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Date: 2007 |★★☆☆☆ ½| Genre: Cover Shooter

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It might be my 3rd run since it came out, have done so only because Every time i promise myself i will check K&L 2 i end up installing this one instead.
Since its gotten a PC release, ive never went back to the PS3 version. This was a badly optimized shooter, and it could also use K&M so yeah...pc is the way to go. Theres a few reason why this was a dud.The stiff controls with the DS3 was one of them, though that was something that lingered with the console among the earlier years
Most criticism went to the short campaign, heh...a longer campaign would slow down the pacing anyway. I would agree in regards to various missing scenes and jump cuts, main characters crash a van and you cant even see it while it happens. the non existing flashbacks,reduced to voices during loading screens or whenever you get knocked down. Thats so cheap, even for a low budget title.
overall that's the most noticeable issues with the franchise, and at the time it felt no one was expecting IO to make a C-entry title.
K&L is an outdated Squad Shooter, that's part of the charm, i wouldn't recommend unless you like budget games, and this one has major flaws. Not to mention its not what it looks like.
shooter or not, accuracy doesn't quite matter as much as positioning yourself and your squad. There's some trial and error for sure, its not entirely skill based, some maps you just have to try and see the results. Wouldn't be an issue if it all worked fine, but it doesn't.
For one, this weird random spread trashes most of the weaponry, i swear they didnt test them and there isnt that many to begin with. it only gets worse with the insane drop in accuracy and damage reduction.
The Snipers are hard to spot, hard to reach and unstoppable head shot machines. K&L is projectile based, but snipers are at an advantage not having to worry about random spread, reduced damage nonsense.
You would think by the title that Lynch is your only partner, but through the story you get other characters joining forces to take down The 7.And with that, Keeping an entire team alive is an infuriating task. They are great, they can provide cover, pin down targets, provide ammo, help you back up with the adrenalin shot mechanic. However the moment you move forward without constantly communicating and marking spots they all advance disregarding cover. Even if the size of the map is small, they find a way to get surrounded. If you think you don't need to shout orders you are in for a rude awakening in Havana. you wont loose because you died, you loose because your teammate died at the worst spot imaginable. And then another followed the mad lad and then another one.
Also armor is for real here. Enemies are bullet sponges without head-shots. I wish melee was more reliable. Its a really long animation and you do take damage during. And The cover system is a nightmare. I cant seem to discern when it snaps to cover and when it will never happen.
In terms of variety, it surprisingly doesn't like to repeat itself. Thankfullly because of its short lenght. Locations are varied, from building, corporations, underground, tunnel, deep jungle, getting yourself in the middle of a civil war. chapters bring something new. a Heist, vehicle sessions, team based tactical shooter, stealth, turret sections.
Not that i have any good memories of the shorter sections. Some are just so poorly done, Thankfully they appear once and leave.
There's not much to say in regards to story. Its a revenge plot, with a final goal of saving Kane's daughter. and many many bad decisions. I remember at the time, they put special importance to the characters and their dynamic.looking back now, even that seems like a force memory. GTA V does a much better job with Trevor.
basically, Kane is a traitor, he understands what he and the people that surround him represent, he will throw them under the bus the moment he doesnt need them. Lynch is schizophrenic, he is seen as a liability and wouldn't be finding much work as a criminal. Both Sociopaths would live their miserable lives alone, get them together and they will bring the worst out of each other. Obviously this game aged badly, but it isnt awfull or anything.

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Kane&Lynch 2: Dog Days

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Date: 2010 |★☆☆☆☆ ½| Genre: Cover/Corridor Shooter

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The terrible K&L 2, i finally got to it. Yet far from ever completing it. I cant convice any of my friends and honestly i couldnt put a good argument, that would involve me lying about the game. It also seems i am having a good run of terrible game decisions, so why not top that with extreme difficulty. I mean, i was already pulling my hair out at Normal difficulty in the first one, this should be a cake walk right? Well, a few thing drove me to that decision:
- K&L 2 is short. Like, about 3 hours long. Im not really sure, i never understood if steam adds the offline time if you lose internet conection.
- There's tons of checkpoints, because even though it's in an open area, the levels are nothing more than a series of rooms.
So...Dog Days, is mostly about Lynch. Kane is here for no other reason that the dynamic between the 2 characters needs to always be the motive for the chaos. That doesn't mean K&L2 does it right, it in fact makes very little sense. We are supposed to believe Lynch overcame his psychotic attacks, however it didn't take long for Lynch to escalate the issue without Kane´s help. Kane himself would likely have better places to be than to work with Lynch,
Game play wise, it drops most of its mechanics. And all lot of Acid in the process, that would actually explain the lack of cohesion in all departments. The sad part is how much is sacrificed, in favor of the overall vibe and atmosphere. It legit will make you sick. All that, and it still manages to completely forget the culture it inserted itself into. No joke Shanghai as a location is a poor excuse for how tiny the maps are. Even with all the gun noise, it would be impossible for these streets and roads to be completely devoid of life.
What we are left with is a corridor cover shooter?. It is that, don't ask me how, but this generic formula manages to control, look, feel like nothing ive ever seen. That might just be a good thing, might as well remember something for being bad than not remembering at all.At least i remember being frustrated, that is something.
My experience was resumed by a lot of trial and error. Its room after room of finding cover and trying to find a time window to shot the enemy. Its like uncharted on the highest difficulty. Enemies kill you immediately so you spend most of the time behind cover. Except, Uncharted has a good foundation.
In Dog Days, i cant even see the enemies because of all the found footage filters and shaky cam effects. Shame on you IO, SHAME! you should have filmed it at 480p@30fps. It isn't an entirely idiotic idea, but i think they over done it. You are less disconnected to the violence, just by inserting a bit of realism to it. you still need to integrate the camera man to the story, otherwise its just a weird 3rd person camera following the player...ITS A GAME, ITS a camera you placed, that follows the player in 3rd person. Oopsie!
The gun play is terrible, it really doesn't give you many options. You better be sure you got the right gun, because you just ain't gonna survive leaving cover to grab a weapon. SMG have an Insane spread. Shotguns became a bit more useful here due to the size of some maps. Ideally you want something precise like rifles and pistols. No grenades, you can however grab and trow explosive barrels.
Speaking of cover, its not entire snap to cover. Some walls are just too short to fully protect the player, not to mention its almost impossible to get up and shoot under heavy fire. So...actually you can just get near the wall instead. You can even kinda shoot from the sides. Blind shooting is pretty accurate for enemies trying to flank
There's a few more aspects that bug me. One mission had stealth, i played it like a cover shooter, i cant for the life of me understand what this game calls stealth. In the final mission the player controls Kane, Once. He plays like Lynch. I see no other reason other than they wanted the same ending. It sucks that they removed the simple squad commands, because Kane does not die in this one. I kept looking back to see Kane being knocked out constantly and coming back up. He could have flanked. But well, its good enough that he draws all the attention, otherwise i cant leave cover. I don't even want to image how one would play in Extreme-Co-op . What would i do if my partner was dying? I cant move from cover to do Shit!

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Pac-man 256

17 hours of playtime, 10 of 10 achievements
Date: 2016 |★★★☆☆ ½ | Genre: Arcade

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Pac-man and 3 Sprockets is a good match, it did not let me down. These guys give new life to classic arcade games, with simple yet addicting spins to the old formulas. Exactly what Bandai was looking for.
I would recommend it, Its a safe bet as long as you can tolerate the mobile menus.
256 as you move upwards away from a constantly rising glitch, death is inevitable, but new mechanics and strategies will help you out achieve a better score. Ghost behaviour remains the same.
If you want to make points, i noticed multiplier, not restocking a dying power up, and eating the troublesome ghosts to be a overall better strategy without the 256 dots mechanic (the name of the game) :P
Coins is an entire different matter, you receive better rewards for completing missions, than you will ever get by eating coins.
it is just a shame that this game is entirely outsourced, i figured the PC version could use some Bandai help, should at least have online multiplayer, as well as a better way to deal with cheaters. This could have been one of my favorites.
Indie games and leader boards do not mix well on PC. You don't need to know anything about programming, to change a variable. Its more of a game issue than it is the player. Though i do look at them with disdain. I wont deny it...i stalked their profiles just to see them pretend they are gods at pac-man. - and a few douche bags ironically refered to as hackers...lol...i can use cheat engine too.
Why would you break the leaderboard!!! cheat offline!!!
Also i had to remove some people from my friendlist just to take that picture. Its cool though, they cheated XD



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Date: 2016 | ★★☆☆☆| Genre: platformer

i must have come in with the wrong expectation, i struggled just to finish the game. The game is gorgeous, For what is worth, Owlboy lets you explore a large open world, with some secrets and side activity. You can waste coins on the store, for more health and rate of fire. The scenery is beautiful, characters and story have that strong 90s feel.
Its the gameplay...its not for me. It's not even hard or unfair, the checkpoint system is overly generous. but for whatever reason, its frustrating for me. I just cant get the feel for it
the flying ability removes good old platforming, and makes moving through screens more of a chore. I kept thinking of the game SHU, where you click once to use different character´s ability, but in owlboy, its your shooting ability. because other characters have guns
I also didn't like the puzzles? their fine, Except, if you did one, you will be repeating it a few times around that area. and its less fine each time.
also bosses that make you fight minions instead suck, but the majority are good. you don't actually fight Maelstrom either, thats a bit lame


I found K&L 2 to be more enjoyable than 1. It’s still not good, mind you, but at least it felt a bit more interesting due to the whole look of the game. Both games are kind of baffling though. How could IO interactive, a studio that made the Hitman games, create such trash?


The look of the second game did make it harder to tell things apart. For me at least. K&L 1 is bland, but not even close to the desaturated ps3 early titles
But yeah, most people wouldnt believe its IO