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  • Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time
  • Barrow Hill: The Dark Path
  • Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
  • A Little Lily Princess
  • AMPLITUDE: A Visual Novel
  • Four Last Things
  • Broken Sword 4 - the Angel of Death
  • Dark Fall: Lost Souls
  • Dark Fall: The Journal
  • Dark Fall 2: Lights Out
  • The Lost Crown
  • Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse
  • Broken Sword 3 - the Sleeping Dragon
  • Staxel
  • The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker
  • Yesterday

Apart from Staxel, these were my purchases during the Steam sale. The last two I got with the $5 coupon. I decided to just get a bunch of cheap, probably mostly short games this time.

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  • Yooka-Laylee

    43.7 hours playtime

    30 of 35 achievements

  • Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island

    8.9 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

  • The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

    1.8 hours playtime

    6 of 6 achievements

  • Staxel

    43.9 hours playtime

    10 of 23 achievements


Achievement Clean Up FFFFFUUUUUUU

Fits the monthly theme. I started this before I got Spyro from Humble. I decided against going for 100% in this one, as the way to get some collectibles is really frustrating. Particularly the mine kart challenges and one of the arcade minigames suck. I can't waste my time on that kind of crap when I'm not a kid anymore and have a backlog of like 800 games. The boss fights seem dragged out, especially the last one. They have multiple phases, and it sucks doing a long, easy phase repeatedly if you have trouble with a later one.

That all sounds really negative, but the game had its moments, and I was really into it my first few play sessions. You progressively unlock new abilities, allowing you to reach things in previous worlds that you couldn't get to before and keeping the gameplay fresh.

Open wide.

Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island

Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Educational Folklore & Mythology Literary Ties Pirates, Hacking, & the High Seas USA

This was my first time playing this Nancy Drew game (currently playing them all in order). It is set on a fictional island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. The storyoline is that a baby orca has shown up, and everyone is mad. There's also an upcoming election for harbormaster that has become heated due to the orca issue. My biggest disappointments are that they invoked famous sea monsters and included a Scottish-themed pub and never did anything with those. Some parts of the game felt too segmented. Especailly the whale center, because you can go there and do everything at once, and then have little reason to go again. But the game has other stuff going for it: whale facts, orca, kayaking to hidden beaches and caves, learn about knots and identifying the sex of a type of crab.

You'll also use GPS to locate coordinates you find in bottled messages and learn nautical terms. This time around, they let you search the game world's internet for certain keywords you'll acquire throughout the game.

You can die, become injured, or otherwise get a gameover in Nancy Drew games (you can choose "Second Chance" from the menu to immediately get back to the point just before you f'd up, so it's no big deal). In Nancy Drew games, dying and losing are an education experience. That was particularly noticeable in this game, as you must always remember to put the helmet on before riding your bike out to the whale center/museum or the local tavern.

Safety first.


The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Ghosts Quirky

I'm not sure that I found this as great as others did, but it wasn't a bad thing from a dollar bundle. It's a goofy little game that isn't demanding on your time, but as a consequence there isn't much to it. Some parts/dialogue were pretty funny, especially the sloth king guy who has called in help to deal with a ghost that started haunting his island.

Howdy. I have mouthwash.


Crafting Dress Up Halloween and Horror Kitty Cats Make Believe - Simulated Lives Next Up Player Homes Winter Won on SteamGifts

I haven't "beaten" this yet, but I figured I'd post an update of my progress so far. It's a SteamGifts win for the Playing Appreciated and Play or Pay groups.

Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of the first thing I built right now, which was a horrible barn. It is a small wooden box with a low roof and is very dark inside. I hammered out the top corner blocks for "style." One cow isn't able to leave, and the other cow isn't able to enter. But winter is coming, and I don't know yet if the free-roam cow will still be able to graze then.

Then I built an almost equally dreary pet store. I read that I was supposed to be able to buy pets after I built it, but I don't see that option so far. I put the animal playpen outside because I thought I'd set up a nice outdoor area with it, but now I'm wondering if it needs to be inside.

I plan to spruce up the outdoor area with the animal playpen, I swear.

I had a lot of quests to build things, so I cheated on the next one and put the Farm Fan girl's mailbox in front of a nearby abandoned farmhouse basically identical to the one I was given. Now I'm building something somewhat more abititious for someone named Oscar. I'm not fully sure what I'm doing for the roof yet as I'm not even sure how to build them correctly, although I did add "towers" (i.e., higher blocks at some sections of the outer wall) since taking this screenshot.


  • The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game
  • Battle Chef Brigade
  • Flipping Death
  • Randal's Monday

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  • Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

    12.3 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

  • Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

    10.2 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

  • Aviary Attorney

    11.7 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

At Least Somewhat Historic Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Educational Favorites Ghosts Halloween and Horror Literary Ties USA

2nd or 3rd time playing this one. It's one of my favorites for the storyline. As Nancy Drew, you stay in a cabin on a lake in Pennsylvania that was once owned by a Prohibition-era gangster. Local legend has it that his four dogs still haunt the property. A state park operates in the vicinity, and you can go to its visitor center. While there is a real Moon Lake State Forest, it doesn't seem to be related to the game as the game places itself in a fictional county.

"Are you saying Sally's house is haunted by ghost dogs?"

Playing it again in my current playthrough of all the games in order, I liked it a little less. I think that's because it was so memorable, the pleasant surprises weren't so surprising (I still didn't remember who the culprit was--as usual, everyone is damn suspicious. I have to admit, though, that the puzzles weren't as satisfying. The best was probably the one where who have to put files in order by year, except those years are written in Roman numerals. Most other major puzzles revolved around finding nature-related items in a forest maze. Finding the birds to photograph would have been fine, but it became overused the moment we had to trudge around there looking under specific rocks to find several bugs. On the other hand, the well/water pump puzzle was too simple and I feel like an interesting educational opportunity may have been missed there.

Probably one of the most American sentences I've seen.

Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Educational Literary Ties New England USA

My experience replaying this game was significantly more surprising to me. This was the game that caused my Nancy Drew burnout ~10 years ago. It seemed boring to me, probably because there wasn't as much of a history focus outside of the history of carousels. This time around, I thought it was a pretty strong entry to the series. I learned (or possibly relearned--it's a long time since I've been on a carousel) about grabbing the brass ring. It paid off, because earlier today I was reading an article that used that phrase metaphorically.

Info about regional carousel styles.

I remember having some trouble with the puzzles then, which I breezed through this time. As you need full access to the park to carry out an investigation, you receive a handbook that covers various topics relevant to puzzles throughout the game, including use of a lathe, Ohm's law, soldering, and more. I think the handbook seemed overwhelming the first time, but it's really not. There was a small programming-related puzzle, too. I learned a bit of programming since the first time, so I wasn't confused by that puzzle except that it didn't actually make much sense (you had to write a game update into the code, which was done by making the update name the parameter of the gameover function). It was a nice thought, but that could have been a better puzzle that taught more than it did.

A puzzle highlight were the stenography lessons you take on your in-game computer, which turned out to be fun and interactive. I remember writing out words and the marks for sounds in a notebook the first time I played. It was late when I played it this time, and I would have had to get up and look for a notebook, so I just studied the lessons hard and memorized, lol.

Aviary Attorney

At Least Somewhat Historic Cool-looking Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Favorites France Good Reads Kitty Cats LMAO Noticeably Good Music Quirky Victorian

Funny bird version of Phoenix Wright with Sherlock Holmes vibe that also deals with some serious themes. While there are small changes that can occur based on decisions you make (one of those is actually pretty significant), there are 3 main ending routes.

After breaking and entering: "Some kids did it. Little weasel types. We saw them."

There was a lot of Frenchiness to this game, which I loved. The setting is Paris. It uses art from a 19th-century French artist called J. J. Grandville and music from 19th-century French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. Most people are probably familiar with his Danse macabre (youtube). Those choices worked and help make the game stand out.

There is no option to skip through text you've seen, but there is a system that lets you load from each day, which worked well enough to see the three routes.


  • Shenmue I & II
  • The Turing Test
  • Forgotton Anne
  • Black The Fall
  • Children of Zodiarcs

  • Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

    8.7 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

  • LiEat

    14.7 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

  • Richard & Alice

    11.7 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand

"Archaeology" and Anthropology At Least Somewhat Historic Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Educational Folklore & Mythology USA

This was my first time playing this one. It's set in a museum featuing a Mayan exhibit in Washington, DC. The exhibit is focused on K'inich Janaab' Pakal. There are several locations within the city you can go to outside of the museum.

Typical hunky Mexican Consulate guy teaching history in a Nancy Drew game

This game had its ups and downs. As for the downs, there is a lot of annoying back and forth when you are trying to answer trivia questions based on infomation in the museum. Lots of phone calling and alarm setting, too. I seriously think I spent more time talking to people on the phone than talking to actual, physical characters. On the other hand, I learned how to count like a Mayan and sent morse code messages over a ham radio.

Mayan body modification

While this game predates the checklist, as an intern, you do have a task list at your desk that covers the early parts of the game.


Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Vampires

First of all, I left this on at some point--it didn't really take as many hours as my time shows. It was alright as a story-based game, but it wasn't much of an RPG. It's divided into three short chapters. You don't keep anything between those chapters--levels, items, equipment all goes away and you start each chapter fresh. On the other hand, none of that stuff matters much and will be easily reacquired. The chapter scenarios were interesting and had the feel of fairytales.

Richard & Alice

Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Good Reads Post-Apocalyptic Winter

I went into this blindly. I didn't even know the premise, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. While this is a point n click game, it felt more like a visual novel sometimes. I played it for the Noirvember monthly theme, but I'm still not sure how noir it is.

If you have this sitting around your library unplayed like I did, I recommend starting it up without reading the description on the store page. It's a good winter game and only takes a few hours, though there are multiple endings (a guide on Steam indicates where to make saves to get all endings efficiently).

"Look, Barney, there's a shoe on the ground."


  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Dead Age
  • Blood Bond - Into the Shroud
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  • The Invisible Hours
  • The Lion's Song: Season Pass
  • Downfall

  • Kathy Rain

    11.8 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • Black Sales - The Ghost Ship

    6.7 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

  • Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle

    17.1 hours playtime

    0 of 0 achievements

Kathy Rain

Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Quirky USA

Decent point and click that seemed to have a few nods and references to the Nancy Drew games despite playing differently. The story is related to family and local/town mysteries. To be honest, I waited too long to write about this (I finished it in July).

You can smoke in this game. I endeavored to be rude about it, and the game rewarded me.

The game has unique dialogue for a lot of invalid item combinations, such as taking your lighter to all sorts of things, like the church brochure a minister gives you.

Black Sails - The Ghost Ship

German Voice Acting Ghosts Halloween and Horror Pirates, Hacking, & the High Seas Victorian Won on SteamGifts

This one I beat in August. It could have been better and creepier than it was, but ended with a contrived story. The best part was the end, when you could effect the outcome to some extent and talk some mad shit. I played through that part a few times just to see where it went.

Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle

"Archaeology" and Anthropology Detectives! Mystery! Murder! England, My Lionheart Folklore & Mythology German Voice Acting Halloween and Horror

I played this one in October, at least. Though I didn't really play it anywhere near 17 hours. Maybe it took 5 hours or so. I always think of this game in association with Rhiannon. They're made by different developers, but they have a similar look and gameplay and both make a mystery based on local folklore (Wales in the case of Rhiannon, and Cornwall in Barrow Hill). I posted about Rhiannon last year here.

I like the feel, setting, and set up of Rhiannon more (the house-sitting instructions). In Barrow Hill, it seemed like I spent half the game at a gas station, though there are several adjoining areas. My favorite location in Barrow Hill was a roadside well you pass within the first minutes of playing. In "The Making of Barrow Hill," the developers discuss features of Cornwall that inspired their creation of the game and reveal that the well was based on St. Keyne's Well in Cornwall. Robert Southey, the guy who wrote Goldilocks, also wrote a poem about the Well of St. Keyne

A game I won on Steam Gifts (Blood Bond - Into the Shroud) isn’t showing up on my BLAEO list of games. This was from the last big community train, so it’s been at least a week. Any ideas? The other game, Dead Age, which I won the same day, is showing up properly.


  • ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West
  • Impact Winter
  • Little Nightmares
  • Goetia
  • Tokyo Dark
  • The Temporal Invasion
  • Rusty Lake Hotel
  • Assassin's Creed Unity
  • .hack//G.U. Last Recode

  • D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

    20.9 hours playtime

    65 of 78 achievements

  • Domina

    17.5 hours playtime

    9 of 34 achievements

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

Achievement Clean Up Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Dress Up Food LMAO New England Noticeably Good Music Quirky Time Travel and Loops USA

Time to make a post, I guess. I beat this way back for the Golden Month monthly theme, then continued to play it a bit for more of the achievements (I missed a bunch of "extra cases" the first time).

I'm looking for D!

This game is both good and bad. Hindered by the motion-detection gimmick and the fact that the series was cut short. Helped by its characters and strangeness. On PC, it basically plays like a point and click. When you look back at this dev's previous project, Deadly Premonition, with its large open world, the closed spaces of this game were surprising. For example, you spend half the game walking up and down an airplane aisle.

The story is unfinished because the next "episodes" never came out. I was so confused it didn't really matter. I was only there for the "looking for D" jokes and nods to Twin Peaks.

Worst fortune cookies ever: "Just because someone is fat, it doesn't mean they eat everything they see. Fat people can be picky too!"


Ancient World (Greece, Rome, Persia, etc.) FFFFFUUUUUUU Make Believe - Simulated Lives

Short Play or Pay game. I actually was asleep for about 8 of the hours of playtime. I played and lost early on a couple of times before I realized the tactics this game was going to make me employ. At first I was trying to make an honest go against whatever came up with what I had. Don't do that or your best trained champions will die. It's okay to lose them by sending a single unarmed slave you just got (iirc you can buy them for like 1 gold, but tons are given free).

Eventually I reached the end but wasn't prepared. I don't think I had anywhere near enough trained gladiators. I didn't do most of the pit fights because I didn't really realize I needed to or that I was supposed to. Saddest moment was when I accidentally got my lion slaughtered. I honestly thought it would do better. :(


  • Nothing? Technically I bought that Humble Bundle with Tokyo Dark but haven't felt like going through it as far as what I want to keep yet.

Challenge Me!

Challenge Post

20% never played
60% unfinished
20% beaten

  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

    13.6 hours playtime

    26 of 44 achievements

  • Jolly Rover

    6.8 hours playtime

    16 of 16 achievements

  • Through the Woods

    6.7 hours playtime

    27 of 27 achievements

  • The Shrouded Isle

    4.7 hours playtime

    5 of 16 achievements

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Achievement Clean Up FFFFFUUUUUUU LMAO Pirates & the High Seas

May Monthly theme and Play or Pay. Metroidvania game heavy on the platforming. Most wasn't very difficult. There are some frustrating moments, but practice makes perfect. There are two endings and things you can go back to collect after you unlock all of the abilities.

Jolly Rover

ABC List LMAO Pirates & the High Seas

I played this for the monthly game. It's on my ABC list, too. A point and click comedy with pirate dogs. I wasn't expecting much, but I liked it, especially the voodoo spells you learn.

Doing some voodoo.

Through the Woods

Folklore & Mythology Halloween and Horror Scandinavia Won on SteamGifts

I won this from a BLAEO member who was destined to also challenge me to to play it this last month (I'm late in getting my post out). It's mostly a horror walking simulator, but there are some action sequences (avoiding mythological creatures trying to kill you). I liked the story focused around folklore and mythology.I didn't realize it at first, but some of the collectables you get tell a story if you look at them in the menu. These prompted me to read more about Askeladden, a character that appears in several Norweigan folktales, one of those unlikely winner types.

The Shrouded Isle

Achievement Clean Up Cool-looking Dystopia - The World Gone Wrong FFFFFUUUUUUU Make Believe - Simulated Lives Won on SteamGifts

SG Win, Play or Pay, and Challenge Me. It took several failures before I "beat" this game, still getting a technically bad ending. Few appear to have done better, though. In my "successful" run, I killed so many people that I could no longer function in the game as far as keeping stats up to sufficient levels. A little thing I liked was that the game let you choose between several color themes.


  • Strawberry Vinegar
  • One Small Fire At A Time
  • This World Unknown
  • Dead End Junction
  • AIDol
  • Cursed Sight
  • Without Within 2
  • 11-11 Memories Retold

Challenge Me!

Challenge Post

80% never played
20% unfinished

  • Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora

    14.9 hours playtime

    13 of 31 achievements

  • Hatoful Boyfriend

    23 hours playtime

    16 of 16 achievements

  • Pathologic Classic HD

    35 hours playtime

    16 of 42 achievements

Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora

Achievement Clean Up Detectives! Mystery! Murder! FFFFFUUUUUUU Kitty Cats Play a Game You Won on SteamGifts Won on SteamGifts

Playing Appreciated SteamGifts win. There were good times, and there were bad times. It was easy to get lost in the maze-like platforming sections, especially at the end. You get different bullet types that let you do different things, such as ones that set fires or reveal hidden objects. If you aim knockback rounds beneath you and shoot as you just into the air, you can keep shooting yourself upwards until the clip empties. I think I somehow broke the left stick of my controller in half during a difficult section that required you to be precise about it, though.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Dystopia - The World Gone Wrong Favorites Good Reads Japan LMAO Quirky

Challenge Me! game from March-April that fits the monthly theme. I don't know what to say without spoiling except that there is more to this than the rather short character routes. It's important to play the whole game. I previously played Purrfect Date, and I can see how that probably took some inspiration from Hatoful Boyfriend while taking it further. Now I think I have Aviary Attorney around here somewhere...

Pathologic Classic HD

Achievement Clean Up FFFFFUUUUUUU Halloween and Horror Quirky Won on SteamGifts

I won this from a BLAEO member in a Playing Matters giveaway. This game is crazy and hard. There are time limits. A plague. Prices soar. The street layout is infuriating and causes you to have to go a long way around because of fences. You have to deal with progressively more violence from a progressively larger number of sources while desperately becoming a night burglar so you can trade knives to children for ammo and sketchy drugs to keep the plague at bay. I think I have a generally good understanding of the overall story, yet most of the time I had no idea wtf the characters were talking about. At one point I managed to kill like 10 guys in a warehouse because (after many reloads) the game bugged and made it so they didn't detect me as I killed them somehow.

Typical view outside in Pathologic.


  • Hot Tin Roof

Challenge Me!

Challenge Post

60% never played
20% unfinished
20% beaten

  • AER: Memories of Old

    5 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • Memoria

    20 hours playtime

    31 of 31 achievements

  • Midnight Mysteries 4: Haunted Houdini

    16 hours playtime

    14 of 16 achievements

AER: Memories of Old


Challenge me from last month. I found this to be kind of boring. You could fly around various areas, but it's basically an empty world with only a few things to interact with. Aside from that there are a few light platforming sections. It seems more like an experiment than a full game. Nice character art, especially for the main character.


Medieval Won on SteamGifts

SG/Play or Pay win. I played the first game a few months before this, so the story was still pretty fresh. Both games had stories that felt mysterious to me, rather than generic. The characters are fun yet don't take away from the themes of the story. I don't want to spoil either game, so I will just say that in this one, you switch between Geron the bird catcher from the first game, as well as a new character, Sadja, whose story presents a riddle that could solve Geron's problems.

"If you want something from me, you'll have to come and get it." *drops items into abyss*

Midnight Mysteries 4: Haunted Houdini

Achievement Clean Up At Least Somewhat Historic Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Educational England, My Lionheart Ghosts New England O Canada USA Won on SteamGifts

Challenge Me! for the current month. And no, the game does not take as long as my playtime says. Have I said enough times how much I love the Midnight Mysteries games? While as games they are just simple HOGs, they are really fun for history and classic literature buffs with lots of little easter eggs. I've previously read about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's naive/enthusiastic belief in spiritualism. He increasingly believed in ghosts, mediums, and various other occult or supernatural phenomena. There's also his adorable belief in the Cottingley Fairies, which the game also makes a reference to by including one of the faked pictures in a HOG scene at his house.

Serious Doyle business. I bet that's his real signature, too.

Maybe you wonder why I'm writing about Doyle in a game called Houdini. Well, they were friends for a while, but Houdini was a skeptic. He wanted to publicly expose mediums as being performers just like himself. This upset Doyle. The game centers around how Houdini really died (which isn't seriously debated--he died of a ruptured appendix in a Detroit hospital, which incidentally appears in the game). The game presents multiple possibilities for Houdini's death, including the possibility that he was killed by spiritualists, which at first I thought was totally made up, but the devs didn't disappoint: a 2006 book called The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero actually makes this as well as other unsubstantiated suggestions.

Part of the story is focused on working out the secret code Houdini and his wife Bess agreed on as a test for mediums. I knew about this because of a Kate Bush song:

Everybody thinks you'll never make it
But every time you escape
"Rosabel believe,
Not even eternity
Can hold Houdini"

Kate Bush—Houdini


  • The Shrouded Isle
  • Memoria

Challenge Me!

Challenge Post

40% never played
40% unfinished
20% beaten


    15.9 hours playtime

    24 of 24 achievements

  • LEGO Jurassic World

    47.9 hours playtime

    49 of 49 achievements

  • Kona

    20.9 hours playtime

    34 of 35 achievements


Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Favorites FMV Good Reads Halloween and Horror Make Believe - Simulated Lives

This was such a bad month for me (no reason, just doing other stuff), that I'm only now writing about this game a month after I finished it. As a result, I don't remember it so specifically. I had fun "interacting" with the characters. I especially liked teaming up with a random guy on a dating app to help brainstorm how to find a missing person. Classic. The story stayed interesting to the end. FMVs, voice recordings, and some one-sided phone calls make the game a little more alive than being all text/phone-interface based. Going back for different outcomes and achievements was tedious even though conversations were sped up.

This was my first "lost phone" game, since that's of course a thing now, and I wasn't disappointed.

LEGO Jurassic World

"Archaeology" and Anthropology French Voice Acting Literary Ties Won on SteamGifts

SteamGifts win and medium Play or Pay game. It can get tiring playing Lego games near in time to each other, but I hadn't played one in a while and had a blast with this. The first Harry Potter one is still probably my favorite (with the recognizeable hub world). I don't remember the old games locking you into story characters when not in a level until you finish the story, but this and I think the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit ones do. On the other hand, sometimes I felt the Lego games got too long trying to cover so many films, but the length of this one felt okay to me.

Not to cop out on the idea of letting you play all the characters, you can unlock and play as the dinosaurs in this one. Hell, there's even a dinosaur creator, so you can make dinsoaurs that don't even exist, like a raptor with a T-Rex head (which transfers the T-Rex roar ability to the raptor) and a stegosaurus tail of any color, including metallic ones. You can even play as the giant Mosasaurus sea predator in its arena.


Achievement Clean Up Detectives! Mystery! Murder! Folklore & Mythology French Voice Acting O Canada Road Trips & Travelogues Won on SteamGifts


This game takes place in Québec, which is the subject of a lot of my historical/genealogical research, and I went there this summer, so I was excited about that. I also watch a lot of stuff to learn French culture while learning French for years, so I was able to pick up on a lot of cultural stuff hidden around. I saw a cooler with cretons, the surnames, a book about La Corriveau (accused of killing multiple husbands and the subject of many tall tales), World's Fair 1967 Expo posters (took place in Montréal), and a Joe Dassin album on a TV. I also noticed how the game, since it takes place in 1970, has the old motto on license plates -- "La belle province" instead of the current "Je me souviens" (I remember). A couple of things I know I didn't get, like the song(s?) that played on the radios, but it was rewarding to understand other references.

Lulled to sleep by some French music and the cold for about 10 hours of playtime...

I initially started to play in French with the better main voice actor but then freaked out because I almost froze to death near the beginning and switched to English, but it didn't end up being that hard or with confusing gameplay mechanics. Ah, well. I'll do it when I replay for that last achievement, and I did play the Lego game in French, which seems absurd to say since those games used to have no voices/dialogue, let alone multi-language support. The hardest thing is not being able to look at where you are at on the map at the same time you're driving, and it can take a while to get places. You do have to kill or run from wolves sometimes, but they go down in two axe hits.