Ninglors Log 140

12.10.19 – 18.11.19

November Progress:

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Farm Together

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Farm! ACR

Farm Together

226 hours, 56 of 56 achievements


Farm Together is over! Long live Farm Together! \o/
Let's just put this down, so everybody knows this: Although completed, I don't think I'll be done with it that soon. Bc it's a nice game! It's chilling and relaxing - ok yes, sometimes so much pressure, bc I HAVE TO DO THIS BEFORE THE NEXT SEASON STARTS! But it is very nice indeed. There are a few illogical things going on, but who cares. I know it will be boring at some point - mostly bc I have to find something to work towards. Like unlocking the whole map, that was the last big goal and then it was done. So currently I'm trying to make my farm look nice, to do quests once per day and that's about it. I've done a lot, but I know there is still a lot more I can do.
So yes, I completed Farm Together, but I'm not done altogether ;)
Plus it's very nice listening to audio books on the side. Or voice chat. Or just meditate while you harvest, plow and plant way too many fields o.O
Sadly it's missing one thing I SO love about the other farm games: The story aspect. The thing, were you interact with townies - and yes, romance them :]
No LEWDness nor Gay-Ship included
Recommendation? You like farm games: Do it


12 hours, 22 of 22 achievements


I didn't expect this game to totally creep me out! Well not completely, but a lot.
There is this sweet girl. Big Sis, helpful, cute, lovely. And SO fucked up. Or is she? Maybe the whole island is. In any way, there is for every one of them something weird going on and for some… it's weirder. I'm actually surprised it didn't get a horror tag. Some of those endings sure would have deserved it xD
But at the same time I very much enjoyed the game. Bc throughout the whole game there was this relationship with another guy a thing. It's never really mentioned, but one does wonder, if it's maybe even a gay relationship. Plus the MC thinks about one other male character how cute he is and you can totally see something going on there. But yeah, never really. Whereas the straight thing… did happen. In one route or another :D
Hidden LEWD rating: Kinda. We can see boobs. Naked boobs, but not the whole thing o.o Also… some other things are hinted.
Gay-Ship: Chester/El & Chester/Lauro
Recommendation: Yes, but there are some gross things included o.o

Cat Story ahead!
Sry, nothing here O.O

So I’ve been visiting a friend over the weekend, which was in itself just awesome and a great time. We went on Saturday into some other town to walk around and have a look at shops – oddly we were both totally happy looking at kids stuff o.o – and the rest of the time we spent writing. Well mostly. But it was very nice, we made a lot of writing progress. And we had some very nice walks with her dog.
And since I just now nearly wrote dalk (walk+dog I guess?) I think I should just send this and go to bed :D

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor