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Nothing worse than coming back from an extended break only to have a game barely clocking in couple of hours to show for it, and that's after aborted second playthrough because I realized I don't really care for achievements that much. Game I'm talking about is Viriginia and it certainly made what I like and dislike much clearer. I also got around to finishing a novel on the side, but I think I'll put it in the next update when I have more non-game material to talk about. Little known fact - Arthur Conan Doyle wrote more than just Sherlock Holmes, forsooth.


Interesting review, I’ve wondered about the game almost always it pops up here or on some store. After reading the review, I’m glad that I did not buy it, despite looking really well made. I imagine that it “hurts” to give a game with plenty of production value a negative review, but as you say, production value is not everything to a game. And personally I think it’s often much easier to criticize technical aspects of a game because you can stick to hard facts. But when it gets to other areas, they are harder to describe and much more subjective as well. Like the emotions when playing the game and such…Okay, I might ramble a bit and will stop now.

Arbiter Libera

Nah, you’re right. I think what particularly stood out for me was how much you see other characters while most walking simulators are content to basically hide them away so you don’t see how janky the animations are so developers can focus on stunning environments instead. That was what impressed me the most by merely having such a spotlight on it.


Yes! You said it right exactly with this game. It is trying so hard to be a David Lynch type movie more than a game that it doesn’t seem to trust you to do much apart from walk a few steps here and there. I personally don’t think the narrative pulled off that type of story properly, but it was very slickly produced.
The best walking simulators are those that have a story to tell but are happy for you to take your time getting to the next point in that story. Giving you the time and space to explore the world the developers have created.

Arbiter Libera

I honestly thought I was the weirdo in this case considering how many people seem to like it on Steam and elsewhere. Not to mention the BAFTA award. Glad someone agrees with me. :D