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I’ll play almost anything. Achievement hunter. Favorite genres: FPS, RTS, Horror games.

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January report


As I expected in my last post, this was pretty chill month for me when it comes to playing games. I only finished 2 mods for half-life 2, Minerva which you can quickly read about below.

MINERVA: Metastasis

MINERVA: Metastasis

2.3 hours
no achievements

Minerva is one of the most known singleplayer HL2 mods in the community and it's been out there since 2005.

It's a solid piece of work and could be a part of HL2 and it would fit. You gun down a lot of combine and zombies, you solve some puzzles and the author understood some of the level design in HL2 and 1. It's a solid 2-3 hour experience from beginning to the end.

I started playing Dishonored this month, 9 hours in and so far I’m really enjoying it. Hopefuly I will finish it this month and maybe even 100% it but I can already see that’s gonna be tough :D

Thanks for reading and see ya next month!

2018 recap - 37 wins, 199 loses.

Hey, I’m back after months of just lurking around and not reporting on my progress. Since October I’ve been busy with college and while I had time to game, I didn’t felt like making reviews and all that, but with some free time I have now I prepared a re-cap + quick reviews of everything I played since my last post, my favorite games I played in 2018 and thanks to data from backloggery, I made a table showing my awful progress over this year and stats I probably shouldn’t share D:

Overall, this year I have beaten 33 games on steam, one on origin, one short mod for Half-life that is on steam store and two mods that are not on steam, but it took like 3-5 hours to finish each one.

And I have also replayed all Half-life games and episodes/expansions because of the recent Half-life (1) 20th anniversary. Still amazing after all these years and I don’t regret spending my time on them instead of working on backlog :D

So 38 games overall if we count mods as such, and not counting HL’s as those are replays. That’s on average ~3 games beaten a month, which is not that bad on it’s own considering I try to go for 100% if game has achievements and also that there were few big and long games on that list. But here’s where it gets bad. Most of you probably figured it out given the title of this post but… In 2018 I added 199 new games to my account. On average that’s ~16.5 new games added every month. Below is a table of shame.

Month No. of games beaten No. of games added to the backlog Balance
January 3 35 +32
February ZERO 13 +13
March 3 18 +15
April 3 16 +13
May 6 15 +9
June 6 12 +6
July 1 16 +15
August 2 14 +12
September 4 13 +9
October 2 14 +12
November 2 6 +4
December 5 27 +22

List of all games I beated this year is here.

Now, my thoughts on the games I beated since this post.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

Stories: The Path of Destinies

19.6 hours
37 of 37 achievements

Simple aRPG built with the intention for multiple playthroughs. After tutorial you continue the story but every time you are given a choice, where to go and during a mission you also have to make choices that affect how the story will end. There are four categories of endings, with 24 endings in total, with one "true" ending. To unlock the path to true ending you need one ending from each category, but it's easy to figure out how to get one ending in each category, you just have to fully commit to specific objectives.

Combat is really simple, based on Arkham style fighting. You always start a fight with multiple enemies, you mash your attack button focusing on one enemy and building up your combo, often one of enemies will try to attack you and you have a short window to counter-attack, if you do so, you get to critical strike the countered enemy, often just killing most of them in single hit. There's a talent tree and level system in this game, with some interesting talents in there that give you dash, hook ability, movement speed upgrade, teleporting to enemies after certain combo is reached. But there's a good chunk of boring % upgrades from what I remember.

Enemy variety is ok if you don't plan to get all 24 endings, if you do you'll get sick of the same locations and enemies pretty quickly… You have your standard grunt that attacks every now and then, a grunt with a shield that you either have to attack from behind or knock his shield with your hook shot. Magic serpent-like-thingy that heals and buffs it's allies or fire variant that tries to cast area of attack under your feet. Sometimes a kamikaze like enemy will pop up, if you hit him once he will explode after few seconds, but hit him twice and he will explode immediately and breaking your combo.

Pretty decent and fun game overall. But the most grindy achievement in it will make you hate it :P

Favorite tracks:
Attack Head On - The Fleet
Nexus (Evil Path)
Meeting a Friend - Village Part 01



5.6 hours
10 of 10 achievements

I probably wouldn't have played it this year if not for the fact that the devs of this game were acquired by VALVe.

This game has some of the best written dialogue between characters I have ever heard in a video game. Great atmosphere, pretty cartoon-ish visuals and uncertanity as to what is going on in this forest through most of game, make Firewatch for a really great experience. I'm looking forward to their next game and with some Valve folks there to help them out I'm sure it's going to surpass Firewatch in almost every way.

Favorite tracks:
02 Stay in Your Tower and Watch
11 New Equipment
15 An Unfortunate Discovery

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

3.9 hours
no achievements

Kane & Lynch is a TPP shooter from 2007 that I was hyped for back before it came out, but never actually got it back then for whatever reasons. I won it + second game in series on SG few years ago. And I can't remember what I read or saw back in 2007/06 that got my hyped for it but I gotta say it turned out to be a pretty mediocre game with an aim to tell a mature and dark story.

The first half of the game is really good. The game opens up with Kane getting rescued by unknown group from prison transport and along with them you fight your way through streets with police and SWAT trying to stop you at every corner and few police choppers flying above. Never mind the absolute waste of resources and men that had to be spent to rescue Kane once you find out why he was rescued.

Turns out our boy Kane fucked over some boss of a group called "The Seven" and caused him to loose a lot of money, so the boss rescued him so Kane can repay his debt. All this action just for that. And later on it gets more ridiculous, but I'm not going to spoil it, the game is not that bad overall. Later missions are pretty good, you lead a bank heist, kidnaping in Tokyo, shortly after an assassination in Tokyo inside a office building which ends in escape from police on the streets, which reminded me of similar scene from Michael's Mann "Heat" and also a prison bust to rescue few old time pals.
When you land in Havana, this is where the downfall begins. For the rest of game you run through worn torn city shooting soldiers, ending the game with a jungle mission shooting even more soldiers. Boring. At one point game throws you an "optional" stealth section.

Gameplay is ok for most part, each gun has a nice kick to it and they sound good too. There's no reload button tho and it only reloads automatically when you stop firing or when you're out. You can stick to cover, but it often didn't work for me and there's no button for that either… You just had to hug a wall or something else that counts as cover and hope that game decides to stick you to it.

Voice acting is decent too, Voice actors voicing Kane and Lynch did a pretty good. Story is overall forgettable, it tries to be dark and mature, it didn't come of as edgy for most of time, but neither it was amazing. Kane is a brutal, but for most part composed character and Lynch is kinda a polar opposite who often loses control of himself which just puts both of them in worse situations.

Favorite tracks:
01 Kane's Family Portrait
08 Tokyo Action
10 Action in Havana

Learn Japanese To Survive! Katakana War

Learn Japanese To Survive! Katakana War

15.3 hours
24 of 24 achievements

Play this only if you started or if you are really interested and committed to learn japanese, specifically katakana syllabry. I think this game could work as a start for determined person or as a mean to reinforce what you already learned, but if you are not really committed (like me) then don't bother.

I would like to learn another language at some point and while japanese is on that list, it's not particularly high. This game a simple RPGMaker game and the way it tries to teach you is by making each enemy one syllable of Katakana syllabry. One of your party members is a japenese english teacher and he gives you and your party lessons. You are shown usually five syllables, how to pronounce each one of them and how to draw them on paper.
What ended up happening in my case is that I had four A4 sized papers with every single syllable and I often had to look through them to make sure I use correct syllable to attack enemy.
As you can imagine this wasn't a lot fun. The fight system is, thankfully, really simple, so that's really the only time you can mess up but if you use wrong syllable on an enemy you deal zero damage, so it's crucial that you use the right one. In total there are 80 or so syllables near end and game kinda expects you to learn all of them in a course of 12 hours. You are also given few words for everyday use or sentences, but they are not needed at all to beat this game.

Combat is really simple, you have a physical attack (syllable), items that heal or restore your mana, each party character has it's own magic spells, but you can't kill with magic, you can only bring enemies to 1hp so there's no way around, you have to know those syllables :P

You can have up to 3 other party members and each one of them has a unique personality and combat preferences. You can gain affection with them by taking them on missions and you can increase their stats without leveling up by becoming their friends.

Personally it wasn't the best experience for me, but if you like RPGMaker games and as I said, are very determined to learn or already are learning, I think it could work. Me, I don't remember any syllable already :D

Favorite tracks: OST for this game is nowhere to be found, so I can't share that with you...but I do remember liking few tracks in this game.

Seasons after Fall

Seasons after Fall

7.1 hours
21 of 21 achievements

Visually this game is beautiful, but gameplay and story is incredibly shallow.

Through the game you gain the ability to change seasons which affect different plants and environment around you. E.g. sometimes you need to freeze the lake to cross it by changing season to winter or mushrooms for example change to platforms only during fall. And that's as much depth as you get from this game. The whole game is made of just very simple platforming, with some very simple puzzles every now and then.

It is a really beautiful game, you play as a cute fox and everything is hand-painted, and I have to say the soundtrack is really beautiful and fitting, in my opinions the best part of this game.

Perhaps that was the intent of the devs to make this game very simple and accessible or maybe they didn't knew how to use season changing powers to make a more fun and challenging gameplay. But it does get pretty boring really fast, the prolonged cutscenes don't make it better.

If you want something cute and beautiful and not challenging at all, then this could be a game for you. But for others, there are better alternatives.

Favorite tracks:
Most of them! Honestly it's hard for me to pick favorites from this
Seasons after Fall OST

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

14.0 hours
no achievements

I will preface this by saying I am a huge Lovecraft fan and read most of his novels/texts.

The first half of this game is pretty much a retelling of "The Shadow over Innsmouth" with some "The Shadow out of Time" in it AND as I see it, it's set shortly after Shadow over Innsmouth, when the federal government started their investigation into Innsmouth.

Devs representation of Innsmouth is quite amazing for that time and hardware. Dark, decayed and slowly falling apart city with ugly deformed humans roaming the city constantly reminding you that they do not tolerate strangers in their city, with few normal looking humans too frightened to talk you and in the town square a clean and well lit building, the building of the "Esoteric Order of Dagon".

First half is mostly gun-less, with you roaming the city trying to find a person you're after, then escaping it street after street, eventually ending up in a canal for some time. You pretty much get to experience Robert's Olmstead tale in a form of videogame and it's absolutely amazing. It's really well done and creepy.

Once you get your hands on the first gun and stack up on ammo, it quickly turns from horror to a mix of action-horror. But even then there were situations when I uncertain if my guns will be enough to protect me.

This is game is not without some cons tho. Sometimes the game throws you into situations where you have to figure out what exactly you have to do to progress and I would get stuck and had to use YT to find out. Sometimes you also need to open a safe with a number combination. While at the beginning the codes were easy to find, you have to "input" them in a specific way, like the safes used to work back then I guess? E.g. you have 1854. You start at zero, you turn wheel to right on number 1, then you have to turn to left till you reach number 8. Pretty simple to figure out for most part, and the game also gives you clues to which side you have to turn if you find the code, but I felt like that wasn't always the case and had to yet again turn to YT for help.

There were times shortly after you got your hands on a gun that the game throw a lot of enemies at you, too much for my opinion to deal with, you really had to land these headshots to not run out of ammo.
As for the guns themselves, you get to wield five guns through the whole game. A pistol, a revolver, tommy gun, bolt action rifle and double-barreled shotgun. Bolt action was my favorite, excellent for headshots and quickly killing town folk of Innsmouth, but you only get it later on. I found tommy gun to be least favorite gun, only good against one type of enemy that attacks you in melee range.

Game has also a sanity system, that I'm pretty sure Frictional games nicked and used in Amnesia Dark Descent. Witnessing disturbing things well affect your sanity and thus vision and movement until you calm down. Loading screen hints suggest also that if you don't control you character may kill himself if you have weapon equipped, but that never happened to me.

I think every Lovecraft fan should play this, at least for the first half. I think that people who never read Lovecraft may enjoy this, but it is a little dated game and you obviously won't get all the references and appreciate the work devs put into this game.

Favorite tracks:
33 Uneasy Waters
26 The Esoteric Order of Dagon
25 Electrolysis
6 Smile at Me, Baby

A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

38.5 hours
37 of 37 achievements

Cutesy little platformer à la Super Mario 64. Amazing OST. Five different worlds, each unique with it's own unique set of characters, only later to join our little hat girl and beat the ultimate baddie. You finish each level by collecting "Time Piece" which is basically a fuel for your spaceship but after an unfortunate accident at the beginning they were scattered on this planet nearby.

Besides time pieces, you also need to collect hat yarns which you use to craft new hats that you need to progress further. You start with basic hat that just points you to the objective, but you get access to sprint hat that let's you sprint, duh! Freeze hat that turns you into a solid ice block and allows you to use a specific platform or just shield yourself from attack or drop on an enemy. There's few more and you often will be using most of them to move around the level. One exception is perhaps time-slowing hat, it's more of a help if you struggle with some parts of platforming or group of enemies. I only used it on Death Wish levels from Seal the Deal DLC.

I liked the DLC too and if you already played base game and missed the period it was for free, it's worth grabbing. It offers new world, shorter than previous one's but definitely harder than from the base game. There's also Death Wish mode which is just Hard mode for previous levels and bosses and you can unlock new cosmetics for your hat girl. And if you want to 100% this game, you need this DLC :P

Favorite tracks:
01 Main Theme
09 Barrel Battle
16 Mafia Boss' Big showdown
22 Dead Bird Studio
35 The Big Parade



13.2 hours
11 of 11 achievements

A little better than I expected, Hacknet is a game you "play" through in-game terminal with a simple interface attached. But you can play using nothing but commands in terminal.

I would describe Hacknet as a set of mini-games that you often repeat (hacking) with main story that gets forgotten at the beginning only to return to it near end once you build a reputation and contacts inside the hacking world to solve it.

When you're not looking for your lost…friend? You do all kinds of tasks, covering tracks, deleting delicate files, faking someone's uni history or death, or just simply messing with someone's save in a clicker game.
You hack terminals and servers by doing a little mini-game, you have to open ports using tools you gain over time, sometimes you just need to hack one port to gain access and mess with the files, sometimes you need to build a small botnet to crash the proxy server that blocks you from hacking ports.
Often once you start messing with unhacked terminal, the system will begin to track you and you have to hack it and do your job before timer reaches zero. I gotta say that there were moments when it was intense typing commands on keyboard while watching timer and trying to finish before you get caught. The finale was the most tense, with so much to do and not a lot of time and this playing in the background.

My only gripe with the whole mini-game is that you can only run 2, sometimes 3, hacking software at same time as you are limited by your terminal's memory and have to wait for one to launch next. I kinda wish the game had like a "fast-typing" mode or something, where there's no memory limit but instead you have to type faster. I am a pretty fast typer and can type without looking at the keyboard, and that finale would have been just much better for me if it was like 2 minutes of intense typing.


Favorite tracks:
01 Malware injection
04 Roller Mobster
05 Roja Drifts By (Timo Jahns Strings RMX)
09 Phase of the Moon

Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D.

Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D.

0.7 hours
no achievements

A short stand-alone mod for Half-life with it's own new synth wave soundtrack. Looks much better than Half-life with HD Pack and it actually keeps the guns from original half-life with updated models and textures. (Official HD pack replaces MP-5 with M16, glock with beretta)

The beginning is quite difficult as you barely have any ammo and you have to face many enemies, you have to be smart with what you get. After that it's a pretty great ride as you try to escape, with a finale with you and apache helicopter.

It also replaces crowbar with a plumber and you get to beat few soldiers to death with it.

Half-Life Decay

Half-Life Decay

5 hours
no achievements

Co-op expansion for Half-life that is exclusive to PS2, I played port of it on PC with a friend, you can download it here if you're interested.

So this was my first playthrough ever and after this I can say I have finally played all official Half-life content that is out there. Half-life is part of my childhood and I played it and it's expansions shortly after they came out. But this is the one I have never played so this was quite a unique experience for me to see "new" Half-life content after all these years.

Like previous expansions it was made by Gearbox and I have to say even tho it's pretty good, it's the weakest of all expansions. They could have used co-op aspect of this more than they did, for the most part it feels like playing Sven co-op, but slightly worse somehow? I can recall only one cool puzzle you have to solve with your partner with lasers and most of the game you just proceed from level to level gunning down HECU and aliens.

Level design is ok-ish but again I think it's their weakest compared to Opposing Force and Blue Shift.
Still, it's a piece of Half-life even if it's place in canon is unsure and I had a fun with my friend. There were only 2 occasions where we had to restart whole level because something didn't trigger. But keep in mind it's an unofficial port so it's bound to not work perfectly. Also you may need to use hamachi or something similar to see your friend's server. We used a small program called ZeroTier.

Top 5 games I played in 2018 and enjoyed the most

5. A Hat in time (2017)

4. The Saboteur (2009) (my review of it is here )

3. Half-life: Echoes (2018)

A free mod you can download here. It’s really amazing and surpasses official expansions and even original Half-life in some ways. I wanted to write review of it and games below but writing all of the above already took me so much time and energy that I just gave up >_< You just have to trust me that this and games below are amazing and worth playing.

2. Hollow Knight (2017)

1. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (2017)

My new year resolution for gaming

1. Finish Dark Souls

2. Beat more games in 2019 than in 2018

3. Get back to doing monthly reports on BLAEO

And that’s all, thanks for reading and yes I know I’m 13 days late with this post :D I’m not going to be late with January report as I don’t expect to finish a lot of games. January and February are going to be very busy for me.


Here I am, 10 days late with my August report :p

I managed to beat 3 games in this time, two steam games and one on Origin! I also started Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition at the start of August and I’m still not done with this after almost 70 hours :D I wasted way too many hours wandering around and a little on some bosses. I also re-installed Hollow Knight as it got a new free DLC recently with new content and achievements so I’m working on that too to get back my 100%. And btw Hollow Knight is amazing and you should get it if you don’t have it already :P

I also changed a little bit the format of my reviews. I’m going to list pros/cons/meh(not bad, but could be better) at the end, my recommendation AND as someone who likes to collect and listen to game’s OSTs I’m going to list 2 to 4 tracks from the game I liked the most, unless nothing I heard catched my interested. If a game has no it’s own OST (like the Saboteur below or as another example, older GTA’s) I will list the songs or tracks the game used.

And would you look that, The Saboteur has steamdb page with ID and all that, I wonder if this was available on steam at one point? Does anyone read this garbage of mine btw?:P

The Saboteur

[Origin] The Saboteur

19 hours
no achievements

If GTA and Assassin’s Creed had a baby, with some cummies from Just Cause slipped in there, this is what would come out. An open-world, stealth game set in Nazi occupied Paris during WWII that gives you a choice to approach any mission like either a guns-blazing nazi killing machine or a silent assassin.

It has a very similar climbing mechanic from Assassin’s Creed that let’s you climb any building by hanging on the edges of windows etc and quickly making your way up, in cities there’s sometimes cables hovering over buildings that let’s you quickly slide down some distance across the street. The only thing that’s missing is a quick way down like jumping into a stack of hay like in AC.

The world consists of city of Paris, including iconic places like Eiffel Tower that you can climb on, Notre Dame cathedral etc, as well as country surrounding Paris area that takes most of the available map and each area has a tons of Nazi installations, towers and armored patrols to blow up. The cities are comically filled with nazi stuff to blow up like in some Ubisoft games with white dots filling your radar when cruising through city. But destroying at least some of it is necessary as it’s one of two ways to earn contraband which serves as a currency in this game to buy weapons, ammo and upgrades from Black Market (the other way of earning contraband is completing missions). And there’s a good reason to kill and blow up nazis outside mission’s other than earning contraband. This game has a “wanted” system similar to GTA IV where if you get spotted planting explosives, killing nazis, trespassing without disguise or just acting too suspicious you’ll get chased and a red circle will appear on your radar and keep centering on you until you lose your pursuit and stay outside the red circle for 2 seconds or enter one of the hiding spot scattered through cities without. I often failed to loose pursuit because of a single tower around the corner and once got blown up by a tank on a street that I could have taken care of during free roam.

One thing I really liked is how every area has a black&white filter on it where nazis have strong presence, the city is literally black&white with only red (nazi), blue(resistance) and yellow(searchlights, street lights) colors enabled. But once you finish a specific mission for each region, a huge blast wave will run through the area, bringing colors back!

The gunplay is ok-ish, some stronger weapons have a nice kick to them like revolver which sounds and feels very powerful, tommy gun spits bullets and has manageable recoil. You can carry only two guns at a time + explosives and grenades. You can have pistols, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles or carbines, later on you get access to stuff like flamethrower, silenced MP and panzerfaust, which is a real beast. I’m not really a fan of having only two weapons restriction, you can have 16 dynamite sticks and 16 RDX (Remote detonator) AND 10 grenades AND a freaking Panzerfaust hidden under a coat as a second weapon but I can’t have more then one weapon with this Panzerfaust?

The story is a simple revenge story, on nazis and one specific SS torturer that killed your friend. Sean the Irishman as most characters call him, the protagonist we play as, is a blunt irish jock that loves beautiful women, fast cars and killing nazis. And tells brits to fuck off, which is always good in my book!

Overall the game is fun to play, story mission’s are sometimes repetitive but you get something different every now and then, I was only disappointed with the very final story mission, it has a great build-up where after fighting with the French resistance through the Paris you reach the top of Eiffel Tower but the very end is just…bad. I can’t really say much more without spoiling :/

And how’s the game working on modern systems? It worked fine for me on Windows 10 64-bit with constant 60fps on maximum settings at 1080p. Though to be honest it doesn’t look that good, it didn’t aged very well. The Origin version comes with latest official patch HOWEVER they fucked up on one thing. You cannot change the resolution and graphic settings from in-game menu, the game comes with a launcher and that’s where you can change visual settings but in Origin it launches the game .exe directly thus skipping the launcher. Also the map is broken in this version if you play on resolution 720p or greater. I can’t explain but you can see for yourself here.. This was fixed in GOG version from what I read. There were also few weird bugs with physics and I saw few times how water turned clean white during night, but that was all.

The good:

  • Lots of fun stuff to do outside missions
  • Great music, atmosphere and aesthetics
  • Sean <3
  • Lots of nazis to kill
  • Bringing back colors to the Paris
  • Story & side missions and good enough variety between them


  • Gunplay
  • Driving

The bad:

  • Disappointing ending
  • Broken map (Origin version)
  • Visually it didn’t aged well

Favorite tracks from the game:
Feeling Good - Nina Simone
Don't Do Me Wrong - Kacee Clanton
Koop: Koop Island Blues (Featuring Ane Brun)

Would I recommend this?
Yes! I would recommend this to anyone, unless you really don't like open-world games. However make sure you grab GOG version for the best experience. Be wary though that it’s more expensive than Origin version.

Shadow Blade: Reload

Shadow Blade: Reload

17.2 hours
37 of 37 achievements

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this little game. It’s a fast-paced platformer where objective is to finish levels as fast as possible, killing as many enemies as you can and picking up all the loot. That is if you care about score, you can do it at your own pace but it’s much more fun when you rush through levels killing everything and jumping and dashing through. It really makes you feel like a badass ninja after you get hang of controls and I had fun 100% this game.

My only gripe with this game are boss fights, they are quite boring and repetitive. On 3 out 4 boss fights you are stuck in one room with them and it’s just “wait for them to attack, they get tired, hit them, repeat”. Last one is a little different where you move from room to room and avoid his attacks while trying to deal damage at same time, but still pretty disappointing for a final boss.

The game offers three difficulty settings, you start with normal and have to beat it to unlock harder version, levels change with each difficulty, sometimes they just add one or two enemies, sometimes more significantly with whole requiring a lot more skill to pass through.
It’s not the best looking game neither the soundtrack was that good but I did find few tracks I liked.

The good:

  • Nailed the feel of being a badass ninja
  • Decent level design and difficulty curve through most of the game
  • Difficulty settings alter the levels


  • Soundtrack

The bad:

  • Boss fights
  • Dated visuals for a game from 2015

Favorite tracks from the game:
I don’t know why below tracks are 10 min long, not sure if they come like this with the DLC or the uploader extended them. And the quality is not the best, it sounded better in-game.
01 – Main Menu
05 – Jade City
17 – Dungeon

Would I recommend this?
Yep, perhaps not for a full price, but if it’s in a bundle or on sale, it’s totally worth it! Just know that if you only plan beating it once it’s a game for 4-5 hours top.



5.5 hours
17 of 17 achievements

A slightly boring and short puzzle game, where you pilot a little flying robot that gets sucked into some kind of living machine and you have to make your way out by fixing it on the way. A 2-5D game where you can fly and you only have a pulling force-thingy that let’s you move object from one place to another and interact with buttons and switches. It starts with basic puzzles like “pick a rock, drop it on a button, ding ding ding!” with more interesting puzzles later on that involved replicating music played, scales and logic.
I liked the atmosphere, the background visuals and original soundtrack helped too. Game overall looks and works well.
There’s also “extended DLC” that was added later on and it’s mostly more of the same, but at one point you almost completely loose ability to fly and you gotta make it to repair station, but I did not liked that part, that little robot is just too heavy and clumsy and it controlled like a bag of rocks.
I honestly can’t understand why this game has so many positive reviews (92% positive reviews, 249 reviews in total), I guess it’s just not my type of game?
The good:

  • It’s short
  • Pretty easy to grasp
  • Puzzle variety as game goes on

The bad:

  • The free DLC is more of the same, nothing special
  • A little bit boring

Favorite tracks from the game:
12 – Unmechanical
06 – Mine the Gap
04 - A Clockwork Purple

Would I recommend this?
If it’s on sale and you really like 2d puzzle games then why not? You can try a free demo that’s available on steam store and see for yourself.

Late July report - slow and shameful month

Second post! Oh man, this was a really bad month for my backlog…Only beaten one game and almost beaten the second one, and had to force myself a little to play Blade & Bones :/ Good news is I finally started Dark Souls this month and so far I’m having lots of fun with it and making good progress in it :D It also helped me when writing my short review of Blade & Bones in understanding what makes Souls-like games fun and interesting.

Anyway I hope to beat at least 4 games this month, that’s including Dark Souls.

Enjoy my little revies and I hope they are at least a bit helpful to some of you :P

Blade & Bones

Blade & Bones

11 hours
28 of 33 achievements

The objective is to obtain 7 legendary swords that will unlock a path to a final boss and to get them you need to kill 7 bosses that are scattered through the world, some are available from start, to some you need to find a way to get to them. The game is open-world from start, with 5 locations: a desert, snow-covered mountains, boring green landcscape, a swamp and a bamboo forest.

Like Dark Souls, this game is pretty difficult and unforgiving, especially at start when you're still learning the ropes. You can die in few hits, you have to watch your enemy to dodge its attacks, you can only heal via this game version of bonfire or life fragments (estus flask) and you only start with one, so you'll often find yourself running back to safety at the beginning, unless you can find more life fragments scattered through world. There's no armor or magic, no upgrades, no status effects, no item's except relics (more on that below), any currency system of any sort. And you only use swords. Yep, it's really the only weapon you get. There are 3 types: common, rare and legendary. Each variant look's different from last one and they have better stats but that's all. And every sword can break in this game. So you'll quickly run out of rare swords and legendary and will use mostly the shitty common swords. Actually I'm not sure if you can break a legendary, becuase I always swapped right before they break. I mean you need them to complete the game and I'm not going to start again becuase devs thought it's a great idea you can break items you need to finish the game. Maybe if it was as good as Dark souls I would take this risk but it's not.

To compensate for the lack of any other means of fighting, devs implement various "styles" you use to swing your sword. You start with one and get another one right after short tutorial. I only found one more through the whole game (so 3 in total) but the problem is I really couldn't justify using other style than Basic, the one you have from the very beginning. It does decent damage and it has ok speed and the other two I got did more damage at the cost of slower swings. And after playing with each styles a little I'm pretty sure the basic does most DPS in the end and makes it really easy to stun-lock enemies until your stamina runs out. And it's also really easy to get stun-locked yourself as some of the warriors also use different styles and some of them have a quick attack that is almost impossible to dodge, so it's really not worth taking risk using slow swinging style for a little more damage. Oh and enemies? There are only 3 types of enemies in the whole game. A samurai like enemy that uses swords like you and also have different sword styles, a zombie-like samurai that only spawns on desert and groot (guardians of galaxy) looking-like monsters that roam in swamp and some underground areas. The bosses aren't that great either.

The story is very vague on purpouse and you can learn more about story and lore via runes and messages scattered through the world. And I don't remember any of it to be honest.

There are also relics that you can find, you start with one and it points you in straight line to the bosses, but as mentioned earlier you can't get to all of them by just walking in, so it's more like a compass than a GPS. The most useful relic I had was a revolver that basically let you shoot once at the enemy but it does a lot of damage but it has a long cooldown. There's also an eye that let's you open various secrets or points to them. Other weren't really that useful.

There's some other systems in place that I won't mention because this game has two major problems that make this whole game unworthy of anyone's attention: bugs and shallownes.

The core of this game is combat and exploration.

Combat as mentioned earlier is pretty shallow in this game, with one weapon and one good style. But what really ruines it is just one awful bug. And that is that if you and enemy are at different elevations, your hits often won't land. And by different elevation I'm talking centimeters and milimeters of difference. Literally if an enemy was one centimeter above my hits would sometimes not land at all. Enemy would miss too, but obviously I got screwed more often. And most of game's land is uneven so it was pretty common for me to not land a hit, therefore not stun-locking the enemy and instead they stun-locked me. I died so many times and lost so much HP becuase of that. Dark souls is hard but it's fair 99% of times and if you die it's almost always your own fault. This one bug, but so frequent ruins this game for me. Some of the bosses also happen to be on uneven ground.

And exploration…I admit the game can look pretty at times ( 1, 2, 3 ), but the locations are mostly empty or filled with trees with nothing interesting between them. Oh and you can get stuck in enviroment. The game has a suicide option and after reading some discussions in steam forums I found out it was added in a patch becuase someone suggested it after they got stuck and couldn't get out…

Do I recommend this?
Nope, I can't recommend this to anyone. It's boring, buggy, shallow. The last update was a year and half ago and this game desperatly needs a patch to fix some of the common bugs.



13 hours
23 of 23 achievements

A liquid-physics puzzle game. First time I played liquid-based puzzle game and it turned out to be ok.

This game consists of 7-9 different worlds, each with different liquids you have to play with and each liquid has different particularity and they control differently. E.g. nitrogliceryne will explode when in contact with lasers and heated surface, water will slowly evaporate when in contact with heated surface, lava has to kept heated or it will slowly loose it's liquidity. Most of the levels are about to getting from start to finish without losing all of the liquid and you can get medals if you do good enough, but finishing level without medal still unlocks the next one. There's also an option to skip, in this game literally caled "whine" and depending what difficulty you chosen you get more or less "whines". If you come back and finish the level you skipped you get your "whine" back. The only level you cannot skip is the final one.

Every now and then you get a unique level like the one where you control a glass ball with liquid inside and you have to transport it to the end without breaking it too much or a level in low gravity where you control a wheel with 4 lasers attached and have to power up a generator without destroying a liquid that spins around on the level.

You do all that by tilting the screen with A&D/left&right arrow, you don't need anything else to play this game. You can't tilt your screen in 360 degrees sadly, the tilt is fixed and pressing one of the keys will automatically tilt it to some extent, you can't really control how far left or right the screen will tilt.

I can't compare it to anything because I never played a puzzle game with focus on liquid's but I had good time with it, I played it mostly in short bursts, I had to force myself to sit and get gold medals on all levels tho :D But it was worth it for another 100%!
My only complaint would be that some worlds felt a little like a re-skin of the other, without introducing anything new or special. And I'm not a huge puzzle-player so that's why I'll give this game a 6/10.

First post :O Hi BLAEO and thanks for taking me in! At first I wanted to join just for Play or Pay events but this seems like an active and nice place so I might actually share my progress on here :P
Since I joined recently and June just ended I only managed to beat just 2 games from my huge backlog, both an SG win and no longer available in store. I wrote short review for each game but it took me some time to write since I don’t usually post reviews :X
Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts or anything :P



4/10 - MEH
12 hours
no achievements

Chrome is semi-open world FPS made by Techland, the studio nowadays best known for Dying Light, Dead Island and Call of Juarez series. It’s a pretty dull FPS with basic revenge story with evil space corporations in background. Each mission you get dropped on pretty big maps (for a 2003 game) with some simple objectives and you’re free to roam around. It kinda reminded me of first ARMA where you can approach from whatever direction you want, with enemy patrols roaming around and huge pieces of land or forests with nothing of interest in them. Oh and like in ARMA you can die very easily, you can’t get one-shot but if you stay in open one enemy can fuck you up pretty quickly and I only played on medium difficulty.

However the game quickly becomes easy once you find out that AI in this game is fuckin retarded. When engaged they barely move, when you throw a grenade they don’t even try to run from it, when you snipe them most of them will duck and stay where they were, some have a bit more IQ and actually try to hide, but given how few of them try it might as well been a bug. You can easily sneak up on them or loose them. The only thing that makes them dangerous is their insane reactions, if you’re close and get in their sight they shoot almost immediately, even if you have good reactions it’s impossible to kill them without taking at least a single shot from them even with reflex implant. Oh and yeah this game has implant system that give you buffs and extra abilities, you start with only 2 but the more you use them the more you unlock. There’s 8 in total, but I mostly used only 4 through entire game, time slow, aim boost, zoom-in when aiming and dmg resistance.You also had faster running, infra-vision and something else I never used ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You get to ride a buggy with a mounted gun in some missions, take control of a walker with heavy machine gun and once a heavily armored walker with machine gun and rocket launchers, those walkers are quite fun and one of few positives in this game.

The story is basic and forgettable, voice acting is ok-ish for most part, the only standout is the voice of your protagonist, but that’s because it’s voiced the by Jon St. John himself.
Gunplay is meh, you have good set of weapons but most of them don’t feel and sound too good. You have your standard pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, a sniper rifle, rocket launcher and a futuristic looking revolver (the only fun gun in entire game imo…).

Overall a dull FPS, pretty for a 2003 game I guess?

Chrome: SpecForce

Chrome: SpecForce

6/10 - Improvement over Chrome in every way
5 hours
no achievements

Prequel to Chrome.

Wow, this standalone expansion is an improvement in almost every way. The AI is no longer dumb, they actually take cover, try to hide from sniper fire and run from grenades, if they’re in group one of them will charge you while others wait covering him. Their insane reactions are gone too which makes the fight’s fair and you can take a couple of weaker enemies down in slow-mo before they fire a single shot. The boring assault rifle from first game is gone and split in two, faster firing AR and less accurate but more powerful AR with bigger magazine. The game is more linear now but most levels maintain that openness from previous game, it’s just that this time you’re either lead by a NPC or walking in canyons/mountains that don’t give you much room to roam around :P But considering the locations in the first game were boring and the game is nowhere as intense and varied with units like ARMA it’s a good change.

The story is perhaps the only part that’s as boring as previous game. You’re a SpecForce soldier, commando-like unit, you and your partner from first game get sent on a mission, shit goes wrong and you’re stuck on planet with rebels that fight evil corporation that fucked over your unit and commander.

Overall I enjoyed this one more than first game, but there’s still many more better FPSes out there, play it only if you’re starved for FPS and you played most of them out there.

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