Challenge me! Monthly Edition
(15.03.2019 - 15.04.2019)
Let's start our third Challenge Me! of 2019. No special theme this month

For Pickers. Just copy paste and complete the data :)

* [GAME#1](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#1-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#1-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#2](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#2-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#2-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#3](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#3-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#3-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#4](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#4-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#4-HLTBTIME
* [GAME#5](http://store.steampowered.com/app/GAME#5-ID/) - HLTB Time: GAME#5-HLTBTIME

  • Please make sure your games are sorted by completion before applying.
  • If you so desire and you have at least 5 unplayed SG wins, the 5 games can be picked out of your SG wins (instead of only 2/5). Just note it in your application comment.
  • Note in your post if you're ok playing multiplayer only games.
  • Same for Early Access (I know some people want to wait for release).
  • When you finish one (or more) of the games picked for you, please post an update by replying to your picker's comment.
  • If the game has achievements, you can link to either the Steam or Astats page corresponding to your progress.
  • If the game doesn't have achievements, please post a screenshot showing your completion.
  • Finally, if you have completed all the games that were assigned to you but want another go at it, feel free to post another application.
  • You can pick for/challenge up to 2 fellow assassins, please refrain to pick more so everybody who wants get a chance at it.
  • You can pick for anybody who has applied and hasn't been given a list yet, unless they specified otherwise (see next point). It is recommended to signal with a "reserved" comment that you're currently picking for that person. This way it'll avoid the situation where you spend time picking games just to come back to somebody's comment 2 minutes prior.
  • Please use the following criteria when picking a list for somebody.
  • Pick exactly 5 games
  • Length-wise: at least 2 short games (under 10h to beat) and 2 medium (under 15-20h). You can use HLTB to check the time, or more conveniently the Enhanced Steam browser extension (it shows the HLTB time directly on the game's steam page). That rule can be overridden by the bottom (i.e. pick 5 short games) but not the other way around, as not everybody has the same time to dedicate to gaming.
  • Pick two SG wins unless the person specified SG wins only, in which case pick only in the applicant's SG wins list.
  • Quality-wise: at least 3 of the 5 games should have a positive (or above) rating. You can use this site to quickly sort games in a user's library by ratings (thanks to JaffaCaffa for the suggestion).
  • Please, respect the applicant's choice regarding multiplayer-only and Early access games, as well as other requests (exclusion of certain genre etc.).
  • Please use the code below to post your comment, it's already formatted, you just have to copy/paste & complete the data.

Do I have to participate in this event?
No, this is an event to help you reduce your backlog. If you already have a plan and don't want anyone to pick games for you, you're free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the event?
Absolutely nothing.

What happens if I play all the games picked for me this month?
Still nothing. (You might get a shiny profile badge at some later date. And you can come back for another batch.)

What if I don’t have time to play 5 games?
Don’t worry, one is enough, we’re just asking the pickers to select 5 to give the player a little choice.

One of the game picked for me won’t run on my computer for X or Y reason, what do I do?
If this happens, please notify the picker by replying his comment and ask them to pick a replacement. If the original picker don’t give you an answer within 24h, don’t panic, just leave a comment and we’ll pick one for you. Meanwhile, you could try one of the other picked games if you haven't played them all yet.

I played all 5 games that were picked for me and I want more!
If you have completed all 5 games and reported your completion to the original comment, you can make a new request for another list.

When picking for other people, can I only pick “never played” games?
Not necessarily, you can also pick games that seem to have been abandoned but haven’t been categorized as “won’t play”. No beaten or completed games, or games being currently played obviously.

Why are there so many rules for picking the games? I can’t be bothered!
We’re trying to make this enjoyable for everyone so if you decide to pick games for others, please read and follow the rules. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for the pickers too, but if it’s bothering you too much, remember you don’t need to pick games for others to join the challenge.

I’m new here, can I join the challenge?
Yes of course (and welcome to BLAEO). Please just be sure to have your games sorted by progress before signing up for the challenge, to make it easier for your picker.


Please reply here, if there is an issue


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Challenge Me, and I think it’s time for another go!

Please avoid any Early Access games and all visual novels. I only have one unplayed SG win, and I really prefer to play them all at the end of the year, so while it’s unorthodox I’d prefer that not take up a slot on the list.

Otherwise: please challenge me!


Let me know if you’d like me to swap something!

Epistory - Typing Chronicles – hltb Time: 6,5h – Played it some time back and liked it pretty much :3
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered – hltb Time: 9h – a really nice game from Quantic Dream.
The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk – hltb Time: 7,5h – Just pay attention not to click too fast. There are some bugs in some chapters, but there also exist some save files online if you happen to come across one. It’s pretty cute imo
Fallout: New Vegas – hltb Time: 60h – Alright that’s a bit long. My best friend is truely in love with Fallout and always tells me this one is great for beginners but I never had the opportunity. Let me know if it’s too long :,D
Rise of the Tomb Raider™ – hltb Time: 21h – I enjoyed the first game and I didn’t want to pick another game <10h :b


Oh, I love these! I just completely forgot to mention - I’d like to swap out AER and Bastion because they’re games I’ve set aside to play with madison! Our joint gaming time is all taken up by Yakuza 4. (that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been doing Challenge Mes!)

Could you avoid games on this list?


Jup, swapped them! :)


HA Holy shit you picked two doozies. Even though I probably won’t finish them in the month timeframe, these will be the next five games I play.

Thank you very much!

Title Status Achievements Time
Epistory - Typing Chronicles Cleared 55 of 55 17.9 hrs
Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Cleared 17 of 17 ~ 6 hrs
Rise of the Tomb Raider Beaten 84 of 143 32 hrs

This comment was deleted about 1 year ago.


This comment was deleted about 1 year ago.


I’m in for another round! Please don’t choose any multiplayer or shooter games and please treat unfinished as never played. I don’t think I have a sg win I want to play left tho so you can ignore these this time :3
Thanks ♥


I’ve pulled one from your unfinished and the rest from your never played. Let me know if you’d like to make any substitutions!

  • Grim Fandango - HLTB Time: 11 hr (MEDIUM) - Genre: Point n click - oh, you gotta! yes it’s really dated but I loooved this game. Out of anything on your unfinished list, this deserves to be checked off!
  • Tulpa - HLTB Time: 2.5 hr (SHORT) - Genre: Puzzle platformer - this one was really cool! Try to explore to see some secret bits
  • The First Tree - HLTB Time: 2 hr (SHORT) - Genre: Exploration - I’ve been interested in this one for a while. I’m interested in what you think about it!
  • Aveyond: Lord of Twilight - HLTB Time: 12.5 hr (MEDIUM) - Genre: RPGmaker - I know next to nothing about this series except a friend of mine was obsessed with it in college. Seems to be a guilty pleasure game?
  • Bad Dream: Coma - HLTB Time: 4 hr Main + Extras, 18.5 hr completionist (SH-MEDI-ONG) - Genre: Point n click - Seems a little gory, and what makes completionist take THAT long??? but seemed interesting!

I tried hard not to just make you play games I played and enjoyed out of your backlog. Hope it’s a good spread c:


Thanks for picking! I’m already hyped to play those `_´ great list!


huh, i’ll give this a shot! please consider unfinished as unplayed (unless it has heaps of cheevos already acquired) cos it probably means i turned it on to idle/ fuss with settings but never got far into it. otherwise i’ll be game to try whatever in my library, lol.


Tried to have some variety, lemme know if you want anything swapped out! Have fun. :)


yesssss, this is great! thank you :)

Trilled Meow

Can someone pick for me, please? Treat my unfinished games the same as unplayed. Also please don’t pick Borderlands or Bioshock since I’ve beaten those before and don’t want to replay for now. Thanks!


let me know if you want anything swapped out! i love your tagging system on this site, it’s informative without looking overwhelming.

Trilled Meow

Thanks for the picks. Interesting choice with Demonicon–it wasn’t on my radar at all. I assume it’s related to the same Dark Eye world as in the Daedelic games (I’m just about to beat Memoria, actually).

Trilled Meow

I finished Midnight Mysteries and Hatoful Boyfriend; I liked both. A couple of days ago I thought about playing Danganronpa because it happens to fit the monthly theme, but I knew I wouldn’t have time. I’ll be sure to get to Shrouded Isle soon. Thanks again.


Can someone pick some games for me too, please? Please treat my unfinished games as unplayed.



The first three are some of my favourite games and they also seem suitable for the monthly theme - two birds with one stone. :)
Wasn’t sure which SG wins to pick since you don’t have that many. Decided to go with Chronology and Soul Gambler since they both look nice aaaand they’re both short so it should be possible for you to finish them even if they turn out to be meh.

(Btw, feel free to (re-)apply for the group membership, if you’re still interested.)


Thanks for the picks! I was planning to play BioShock for the ABC challenge as well, so that would be three birds with one stone, haha.

I already beat Soul Gambler a few minutes ago but I’m trying to get all achievements for it now. It was a pretty decent game!

I also re-applied for the group membership.


Just beat Portal and it was excellent! I should really pick up Portal 2 soon.


Hi, My first Challenge Me :)

Can someone pick for me? Nothing too big/openworldy or multiplayer and I don’t have masses of space left on this computer at the moment so nothing too heavy on the hardrive requirements either! Please also note that my times are usually HLTB + 1/3 on completionist - I’m a slow gamer :/ Thanks in advance!


Hope these work for you! Let me know if you want anything swapped out.

  • Bastion - HLTB Time: 8 Hours (SG win, completionist is ~20 hrs but the game is neat)
  • Dropsy - HLTB Time: 5-7 Hours (SG win, heard nice things)
  • GNOG - HLTB Time: 2.5 Hours (very charming simple puzzler)
  • To the Moon - HLTB Time: 4 Hours (can’t recommend it enough)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend - HLTB Time: 9 Hours (it goes places, trust me)

Thank you so much. These look fab!
I have completed GNOG which I thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t mind an extra run through (or two) to pick up the hidden achievements! Just completed Dropsy which was great fun - if very surreal - and certainly not recommended for anyone with coulrophobia!


I’m having a real time of it picking and sticking with a game at the moment, so what’s five more to try?

Please avoid picking games that have already been picked in the past. Unfinished games are just as fine as unplayed. Do tell me why you picked the games you did; if you’re enthusiastic about a game in my library, I’d love to hear about it!

  • Four Sided Fantasy - HLTB Time: 1 1/2 - 4 1/2 hours. (I haven’t played this game but it’s one of your SG wins and it’s looks adorable.)
  • Uurnog Uurnlimited - HLTB Time: 3 1/2 (Another SG win that looks like a lot of fun!)
  • Battle Chef Brigade - HLTB Time: 9 -11 hours (I have played this game and I love it. It’s a great mix of casual but competitive. The puzzles are fun, the characters are likable and the gameplay is constantly changing while being fun and fairly easy!
  • A Hat In Time - HLTB Time: 8 1/2 - 15 (I also love this game. If you enjoy 3D platformers then you’ll feel nostalgic playing this. It’s charming, cute, and a lot of fun.)
    Ara Fell - HLTB Time: 8 1/2 - 19 1/2 (This is one of the better rpg-maker games. It’s fun and has a nice story. I think I remember a casual mode too if you dont like grinding/fighting all the time.

Hopefully, I didn’t pick any games that have been picked in the past! I avoided the “challenge me” list in case those were the game you’ve already had. If you want any of these changed then let me know. You have a lot of great games to choose from, so I don’t mind picking again! Have fun!


Thank you, these are great! Four Sided Fantasy isn’t actually a SG win, but I don’t want to switch anything out! I’ll try to tackle that and Battle Chef Brigade first; I got overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of timed puzzles alongside the tournament setting, but it’s one of those games I’ve wanted to get back to.


Dony worry the game remains pretty casual throughout and if you do lose, it just lets you try again :) have fun with your games!


Finished Four Sided Fantasy! It’s a very clever little puzzle game with a neat atmosphere. Unfortunately a little buggy; I had to restart a segment a few times because I kept falling out of bounds, and the achievements aren’t working quite right for those who would be bothered by that.


Wanted to let you know I finally beat Battle Chef Brigade! I decided to start over from the beginning, and everything clicked the second time around. The plot was a little disjointed, and I wish they could have given Kirin her planned protagonist segment, but the characters were all very charming (so happy for Wart!) and the gameplay was quite fun. Thanks for the reassurance that the game was forgiving; somehow I convinced myself the tournament was super serious, haha!


I’d like to be challenged but my computer is broken :( would anyone be willing to pick from this list of potato running games :P

You can ignore my SG wins since none will play on this computer.




Great picks, thanks!

Blue Ϟ Lightning

\o/ challenge me
Please treat gifts the same as,wins and dont pick anything thats already been challenged.
Thank you

  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! - HLTB Time: 18 - 39 hrs (I picked this because it’s one of your gifts and one of my favorite games. It can be very difficult/frusterating at times. If you do play, I recommend keyboard controls and not mouse.)
  • Hollow Knight - HLTB Time: 22 - 47 hrs (I haven’t beaten this game yet but I’ve heard great things and from what I have played, it’s pretty great.)
  • Dream Daddy - HLTB Time: 5 - 11 hrs (an adorable and well written VN)
  • Price - HLTB Time: 1 hr (I’ve never played this but it’s very short and it looks pretty good!)
  • Refunct - HLTB Time: 30 mins (I casual relaxing platformer.)

Hope you like your picks! I tried to pick a mix of casual/easy and difficult games. You have a lot of great games so if you want me to repick any then let me know!

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Thank you stef!
Everything is fine- i havent had much time to play games recently but ill try to play them all.


I’ll jump in now that my list is more or less up to date! My play time is limited but I would happily try anything, just no multiplayer only as they tend to draw me in a little too much.


reserved :3 finished

Lugaru HD 2h
Rochard 5h
Uplink 7-16h
Supreme Commander 20h
The Talos Principle 15-20h

I’ve played all and can very much recommend them ^^


Many thanks Tristar, great list!
I’ll certainly be able to finish the first two but I’ll try to play them all!


Okay. Let’s try this. I’m about halfway through Borderlands 2. So it might be some time before I can start this challenge. Please chose from either of these two lists. I would prefer shorter games around max. 10h HLTB:
short games, under 8h
middle, between 8-15h

SG wins out of the lists. All others are way to long for my limited play time at the moment:
7 Wonders the treasures of Seven
Stories: the path of destinies
Solitaire Club
Fairie Solitaire

  • Back to Bed - HLTB Time: 1.5 hours - A little puzzle game with very intersting art style and background setting.
  • 35MM - HLTB Time: 4 hours
  • Stories: The Path of Destinies - HLTB Time: 5.5 hours - SG wins
  • Hacknet - HLTB Time: 6.5 hours - I’ll always recommend this game to people. It’s a well visualized hacking game with a bit console command requirements, and I enjoyed it a lot when playing it. :3
  • Devil May Cry 4 (Special Edition) - HLTB Time: 10 hours

Feel free to ask for any swaps. :)


Thanks that sounds really good. Will try to finish as many as possile.

Created a special list just for this event ;)

Games are downloading as we speak.

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Subcategory Status
Back to Bed 🔙 16/20 2.9 Backlog game/Challenge Me Beaten
35mm 🔙 3/20 1 Backlog game/Challenge Me Abandoned
Stories: The Path of Destinies 36/37 25 SG Win/Challenge Me Beaten
Hacknet 🔙 8/11 9.4 Challenge Me Beaten
total 63/88 38.3   Beaten: 3 Completed: 0 Unfinished: 0 Abandoned: 1
  • Back to bed: was nice, though I found it a bit repetetive after a while.
  • 35mm: Could not finish the game. It’s mostly a walking simulator. Gameplay/developement is extremely slow, audio output is only russian and the english subtitles are not the best. Game got boring fast. Might get back to it when I have nothing better to do - takes a look at my backlog - will probably be a while XD
  • Stories : Path of Destinies : What can I say about this one… It’s a bit like the movie groundhog day, but a lot of fun. Beaten all stories. Last achievement though is a pain in the ***. You have to learn every possible skill in all levels. Problem: you only get 1 skill point for each level and by the end of the story you are at least 7-10 levels short. Each level needs about 30k exp. The max exp you can get for a level is about 10k if you hit the correct combos and you have to replay the same 5-10min of the game over and over again for several hours. Other than the grinding for the last achievement I really liked the game.
  • Hacknet : Okay game. If you like to remember commands and typing them in really fast. Not sure how to describe it.

That’s it for me this time around.


I’m late! None done last month. :< But I did make some progress on Knights of Pen and Paper +1 so that’s good right?

This month I’m still focusing on finishing my To be continued games(or at least make some progress on it), so please pick at least 2 from my “To be continued” list. (except for ABZU since my laptop can’t really run it)
As for unplayed games:
Prefer shorter titles.
No multiplayer games.
Fine with early access.
No horror which overly uses jumpscares. I’m bad at horror so please pick light ones.
For easier picking, look at To Play and ABC plan lists. :3
As always, thanks for digging through my huge backlog. x3


I’ll pick some games for you when I get home :)


Oh shit I almost forgot. Here’s some games I picked:

  • Victor Vran - HLTB Time: 10.5 hours (SG Win and part of your To be continued list. I beat this one a little under 9 hours myself, didn’t do all sidequests. It’s pretty decent.)
  • Thief - HLTB Time: 10.5 hours (Part of your To be continued list)
  • 12 is Better Than 6 - HLTB Time: 4.5 hours (Damn fun Hotline Miami-like game, achievements are also really easy to get if you’re into that kind of thing.)
  • Clustertruck - HLTB Time: 3.5 hours (SG win. Never played it myself but what I’ve seen of it online looks stupid fun)
  • A Story About My Uncle - HLTB Time: 3 hours (Another SG Win, looks like I have a theme going,huh? Really good game, the grappling hook took me a while to get used to but after that the platforming is great!)

Thanks for picking. :3/


Late to the party, but I just finished a couple things and need help deciding what to play next!
I’ll skip multiplayer for now.
Shorter is better - it’s currently during the semester.
Early Access is fine (no idea if I even own many though).
My “Unfinished” category is a bit of a minefield - stuff I’m currently playing, stuff I won’t get around to for a while, and a few that I really should pick up again…
That being said, thanks for looking and pick away! :D


reserved :3 finished

Kingdom: Classic 7h
Portal 3h
CAT Interstellar 1h
Tacoma 2h
Concealed Intent ?h

I focused on shorter titles, but also put in a strategy wildcard to mix it up a little.

Also greatly recommending Kingdom one of my favorite games ^^


Heck yeah, these are some great picks - thanks!

As I have both Kingdom: Classic and Kingdom: New Lands, do I play both separately? Or is New Lands just Classic + extras?


Am a bit late to answer sorry, Classic was released first and is a good place to start. New Lands is like a stand-alone expansion that you can continue playing when you want more of that game/type ^^


Lol all good - I didn’t get very far anyway as my workload ramped up and I didn’t have a lot of time. I’m definitely still planning on trying these ones out!

And thanks for the clarification! I’ll play Classic first :D


It has been more than a week already, but I’m interested in joining. Unfinished games are a fine pick too

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown - HLTB Time: 26 hours - This is my all-time favourite game, so I had to recommend! You don’t even have to complete a playthrough to fully experience this game (it peaks somewhere around the middle). Definitely give it a go!
  • 12 is Better Than 6 - HLTB Time: 4-5 hours - (SG Win) Pretty short and enjoyable TDS. Good action as well as some stealth components. Also not too hard to get 100% achievements if you’re into that.
  • The Silent Age - HLTB Time: 3 hours - (SG Win) Another quick game, point & click genre if you’re a fan of those!
  • Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! - HLTB Time: 10 hours - Management style game! I’m a fan of these types of games, but I haven’t played this one in particular.
  • Hacknet - HLTB Time: 6.5 hours - Hacking simulator. Heard good things about it, still yet to try it myself though.

Let me know how you go! If you loath any of those titles, I’ll swap em out :P

Scarlet Devil

Pretty late to this, but I thought I should give this a try for some inspiration to complete some games ^-^