September: Otterly Cute September

Whale hello there! I hope you weren’t planning on just lion on your bed this month; there are games that need to be played and pixel animals that need to be found!
This month is all about animals - playing games with animals in the title, making screenshots of any in-game animals, unlocking animal related achievements etc. I’m looking forward to seeing your palicos, Stardew Valley farms, dog companions, llamas and any other animals - even cats. :)

List of games that qualify for this month’s theme: whatever floats your goat.

Owl be here for any questions you might have.

To participate, reply to this post and tell us which games that fit the monthly theme you’re going to play. If you’re not sure which games will allow you to fulfill the challenge, then check in with us after you’ve taken a screenshot or unlocked an animal related achievement.

Please use the following (or similar) format to make it easier for me to keep track of everyone’s progress, but feel free to add any extra thoughts about the game(s) to your post!

name of game 1 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
name of game 2 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
name of game 3 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
total: | achievements obtained | playtime this month | Number of games finished

Have fun!

Challenge me

The newest edition of the monthly Challenge Me is available here: click.


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?

What happens if I play all of my unfinished games this month?
Your backlog will be a much smaller place.

I don’t have any unfinished games - I’ve beaten everything I’ve started.
Really? well that makes one of us… I salute you.

I already finished my entry can I play another?
Go ahead - the goal is to reduce your unfinished games list. The more you can play the better.

I’ve nearly beaten a game can I still use it as my entry?
Of course!


This is great, even if I can’t get out of my stardew and MHW addiction I can participate \o/ Really cool theme, that should fit a lot of games.

Game Achievements Animal 📷 Playtime this month Status
Monster Hunter World 39/50 (+9) Palico - Pig - Fishy 86h :blobsweat: beaten
Stardew Valley 22/40 (+5) Cat - Chickens & Cows 40h beaten
Alice’s Patchworks 2 15/18 (+15) Cat - Unicorn - Dodo - Flamingo 12h beaten
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story 10/10 (+10) Cats - Octopus 2h completed
Card City Nights 8/8 (+8) Platypus 13h completed
Kingdom Classic 7/34 (+7) Horse & Deers 5h unfinished
Knights of Pen and Paper 2 27/33 (+15) Frogs - Monkeys & Bees 6h beaten
Future Proof 17/17 (+17) Cow - Cat - Dog 5h completed
Unavowed 15/56 (+15) Dog - Octopus 7h beaten
total: achievements obtained   playtime this month 8

Omg that sheep is so adorable!!! I’m saving that. :3


Look at Sheepy, playing MHW just because of the monthly theme :blobdogeyes:


I know right, I’m so dedicated :eyes:

Don’t be jealous because i’m grouping with your octopus, he still loves you best


Ha! I love how huge and freeform this theme is. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for every animal I encounter this month of gaming! Thank you for hosting, skanda.

Game Achievements Playtime this Month Status? Animal Spotted
Muv-Luv 15 of 15 20 hr Completed! Dog
Paradigm 18 of 18 6 hr Completed! Pigeon, Rat, Sloth, Pug, Cat
The Inner World 23 of 23 7.6 hr Completed! Wooloof, Pigeon, Rational Amphibian, Tumble Mouse
Robin 6 of 6 .2 hr Completed! Robin
Total: 69 achievements 36.8 hrs played 4 Games completed 11 Animals Spotted

Nice one… pity I just finished ‘the big journey’ last night, that has a nice squishy cat and lots of cute critters in it.


I’ve been secretly hoping there’d be animals incorporated into a theme, seal of approval. :)

Game Achievements Hours Played Animal Status
Oneshot 9/11 (+9) 6.8 hrs Cats, Rams, Birds, Fox, Penguin Beaten
Poker Night 2 18/18 (+9) 6.0 hrs Gorillas, Rabbit, Dog (From Sam & Max series) Completed
Lost girl`s [diary] 10/10 (+10) 0.5 hrs Dead :( Polar bear & Deer, Rats Completed
All You Can Eat 10/11 (+10) 1.8 hrs Seagull Beaten
AER Memories of Old 6/20 (+6) 1.4 hrs (So far) Birds, Foxes, Sheep/Rams, Crabs, Cranes, Monkey, Owl, Otter, Deer, Bear Currently Playing
Awesomenauts 34/59 (+0) 1.4 hrs Bird, Monkey Multiplayer
Dead by Daylight 34/113 (+15) ~59 hrs Crows Multiplayer
Total: +59 76.9 26 Animals 4 Finished

Hah, seal. :)


Last month. One game only, but it’s kinda cuz it took away all my courage to try other games. xD Downloaded and started Year Walk but then got too spooked out. :P

Game Achievements Playtime Status Animal
Staxel 6/23 6 hours Started My cat
Epistory - Typing Chronicles 24/55 3 hours Started Trusty fox friend, also rabbits
MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD 23/50 56 hours Playing Cats
The Deer 0/0 5 minutes Finished Deer
Total: 53 65 hours 1 4

I’ve been addicted to playing The Sims 3 on Origin in the last month. Gooo llamas!
Such a cute theme. Good luck assassins! I don’t think I’ll participate, unless the Guppy transformation (cat) in The Binding of Isaac counts :p
I still made a list of games I’d like to play though.


Good excuse to play some games I’ve been meaning to do for a little while!

Game Achievements Playtime Status Animal
Animal Lover 24/24 6h Completed Hamster, Ferret, Bear, Dog, Cat
Botanicula 53/53 4.7h Completed Insects, Woodpecker, Chickens, Penguins, Turtle
Epistory - Typing Chronicles 47/55 12.1h Beaten One huge fox
The LEGO Movie - Videogame 44/48 17.2h Beaten Unikitty is the best!
total: 168 40h    

Well, let’s try

Game Achievements Playtime Status Animal
1954 Alcatraz 25/25 4.7h Completed Spinning cat
Crayon Physics Deluxe - 2.6h Completed This game is about drawing. So I drew a cat! Yay!
Epistory - Typing Chronicles 55/55 17.6h Completed The Amazing Fox
Forbidden Clicker Party 10/10 3.1h Completed Many asshole animals
Grimind 15/15 6.4h Completed Psychotic hedgehog
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 14/14 9.2h Completed Asshole hog
Husk 14/14 5,5h Completed Sleepy deer
Last Day of June 21/21 6.5h Completed Bird and dog. They’re both assholes
Lightfish 13/18 2.0h Completed Many sea assholes
Mad Dagger 6/6 1.0h Completed Asshole mole
Poker Night at the Inventory 20/20 3.8h Completed Hyperkinetic rabbity thing
Slavistan - 2.4h Completed Slavic bears
The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent 24/24 3.4h Completed Flying rat, asshole bug, fire lizard
The Secret Order 4: Beyond Time 33/33 3.0h Completed Mutant bird
Wuppo 23/23 21h Completed Asshole fish
Total 273 92.2h 14 -
Trilled Meow

lmao @ your adjectives. The animals were assholes in most of the games I’ve played too.


Most of them tried to kill main heroes. Even in ‘Last Day of June’

Game Achievements Playtime Status Animal
Munin 17/18 18h Beaten Raven

I don’t usually take part in the “Monthly Theme” (often because I forget and get lost in my backlog), but I just so happened to screenshot an animal. I’ll be sure to update if I happen to see anymore critters running throughout my screen! ;)

Game Achievements Playtime Status Animal
1BitHeart 3/60 2h Unfinished Dog,Still the same Dog
Unreal II: The Awakening No achievements 2.2h Unfinished Sea Goat, Sea Goat 2
Total: 2 Achievements Obtained: 3 Playtime This Month: 4.2h Number of Animals: 2
Game Achievements Playtime Status Animal
Animal Lover 24/24 15h finished Hamster, Cat, Ferret, Dog and Bear
Echoes of the Fey - The Fox’s Trail achievements obtained playtime this month unfinished/finished ?
Major\Minor achievements obtained playtime this month unfinished/finished ?
Meadow achievements obtained playtime this month unfinished/finished ?
My Secret Pets! achievements obtained playtime this month unfinished/finished ?
Nekopara Vol. 0 achievements obtained playtime this month unfinished/finished ?
total: achievements obtained playtime this month Number of games finished  

I’m giving up here. No idea what I’ll manage to play, but I’ll try to play at least something ;)

Trilled Meow
Game Achievements Playtime this month Status Animals
Kingdom: Classic 14/34 10.4 hours beaten Horse & Bunnies
Back to Bed 17/20 2.5 hours beaten Dog & Thing
Suits: A Business RPG 35/35 5.5 hours completed Rat + Cat + Dinosaur
Hand of Fate 18/53 21.7 hours beaten Horses
The Deer 0/0 .7 hours completed Deer, Rhinoceros, Ox, Mouse, Doormouse
Total: 84/142 19.1 hours 5/5 13

There were also a bunch of sharks (hammerhead, great white, etc.) in Suits, but that game doesn’t support Steam overlay so it was enough of a hassle to get these three in.

Game Achievements Playtime Status Animals
Braveland 21/21 7.5 hours Completed Wolves and Snow Wolves
The Big Journey 8/31 0.3 hours Unfinished Cat, Rabbit, Red Panda etc