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October's Theme: Be kind-Rewind

Welcome one and all to this gathering of assassins.
Each and every one of you are top notch killers. Striking new ground in your quest to defeat the towering backlog. However even assassins make mistakes sometimes. And some of your kills are sloppy.
I know you left some of your targets alive I can see them.
In the intrest of professionalism we should have you go back and finish them off once and for all.
They are suffering.
Be kind and please rewind.

The theme of this month is revisiting your unfinished games. You know that nagging list of games you started and then put on hold indefinitely?
The goal of this theme is to reduce that Unfinished list even if only a little.


Now in interest of making sure you really are rewinding time I'm going impose a few rules.

Guidelines for choosing games.

  • Game has been started and played for at least 10% of the HLTB time. Ideally it would have at least one achievement unlocked but its not required
  • Game has been abandoned for at least 2 months.
  • Game is "unfinished". In that you haven't beaten the main storyline/done enough to feel like you've beaten it.
In order to participate in this month's theme, just pick a game from your list of unfinished games.
This can be found in the dropdown menu at the top right if you've sorted your games already.
Once you've beaten such a game, reply to This Comment and tell us what you've accomplished.


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?

What happens if I play all of my unfinished games this month?
Your backlog will be a much smaller place.

I don't have any unfinished games-I've beaten everything I've started.
Really? well that makes one of us... I salute you.

I already finished my entry can I play another?
Go ahead-the goal of this theme is to reduce your unfinished games list the more you can play the better.

I've nearly beaten a game can I still use it as my entry?
Of course-as long as its been abandoned for the apropriate amount of time.

I've already beaten a game can I go back and play it again to use it in my entry?
Ideally the game you pick should be something unfinished. Depending on the game we can make an exception for you going back to 100% complete a game you previously beat the storyline for however it would be better for you to simply aim for unfinished games.

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Reply to this comment if you have any questions or concerns


Great idea for a monthly theme! And one that almost everybody should (in theory) be able to participate in.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

yessss a third of my steam library is currently started and unfinished…


Sounds like you’re the perfect host, then. \o/


Is it okay if I pull some games from my ‘beaten’ list? I put games there that I’ve played through the main story, but have not 100% cleared yet. Most of these would mean I’d have to play through the whole game again so it’s not just spending a few minutes playing through on an old save or something.

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Notice the last note in the faq-its perfectly valid even if its not the preferred option.
as long as its something you’ve been meaning to 100% complete and its been awhile since you last played it I don’t see why not.


Thank you, Blue c: I completely missed that one somehow @_@ Ah, it was late.


Can I pick games that I have beaten, but have additional achievements added after I have beaten them or games that would require second play-through (or play-through with another character) to get more achievements?

Blue Ϟ Lightning

I don’t see why not.
as long as its something you feel the need to go back to.

-kills comming back from the dead can count the same as kills that have been left alive.


Some devs have me going back to a game a couple of times (chainsaw warrior games)


That “I don’t have any unfinished games” would apply to me if it weren’t for the two games I play multiplayer with my brother, who currently lives over an hour away from me. We might be able to beat Mercenary Kings (23 hrs played, last played 7/2/17) since we can play that over the internet.

Anyway, my question is: How will you know that we haven’t played it for two months if we start playing it again before you can check it? I’ll go ahead and leave this here just in case:

Blue Ϟ Lightning

I was originally going have a signup post where people needed to post screenshots for every game as proof but I backed down on it.
there isn’t really much point to cheat (as far as I know you don’t gain anything from it) and if theres any achievements unlocked from the last time you played I can just use that as a basis. I’m going just trust people people as well as check how much they played this month vs any other month But good on you for including your last played date.

Also good on you for finishing 99% of the games you start I think you are in the minority here its commendable


If you’re interested in verifying if the entry is valid, you can add /played to any profile link, for example
And then you have this back arrow near the month’s name on top, that lets you see played games listings for previous months, like this:
So you can click twice to see if someone really didn’t touch the game they are applying with. No need for proofs of screenshots.

But I agree as well that there isn’t really much point to cheat, so no need to check people on it. Still, wanted to let you know that we have a tool that allows that :)

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Thanks I actually already knew about that. 🖒

There’s a typo in the banner, in the word extraordinaire :
Blue Ϟ Lightning

I can’t fix that -_-‘

However its been passed on


fixed, thanks for pointing that out :)

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Reply to this comment with what you've accomplished!

Please include all games you've played in one post (along with how long its been since you last played it?) So its easier for me to keep track.

Ok, so this is madness or Sparta ;) . I had a quick browse through my unfinished games and… I found way to many I could play. Lets see:

Games starting point Status Proof
1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum 2.4h / 1/91 / last played: 1.1.2016 - -
ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition 6h / 14/58 / last played: 28.11.2013 - -
Omerta - City of Gangsters 28h / 23/60 / last played: 22.7.2013 - -
Stardew Valley 74 min / 0/40 / last played: 21.11.2016 - -
Syberia 27 min / - / last played: 22.11.2012 - -
The Banner Saga 5h / 14/39 / last played: 15.6.2015 - -
The Bridge 2h / 3/20 / last played: 24.6.2014 killed 100%
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes 107 min / 1/32 / last played: 25.6.2014 - -
This War of Mine 4h / 8/31 / last played: 1.12.2016 - -
Tomb Raider: Anniversary 41 min / - / last played: 25.1.2013 - -
Tropico 4 2h / 0/70 / last played: 11.8.2012 - -
Unrest 2h / 17/52 / last played: 28.10.2015 killed 100%
Watch_Dogs™ 10h / - / last played: 31.5.2014 - -

Rewind list

Do hit me, if I missed to do something hide
Since I set up a new PC, every single one of those games doesn’t have a saved game. So I have to restart ever single one! Although that might not be the case with This War of Mine. Not sure o.o
I have no idea (yet) which one I’ll play or how many I will eve try. So yeah, that’s it so far!

Thank you for hosting!


uh? doesn’t steam cloud sync your savegames? I think you should be able to continue your previous game.
Or you could backup your Steam from the old PC, but I don’t know if it’ll import savegames too (should be better than a simple copy of the folder though, since I think you should go hunting all the savegames one by one with that second option)


Some games do that some don’t. Steam doesn’t even remember certain progress you made with games on two systems. Like having a game where you have to complete a set number of things from something. They start again from zero. But that’s something else I guess. So, yeah. Dunno. Gotta see. Haven’t tried them yet tbh, so maybe there are safe games :)

Game Starting Point Status Achievements
Gauntlet 2 h, 2/46, Last played: 2016/07/26 Beaten Achievements

This is a great idea, and a much needed theme.

Current list with updated progress

Game Starting Point Last Played Status   Cheevos
Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered 4h, 7/60 18/10/2015 Beaten 🐑 39/60
A Druid’s Duel 2h, 4/49 10/05/2015 Beaten 🐑 27/49
Epistory - Typing Chronicles 14h, 24/55 24/04/2016 Beaten 🐑 42/55
Concrete Jungle 4h, 3/13 12/03/2016 Beaten 🐑 8/13
Hand of Fate 5h, 4/53 15/05/2015 Beaten 🐑 20/53
Sudoku Quest 12h, 19/35 02/04/2017 Beaten 🐑 25/35
️🏆 Tales from the Borderlands 1h, 2/35 9/11/2015 Completed 🐑 35/35
️🏆 Papers, please 4h, 1/13 23/06/2014 Unfinished   1/13
Poly Bridge 2h, 1/22 08/06/2017 Unfinished   1/22

Confess you are just here to slurp some coffee again :] :D




Bump to that ^^

Detective Draco

There are a few i wanted to finish but end up delaying, i like this theme.
This is my plan, I highly doubt i will accomplish all of them but i will try.

Game Last time played Hours played before October Status Proof
Final Fantasy Type 0 09 September 2016 14.5 h Unfinished Achievements
Backstage Pass 25 April 2017 23.1 h COMPLETED Achievements
Saints Row: The Third 10 April 2017 40.1 h Unfinished Achievements

I’m aiming for all achievements. On Backstage Pass i did 5 of the 15 endings.
Let me know if any of these doesn’t apply.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

They all work perfectly fine- Good luck!
Finish your kills!


Ooh this is a perfect challenge for me! I was just looking at my 17% unfinished games yesterday, telling myself I really need to finish some. So many

that I was loving but set down. Some I’d have to restart from the beginning it’s been so long, but I’m excited to have a lookie and see what to play. :)

Game Starting Point Proof Status
Solitaire Christmas. Match 2 Cards 13 Hours. 8/21. 3/25/2017 14/21 (Beginner) Beaten
Retro Game Crunch 4 Hours. 6/13/2016 Credits / Review Beaten
Stikbold! 1 Hour. 4/26. 3/30/2017 8/26 (Prodigies) Beaten
Long Live The Queen 4 Hours. 6/45. 6/27/2014 13/45 (Long Live The Queen) Beaten
Little Inferno 2 Hours. 7/15/2014 (4/7 catalogs) Screenshots (ending) Beaten
KAMI 1 Hour. 1/27/2014. (Level #20/45) Perfected all classic levels Beaten
Speedrunners 8 hours. 9/29. 5/18/2017 19/29 (Welcome to New Rush City) Beaten
This Is the Police 10 Hours. 2/10. 9/2/2016. 6/10 (Sinking Pequod) Beaten

Deleted 1 unfinished game from account / beat 2 not listed for a total of 11 unfinished games (4%) down!

Side notes:

Am fine not counting games without achievements towards challenge as difficult to completely prove, but beat a couple and would like to keep track.

Long Live The Queen’s achievements didn’t register until I relogged, why they were unlocked at same time. (Not sure why, almost contacted support.)

I’ve played 8 hours of Speedrunners with friends previously but never the story mode, so I finally played through that.

Games I tried but will have to restart from beginning: The Banner Saga


Oh, perfect opportunity to bring myself to make my “games to 100% someday” list much shorter! Let’s see which ones are still on the table:

Game Starting point Proof Status
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments 19 hours, 19/25 achievements, last played 04.07.2017 Achievements page Beaten
Doodle God 6 hours, 21/22 achievements, last played 24.07.2016 Achievements page Completed
Daily Chthonicle: Editor’s Edition 4 hours, 2/8 achievements, last played 23.07.2017 Achievements Page Beaten

I hope none of them are too “finished” to count :P Both “Sherlock Holmes” and “Doodle God” lack achievements that require replaying the whole game and “Daily Chthonicle” is the only SteamGifts win I never finished. The goal is to get “completed” on all of them.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

all of them count- :3
good luck! hopefully your list will be much shorter.


Here’s my rewind plan! I’m aiming for four games this month.


Machinarium - last played: 2+ years ago
stopped about 60% through, replaying now for achievements
Status: Completed! Review + Achievements

The Lion’s Song - last played in April
played the first two episodes, the last two episodes are out now
Status: Moved from ‘unfinished’ to ‘beaten’. Review + Achievements


Technobabylon - last played in March
Additional playthrough for last achievement to play through with developer’s commentary
Status: Completed! Review + Achievements

Broken Age - last played 1+ year ago
Additional playthough for the two ‘use __ on everything’ as Shay achievements. Will not be getting the speedrun achievement.
Status: Completed! Review + Achievements

TOTAL RESULTS: 3 games complete, 1 game beaten


I returned to my SG wins Fortix and Fortix 2, yes they’re very short but i didn’t feel like finishing them back then (i didn’t like them).


Finished World of Goo, i wonder why did i drop it back then, amazing game.


Went back to the Lone Survivor, the visuals cause some eye strain but in the end it was worth it!


This is a great idea! I have picked these games to tackle:

Anna’s Quest
Chaos on Deponia
Hero of the Kingdom
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart
The Wolf Among Us


<insert random bullying here>
Sorta placeholder post for now, I’ll come back to it with updates

Game Starting Point Status Proof
Life is Strange 12/60 Achievements - Last played 2015-02-09 - 2h Unfinished Achievements

Final Edit: I ended up not participating at all, pretty much all of my gaming time went into South Park and Divinity OS2

Games Start Date Achievements Playtime - Total Playtime - October Previous Status Current Status
Alice’s Patchwork Nov, 2016 14/18 14 Hours 9 Hours Unfinished Beaten!
BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition Jun, 2017 20/79 15 Hours 8 Hours Won’t Play Beaten!
Munin May, 2016 14/18 9 Hours 5 Hours Unfinished Beaten!
FIVE: Guardians of David Jun, 2016 21/21 16 Hours 6 Hours Unfinished Beaten!
Lichdom Battlemage Apr, 2016 18/59 13 Hours 6 Hour Unfinished Beaten!
Below Kryll Nov, 2016 2/34 1 Hour 15 Minutes Unfinished Won’t Play! >.<
Titan Souls May, 2016 14/27 1 Hour 3 Hour Unfinished Beaten! :D

As I’ve progressed in this theme, I’ve come to appreciate more and more games that support Steam Cloud save! It’s a game changer and a life savior! xD


The list could get huge really quick. For now i’ll try to tackle:
The Wolf Among Us

And if i still have the save file around i’ll give it a go for Stardew Valley, Evoland 2, Enter the Gungeon aaand Shovel Knight.


So far:
Battle Group 2 (beat and last played in Sept. 2014) is now complete.
10/15 update:
World of Goo (unfinished, but now beaten, Was like 3 years since I last played (can’t say for sure, I installed and it removed my last played time :/)


I want to take part as well! I’ll update this post as I revisit old games and hopefully when I’ve finished them.

#1 Red Faction II: last played 13.05.2013. Status: Completed.
#2 Spacebase DF-9: last played 03.09.2014. Status: Completed?*
#3 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005): last played 02.02.2015. Status: Completed.
#4 Metro 2033: last played 12.02.2015. Status: Beaten.

Last edit: These are the 4 games I did for the monthly theme, no more will be added.

*: Well…the game is a sandbox game, which has no campaign or quests or achievements. I have played the game for about 9 hours in the last days, in which I built every object, researched every technology and extracted each ounce of fun (there is not that much content…). To me, the game is completed, but I am completely fine if you do not see it the same way and do not want to count it :)

Blue Ϟ Lightning

*sorry for the late reply I don’t get pings for edited comments but I saw this when I was going through to keep track of everyone

sandbox games are hard to classify in general-I have a whole catagory for games I consider “endless” (and multiplayer cause I shoved them together)
I think the most important thing for this event is whether or not you consider it completed now.
did you have it previously installed with the thoughts that you might go back to it some day and now don’t want to go back to it/ have unistalled it?
cause in my mind thats definitely finished and wow this is a long reply aaaa


No worries, I wasn’t waiting for an instant reply.

Yes, I consider it completed and I have no desire or reason to go back to it. But as I said, since that is hard to verify, I would understand if you feel it does not count. However, if my word is enough, than I’m happy to add the game to this month’s theme :)


This is my progress:

Game Date Abandoned Achievements Screenshot Status
Titan Souls April 2017 Achievements Screenshot Beaten

Forgot to throw my hat into the ring here! I chose the two games I bought the earliest on Steam and still haven’t beaten fully. They are:

Batman Arkham cityBought in 2012First achievement unlocked: 2012-11-29 19:23:23Last achievement unlocked prior to this month: 2016-10-23 15:47:02Achievement count: 49/64
Hero AcademyBought early 2013First Achievement unlocked: 2013-01-01 06:39:07Last achievement unlocked prior to this month: 2013-02-05 11:41:53 Achievement Count: 31/69

I’ve already played them both a lot this month. I managed to complete the batman challenges and campaigns, catwoman and robin challenges and I’m working my way through new game plus. So good progress made. If I finish this it will be nearly five years after I started it. Definitely a record!

CleaningSimp twitter


For this event, I decided to finish SteamWorld Heist once and for all! I dropped it 3 months ago (July 5th) even though it’s a great game.

Game: SteamWorld Heist. Status: Beaten. Screenshot and Achievements


I finished Half-Life 2 after letting it sit for 3 years! ^_^

Half-Life 2. Status: Beaten. Achievements

Blue Ϟ Lightning

damn I should have followed your lead…I still haven’t finished it myself.

Good job!


Here is my completion list. I finished Ember Kaboom but it doesn’t have achievements so I didn’t include it. I also made some progress towards finishing Venetica and might manage to finish it tomorrow. Since it also doesn’t have achievements I didn’t include it here either.

Tangled Up! Last played 30th June 100% completion Everything completed
Detective Case and Clown Bot Last played Dec 2015 80% completion Story completed
Enigmatis 3 Last played 5th June 100% completion Everything completed
Depth Hunter 2 Last played 10th June 100% completion Everything complete
Bridge Constructor Last played Dec 2016 100% completion Everything complete
Heroine’s Quest Last played Feb 2015 41% completion Story completed (Warrior)
8-Bit Bayonetta Last played 1st April 100% completion Everything completed
Rush For Glory Last played 3rd April 64% completion Campaign completed
Blue Ϟ Lightning

If you consider ember kaboom finished I’m completely fine with counting it you know-
you have playtime on it this month and I’m completely fine with trusting you :3

Games Starting Point Achievements Screenshots
Blackguards 4/30/14 10/45 Achievements Sceenshots
Wolf Among Us 5/5/14 25/35 Achievements Screenshots
Hero of the Kingdom 7/7/16 24/38 Achievements Screenshots

Successfully beaten
The Wolf Among Us


managed to finish dmc: devil may cry which i started some years ago :)

Game Starting Point Status link
Jack Orlando Director’s Cut 0.7h / - / last played: 4.6.2015 completed screenshots
SpaceChem 13.5h / 6/20 / last played: 3.4.2012 beaten (16/20) achievements

I love the description of this theme. Shame though, I just uninstalled a bunch of beaten-but-not-completed to make space, perhaps I will have to re-add a few or go even further back…
Good luck, Assassins! ^_^

Blue Ϟ Lightning

I should really follow your example-my hard drive is groaning with like less than 20gb of space left at any time.
But whenever I think of uninstalling something I look at it and go I still need to finish this.

The goal of this month is to not start anything new but I can understand not wanting to reinstall stuff. If you ever feel like joining its open all month


My exact thought process each time, just had to bite the bullet. Anyways I’m sure I can find something.


Well I was going to be doing this anyway so I might as well make it more official :D

Here’s my incredibly optimistic to-do list

Tangled Up! Last played 30th June 100% completion Everything completed
Detective Case and Clown Bot Last played Dec 2015 80% completion Story completed
Enigmatis 3 Last played 5th June 100% completion Everything completed
Depth Hunter 2 Last played 10th June 100% completion Everything complete
Bridge Constructor Last played Dec 2016 100% completion Everything complete
Heroine’s Quest Last played Feb 2015 41% completion Story completed (Warrior)
8-Bit Bayonetta Last played 1st April 100% completion Everything completed
Rush For Glory Last played 3rd April 64% completion Campaign completed
Blue Ϟ Lightning

Nice list-I should go back and finish shovel knight myself- I hope you manage to complete them when you finish can you post to this comment?


when you finish can you post to this comment?

Will do. I’ll probably wait until the end of the month to post everything I’ve completed though.


This comment was deleted almost 7 years ago.

CleaningSimp twitter

Interesting and unique theme.:) I’m not sure if I’ll have a lot of time this month, but looking at my unfinished games, a few stand out as being potentially worthwhile to finish: Anna’s Quest, Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, Epistory, Hand of Fate, Huniecam studio (he he), Steamworld Heist, Tales from the Borderlands, Va11-Hall-A… well, that was more than I expected xD

Blue Ϟ Lightning

those are are some really good games- I hope you manage to complete them when you finish can you post to this comment?


wow…so many games for this monthly theme :))
guess i’ll start with the borderlands games during my work breaks

Blue Ϟ Lightning

and you absolutely have to finish all 179 of them :3
I’m joookiinngggg


if october would last like 3-4 months maybe… huehuehue


Dang. I wish I had seen the theme yesterday. I felt compelled to go back to Half-Life 2: Episode One and try to get my achievements from around 50% to 100%. I managed to get all except for “The One Free Bullet”, which to my aggravation didn’t pop at the end of the game. 😧

This reminded me of years ago when I sunk a ton of extra time into getting the “Little Rocket Man” achievement in Episode 2 (where I currently only have 45%). I carried that little bastard all the way to the end, put him in the rocket, closed the hatch… and nothing! 😡

Blue Ϟ Lightning

You are off to a great start! I’m willing to count this because depending on timezone yesterday was the first day of the month
Feel free to include it any any other unfinished games you go back to by replying to the comment so I can find all of them at the end of the month

Anoyies me to no end when a cheevo doesn’t pop after I do everything I’m supposed to.


eh, I have quite a few =P
What I’ll be lacking very soon is internet connection so I don’t know if I’ll be able to join :\

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Do you not have any old games downloaded? In any case good luck with your situation


Yes but by not being able to connect to Steam achievements won’t unlock nor playtime will change.. basically I have no way to prove I’ve played them =P
I’m kind of thinking of playing some non Steam games until I get internet back..

Blue Knight

Wow, I’m definitely playing some abandoned games for this!


So far:
Battle Group 2 (beat and last played in Sept. 2014) is now complete.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

good job :3
You’re supposed to reply to this comment with your results however


Whoops, thought I did, Will be sure to thanks ^_^


Time to play some abandoned games :)

Games Abandoned on Achievements Status
Ferrum's Secrets: where is grandpa? 30 Sep, 2016 13/20 Beaten

I’m happy with my progress made, but especially beating This Is the Police which I’ve been putting off. It was high priority to beat by the end of the year, so hooray for this challenge. :)