haven’t been categorized as “won’t play”. No beaten or completed games, or games being currently played obviously.

Why are there so many rules for picking the games? I can’t be bothered!
We’re trying to make this enjoyable for everyone so if you decide to pick games for others, please read and follow the rules. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for the pickers too, but if it’s bothering you too much, remember you don’t need to pick games for others to join the challenge.

I’m new here, can I join the challenge?
Yes of course (and welcome to BLAEO). Please just be sure to have your games sorted by progress before signing up for the challenge, to make it easier for your picker.


Hi, I am new around here (just added a couple of days ago, not yet in the Steam group). Would some one look through my games and pick a few for me?
->Please avoid Multiplayer only games.
->Okay for any Early Access title


I’m not gonna participie this month (duties…), but I wil gladly pick something.

  • Space Run - HLTB Time: 15.5h - obligatory steamgift win. I played it, I had fun.
  • Rock of Ages 2 - HLTB Time: 3.5h - I heard some very good things about this game
  • Hellblade - HLTB Time: 7,5 h - I really like this game. Great atmosphere.
  • Sanitarium - HLTB Time: 7.5 h - still great adventure game
  • Gryphon Knight Epic - HLTB Time: 3.5 h Something light, fun, and cute.

Space Run – Astats page linked here
-> Pretty fun game. I am usually not playing games like TD, this one I got pretty well into, so thanks for the suggestion.

Hellblade – Astats page
-> I felt the beginning was rather creepy, and I pushed on through. So many parts of this game I felt that my heart was going to jump out of my throat. I finished and have been relatively speechless. I feel so emotionally drained. What an experience this was. Thank you again for the suggestion. I would have put it off some longer if not for the suggestion, and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this game.


By the way, I don’t have time to play the other games from the list as other things have come up in the meantime. Thanks for the other suggestions though, I will hopefully get around to them sooner or later.

Other games I have beaten in the time frame also include (Steam store pages linked):

Hollow Island–Spent about 14 hours

Swords & Souls: Neverseen–Spent about 17 hours

weissnichts vom Leben

This’ll be my first “challenge me”.
Bonus points for you if you pick games that are valid for this month’s theme (which might be easy, considering you can add games to this month’s list)
Early access if fine, mp only is not.
Thanks for your recommendations.


Ich werde was für dich zusammensuchen :)
I will choose for you.

  • Faerie Solitaire - HLTB Time: 13-37 1/2, I greatly enjoyed this one, played both the original and the remastered version
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - HLTB Time: 7-9h, one of the best games that I played last year, should also be on the monthly list, for the best experience I suggest using headphones.
  • The Walking Dead - HLTB Time: 13h, enjoyed this also, its a telltale game. a choose your own adventure type pf game, if you have not played them yet
  • Homefront - HLTB Time: 4-10h, an okay kinda short shooter
  • Knights and Merchants - HLTB Time: 40h, this is a game I enjoyed as a kid, not sure how well it will run on modern machines, but I have spent hours with it as a kid
weissnichts vom Leben

Completed Faerie Solitaire. I got really lucky with the eggs which allowed me to gain all achievements pretty quickly.


I think they have changed the drop rate. I also played the remastered version where I still need some. Did you like it?

weissnichts vom Leben

Yes, I quite liked it. The story was underwhealming to say the least, but I didn’t really care because I was hooked on the gameplay. Who knew that solitaire could be so entertaining?


Well honestly I skipped through most of the story halfway through, but I loved the solitaire part :)

weissnichts vom Leben

Another update on my site: I started playing the homefront… and I am so done with it. It’s pretty atrocious in my opinion and I won’t play it in the foreseeable future.
The gameplay is okay, but the story, the level design, the characters and some mechanics are terrible…


Fair enough. Hope you have more fun with the rest.


Did 2 last month which is nice~

Please choose shorter titles.
No multiplayer games.
Fine with early access.
No horror which overly uses jumpscares. I’m bad at horror so please pick light ones.
For easier picking, look at To Play and ABC plan lists. :3
As always, thanks for digging through my huge backlog. x3


Reserved Finished :3

Scanner Sombre 2h
Luxor Evolved 4h
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride 4-6h
Kingdom: Classic 5-12h
8-Bit Armies 8-15h

Kingdom is one of my favorite games and recently played Luxor which was surprisingly much fun.
Also finished Grim Legends some longer time ago, a quality HOG title, thought first to pick The Longest Journey but that is rather long. ^^


Finished Scanner Sombre and just finished Luxor Evolved. Scanner Sombre is pretty good while Luxor Evolved is a bit meh. The former’s review is on my profile if you’re interested and the latter I will write shortly after this post. :3 That’s probably it for me this Challenge Me tho! Gonna work on other pagywosg games. :P