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i apologize in advance for the lack of time, every game below instead leads to my steam review, with extra grammatical errors for good measure. Ive been using a Nimble writer on steam, it does spell check, i just cant be bothered to click the button. :P

Darkness Assault

5 hours of playtime, 15 of 15 achievements
Date: 2005 |★☆☆☆☆| Genre: None

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Longboard Stunts and Tricks

43 min playtime, 6 of 10 achievements
Date: 2018 |★☆☆☆☆| Genre: Racing

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6 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: 2014 |★☆☆☆☆½ | Genre: Survival Horror

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Spaceship Looter

4 hours of playtime, 21 of 26 achievements
Date: 2017 | ★★☆☆☆½| Genre: Rogue-lite

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trying to keep up with game reports before i forget what the game was about


8 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: 2005 |★★★★☆| Genre: FPS

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Back at it once more, this time on steam. Before, i actually had them in physical form, none of them are a complete version, i would collect near released dates, later, not even that long after, i would acquire different releases, thanks to "free games" from gaming magazines. That somehow included, FEAR COMBAT, which was free2play, as any other MP mode is, but this one came in a CD without the main game. it's the lamest thing that could be included in a magazine, i should look into it to know which magazine it was

Anyway, F.E.A.R is one of a kind. If i ever find the strength to check the entire collection, the one thing i want to make clear, is that both Monolith and the other studios that worked on it, had a terrible time to replicate it. the expansion packs where still made on the same engine, but once the sequels rolled in, FEAR started aiming towards the COD crowd
Perhaps the biggest hurdle, is that FEAR was a simple game. Coming off the original, it was easier for Timegate to address the lack of content on the expansion. But for Monolith next entry, they soon entered a point where there was nothing to add. They opted to remove from FEAR 2 rather than add, with a minimum attempt of modernizing the series. While FEAR 3 from Day One went towards a COD direction.

The original, due to time and budget constraints, does not have much to offer in terms of variety. Though, that worked favorably for Monolith, has instead they put emphasis on what distinguish them from other developers

FEAR is a game of opportunities. People associate Monolith with advanced AI. To me FEAR sits between non traditional AI and a carefully built map. A few other games use Goal-Oriented Action Planning architecture, its easily searched and a good read. However this is the one game in the franchise, where the AI can surprise the player
It is interesting to check the expansions and the subsequent sequels, in how level design can deconstruct what once felt like battling actual beginner level players.
So, i always felt not enough credit was given, to whom an monolith was creating the maps. because the lack luster environment and recycled sets and textures just sort of become a more noticeable issue.
But yeah, there is nothing like it. They make short decisions, they are aware of the map itself, and which objects are interactable to them. the most interesting factor about FEAR AI, is that very few battles feel like a typical game encounter, when an enemy flanks the player to shoot through a window, its not an heavily scripted event, it's a quick decision based on player position.they also show individual and squad based behaviour. In turn, it feels different every time you play the game. I don't remember the battle's, just actions made by the AI

The dialogue is also important on selling the magical AI. It gives the illusion of inteligence, aswell as serving a gameplay purpose, in giving the player useful information.For example, most of the time, enemies don't spawn-in during an encounter, they are already roaming the area looking for the player, if they hear sounds, they communicate with the rest of the squad
Dynamic lighting might contribute to the horror atmosphere, but it is most noticeable during combat and identifying enemy position through shadows. It is unfortunate, that immediately after this game, it would fall to its lowest form.
FEAR has a small arsenal of useful semi realistic weapons and some more overpowered for easier disposal of large armored baddies. I just want to point out that, the SMG is not only the weakest weapon due to its spread, it has very little reason to exist when the burst rifle has full auto. yet, the SMG is the early weapon for both expansions.

I find FEAR more interesting at hard difficulty, as it is, the easiest of the 3 campaigns. However, it's the only that doesn't over rely in its slowmo ability, so i would recommend medium to test the AI in a fast paced tactical shooter without the ability, because its totally doable here, yet not at all in the expansions.
if there is any criticism i can give. The lack of variety in sets, textures and objects. Lack of verticality, lack of enemy types.
i dont think its fair to add overconvuluted story to the mix, as Monolith often avoided doing that. F3AR being the first to have a "compelling" narrative. While FEAR doesn't really go to such lengths. Even with the expansions that are set during or right after the event of the first one. The main objective is obvious enough, and most you need to pay attention are the Replica Forces, and to know who Alma and Paxton are.
it's great, i'm of the opinion FEAR doesn't do much, but what it does it does extensively and does it exceptionally well


Extraction Point

4 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: 2006 |★★★☆☆½| Genre: FPS

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I have a problem with extraction point. Even though it requires FEAR to run, it sets up its own folder with non widescreen settings. Even if i change to the correct resolution, the game reverts back to 4:3 every time i start it.

Ok, so this aint Monolith, Vivendi had outsourced the expansion packs over to Timegate.
Rather than trying to copy the original, TimeGate decided to address the most criticised aspects. They did a good job at that.
There's more content, more level variety and much more verticality to the maps
Overall, the game feels more scripted, most encounters are an event a challenge for the player. Enemies are inserted into a map designed specifically for them to interact with it in a certain way, a spectacularly predictable piece.
while the AI doesn't really shine on most of the new areas. The direction in taking FEAR to a more challenging match, filled with all kinds of destruction, was fairly successful, even if a bit game like
TimeGate seems to understand FEAR level design better than the F3AR team. They revert back to the series of corridors and interconnected rooms of the original, but often fall for linear corridors and open areas. They often ignore the little details, like shadows. They don't always let replicas roam an area
But thats mostly the chosen direction. They want those explosive moments, they want to use the large areas to ambush the player. And a new arsenal is offered to the player, not just for the changes they made in enemy equipment, but to the map itself. You get these throwable sentries that stick to walls and provide protection over non covered angles.
The one strange thing with the expansions, is the need to out stage the original arsenal, tipping the weapon scale to OP sci fi.


Perseus Mandate

7 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: 2007 |★★☆☆☆½ | Genre: FPS

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The game is not entirely bad, undeniably weaker, it feels more like a random game on the FEAR engine with the same mechanics
PM introduces a new character. On Paper its always a good idea to experience the same game through a different character, however, they go through extreme lengths to justify keeping the gameplay as it was, instead of designing and adjusting difficulty for a fast paced tactical shooter. they also add unjustified interactions between your new character and both Alma and Paxton. If it was to keep everything the same, why even replace the main character?

PM also excels in bad maps, that often give no opportunities to the Replicas. An overabundance of long corridors and chokes. Other levels include open areas, with cheap cover. The new enemies work well within the level constraints. But often you are slaughtering through weak replicas. Taking a corner and finding 4 enemies just chilling in a corridors with 0 chances of surviving is a common occurrence.
the levels themselves add more down time, with long corridors and stretches that you must cross

As for enemies, the weaker and most common replicas are reduced to jobbers with slowmo trivializing fights. The bad level design also pushed the player into relying heavily on slowmo due to the latent risks of advancing without proper cover.
The new added enemy Nightcrawlers have the same ability, giving the player no viable options other than employing the same strategy
There's a lack of armored baddies, PM prefers to achieve their difficulty quota by pitting you against a few enemies of the same type.
The new paranormal enemy is the scarecrow, An interesting concept, for an enemy below ground that you can spot by a large black poodle on the ground, once the player unknowingly steps in,the enemy grabs the him and pushed him down. It worked, about 2 times, there's a few reasons why they dont work on PM, even as a jump scare, no matter how hard they tried.
For one, this game is far brighter than the rest, exposing most of the puddles. It's also relatively fast to just point straight down and shoot, they also tend to drop multiple on the same location.

Overall, its a mediocre expansion that just so happens to work on the FEAR engine. but they didn't put much care or thought into it. the skybox is horrible, they reuse some levels. I didn't use the new The grenade launcher all that much, but Nightcrawlers did, and that thing has an insane explosion radius,


Turbo Pug DX

4 hours of playtime, 19 of 27 achievements
Date: 2016 | ★☆☆☆☆| Genre: infinite runner

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They seem successful at re-releasing a game that was outdated months before it came out, i mean this is better than the previous Turbo Pug but its still crap.
Still a one button runner, Same hazards with more variations. Looks better, yet the obstacles still blend with the environment. The leaderboard doesn't work. It overheats CPU like no other.

Another batch of short games. Take in consideration the length may be shorter than the presented Steam times, as i often leave games open

Dont Tax Me Bro!

4 hours of playtime, 12 of 12 achievements
Date: 2017 |★★☆☆☆½| Genre: Infinite Runner

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At least it's not a one button infinite runner. You can actually run backwards if you want to grab an item or jump to other platforms. it's not really useful but it's there, sometimes its easier to avoid an enemy by jumping left over the cops and get some space. Has unique abilities, i say that but, one is helpful, one is strictly for achievement purposes and sprint is by far the worst ability for it increases difficulty for a few seconds with no reward.
There's very little variety in enemies, although each enemy acts entirely different. In case of dogs you can even jump on them like Mario for Digital animal cruelty.
Devs made only a few sections and then left RNG to takes care over item/scaffolding/enemy placement
It has bugs, like one achievement is almost impossible, or it would be if the game didn't become unstable the longer you run. In my case, i was lucky enough to get the same section loop forever. It did start stuttering, and eventually crash once i decided to get caught by the cops, in what was probably bad timing.
Repetitive overall. A shorter more difficult run would have been better. But instead devs divided the game in 2 maps for easy and an hard variation of the first map with changes to the objects and the enemies. The result is that neither part have a difficulty increase. It doesn't switch sections, or hazards.

The Piano

5 hours of playtime, 6 of 12 achievements
Date: 2018 |★★☆☆☆½| Genre: Stealth/psychological horror

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Its very clearly influenced by Deadly Premonition, to the point of including what wasn't intended by Sweary. It loses some degree of freedom in comparison to DP.
One of those games had enough resources that it could build its own town, or should i say, steal from David Lynch´s world.
It's the most noticeable difference between games like DP, Pathologic. The Piano, like many other, entirely follows a very linear path around the core idea.
Leaves little to explore and discover, little to build a world. All elements and mechanics introduced serves to push the story and its ideas, rather than developing them to game form.
In result, the game switched genres often, from stealth, to action QTE, to puzzles, to detective sequences where you search and pair clues.
And its works as one would expect: Some are generic, some are unique but poorly conveyed, Some lose value for how ridiculously linear the game is.
I don't know how much i could give away without spoilers. Basically, the player is accessing memories to remember who might have killed his brothers. There's a mechanic called The Silence, that opens, blocked paths and points of interest.
Death roams in the form of phantoms. Each one makes you use different mechanics. Our friend the raincoat killer is back in the form of The Darkness, and probably more obnoxious than ever. Out of the fact that some enemies don't always work as intended. The Darkness just pops out of nowhere, and forces you into a mashing LMB1 contest.
I wouldn't recommend it. And then you still need to take in considerations the glitches, and the poor optimization.



1 hours of playtime, 10 of 12 achievements
Date: 2018 |★★☆☆☆ | Genre: Racing

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It's a bad arcade racer. typically, tap brake to drift works by, first picking a direction, let go of the pedal, tap brake...hit the pedal.
Autocross Madness goes: gain speed, tap brake, Nitro...and the car will stick to the track. if you don't push nitro, it works like one of those indie drift games where the track is covered in butter. It's kinda funny that you have no control while drifting, yet using Nitro as you enter the corner will magically help you make the curve.
but that why the car doesn't fall easily from the comically tight track, because Nitro doesnt work the same on curves as it does on straights.
There's no AI or timer, the player makes his own difficulty, if you want nothing stops you from slamming the breaks instead

Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2

3 hours of playtime, 4 of 9 achievements
Date: 2003-2019 | ★★★☆☆| Genre: 3D Platformer

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Good port. No issues whatsoever, other than the game itself being decent at best. works with DS4, has configurable key bindings.
There's no issues related to playing a game on a higher resolution than first intended. it's better than emulation, so its more than enough for me
The game...hey, it's alright. Its like Rayman 2, with a few Crash running sections. The level design is alright. The controls are responsive, you can make accurate jumps, the combat is fine in most situations.
It doesn't have much of a personality, then again, its a 3 hours B-game for kids.
The game is on the easy side, and the boss encounters do more in terms of variety than an actual challenge
The mini games are asinine, thankfully you don't need to play them.


I am addicted to Prey and the dlc Mooncrash. But i did finished a few more short games, and finally went back to complete Mudrunner seeing as it got its last free dlc.

Dracula Resurrection

2 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: Steam port 2014 |☆☆☆☆☆ | Genre: Adventure

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Anuman never ceases to amaze, If you bought this, i hope you have a soft spot for train wrecks. Im hard-pressed to find one Anuman(microids game) that didn't shit the bed at one point or another, but Dracula...holy crap. It rips and tears the original title to the mangled, unfinished state it is here.
The culprit? OK...enough suspense, the steam version (sheds tear)...(holds laughter)......the steam version, is from an android version. That in itself would be an issue, i mean it's advertised on steam store with screenshots that could belong to any other version: GOG, PS1, whatever...i know its false, for the visual downgrade and the borders this one had.
But if you think false advertisement is the issue, you are in for a world of hurt. And what sweetens the deal is that Microids, much like with Moto Racer collection, did sell non android ports.
As for the game, it's not even a faithful recreation as they took some liberties, oh boy did they!
I didn't know much about the game. However, i remember enough to know we are missing some vital cutscenes right at the start of our unfortunate misadventure. Im all about making bad games shorter, but that cut scene was crucial to plot.sure beats dropping the character on location and expect you to know what is going on.
Even then, that wasnt enough...clearly your phone wouldnt be able handle the original graphics from 1999, which is understandable, its the late 90, everyone was a pioneer, we just cant compare to the standards of 2014.
So, here's a crazy idea. why not remove any character animation for everything that isn't a cutscenes? list that under features "0 Frame animation". What? you never used street view on google maps? No, wait, theres less freedom, you really need to click on tiny little arrows on screen. which, it's not even a thing in the original game.
some other developer would likely add new paths, as the original already had few paths, often pointing the player towards walls, and then you need to turn the camera around, But this version, adds the nuisance of having to click on tiny arrows, also an unnecessary icon to be on the screen.
Some other things that also bothered me tend to fall on laziness. In the first area theres a bridge that falls, and they couldnt be bothered to change the frame after the cutscens for...idk, the one where the bridge isnt still standing!
AH...It sucks so much! The old microids characters are kinda gross, but it was decently animated for the time. and now better than this 2014 version...thats just sad.
Im also really sure they dont have the original sounds and music. This is seems to be stock. I shit you not, they used a Dramatic Stinger wrong.
As for gameplay, regardless how bad this is, you can tell the original wasn't anything special in regards to logic and pacing. it always looks weird to be able to grab a strange item before you trigger something that makes such item important. i clumsy ended in a cemetery at the beginning of my journey instead of entering the inn like a normal person, i decided to desecrate a tomb for a required item the character knew nothing about. And only then can i ask what that item did. Is my character a grave digger...so yeah, the original it's not Syberia levels of good, it was a decent game for the time.
But that wasn't enough,these guys where on a mission, They had to, no they owe it to the buyer to surpass expectations. that's is why, they had to rework the quest line.
So now the game has a failed state. They decided to lock a door at the castle until you bring an item back to a character, there's a tiny little oversight, the original game closes the way out if you have enough to proceed to the next area (library). I will follow that with my final criticism
If like me you screw up, you got to reset the chapter. Because this new version doesn't have save states, it has a load, in name only, its actually a chapter select

Neon Neon

MudRunner - American Wilds

44 hours of playtime, 62 of 62 achievements
Date: 2017 |★★★☆☆ ½| Genre: Sim

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Much like spintires it's a relaxing game, even if the main objective is always to deliver logs through muddy trails. Their "game"s are good. still, it's starting to get a bit shady. I bet the upcoming Mudrunner 2 is the same damn game with some minor changes.
That's my only issue with it, i bought the expansion, and it quickly run its course. If i want more free dlc i need to buy Mudrunner 2, the community will also likely move on to the next game´s workshop
As much as i want to support the team for making a good game, some of my issues with Mudrunner could be fixed with a patch, and the ones that could not, probably won't be addressed in the sequel
- the camera needs some work
-The hands movement is hyper sensitive, makes me panic in first person
-They could have given the option to have different objective. There's enough things to do in the game, its just that levels finish once you deliver the logs
-Looking at the speedometer, the vehicles were intentionally slowed down.likely to protect the players from crashing in the small but very dense map. There are at least fast vehicles on the workshop that are impossibly fast on manual...do that's enjoyable
-the editor is a bit outdated, the file format for vehicles and textures dont help. Basically i simply wanted to export the canyonero from simpsons hit and run, from the dsmax over to the editor. Things are a bit more complicated than i expected (mad respect to the steam community for giving tons of mods already) Imidiatly it tells, you need a plugin for dsmax because it just doesnt export in that format to begin with. wheels need to be separated and dsmax and the editor dont share the same axes. The textures need to be brought over in png format. And finally...i would have to write the damn template.
Good enough, i would recommend any of the 3 games. Bloody good time with friends. There's tons of vehicles on the workshop. Never been so relaxed after crashing and loosing my cargo.
Didnt have pictures of it, but at one point we had 4 people working together on the same map.

Neon Neon Neon Neon

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

12 hours of playtime, 33 of 50 achievements
Date: 2015 |★★★★☆ | Genre: FPS

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Decided to go at it in chronological order and was only then told that it makes more sense to start with New Order, even but i wont listen because this was closer to remaking RTCW. I might be wrong to start here but, gameplay wise, it practically starts with an introduction chapter, it's unlikely anyone would find any issues starting here
It actually really slow, Prologue and Chapter 1 are way linear, tutorial like. It gets increasingly better, with the exception of the final boss.
It's surprisingly accessible. I really wouldn't recommend Normal (the difficulty i started), possibly easy for missing achievments. Hard is now the new Normal. You don't even need to complete the main story in Uber difficulty, just the final chapter, there isn't even much to do in the final chapter, other than a rather frustrating boss fight.
I enjoyed everything else. Particularly the stealth sections, easily identified by the presence of a Commander. These parts of the level are well constructed for run and gun. you can just quickly dispatch the commander enemy to stop the alarm. It's perhaps, a bit to easy in some areas. while the stealth option will likely take you a bit longer, but it's generally more fun.
The cover system is odd but functional. Climbing with LMB RMB is unnecessary
The perk system is a fantastic idea, it incentives the player to try different playstyles and weapons. The implementation, not as much, not only can it be exploited by reloading checkpoints, it hardly makes a difference on anything below Uber difficulty. Old Blood is too short for it to pay off.
I did all the Nightmare levels, it's pretty fun going back to 3D with the new weapons and mechanics. I don't quite understand the map choices and enemy placement. It doesn't have a difficult progression to it, however...its super enjoyable and a welcome change of pace. The secrets are still there too, and will show the prompt when facing them
I'm still missing some gold that i really don't care about. And challenges on death incarnate minimum, that i'm not sure i'm capable of doing.
Great game, that could be better with some tweaks, and a longer campaign would be better for a more extensive perk system.

Neon Neon

Reverse Crawl

4 hours of playtime, 9 of 18 achievements
Date: 2015 | ★★★☆☆| Genre: Turn Based / RPG

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Finished one run and that unlocked new game+ and endless mode. Which are likely a better challange than the main game. I just dont feel like going back
There doesn't seem to be any achievements for those, instead the remaining achievements are from different choices you can take in the main campaign
This is an older game from the same dev of Monster Slayer and it still shared some similarities other than the UI.
Monster Slayer added a card based and roguelike elements to increase the difficulty, By making death vital part of the progress. If both are relatively small games, only one will take you 2 hours to finish
Reverse crawl is complex enough, at least in mechanics. it offered a really large amount of team choices, even if those choices are mostly made through rock paper scissors strategy, consisting of exploiting enemy weaknesses.
Essentially it's a story driven game. player gets to Pick a quest, then goes on series of rounds against different groups of enemies on a small turn based grid. Instead of stacking numbers to a unit. Its done by rounds, until one side has no more units.
It's just a bit too easy, i understand you can't grind, but it's missing something. You can block and get critical damage from flanking. You can stop an enemy to advance towards long range units.
At the same time, the upgrade system doesn't make much of difference, its like every choice you make is a good choice for a well balanced team. Its missing something,

4 Short games


6 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: 2007 |★★☆☆☆ ½| Genre: Cover Shooter

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It might be my 3rd run since it came out, have done so only because Every time i promise myself i will check K&L 2 i end up installing this one instead.
Since its gotten a PC release, ive never went back to the PS3 version. This was a badly optimized shooter, and it could also use K&M so yeah...pc is the way to go. Theres a few reason why this was a dud.The stiff controls with the DS3 was one of them, though that was something that lingered with the console among the earlier years
Most criticism went to the short campaign, heh...a longer campaign would slow down the pacing anyway. I would agree in regards to various missing scenes and jump cuts, main characters crash a van and you cant even see it while it happens. the non existing flashbacks,reduced to voices during loading screens or whenever you get knocked down. Thats so cheap, even for a low budget title.
overall that's the most noticeable issues with the franchise, and at the time it felt no one was expecting IO to make a C-entry title.
K&L is an outdated Squad Shooter, that's part of the charm, i wouldn't recommend unless you like budget games, and this one has major flaws. Not to mention its not what it looks like.
shooter or not, accuracy doesn't quite matter as much as positioning yourself and your squad. There's some trial and error for sure, its not entirely skill based, some maps you just have to try and see the results. Wouldn't be an issue if it all worked fine, but it doesn't.
For one, this weird random spread trashes most of the weaponry, i swear they didnt test them and there isnt that many to begin with. it only gets worse with the insane drop in accuracy and damage reduction.
The Snipers are hard to spot, hard to reach and unstoppable head shot machines. K&L is projectile based, but snipers are at an advantage not having to worry about random spread, reduced damage nonsense.
You would think by the title that Lynch is your only partner, but through the story you get other characters joining forces to take down The 7.And with that, Keeping an entire team alive is an infuriating task. They are great, they can provide cover, pin down targets, provide ammo, help you back up with the adrenalin shot mechanic. However the moment you move forward without constantly communicating and marking spots they all advance disregarding cover. Even if the size of the map is small, they find a way to get surrounded. If you think you don't need to shout orders you are in for a rude awakening in Havana. you wont loose because you died, you loose because your teammate died at the worst spot imaginable. And then another followed the mad lad and then another one.
Also armor is for real here. Enemies are bullet sponges without head-shots. I wish melee was more reliable. Its a really long animation and you do take damage during. And The cover system is a nightmare. I cant seem to discern when it snaps to cover and when it will never happen.
In terms of variety, it surprisingly doesn't like to repeat itself. Thankfullly because of its short lenght. Locations are varied, from building, corporations, underground, tunnel, deep jungle, getting yourself in the middle of a civil war. chapters bring something new. a Heist, vehicle sessions, team based tactical shooter, stealth, turret sections.
Not that i have any good memories of the shorter sections. Some are just so poorly done, Thankfully they appear once and leave.
There's not much to say in regards to story. Its a revenge plot, with a final goal of saving Kane's daughter. and many many bad decisions. I remember at the time, they put special importance to the characters and their dynamic.looking back now, even that seems like a force memory. GTA V does a much better job with Trevor.
basically, Kane is a traitor, he understands what he and the people that surround him represent, he will throw them under the bus the moment he doesnt need them. Lynch is schizophrenic, he is seen as a liability and wouldn't be finding much work as a criminal. Both Sociopaths would live their miserable lives alone, get them together and they will bring the worst out of each other. Obviously this game aged badly, but it isnt awfull or anything.

Neon Neon

Kane&Lynch 2: Dog Days

6 hours of playtime, 16 of 59 achievements
Date: 2010 |★☆☆☆☆ ½| Genre: Cover/Corridor Shooter

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The terrible K&L 2, i finally got to it. Yet far from ever completing it. I cant convice any of my friends and honestly i couldnt put a good argument, that would involve me lying about the game. It also seems i am having a good run of terrible game decisions, so why not top that with extreme difficulty. I mean, i was already pulling my hair out at Normal difficulty in the first one, this should be a cake walk right? Well, a few thing drove me to that decision:
- K&L 2 is short. Like, about 3 hours long. Im not really sure, i never understood if steam adds the offline time if you lose internet conection.
- There's tons of checkpoints, because even though it's in an open area, the levels are nothing more than a series of rooms.
So...Dog Days, is mostly about Lynch. Kane is here for no other reason that the dynamic between the 2 characters needs to always be the motive for the chaos. That doesn't mean K&L2 does it right, it in fact makes very little sense. We are supposed to believe Lynch overcame his psychotic attacks, however it didn't take long for Lynch to escalate the issue without Kane´s help. Kane himself would likely have better places to be than to work with Lynch,
Game play wise, it drops most of its mechanics. And all lot of Acid in the process, that would actually explain the lack of cohesion in all departments. The sad part is how much is sacrificed, in favor of the overall vibe and atmosphere. It legit will make you sick. All that, and it still manages to completely forget the culture it inserted itself into. No joke Shanghai as a location is a poor excuse for how tiny the maps are. Even with all the gun noise, it would be impossible for these streets and roads to be completely devoid of life.
What we are left with is a corridor cover shooter?. It is that, don't ask me how, but this generic formula manages to control, look, feel like nothing ive ever seen. That might just be a good thing, might as well remember something for being bad than not remembering at all.At least i remember being frustrated, that is something.
My experience was resumed by a lot of trial and error. Its room after room of finding cover and trying to find a time window to shot the enemy. Its like uncharted on the highest difficulty. Enemies kill you immediately so you spend most of the time behind cover. Except, Uncharted has a good foundation.
In Dog Days, i cant even see the enemies because of all the found footage filters and shaky cam effects. Shame on you IO, SHAME! you should have filmed it at 480p@30fps. It isn't an entirely idiotic idea, but i think they over done it. You are less disconnected to the violence, just by inserting a bit of realism to it. you still need to integrate the camera man to the story, otherwise its just a weird 3rd person camera following the player...ITS A GAME, ITS a camera you placed, that follows the player in 3rd person. Oopsie!
The gun play is terrible, it really doesn't give you many options. You better be sure you got the right gun, because you just ain't gonna survive leaving cover to grab a weapon. SMG have an Insane spread. Shotguns became a bit more useful here due to the size of some maps. Ideally you want something precise like rifles and pistols. No grenades, you can however grab and trow explosive barrels.
Speaking of cover, its not entire snap to cover. Some walls are just too short to fully protect the player, not to mention its almost impossible to get up and shoot under heavy fire. So...actually you can just get near the wall instead. You can even kinda shoot from the sides. Blind shooting is pretty accurate for enemies trying to flank
There's a few more aspects that bug me. One mission had stealth, i played it like a cover shooter, i cant for the life of me understand what this game calls stealth. In the final mission the player controls Kane, Once. He plays like Lynch. I see no other reason other than they wanted the same ending. It sucks that they removed the simple squad commands, because Kane does not die in this one. I kept looking back to see Kane being knocked out constantly and coming back up. He could have flanked. But well, its good enough that he draws all the attention, otherwise i cant leave cover. I don't even want to image how one would play in Extreme-Co-op . What would i do if my partner was dying? I cant move from cover to do Shit!

Neon Neon

Pac-man 256

17 hours of playtime, 10 of 10 achievements
Date: 2016 |★★★☆☆ ½ | Genre: Arcade

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Pac-man and 3 Sprockets is a good match, it did not let me down. These guys give new life to classic arcade games, with simple yet addicting spins to the old formulas. Exactly what Bandai was looking for.
I would recommend it, Its a safe bet as long as you can tolerate the mobile menus.
256 as you move upwards away from a constantly rising glitch, death is inevitable, but new mechanics and strategies will help you out achieve a better score. Ghost behaviour remains the same.
If you want to make points, i noticed multiplier, not restocking a dying power up, and eating the troublesome ghosts to be a overall better strategy without the 256 dots mechanic (the name of the game) :P
Coins is an entire different matter, you receive better rewards for completing missions, than you will ever get by eating coins.
it is just a shame that this game is entirely outsourced, i figured the PC version could use some Bandai help, should at least have online multiplayer, as well as a better way to deal with cheaters. This could have been one of my favorites.
Indie games and leader boards do not mix well on PC. You don't need to know anything about programming, to change a variable. Its more of a game issue than it is the player. Though i do look at them with disdain. I wont deny it...i stalked their profiles just to see them pretend they are gods at pac-man. - and a few douche bags ironically refered to as hackers...lol...i can use cheat engine too.
Why would you break the leaderboard!!! cheat offline!!!
Also i had to remove some people from my friendlist just to take that picture. Its cool though, they cheated XD



10 hours of playtime, 4 of 12 achievements
Date: 2016 | ★★☆☆☆| Genre: platformer

i must have come in with the wrong expectation, i struggled just to finish the game. The game is gorgeous, For what is worth, Owlboy lets you explore a large open world, with some secrets and side activity. You can waste coins on the store, for more health and rate of fire. The scenery is beautiful, characters and story have that strong 90s feel.
Its the gameplay...its not for me. It's not even hard or unfair, the checkpoint system is overly generous. but for whatever reason, its frustrating for me. I just cant get the feel for it
the flying ability removes good old platforming, and makes moving through screens more of a chore. I kept thinking of the game SHU, where you click once to use different character´s ability, but in owlboy, its your shooting ability. because other characters have guns
I also didn't like the puzzles? their fine, Except, if you did one, you will be repeating it a few times around that area. and its less fine each time.
also bosses that make you fight minions instead suck, but the majority are good. you don't actually fight Maelstrom either, thats a bit lame

I haven’t been here for so long, i really need to update my backlog. Some other time though. recently i’ve been playing on Origin…would you believe i cant find anything worth playing there?

Dead Space 3

50 hours of playtime, 50 of 53 achievements
Date: 2013 |★★★☆☆| Genre: Action

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The third installment is a flawed Dead Space game, not comparable to Dead Space 1/2. It being action oriented isnt a problem by itself.
2 players can incentive each other to try multiple playthroughs, as of before ive only played the regular difficulties from the old dead space games.
i've been overly critical for the past few years. This time, im giving it a fair look over all game modes. I wanted to do the DLC, but for that price? its completely out of question.
Should point out i have Mass effect and Dead Space 2 dlc, the second actually quite important, the Planet cracker. It appears, all local saves end up in the same folder. Even if Dead Space 2 was saved on another account.
It was a Normal playthrough and modes are the regular New game+, Classic, Pure Survival, Hardcore. Retro Mode kinda.
It has never been as true as it is now, that Dead Space picks lore over storytelling. You are certainly in for a treat, and an obvious reason why Visceral avoids writing dialogue. It all starts with the market killer and creator himself Isaac clearly over the imminent end of the world, instead taking his breakup pretty badly. He gets persuated, to reunite and help Ellie from the last person that wants him to reconcile with his ex. This man's name is Robert Norton, he is a very confused man, its hard to say what he believes in when it comes to save his life and Ellie. The only thing we know for sure is that he wants to end this love triangle has soon as possible, and that is called priorities. You soon meet the unitologist leader, Elton John, as any good unitologist they are back to refusing to understand reality. I would criticise these villains, if it weren't for the similarities with Scientology
Carver (player 2), a mercenary, joins you on your quest to understand this mysterious codex. Along the way he reveals to have conscious. Pretty standard, but the lore itself is has good as ever
Also, Ellie went through some BIG changes i should say, she has grown bigger...something else. Because here, probably due to higher number of characters and dialogue. She is relegated between some sort of scientist and a princess in need of rescue. Before, it was safe to say, people like Ellie didn't survive by chance. I'm not to concern over her fake relation with Norton, maybe she used him, who cares, she needed help saving the world, and he is a laughing stock of a man any way.
-Level design-
Repetitive, many areas are suspiciously similar. Not counting the ones that are 100% recycled for side missions. I joke that Ellie survives Tau Volantis by taking the magical elevator over to the shuttle.These ships are considerably older and closer to real life ships and submarines, which isn't a great look either.
-Engine Limitations-
Dead Space 3 uses the old visceral engine. On an amusing turn of events, its charming how Dead Space succeeds in looking good despite engine limitations. For one it can be enjoyed at 60fps on integrated graphics cards. And the result. Almost everything that's not the level itself being just 2D textures, is easily forgotten with lighting, particles and snow effects. Its a good looking game for 2013. The only issue is that it wasn't made for this game, it wasn't made for open areas, as those areas are just as tiny as anything else. i can't even hold that many bodies on screen, and so most of them will immediately vanish.
-1º play-through co op (medium)-
this is going to be a constant issue, so i might just address it now. Neither level design or cutscenes work strictly for one or two players. Same cutscenes are altered, but overall is hard to reconstruct cutscenes and scripted events for both cases. Its seems to be hinting that EA changed their course early in development.
immediately i started on the wrong foot. As save points were removed, and i didn't pay enough attention over the difference between checkpoint, a save, and an inventory save.It seems silly, but trust me, it's a rite of passage.
if that is completely new to the series, what isn't, is the incapability of communicating how to play the game to the player. There's a likelihood, if you are new to the series, that you will be playing it wrong until the game requires more from you. This time more noticeable than ever, because more factors in. Hordes are faster, which in culmination of your initial weapon, poor initial stasis power, the ridiculous amount of ammo, teach the player how to spray and prey.
Dead Space 3 still brings some intense encounters like surviving against 3 or more Regenerators. But more often than not is humorously over the top. Theres more than one type of similarly enemies, its the first i see 2 different enemies that take over a host body. One of them is almost purely scripted, the other does have a pretty cool grab. Why?
The new cover system is not a necessity. The roll however, saved me from many deaths, those high frames are the best. this time there's 2 weapons per character, with alternate fire. Works fine for co op and new weapons. Hopefully one of the players is well equipped.
Some side missions are co op only, you will miss some character development otherwise. Even though Carver will speak like a changed man regardless later in game.
I decided not to cheese my normal playthrough, though you can easily make OP weapons. The weapons themselves are adjusted to a fair difficulty, without going for DLC, but if you do want to have some fun, Visceral was sneaky enough to give you enough rations so you don't have to pay microtransactions.
This was not my ideal Dead Space 3.
- (Pure survival) (co op)-
Pure Survival is A OK. It removes items, well...99%. There's only resources.No upgrade chips, weapon parts, nothing...you want, you build
It still ain't my ideal Dead Space 3, because the ratio is wrong. It still gives you tons of scrap metal, meaning a never ending source of universal ammo.At Least it's closer to its survival horror roots. it will also help you upgrade stasis early and grab stasis coating. Let me tell you, Stasis coating is insane. But stasis is the way to play. to make it even easier, i also traded rations for MK weapon parts. The kind that sends necromorphs back to the moon.
-3º play through (classic)-
The solitary experience, best at showcasing the lack of effort.There might be small changes of the overall atmosphere, but it's hardly Dead Space classic.
The mechanic of smashing bodies for items returns, except bodies constantly disappear. There are circuits locked in co op only areas. Atleast they remembered to leave the loot outside the mission of grilly and bursinov. Classic forces pre built templates, weaker and much more awkward to use than Dead Space. So here, is where you use Dead Space 2 Planet Cracker. The bench itself is the same, they just blocked the create a weapon option. Only 2 weapons instead of 4.These things are nothing more than a reminder you are playing the wrong game. The best thing here, is the ability to pick everything with telekinesis, making grabbing dismembered limbs an hassle, but a clear win for me as i prefer to have more intractable objects
- (Hardcore)-
It deletes the save whenever you die, ive tried it twice, im afraid its asking too much for my skill level. absolutely garbage either way. I was going to use cheat engine for quick save and load, but out of frustration, i decided to just test the engine. Crashed it a few times, especially if you spawn even more enemies. Fell through the world. There isn't much to explore, since players need to hit a trigger to generate other parts of the level
Isnt a mode. Its fmv styled filter and frame cuts on enemies. looks like nothing i have ever seen. the playable character is the only model to have full animation, possibly to avoid an awkward game play experience for third person. this means, Isaac is also the only one not missing animation during cut scenes (made in-game engine). The closest i can compare it terms of animation are old PC games like Doom, Duke Nukem. With the exception of Retro mode not having any 2D sprites. Its likely that you couldn't any way due to physics and dismemberment.

Neon Neon

Need For Speed: Rivals

5 hours of playtime, 0 of 0 achievements
Date: 2013 |★★☆☆☆ ½| Genre: Racing

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Forget EA´s naming convention, this is Hot Pursuit 2
On paper this is a progression. Bring the arcade like game play to a open world map, share it with other players. The may or may not take a small part in your solitary experience, both as racers and cops. Seems like a no brainier. But it never really grabbed me. What went wrong?
There has been other NFS titles with a well design open world, the online service is just a novelty. There's no real community. Ghost, inexperience with the genre, let alone open world racing games, stopped them from reaching what could have been their best game. There is very little incentive to drive towards objectives. options are limited and more often than not the easiest way to progress is to do the races themselves, and since i can travel instead of driving, I would rather do that than the slower assignments that offer more opportunities to explore and interact with players, but take way longer. Its ok to interact with another player during a race, attacking them for no reason other that finishing an assignment . Even being followed by a frustrating cop. Mostly i ignored the few players i came across. In any case bots fill in for a large gap, so maybe i just didnt see its full potential. If there ever was one, this game was released in a very poor state.
Everyone already knows it was locked at 30fps, Because 60fps wasn't very stable at the time. These days it's almost 100% beatable at 60fps, if not for one or two bugged races. It's not flawless. Physics become a little messed up, don't be surprised if the car hits the pavement so hard it leaves the playable area and into the void below. Spikes also seem to drop faster. I would also advise installing it on an SSD. There's this weird bug where if the map does not generate in time, it wont load anymore, the car just gets stuck in place forever. Some games need to come with instructions just to be played. Also...there might be some connection issues, first day playing, and my entirely lobby was moved around about 4 times in a row.

A Way Out

9 hours of playtime, 14 of 14 achievements
Date: 2018 |★★☆☆☆ | Genre: Action, Adventure

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Second time playing, as long as there´s friends, there´s more opportunities to play this. Its worth it for a few hours of laughter. Im gonna be honest and this is just my opinion.
I dont understand the praise A Way Out gets...I get it a little. One aspect of this game should become the standard for co op narrative driven games. Both players have freedom within their respectively stories. Always visible to both players, both characters are integral to moving the plot foward. Its dynamic, does split screen if it has to, determines the space that each character deserves at certain plot point. It transitions nicely between two characters, keeping the flow of the action bits. essentially giving equal importance to both players, without having to play twice. See! i get it...but not really. i would never put it on a pedestal, To me, A Way Out is an unintentional comedy.
Too much of the dialogue is cheesy, some scenes are absolutely non nonsensical. Was i the only one nervously laughing when they took the rowing boat?
Game play, as you might expect isn't a fully fledged anything, the story exists first, the game play comes second. It is sort of an adventure game, with various action sequence that give the player limited control. Almost like a series of mini games.mini games come in large variety, both covering action games in general, and the bad action movies this is influenced by.the action comes in form of QTEs, stealth, driving, really really weak gun play... there's more. That's not to mention the actual mini games that are intractable items in the world of A Way Out. something that i wish would happen more often, why not play baseball, why cant we suspend disbelieve for a second, relax a bit with something out of character?
in-between those, its an adventure with a bit of intractable movie aspect, you choose a path that leads you to a different sequence, not at all changing the story, in that aspect its very linear,until the very end.

Crackdown 3

? hours of playtime, 595 of 1000 achievements
Date: 2019 | ★★☆☆☆| Genre: Third person action

This is a tough one, i didn't think Crackdown was all that bad, until taken in consideration how long it took to make, who made it, or how unremarkable it is, made me question why i wasted time on this, even if by that point i wasn't hating the game play. It is, a decent low budget game, the kinds PS2 would have to offer. Its not the kind of game you would advertise. I might not even want or need to describe the game, its not the kind of game that leaves a long lasting impression, it is in fact a Saint Row 4/ Agents of Mayhem clone, more so than it is Crackdown. If the later SR titles where influenced by games like Crackdown, now they are the ones doing so, in fact they steal from it.
Crackdown, offers an open map, a mostly indestructible one. With simple story progression. Ya got your multiple bosses around the map, each boss has a similar type of mission until you do enough of those missions to confront them. The more bosses you take down the easiest the final objective will be.
as for how the game works, i could try and describe it, but i don't understand why it is what it is. For example, this is a frantic shooter, explosions, high wanted levels, multiple enemies...Did you know the missions are very objective centered? Like, you could just book it, and blow up whatever it wants you to.
The gunplay is done with aim lock. weapons, exist, i just went for the clear best ones...let's just say, there are weapons with toxic element on a game where most enemies are robots, some humans are immune to them as well.
idk, whether someone design the map, or they just placed roads and building. Im struggling to think of an interesting area. The vehicles are incredibly floaty and other than for trials, they aren't very useful. Their not even faster than jumping around. Terry Crews is in it, he recorded for 5 entire minutes and left the studio, they mixed his voice lower to everything else so i wouldn't notice, they also thought i wanted to play with characters that aren't Terry Crews. I dont hate this game, i dont even think i understand it well enough for that.

Think i finally caught up with my game updates. Currently Playing, Dirt Rally, Assault Spy, FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT

Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge

22 hours of playtime, 26 of 36 achievements
Date: 2016 |★★★☆☆| Genre: Boggle/match

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It was enjoyable, which i didn't expect from a word game that only uses the english dictionary. Even if i got some of the achievements for the longer words, my ratio was around 5 letters long, and that was by abusing "s" to pluralize.
But that's fine, because it uses elements from more modern matching games. So there are clear objectives, and objects of interest, and a longer word isn't necessarily much better, though it certainly gives a higher high score.
It's slightly necessary to analyze the board, create the words around the area, in order to bring the character blocks down, but there are some hazards along the way.
There's also character abilities. Those cost turns, but sometimes still less than it would take the player to get rid of a certain block or hazzard.
Characters also need oxygen to survive, earned by linking blue blocks through character blocks.
Anyway, i'm missing some achievements, its not so much that its terribly hard, its more because this game is really long.
I already had to deal with the story, with dialogue between every level. So i just had no interest in doing challenges after.
Nor did i care for the time trial levels, especially the simple math game.

Serial Cleaner

4 hours of playtime, 16 of 28 achievements
Date: 2017 |★★★☆☆| Genre: Stealth

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What happens after Hotline Miami?
I liked Party Hard, but in general these Slow paced games built around repetitive tasks, sometimes even self admitted jokes, aren't particularly good, just bad ideas, even if a small twist to the formula.
If it wasn't so short, it would probably suck, i can't even imagine playing this for 10 hours only to find that uninspired boss fight. For a short game, its fine, it went for as much as it needed, and if anyone likes it, there is more hidden content

Quantum Break

16 hours of playtime, 30 of 42 achievements
Date: 2016 |★★★☆☆ ½| Genre: Action/Story driven

^ click to expand</p>

This is a beast of a game, It only runs fine because the upscaling is enabled by default. Turning it off isn't an option for most PC owners, its a massive drop of frame rate. Dont forget this was designed to run at 720p. The worst part is that it looks almost like the Xbox version, except it not capped at 30fps. I might just give it the Crysis treatment, and check back a few years, to test my new build. But i'm sure it will still look blurry anyway. It's kind of a waste to build this primarily for the console, now, well, maybe i could do it with a 1060

Alan wake was better at hiding how straightforward and small the world was, not just because its survival horror. It's more about how it places your current location, in regards to the full map.
I don't like the insistence in separating the live action from the game, no one would know what the hell was going on from the episodes alone.
And the combat is not as satisfying as it looks. Good yet, weaker the most remedy games. I left the grain on, dont know if theres an option to disable it, i just like film grain in games


Murderous Pursuits

4.8 hours of playtime, 6 of 44 achievements
Date: 2018 | ★★★☆☆| Genre: Stealth/Party

I have been playing this casually. If i had a choice i would rather play it with friends, but i lost them with "BlazingGriffin" and "20€"
I like the new game just fine, it is undoubtedly simple. They had to cut so much stuff from the Ship, just to make the concept reality, And honestly i don't know, i don't think it's the kind of game you play competitively, even though they will be adding ranked matches.

More on that later, i want to talk on how comment on how weird this company is. They bought the License for The Ship, Never mind the developer going defunct or whatever, apparently the IP is a bigger asset.
Did they thought this was going to be the new COD? you make a franchise out of a party game?
It must have been a great idea, because the first thing they did was start a crowdfunding campaign to make a sequel. Which obviously failed.
Then to recoup losses they made a remastered version. Unfortunately they must have forgotten they had given The Ship for free like candy, and everyone and their grandma already had a copy of the original.it failed again.

now, we got Murderous Pursuits, which, would not need a license whatsoever. Different time period, rules, mechanics, gameplay, it's not even on a Ship. It was not marketed as a successor to the Ship. And saying its from the same publisher, holds as much interest as saying, this film is from such and such producer.

Anyway, MP, is all about detecting human behaviour.
The radar is really good at telling you if there is a quarry or a killer nearby, but you will need to analyze the room and determine if the character is indeed your quarry or just another NPC.
Everyone will be trying to catch someone, while trying to blend in the crowd. That's almost the entire game, The ship had other stats, like sleeping, taking a shower, you could bribe guards. And MP, just doesn't. You just pretend to be an NPC near your target and your possible killer.
What they do however, and possibly will be adding more are perks, that help defend, attack, or just disguise yourself.
Oh...and there's no combat really, it's a bit more casual, its like a tag game, if you think you have your target, just aproach, highlight and click.
They can defend themselves with perks, they can even expose you before you attack, so it has some mechanics there.

I think the humiliation perk is broken. The next week i said that, they updated it and made it even more OP. I don't know why, i at least know i'm not wrong, because i have only one with that perk. It's the only ability that does not have a timer. I can use it for points every time i kill a target. And yeah, it exposes me, but no one will run around exposing themselves to their killer just to catch me. If my killer isnt around im free to use it. In fact if i expose the killer, there wont even be a reprecussion from using it.~

I wouldnt recommend buying this game to play SP.Its missing part of what makes this game fun.
The only reason this game has SP, is because bots are needed to fill in for when any player drops from the game


Catching up with game updates. That’s what happens when i take some time off Blaeo. I just hope i won’t forget which games i’ve beaten this past few months.
this is part 2:

Treasure Adventure World

21 hours of playtime, 15 of 27 achievements
Date: 2018 | ★★★☆☆ ½ | Genre: open world Platformer | 🔊

^ click to expand

Remake, for a game you can play for free on GOG. A 2D open world game inspired by Knitt.
It was already pretty good in level design, pacing. It had a good sense of progress.
Even when i didn't have certain required items, or didn't know how to reach a certain platform, or how to solve a puzzle, There's always stuff you need and can do, in many of the other islands, and its opened up from the beginning.
There are some small fixes and changes in the layout of some areas, otherwise it's the same game with a new more modern art style.
I didn't even dislike the old one, it wasn't exactly good, but the simple pixelated graphics where charming. This one looks standard to me.
I like the new soundtrack, i still don't like that whenever a remake like this comes, and forces you to experience where the budget went, and where the new team worked on. Like the old tunes are here, but blocked until a second playthrough.
Treasure Adventure doesn't put emphasis on close combat, even though there is combat. Its more about exploration, doing side quests, and use new items to solve puzzles. Even the bosses have simple gimmick to them,
And that's a good, because the controls and physics, are still not particularly great.
it's a bit floaty and loose for my taste. And the initial attacking weapon feels a bit awkward.


Razortron 2000

4 hours of playtime, 8 of 9 achievements
Date: 2016 | Genre: Retro-Racer | ★★☆☆☆ |

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One achievement short of a 100% :I
Simple Arcade Racer, slightly addicting, score based, really old school.
It works, but honestly, it's not very good. It drags for to long. And all there is to do is, drive forward and avoid oncoming traffic.
What always cracks me up, is when these simple games can still be exploited.
The Traffic spawns on a timer, so nothing stops the player from hitting the brakes for a minute, spawn some more vehicles while the road has more lanes, and overtake them for points, by the end of the section, the traffic will have stabilized once again, without punishing the player.

Race Arcade

7.7 hours of playtime, 16 of 28 achievements
Date: 2017 | Genre: Top down racer | ★★☆☆☆ |

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Overpriced trash. Still happy to own it, i'll play pretty much anything.
well, the issue here, is the culmination of simplicity and padding.
The highest point of this game is the ice and water on some of the tracks, because at that point i would welcome anything that could break the monotony.
they had nothing to show, that however didn't stop them from forcing a ridiculous amount of laps for each track.
The final nail in the coffin, had to be the ovni vehicles, not really sure what the deal was in adding a floating vehicle to a top down racer, but well, at least it hovers above grass.
The damn thing barely fits in on some of the tracks, of course the game starts you in last (insult to injury).
now add, that there is barely any tech, and no drift or any strategy in crashing vehicles or push them outside the track, because man!...physics are to complicated to implement.
I did like the colorful tracks, and the option to play local. So not too terrible.

Shadowhand: RPG Card Game

10.4 hours of playtime, 11 of 19 achievements
Date: 2017 | Genre: Deck building/Solitaire | ★★★☆½ |

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I didn't think i would like it as much as i did. It could be much better, but that would imply a less casual experience, which is simply not the audience its aiming for.
I don't know who or why, choose to use the genre or description of the game as a subtitle. It's unnecessary, and while not incorrect, it's not exactly accurate.
Its primarily a solitaire game, with added deck building.
It's actually incredibly fun as it is, it gives a new twist to solitaire, which is kind of a lame game.
My only issue, well...not really an issue, i just had hopes to decrease the RNG associated with solitaire, by adding a wider array of cards.
Now the cards are divided into groups, from armor, weapons, abilities, etc...so you have a good idea what you need on a certain level.
There's just less strategy to it, when there aren't that many cards. Some, are nothing more than just better versions of the previous one, sometimes the case with equipment cards.
So essentially i want this game again, but with more cards. Which would be really cool for the 1V1 battles, and damn those are so much fun already.
I could use a better story as well, it almost plays like an Artifex Mundi game.
They really went for casual. I get it, i don't mind harmless storytelling that doesnt upset anyone, but the pacing is just horrible, and like those hog games, it just continues aimlessly.

Hyper Bounce Blast

6.4 hours of playtime, 5 of 12 achievements
Date: 2016 | Genre: Platformer/ Bullet hell | ★★★★☆ |

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Not counting free to play, this might just be my favorite of the cheapest games on Steam. Historical Lowest price 0,60€
This is a really bad idea, that someone executed flawlessly.
It's a platformer mixed with bullet hell, and surprisingly not only does it work, its extremely satisfying.
It uses that one screen the best it can. Able to slide on the side walls, the upper wall gives brief immunity, you can jump on top of the floating shapes to gain hight.
Platforming is its own reward, the higher you are while shooting an enemy, the heavier the multiplyer. Plus staying in the air, is the only way to survive the bullet hell insanity, as it absorves all bullets you come in contact with

I still have a few more updates left. Hopefully i will find the time

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker

3 hours of playtime, no achievements
Date: 2018
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2D platformer GameMaker.
It is what it is, very steadily dropping towards overall mixed scored.
I think it's a bit unfair to compare a 5€ game to Mario Maker. Not that the devs games are all that impressive, seems like those have the same issues i do with this tool. Can't add acceleration, the lack of animations or Sprites, so on and so forth.
Controls are probably my biggest issue, that and the pre made levels, those are damn awful.
They said the tool is simple to use, and it is, to a point. But you would be missing a lot. Like the best thing it has going for it, is not being bound to a certain game´s rules. You can even add your own assets, not that they actually give you that as an option.
It should probably come with its own tool, especially since photoshop too damn much for what i need to do. Being a PC game and the way the assets are stored though, makes it easy to upload your own stuff, once its done, which is the hardest part.
Neon Neon

Loot Rascals

12 hours of playtime, 5 of 22 achievements
Date: 2017 | ★★★★☆ | Genre: Turned Based RPG, Roguelike ^Click for Full Review

I tried to beat the game, and i keep failing in the last world. Thats depressing. It's actually simpler than it looks, i just need to let go and stop killing enemies.
The initial 2 worlds are much more essential. Starts on low stats, kill weak enemies, hope they drop good cards.
The cards attributes are just attack and defense, and i do prefer the first option, i just cant always get the right cards for that, one thing i know, companions with High defense aren't as good. Special and passive abilities are always needed, otherwise, it's better to just start the game over.
The cards have special rules so you always need to place them well on the grid.
Fully exploring the first 2 world is usually enough for a good build, but i end up screwing it over looking for extra slabs or companions, and in later levels, things can get chaotic, especially after i waste all turns.
Companions: are dead players. When you find certain cards you have the option to keep or send them back, and if you are a good boy, they usually appear to help you kick some butt
Slabs: are cards that let you gather all cards of the same attribute to just one slot, losing bonus, but gaining free space for more cards.
The problem is, from W3 forward, im better off running away.
The game is practically dead, so, there goes the MP component, hopefully some people will get the cards i sent back. No one helps me though, i've had many cards that could help me finish the game, if only someone would find them and send them back.

Fallout 4

126 hours of playtime, 47 of 84 achievements
Date: 2015 | Genre: RPG | ★★★☆☆| ^Click for Full Review

May contain spoilers
Through Family sharing, It's been a topic since it came out between me and a friend. I would always state, i would never pay for a AAA i think i wouldnt care for.
And i still wouldn't pay for this. I played a lot and did all the DLCs. But i didn't like this, its a common issue for me with long games, if there is something small that bothers me, it's going to be a snowball effect.

Even initially, i loved the gunplay, the enemy animation, that make every enemy stand out. But it gets progressively worse, especially if you own DLC.
Automatron, inserts another raider gang, fine...at least they have something unique to them, since they usually appear on the commonwealth attacking robots.
But Nuka World? holy crap, where they lazy, 3 Raider Gangs, and you can bring 2 more to the commonwealth.If you do they act like the minuteMen. The rest is just, the same animal with a different skin. They have ants that attack like scorpions, even though we had Fire Ants in the past.

That however doesn't even scratch the surface on how bad some of the DLCs are. You want a new FNV, it's called Far Harbor, it's better than the base game. Tackles some of the same themes better than F4.
Automatron is an intrusive DLC, and exists in the commonwealth, aside from bringing a bit of content, the quest itself is 90% fetch quests.
Nuka World is the epitome of radiant quest, why must we fill our pip boy with these?
Nuka world is probably one that needs a Karma Meter, its strange how much they let you do, without repercussions, simply because the "less Evil" option is depressingly short.
Killed innocents in Nuka World? Safe
Helped the raider faction in Nuka World? Safe
Went to the commonwealth to bring slaves? Safe
Asked your settlers to leave a settlement? Safe
Raised a Raider Flag? Preston hates you
the complexity of human behavior, reduced to a trigger.
I also dont care for any faction:
Brotherhood - We all know them, they have a good chain of command, but otherwise, would get all technology and resources available for themselves. That makes them a terrible force to reckon with
Minuteman - have no real involvement with the institute
Railroad - Lack any sort of logic, bad activist group
The institute - Might consider analyzing the reason why a certain group keeps leaving, could have saved their lives

Wrack: Exoverse

2 hours of playtime, no achievements
Date: 2018 | Genre: FPS, TD | ^Click for Full Review

I've been following updates, spoke to one of the developers.
i have no clue what the hell just happened, other than the creator keeps rushing the release of these games.
Its intended to be a mix between Tower Defense and Rogue Like, but not the way it was presented.
For the Roguelike aspect it's being updated, they have added new weapons. Other than that, it has perma death...which aint, well, what i expected from "rogue-like elements!"
As a TD, its weak, they launched with Corridor levels, which dampers the difficulty. The level designer from Wrack is working on fixing it.
The gunplay is great, i honestly hope for the best, Their a good team.
I'm still not super happy with it being TD, i feel it's even more niche than before.
At first i thought, "because it's easier to develop", but since they have no experience with the genre, it might not be the case

Riptide GP: Renegade

Date: 2016 | 13 of 24 achievements |


The main and side quests have been completed, i will be back for the ultimate challenges. Main reason for that, this game takes long to get into the arcade difficulty. Sure it gives non fans of the genre some wiggle room to learn some tricks and shortcuts, it also means i had to repeat the same tracks over and over again, as the difficulty slowly progresses.
It extends for a few more hours, more than it has content for. but ultimately, its their best game thus far, there i even say its better than the original Hydro Thunder. And that for a lower price than the sequel to Hydro Thunder
It's a fantastic arcade racer. Responsive, fast, the tricks fit well within the game, not just because the water physics contribute immensely to it, but also due to the reward for pulling bigger and riskier trick combos.
as a modern game, you have unlockable characters and vehicles, and currency to upgrade. And yeah...im not a huge fan of Arcade games like this, cars in those games wherent just better or worse, they controled distinctivly different and thats important. and not the same for Riptide.

Knightmare tower

Date: 2014 |
4 of 6 achievements


I'm a sucker for endless runners. Sort of, the action in this one happens vertically. it's all about gaining momentum by comboing the largest number of enemies in a row
Missing or taking damage loses speed and gets you one step closer to getting melted by the raising lava, or more or less the bottom half of the screen represents imminent death.
Neon you have the usual busy work, so as not to feel the same process over and over again, which i guess is not entirely a lie, since the final area is blocked until you completed every task, in that case its true that your better off wasting each run completing missions
The currency is then wasted upgrading your gear, which again it's not an incentive, since it requires you to do that, to pass through the blocked areas and finally meet the final boss.
And i really dislike that mentality, i don't care if i did not experience all the game had to offer, i reached the top of the screen multiple times, and dammit, i shouldnt need to collect everything to move on.
The boss encounter in fact is pretty awful, so at that point i was annoyed, but if i had lost to it a few times, i would probably just move on onto something else
After that you get endless mode, but there isn't enough content to continue, in that Last Knight succeeds over this game </p>

Zombie Bowl-o-Rama

Date: 2009 |
16 of 21 achievements
★✯☆☆☆ </a>


Hated it, at least the main campaign is short, and if there was a story i have no idea what happened because my mind wasn't even there
It's just insanely repetitive, and if you beat that, than holy crap, the challenges have you playing the same lane over and over again for each and every score point. Imagine you would, and im using a random point system, but you would get 5000 points, you need to repeat the level for 500, 1000, 1500, all the way up to 5000. What the hell !
Also i know the name of the company is very indicative of their products, but 10€ for a joke bowling game, its almost as sleazy as elf bowling

Teddy Floppy ear : The race

Original Release: 2015 | 11 of 14 achievements |
★☆☆☆☆ </a>


If this was my Mario Kart i would be a very traumatized individual right now. I'm still at awe on how complete this game is, someone looked at it and said, yeah this works perfectly, and not a little bit creepy, what we need now is 10+hours of fun for small little kids!. should be said on the store page "if you meet a grown up with a collection of these Mario Kart bootlegs in his house, run for your life!"
Neon Neon

There is just something about the empty stares, the awkward animations, the sometimes lack of music with just barely any sounds which somehow makes it weirder than if it had no sound at all.
But what really matters is the gameplay right? well, it's easy, its not balanced very well, the cars control weird, maybe it's the handling, maybe it's like controlling a brick
There is something in particular i found so damn funny, im inclined to believe they had a good idea of what the power ups would be before actually starting the process of gameplay, particularly regarding the physics. They have this power that makes your vehicle bigger, which in concept could be used to hit other enemies, except the physics make it so that in curves the car flies off the track.
There is one track, late in game that is well design. Other than that, i don't know if it having a lot of content is a positive aspect, if it is, well then you do have a few vehicles, characters, game modes.


Date: 2017 | 10 of 26 achievements
★★☆☆☆ </a>


And finally i stopped playing Roomaze because the final boss is incredibly cheap. If i hear good news from someone who actually beat the game im willing to give it a try, but from my own experience this prick has a dash attack, that runs directly at me no matter if im running (because he is faster) or if im straffing (because he aligns perfectly)
To me it feels like i need to repeat the game over countless times to get some good RNG for him to stop doing that attack
I'm going as an archer, since well...if i take that much damage far away, i dont want to be slashing the dude where i can get attacked myself
It sucks, because i kinda like the game, or maybe i just liked the inclusion of survival type mechanics inside a rogue like.
In RooMaze you have a series of status afflictions you need to play close attention. you don't just lose life when you get attacked, there is a possibility of getting poisoned, broken bones, you can get a cut that if not treated can get infected. all that changes how you play the game, a broken arm might make you react slower, a broken leg stops you from running, you may bleed out to death. So you go around with some medicine, buy some if you need to. Its interesting, i just hit a point where it felt the final boss and the slow combat system i have to deal with, makes it look like one of them does not belong in this game.