Arbiter Libera

First Report of the year and it's a chunky one where the written piece barely reflects the rating. I also spent better part of the week trying to just write something, but my thoughts wouldn't come out at. Why? This is the game that left me the most conflicted so far, primarily so because forces pulling apart are different in nature – story and mechanics. Enjoy the read and have fun because this is where I'd like to hear second opinions.


I wanted to play original FFVII anyway to get that OG experience and you only convinced me more that I should do that, in this case for story bits.

Arbiter Libera

For sure. Even accounting for tons of cutscenes FF7R still essentially blew up a 6-7 hour segment into a 40 hour one for me. It DOES take someone familiar with the original and expanded material like other games/media to get the most out of it.


I never played any FF game. With the new remakes hitting the Steam store last year, maybe it’s finally time to have a peak into this epic franchise?

Regarding the FF VII remake I fear I can not give a second opinion, because I did not play it. I have heard from some streamers that they liked the effort put into the game, but they had a few issues with the difficulty (too easy). What I take from your review is, you have the same opinion.

Rather, FF7R is in limbo so far as for WHOM it was made as it almost expects from you to already be familiar with the PS1 original.

That sounds weird. Shouldn’t a remake give new players the chance to get to know the game as well? I think a Remaster should be close to the original, at least in regards of story.

Arbiter Libera

It’s difficult to explain unless you’re familiar with the original, but it almost goes meta while the same time being a “what if?” scenario and drawing from expanded material like FF7 spin-off and tie-in games. Story from the original IS there. Problem is how it’s told to the player. For example, I’d wager developers factored in that everyone must have at least some level of broad gaming idea of who Sephiroth is so rather than to slowly build the mystery and suspense around him they hammer you over the head with the protagonist hallucinating seeing Sephiroth everywhere as dramatic music begins to play. Game never really earns that on its own, if that makes any sense.