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An Ongoing Exercise in Clearing the Backlog Extraordinaire

Nothing special here for now, really. Just my updates divided for somewhat navigable lists using the artwork I used when updates were originally published with all now updated to current art assets fitting to match 2019 updates and also easier to click on if you're using mobile. Maybe I'll add more to the "homepage" at some point, but this is serviceable for now.

In totally unplanned fashion I went and played Saints Row. No, not the reboot that seems to be getting rather terrible reviews all-around, but the original 360 title that started it all. It's also been two months since my last Report and I accidentally tackled another open world game. These things just happen, I guess. Enjoy the read and share your thoughts if you've had any exposure to Saints Row as a franchise.

I cannot believe I finally get to check off this one. Looking back on the original post I made the optimistic proclamation of getting to Odyssey by 2020, and only now realize what a fool I was made into. In hindsight, I think Rogue may have tampered with my expectations about the size of Assassin's Creed games. Are you up to date with the franchise? Has Ubisoft rightfully laid claim to “open world games” with this stuff? Am I going crazy? Only my readers know these answers.

Even following up on the game with its DLC this review took way longer to put together than I expected. What can I say? Distractions [Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime?] abound. I'm getting into the JRPG groove once again with another genre entry already on the horizon, but I hope to sneak in something different if time permits.

Told you I'd be back faster than usual. I bring you some Batman adventures I never got around to back in the day. You know, it's funny to look back and realize Arkham Knight was released only a year after this, but I still have to play that one as well. With no time to waste I'm back into RPG waters after this. Occasional literary diversions notwithstanding.

Is it normal for a ~35 hour game to take over a month to finish? I don't know, but that's one more JRPG checked off of the list. Now it's time to continue where I left my previous game at, and hopefully I'll get around to it faster. Perhaps even share thoughts on the franchise as a whole if you've played it. Hope you enjoy the read.

I'm back after accidentally 100% completing a game despite not really aiming to. Well, no complaints here. Finishing this just got me pumped up to check out Heart of the Forest at some point in the future. I also got around to re-watching Cowboy Bebop so that took some time as well. Hope you enjoy the read.

It is most assuredly NOT my intention to subscribe to monthly Reports, and posting on the very last day of February is entirely accidental. Besides pattern laziness I finally replaced my budget components from ten years ago... with modern budget ones. Some issues persist that would probably require formatting the HDD and fresh Windows install, but I'm unwilling to do either so here we are. Playing a JRPG on the side couldn't have helped, either.

First Report of the year and it's a chunky one where the written piece barely reflects the rating. I also spent better part of the week trying to just write something, but my thoughts wouldn't come out at. Why? This is the game that left me the most conflicted so far, primarily so because forces pulling apart are different in nature – story and mechanics. Enjoy the read and have fun because this is where I'd like to hear second opinions.

Has it really been THAT long since my last report? Because it sure doesn't feel that way until I looked at back on it. Four months? Holy crap. Contrary to what some may think I am not just making this final review to cap off the year or anything. Report kept getting postponed by real life events as I bid my time waiting for holidays knowing I'd finally be able to put in the time. Then another game got announced for PC and cut into that time as well. So here we are, finally.

I survived 2021 with my life and job still somehow intact. Hope this year has found you in equally as solid or better state of things because it's all still haywire. Belated Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great New Year.

Time for some bookkeeping.

I started off decently, but underwent a tremendous drop in output during the last quarter. Some of it was due to real life, but I'd be lying if procrastination didn't also play a role. I have been reading more on the side, but not posting much about it because at some point I made a decision to make this about video games as much as possible. If there's any interest in other media I partake in I'll bring it back, though. As is now the tradition I've linked all the Reports from 2021 below in case you want to peruse them.

Don't worry, I haven't been idle in my month long absence. You could make a point I had the exact opposite problem having played plenty of demos and outright free games Steam has to offer. It is precisely the latter I return with in full full force bringing along FOUR reviews for games you can immediately check out for yourself.