Hot Bullet 8

2017, a new year… WITH A VENGEANCE

Sorry for not updating in a while… been busier than I would like, even 3 weeks without playing any games! Then I got absorbed with Pokemon Sun and got gifted some pretty kickass games that were high on my wishlist: Metal Gear Solid V (SG), Stanley Parable and Saint Seiya (xmas and bday gifts from a friend).

So anyway I decided to go old school on my ass when I couldn’t afford to pay for more than 3-5 games a year, I FOCUSED ON PLAYING 1 GAME AT A TIME! So let me share with you guys my small self-accomplishment story:

  • Tiny Guardians
    Tiny Guardians

    12 hours playtime

    6 of 16 achievements

Super fun game! I love tower defense games and RPGs and this is the perfect blend for the two, I had tons of fun with it!

  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    52 hours playtime

    39 of 50 achievements

This game gave me tons of fun during August, I played the heck out of it for a week and completed the campaign. Then created a lot of new characters with a Save editor tool just for fun, never played online anyway, I just loved the single player experience. After it I won the DLCs for it and finished the game, a little dissapointed at Bandai Namco because they felt like a cash grab… not much content for their price tag, specially on the single player side of things. All in all PHENOMENAL game, I became an instant fan of DIMPS studio now.

  • Batman - The Telltale Series
    Batman - The Telltale Series

    10 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

I was determined to play each chapter in the month of their release but I couldn’t meet my deadline… so in 2017 this was my first victim in my focus plan! I enjoyed myself and became THE BATMAN! Sure, Telltale has been REALLY lazy with the technical aspects of the game (changing resolution is a living nightmare if you want a boost of performance, and performance itself is super unstable with frequent dips of frame rate when changing camera angles), but storywise I felt immersed and in love with the game through and through, I played a mostly Paragon of good Batman 90% of the time and I rarely regretted my actions… well one in particular by the end of the game was heart wrenching, I will check on youtube what would have happen if I chose differently since I don’t have enough time nowadays to replay it. I might replay it in the future when the second comes out and the technical issues have been fixed.

  • DOOM

    28 hours playtime

    20 of 51 achievements

FINALLY CONQUERED HELL! At first I was determined in getting 100% of all the secrets and collectables while I got used to playing on KBM, however it was taking too much time and I was half-way through the game. I decided to go back to the comfort and rumble experience of my Steam Controller and finish the game, which only got better and better! Will wait to have (finally) my first desktop build this year to replay it at higher quality (I struggled with Medium quality), this game was plain amazing, my personal GOTY (only rivaled by Pokemon Sun which was super fun too).

  • Rocket League
    Rocket League

    21 hours playtime

    35 of 70 achievements

Finished the LONG Season on normal, I’m finally a Champion! This game is just pure fun, specially with or against friends, highly recommend this indie gem!

PS: Thanks to Starlynk for teaching me the ropes on inserting the game tiles on a post :]

Arbiter Libera

So Batman is worth playing? I ask because Telltale formula has really gotten old at this point for me.

Hot Bullet 8

I’m so sorry for the late reply, have been very busy at work this second part of the year. Well personally this has been my favorite Telltale game, but I enjoy TWD1 and GoT quite a lot, even if I reckon the “consequences” variety is pretty limited or non existent down the line I really enjoy tailoring the story to my choices.

Episode 1 is free if you care to try it and see if you like it more, you can watch some Youtube playthrough if you’re not afraifd of being too spoiled, but if the trailer seems cool to you then just wait for a nice sale and jump in! Just don’t expect completely branching paths according to your actions, just perhaps some minor differences between character interactions and roles in the story.

Arbiter Libera

Heh, no worries. I actually got around to it and finished Batman myself in the meantime.