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May game report

This has been a slow month, i've only beaten 3 games (albeit 2 of them were fairly long) and most of them were a bit of a letdown compared to my expectations. Let's proceed and see the games, from worst to best.

Dying Light

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 62% (42 of 68) 46 hours

What a massive and unforeseen disappointment. Despite the backlash on their previous game, i quite liked the Dead Island franchise, it was silly and it was fun. Based on that premise i was absolutely stocked to play an updated version of DI with parkour, survival elements and scary horror nights. To be fair the game has all of that...kind of. The parkour is fun (when the controls decide to work as intended) and definitely the best part of the game, the scavenging is in the game but no survival element, the nights are scary...the first 2 times before you realize there are so many safety nets and there is no penalty for dying, you just respawn a couple of meters away in a safe house like nothing happened.

The first 4-maybe 5 hours of the game are absolutely amazing, AMAZING. You get to run in this immense open world, you get to find out hidden stashes, you craft your first weapons, realize your characters sucks at combat and proceed the next couple of hours sneaking around and throwing zombie into traps...and somwhere along those lines you realize that's all there is to the game.

Just a massive disappointment, and to add insult to injury the expansion "The Following" takes away the funniest aspect of the game (the parkour) and adds silly raid bosses encounters. Wth did i end up playing? I still have hopes for a sequel, but damn i'll just play a demo next time before jumping on board.

Dishonored 2 (SG Win)

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 36% (18 of 50) 21 hours

I had already played and beaten the original Dishonored, so i knew what to expect from the sequel and the game delivered for the most part. Gameplay is solid, finally they included fun gadgets for the non-lethal playthrough so you don't feel like you are missing on the fun aspect of the game.

Storywise it didn't click like the first one, i felt it jumped the shark with this weird soap opera/fanfiction where somehow emily has become this super cold blooded assassin that cares for noone. Sorry i just don't buy it. World also took a big hit, maybe the novelty wore off, but it doesn't have a "real" feel to it anymore, they are just hubs with people to kill(or escape).

Everything considered i'd still recommend for the gameplay, although, at least on pc, game runs poorly and i actually got motion sickness while playing.


Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 31% (4 of 13) 4 Hours

I had always heard high praise for the dialogue system of Oxenfree, but i didn't know it was also a lovely little game. Story is a bit a hit or miss, i was okay with it but i can see where some people might have issues, and afaik people are still looking for a secret "good" ending, so there's that.

Highly recommended. Art is lovely, dialogues and characters are well written, and the story accomodates multiple playthrough with multiple outcomes.

Quantum Break (SG win)

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 74% (31 of 42) 8.7 hrs

Quantum Break is probably the closest thing we get to a hollywoodian-blockbuster videogame, it has explosions, acclaimed actors, low sci-fi plot(holes) and cool aesthetic. Is it also a good game? Let's find out.

At the most basic level, QB is a superhero game with time based superpowers. It sounds cool and plays cool. Gameplay is fun, shooters mechanics could use some work, but the superpowers are fun. Not necessarily balanced or thematically coherent, but they are fun to use and fun to see.

The story works, unless you think about it too much and in that case it breaks apart, and has some nice moments. The TV show was a wasted potential, it started as a mean to explain what's going on in the background, but it delves too much on characters the player doesn't really care about and are not even in the game.

Overall the game is a solid 7/10. I am a big fan of Remedy games, so i look forward the next one (possibly Alan Wake 2, a man can believe)


Status Achievements Playtime
Completed 100% (14 of 14) 3.2 hrs

As soon as i saw the early unlock for the next Humble Monthly, i knew i had to buy it.

Inside is truly a gem, it reminded me of the old days of flash adventure games, stuff like "The company of myself" or "Everyday the same dream". I heard a couple of negatives remarks by friends who thought it would be a puzzle/platform heavy indie instead of a chill adventure 2dscroller. As for me, i thoroughly enjoyed this handcrafted experience. Everything just "clicked" perfectly for me, probably the best indie game i've played in the last couple of years.

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 79% (34 of 43) 141.8 hrs

...and then the puruit of gael took the Ashen one in the Ringed City, where he went on to kill every last living being in the whole world. And i'm not even exaggerating, okay maybe a little bit. I loaded the dlc with high expectations and waiting to be disappointed and left with sense of awe and sadness. I hope Myiazaki is happy with what he's created.

And with this we bid farewell to Demon/Dark Souls. After 8 years it's probably safe to say that it is time to move on...wait there is still Bloodborne, i take everything back.

Persona 5

Status Achievements Playtime
I see the light a load of them 100+ hours

Finally winter 2014 is here and so is Persona 5! Bad jokes asides, persona is the main reason i bought a ps4 and it's a marvel. Since the various reviews around have covered pretty much everything i'll just talk about stuff that stand out for me.

  • I believe the "1 more" system is inherently broken compared to the "Press turn". It makes the basic battles a non-issue, as long as you can hit weaknesss, and takes away a bit of strategy vs bosses;
  • The games is a huge leap forward in thematic coherence and system balance (i managed to max every confidant and every stats withouth the need of a guide);
  • They really did justice to the 3d models of Kaneko work;
  • Negotiations are not random, glory to YVHV!
  • Even on hard, the game feels too easy. I fear more the random encounters than the bosses (although i love their design).
  • Buffs/Debuffs are OP as always (i never took Ann out of the party against a boss);
  • Altered status are more viable than ever, charm carried my ass in the first two dungeons (sorry Mitsuru if i berated you in p3).
  • Some confidant boni are borderline gamebreaking (temperance and sun in primis).

I would add some screens but alas Atlus blocked that feature for the game and i only have low res photos shot with my phone.

March update

I had this post prepared at the start of the month but forgot to post it, i'll probably have another update on the weekend with A LOT of dark souls 3 screens.


Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten once 16% (28 of 172) 22.3 hours

I have been a long lasting fan of the Total War series, albeit i haven't played one since the first Medieval 2, so i jumped on boat the moment i saw it on the humble monthly.

I managed to beat a full fledged campaign with my fellow dwarves and i have come to the realization that i suck at playing both RTS and 4X genre. Luckly the dwarves have possibly the best start in the game so i managed to overwhelm my enemies and the lack of geneva conventions means FLAMETHROWERS. The only good greenskin is a burnt to crisp one.

That's pretty much it, i hope i'll come back to start another campaign once my backlog starts to shrink a bit.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 33% (9 of 27) 39.7 hourrs

I've had eyes on this game for years, not many jrpg around on pc and this is supposed to be one of best and especially after the mess that was Zestiria i was digging some good old nice jrpg action. I sort of liked it, but the actual battle gameplay was awful and the spike hyke on every boss was unbearable (luckly the dev knew, and dialed down their stats everytime you die)

Everything else apart from the battle was generally very well done, i would have probably appreciated if some of the companion were permanent but it wouldn't have made sense story wise so i can't complain.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 55% (24 of 44 6.1 hourrs

Awesome game, awesome cast of characters. An absolutely lovely, charming and comic platform. I honestly have no idea why i hadn't heard of this series before getting the Pirate Curse, a real shame if you ask me.


Game Status
Uncharted Trilogy Beaten
God of War 3 Beaten

I had the Uncharted trilogy sitting on my desk since i bought the ps4 back during the black friday craze. I was blown away by the jump in quality between the three games (although U2 was imho the high point of the trilogy). Can't wait to play the last installment (which is sitting on my desk too :p)

God Of War 3 was a jump in the nostalgia back in the ps2 era, and i'm sorry to say that maybe, the games were not as good as i remember. Perhaps it didn't age well, but by today standard the gameplay is straight up mediocre for an action game. Demon design is 10/10 though, love their rendition of the chimera.

I haven’t really updated my profile in a couple of months, so bear with me

Game Playtime Achievements
Batman: Arkham Knight 33 hours 70% (79 of 113)
Risen 2 - Dark Waters 29 hours 53% (26 of 49)
Chroma Squad 13 hours 53% (23 of 43)
Legend of Grimrock 2 18 hours 57% (34 of 60)
Mother Russia Bleeds (SG win) 2 hours 30% (10 of 33)

2 lines review

Batman: Arkham Knight was a massive disappointment, batmobile combat was a cool gimmick for the first 30 minutes that took central place in the plot/gameplay as the game progressed and it was just awful. Story was ok, the reveal of the AK was a huge cop out after months of teasing. I really liked the dlcs of Arkham Stories minus the “final boss” of the catwoman sidestory. Overall a stepdown from Arkham City, 7/10 for me

Risen 2 - Dark Waters, mediocre game with nice voice acting and a couple of funny bits. That’s it. The only times the game acknowledge it is a pirate themed game is when they mention rum. I tried to boot up Risen 3 but i realized they somehow managed to ruin the combat even more, so i think i won’t play it anytime soon. 6/10 and i’m being generous.

Chroma Squad , this game works wonderful as a 30 minute parody, than it overstays its welcome for the next 12 hours. The mecha fights were fun the first time, the second time even but by the 12th time it’s just asking you to uninstall and never come back. Truth be told i haven’t, and probably never will, beat the game, i can’t beat the final mecha battle with my current equip and the game has no do-over other than replaying the whole damn thing. No score since i won’t finish it.

Legend of Grimrock 2, although i never fished the first LoG i’ve always kept good memories of it and LoG2 is just a huge improvement over the first one. No more wandering for 20 hours in grey corridor over grey corridor to spot a secret button or trying random teleporters. This time you have a whole island to explore where you can starve to death, if that’s your thing. Truth be told the hunger meter was a no issue and i kept forgetting it existed. If i have one complain, the square dancing in battles is just boring and hard to balance, most enemies in the late stage can oneshot every one of your characters unless you abuse the system. And since i am complaining, some of the puzzles made no sense or had close to no hint on how to solve them. Solid 8/10 in my book.

Mother Russia Bleeds, eh i was expecting much more from gameplay videos. Mediocre game overall, i forced myself to finish it because it was a win on SG. 5/10

December #2 and last update

Last update of the month and year. Happy new year's eve to everyone. See you in 2017 :D

Puzzle Agent 1/2

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten Nope 3.1 hours
Beaten 96% (50 of 52) 2.6 hours

I lump this two together since it's basically one game cut in two. I admin, i am not a huge fan of puzzle adventures. They usually start with some basic connect the dot and end with "in order to open this door you need figure out that if you bring this pointy hat and throw it in a raging volcano under a full moon while you are baking a pizza with one hand and petting a trained hamster with the other a key will drop out of a magical tree on the other side of the island". Although it may just be me and everyone else has a mid set to jump at this sort of logical conclusions.

Aaaaanyway. Puzzle wise (eh), Puzzle Agent is right up my alley, the puzzles are the sort of enigmas found in a weekly magazine which i adore (at least i did, haven't bought one in years). A couple of them are weirdly worded or have oddly specific requisites so i had to use the built-in hints that the game provide, other than that they were small, immediate and fun to figure out.

I won't say anything about the story or plot, because it is so utterly out of the park that it has to be experienced first hand. Absolutely recommended.


Tales of Zestiria

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten and trashed 30% (17 of 56) 50.3 hours

I tried to like this game, i really tried...the title of Zestiria is wrong imho, it should be "Tales of horribly wrong decisions". This game is utterly broken, boring and all around bad. I was going to prepare a lenghty analysis of every shortcoming of Zestiria, like the utterly broken difficulty system, or the on rail combat, the characters ripped of a random page on Tvtropes or even the stupid mess that's the equip stats and buff, but then i went and faced the final boss. Oh boy, oh boy that final boss is the epitome of the horror that is this game design.


So the final boss. I'll keep it spoiler free if you are masochist enough to play through Zestiria. As far as final bosses go, it starts fairly standard, first phases is a classic boss encounter, you are in a small circle arena where you dodge stuff and hit him in the head. Same goes for phase 1.5. That phase 2 starts and everything crumbles. For the phase 2 i'll need a bit of visual aid so here it goes my mad paint skill. Couple of tidbit before we start, your party is composed by 2 humans and 4 seraphim, only 4 can be active at the same time and every seraphim active must be paired with a human. If a seraphim dies you can swap them out while they "heal" and if a human dies a seraphim che revive them given that they have any spare battle point.

As you can see the Boss pattern attack cover a cone in front of him, he will never move and every attack hits the exactly same spot every time. The red circle is the closer to the boss but also the deadliest, you are dead meat if you stand there. Orange will get you hit 75% of the time and yellow is kind of a safe spot for sniping if you keep guard for his long range attack. Blue spots are safest, you'll get hit once in a while but you'll sustain basically 0 damage compared to the rest of the battle arena. Strategy for this phase is standing in the blue spot and hit attack. That's it, you just stand there and hit the attack button over and over. What about your party companions? First of all let's start by saying that party AI in this game suck so you can guess what they will do the whole fight. Yep, they stand in the red circle, die, resurrect and die 5 seconds later. Meanwhile you stand in your safe zone chipping away the boss 200k HP with your manacing 1k dmg a hit. Not so bad right? The fun part hasn't started yet. When the boss health falls down a threshold it begin charing a OHKO move unless you can pass a dps check, and you need your full party for this part. Yay! And you can only use 1 item every 10-15 seconds, so your best bet is to hope that the active seraphim has at least 1 unused point to revive the human and that both of them will attack the boss. Best part? You have to do this 4 times, and after every dps check you lose 1 seraphim so you are stuck in the last parts with permanent dead allies. Keep it up for 20 minutes and you have beaten phase 2!

If anyone is interested in the characters and the story, i redirect you to the beatifully drawn anime which also made some much needed adjustement to the story so it makes sense

Dragon's Dogma

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 66% (39 of 59) 53.1 hours

I honestly didn't expect this game to have such a complex ending(s). "Final Battle" was just as epic as i thought it would be, even though this sort of games usually fail miserably to portrait a battle of that scale (things like the Dragon God from Demon's Souls).

Sooner or later i'll start New Game+ with hard mode to jump on the dlc since i haven't had a chance to get there in my first playthrough. </div>

December update #1

End of the year is nigh, so i decided to try something new for this write ups. Any feedback is welcome!

Last minute edit:

i knew i forgot something. Little giveaway for the winter’s theme. Cheers!

Never Alone

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 79% (15 of 19) 2~ hours

Game Report

I won Never Alone on SG a couple of months ago, i think, and it has been sitting in my library since then. Game in itself is a pretty simple platformer that serves the function of a documentary more than a real game. Two minor troubles i had with the game were the: lack of targeting feedback for the bolas, i swear i missed at least 5 times everytime i had to throw them; having to direct two characters on screen, especially on timing jumps and timed sections.
All considered i think this is a 7/10</p>

Also i was sure i had the Foxtales dlc, but it turns out i don't, and 4 Achievement are locked behind it. I'll consider Never Alone completed in my mind.


Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 70% (14 of 20) 2~ hours

Game Report

Oh Kholat, where do i begin? First of all i realized i should never go on a trip alone in the woods cause I suck at reading a map+compass. My experience in the first 30 minutes can be summed up in

  • Where on earth am i?
  • Where on earth am i going?
Game doesn't make it easy either, spread around you can find coordinates written on the side of the rocks. "Ohhh this is where i am" one could say, nope those indicated where the notes are on the map. Fool me once...

On to the game, it's a walking simulator survival horror centered around the mystery that surrounds the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Now, i'm not saying that reading about the accident is more interesting than the game buuuut yeah it is. Kholat story is basically something out of the SCP-Foundation, i won't spoil anything if you want to play this.

I'd say Kholat qualifies as a 5/10. First of all: game is optimized like shit on pc, second of all, despite being "open world", the content is very much gated. Some roads were blocked with rubble or insurmountables 5 inch high rocks, forcing me to go around the whole freaking map to reach the note that's just beyond THERE AHHHH. Also flashlight was beyond useless. The "night" is more lit than my christmas tree.

Dragon's Dogma

Status Achievements Playtime
Ongoing 44% (26 of 59) 32~ hours

Game Report

Love it. I absolutely love it. I hate it at times, but i am mostly in love with it. Let's start with the negatives: gameplay is not great, i mean, boss battle are amazing but the actual fighting is not that good although it's always fun to obliterate goblins or cyclops. Sidequests are also boring, talk to X->travel all the way across the world and do Y, rinse and repeat. Some feature are nice on paper but oddly implemented. For example people affinity, you can give a gift to any npc in the world and raise affinity with him, this is only worthwhile with shops as they will have more stuff to sell.

Where the game really (or should) shine is the exploring bit. There is always a cranny or a dark zone on the map to reveal, and also min-maxing your bag before every journey is a lovely chore that adds that lil' bit of tension during exploration, "how many healing potions do i need? Do i need this specific herb to counter that status? Crap i have no more oil for the lantern and now i can't see shit". For the night is dark and full of terror. Early on at least, then you can breeze through them without a scratch, neverthless not being to see 5 feet in front of you is always chilling.

Lastly, the scale of the boss battle in this game is truly epic. Scaling the back of a griffon while it soars up and tries to scroll you from his back, is astounding. On the other hand, being able to grab onto stuff and pick up everything, opens up some hilarious scenario (see exhibit 1 and 2)

Xcom 2

Status Achievements Playtime
Beaten 50% (35 of 70) 166~ hours

Legendary Ironman #133

Oh yeah, i started my run #133 on xcom 2. Not that i ever managed to complete any single one of them. Ok i beat the game once when it came out, but now we have mods. MODS!

As of today i managed to survive the first two months, i researched the magnetic rifles and just barely survived the first encounter with the viper king in his lair.
I lost 3 good men, 1 by the hand of the viper king, 1 killed by a 4% crit behind full cover and the last one panicked instead of running for the evac zone. Godspeed! you rookie.

In screen 1 through 4 you can see what happens when menace 1-5 and 2 advent reinforcement pods meet on a roof for an improv rave party

Obligatory end of the month summary

I’ll be quick since i only played two games since my last update

  • Titan Souls
    Titan Souls

    74 minutes playtime

    4 of 27 achievements

  • Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster
    Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster

    9 hours playtime

    26 of 47 achievements

Let’s start with Titan Souls, i went in completely blind and had no idea it was a boss-rush. This is probably the most normal game Devolver has ever Published and i can’t believe i haven’t seen this in a speedrun marathon yet. I haven’t much to say about the game because while playing i was constantly reminded of Shadow of the Colossus. The visual, the ost, the colossi, it was an absolute masterpiece. I wish i could replay it for the first time :(

I also beat Resident Evil 0 a couple of hours ago. After a decade it’s still pretty solid, even though i hate having to play in coop with an AI (the only reason i dropped RE5). I am a bit confused by the choice to eliminate any container, i had to litter the ground with ammo, herbs and what not. The game alleviate this problem by having everything connected (which created some odd scenario) but it was still a pita to backtrack half the map to grab the magnum that i left in the main hall.
Also for the longest time i thought that RE lore had become a joke after 3, boy i was wrong. Capcom jumped the shark 15 years ago with the esoteric and campy writing.

November quick wrap up

Holy moly, new interface? Neat!
After the unprecedented number of backlog killed in october (7 games!), november is going pretty slowly and i have to thank Stardew Valley for it.

Monthly Theme

  • Metro: Last Light Redux
    Metro: Last Light Redux

    16 hours playtime

    31 of 49 achievements

  • Spec Ops: The Line
    Spec Ops: The Line

    6 hours playtime

    39 of 50 achievements

I finally managed to see the good ending on Metro Last Light AND they announced the book Metro 2035 this very month. Talk about coincidences. If any of you have never heard of this series, i highly recommend to read the first book/play the first game Metro 2033. Great setting, great atmosphere, good writing and ok characters. Meanwhile the sequel to the book is kinda mediocre (Metro 2034) and doesn’t live up to it predecessor. One way to describe the games is “STALKER, but undergound…mostly”.

Not much to say on Spec Ops: The Line without giving away the plot. Another great game, although the gameplay is pretty basic cover shooter it deserve a playthrough regardless.

Random Backlog Killing

  • Grim Dawn
    Grim Dawn

    33 hours playtime

    31 of 84 achievements

  • Stardew Valley
    Stardew Valley

    32 hours playtime

    11 of 40 achievements

  • Westerado: Double Barreled
    Westerado: Double Barreled

    87 minutes playtime

    12 of 79 achievements

  • Tales of Zestiria
    Tales of Zestiria

    17 hours playtime

    10 of 56 achievements

Finished my first playthrough on Grim Dawn with my electro-shaman. I was really digging the game until the end, when the game just kinda ends… You kill this guy and the game goes “pack it up boys, we are done here”. It really killed the mood. For the sake of beating the game, i’ll cross it from my backlog.
Stardew Valley. This. This right here is a backlog killer. I don’t think i played any other games for a couple of weeks. Beautiful little gem. I might take some screen when i have finished building my fabulous farm.
On Westerado i have mixed feeling, on one hand it is a great concept, on the other hand it gets old quickly. Like 15 minutes quickly. And oh my god 79 achivements for a one hour long game? The game is not THAT good. At least not for me.
Last but not the least, i decided to install Tales of Zestiria after watching the anime, so far i like the action~ish gameplay, much improved compared to Symphonia (it only too what, 20 years?). I’ve reached the point covered by the anime, so i’m up to uncharted territories now even though the events play waaay different in the two medias and the revised animated story is way way better than the one portrayed in the game.

October final update

It happened, after 3 months i actually beat Pillars of Eternity and it was really really underwhelming to the point i wished the expansion was the true main storyline. How many games have better dlc than the base game? Serious question.

Back to the games

  • Pillars of Eternity
    Pillars of Eternity

    109 hours playtime

    28 of 48 achievements

  • Hard Reset Redux
    Hard Reset Redux

    4 hours playtime

    32 of 115 achievements

  • Grim Dawn
    Grim Dawn

    23 hours playtime

    25 of 80 achievements

  • Dark Souls III
    Dark Souls III

    111 hours playtime

    34 of 43 achievements

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. Ashes of Ariandel got released, i played it, beat it and i’m getting increasily fed up with Myiazaki storytelling and his refusal to acknowledge what DS2 did right. At this point Miyazaki is no longer leaving crumbs, he’s throwing the whole bakery at us teasing for bread that’s not there, and at this point in time i’m pretty sure will never be there. End Rant DLC is fantastic, get it if you are a fan of the franchise. spoiler!

Onto less irritating games, i’m halfway through Hard Reset aka Doom 2016 on a budget (i know, bad joke) i am a fan of the studio behind it and the Shadow Warrior reboot so i wanted to support them waiting for a sale on the new SW2.
Also, after the chore that was Titan Quest, i’m relieved to say that Grim Dawn is an ARPG done right. It reminds me heavily of Path of Exile, but without the huge “you messed a point, so you are fucked” stats tree.

Games won on SG

  • Runestone Keeper
    Runestone Keeper

    2 hours playtime

    12 of 80 achievements

  • The Darkness II
    The Darkness II

    5 hours playtime

    21 of 50 achievements

Beat The Darkness 2 over the weekend, ehhh okay~ish fps. I have some memories of the first one on ps3 and i swear it was more fun.
Runestone Keeper , i feel pretty bad for winning this game, any other winner maybe would have loved it and i robbed him from that opportunity. Not a huge fan of wild RNG and long ass grind to have any meaningful sense of progression. Sorry to disappoint all of you but i don’t think i’ll ever play this game again let alone beat it.

October #2 update: The hunt is over.

I have to admit, i was pretty lucky that my october line up contained 4 games that matched perfectly with the theme (Mad Max, Viking, Bioshock and Soma). I’m not entirely satisfied with Titan Quest’s screens…hopefully i’ll end up finishing the damned Pillars of Eternity soon so i can grab something from there.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    32 hours playtime

    34 of 49 achievements

  • Viking: Battle for Asgard
    Viking: Battle for Asgard

    12 hours playtime

    46 of 50 achievements

  • BioShock Remastered
    BioShock Remastered

    21 hours playtime

    45 of 65 achievements

  • SOMA

    8 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Astro Tripper
    Astro Tripper

    2 hours playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

  • Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
    Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

    26 hours playtime

    20 of 75 achievements

And of course, the targets

Tier 1 A bloody weapon (Viking) A torch(Viking) A body(Mad Max) The writing on the wall (Soma)
Tier 2 Twilight sky(Mad Max) Stars (Soma) A pretty flower (Soma) Garden equipment (Bioshock)
Tier 3 A terminal (Soma) Lasers (Astro Tripper) My pimped out ride(Mad Max) A message in neon(Bioshock)
Tier 4 It has more than two eyes(Titan Quest) A mythical beast(Viking) A spider (Astro Tripper) Man’s best friend (Mad Max)
Tier 5 The massacre(Titan Quest) Death by fire (Bioshock) Up close and personal(Viking) Got you in my sights (Bioshock)