21 February 2021 // A Moment In Time - 1989

Half-Life 2

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Exceeds Expectations
4.7 hours
no achievements

After Police Quest, this honestly felt quite like a breeze. Maybe because the graphics are prettier (or I got used to pixels), or maybe because I saw the movie 5+ times and know the story by heart, that the game felt so familiar. Biplane maze was hell, fighting was crappy, and of course I had to redo the trials at least 3 times because I didn't pay attention in the beginning when the grail was described, but overall it was really fun. I imagine it must have been great to have watched the movie in cinema and then get to play this game.

A Journey Through Time progress:

6% (2/35)
6% (2/35)
86% (30/35)
3% (1/35)