• 7 Billion Humans

    13 hours playtime

    19 of 19 achievements

maybe these drag-and-drop programming games shouldn’t be fun for me since usually i’m paid to do development, but i guess it’s different enough i still find it fun. maybe it’s being rewarded for writing non-reusable code that happens to be the fastest solution, or a really slow solution that uses only a few lines. the fun art style and story probably help too.

i had no problem coming up with solutions for each problem, even if some of them were terrible (more than once i ignored all but one worker to get it done in a way that was easier to write but didn’t hit either of the ocd targets). most i was able to tune well enough to get enough speed or few enough lines but to get all the achievements i looked up a few solutions to paste in.

if you’re interested in programming games this is a good one to have fun with!