Ninglors Log 147

07.01.20 – 13.01.20

January Progress:
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This is the Police - Abandoned

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Yeah, I decided to abandon This is the Police. It felt like a hassle to me and a constant pain in the… well, yk where. So instead of suffering through the next 100 or so days, I just moved it to “nope, not gonna happen”. I didn’t even miss it, while playing other things. It was just a uncomfortable itching in the back of my head, reminding me I had to get back to it. No, I don’t have to go back to it. I can just say no and be done. So this is me, being done with it! \o/

Also: Welp! I’m playing waaaaaaaaaaay too much My Time At Portia, but? IDC! <3

Cat Story ahead!

What else? Trying to find my inspiration/creativity. I’m having sparks of it flying around here and there, but after having written something I really enjoy I’m out of it again and trying to deal with the others I somewhat don’t enjoy as much atm. And THAT I truly hate. So still on the lookout for my muse ;(
And still way too much depression going on in my life atm. I have high hopes for spring and sunshine. Just kinda fear both might take their time till they come round. Come on spring, hurry up a bit!
Oh right. I’m currently back to puzzling, bc I want to be done with the Witcher audiobooks, so I can start with the Witcher 3 (with or without pop :D ). So yeah, puzzling and stuff totally happening.

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor