Quantum Updates

Quantum Conscience

7.0 hours, 4 of 4 achievements


This was a SG win from back when I joined pretty much every GA that had a game I might find interesting (shame on me, I know =P). I was a bit put off by the artstyle at first but the plot got me really hooked and finished it in one sit (btw, playing the game at night on a weekday wasn’t a bright idea xD). Some plot twists were fairly predictable but I have to admit I didn’t see the Shadow being a piece of software who looks like a genderswapped MC coming. It was completely unexpected yet it makes sense.

Also this VN was way different than your usual VN. Here you don’t have to pick choices, instead the outcome of your actions depends only on what did you read from other people’s mind and how frequently do you use your mind-reading powers. Also romance is completely secondary here. You can get in a romantic relationship (same-sex or not) with another character but it’ll have little impact in the overall story, unlike most VNs which make this a requirement.
The game had some flaws though. Questionable artstyle-aside I felt like they didn’t expand the world building a bit more to give some scenes more weight like when the Shadow asks you to use your powers to obtain the coordinates to the secret base in Vandorfin, as if that was a certain location the players were familiar with. I had a hard time caring about the consequences of whether I’d do that or not.
Also I feel the relationship meter was pure BS. I mean, I managed to romance Mierol just by meeting a few criteria despite the bar being only about half-full and not being the one with the best biggest. Also I feel like they could have added some achievements related to the partners you choose to romance or some plot events like managing to save Amalek’s life or romancing Mierol and getting the Viva Veramus ending in the same playthrough (it leads to an interesting “plot development” ;))

All in all it’s a pretty good VN which compensates its lackluster art with a good story and an interesting gameplay.

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

12.7 hours, 31 of 60 achievements


As a fan of the Bookworm games I couldn't let the chance to play this game pass and boy, it sure is a massive improvement of the concept behind the Bookworm games. The RPG elements add a myriad of different strategies to approach different foes (protip: max out "Plurality". It always comes handy). The game can get quite hard at times. Some foes can cause some really annoying status effect (like poisoned tiles that hurt you if you use them, or infected tiles that cause no damage and keep infecting adjacent tiles until the effect is gone) and the bosses can deal a good amount of damage if you're not prepared. In fact the third boss was so hard to me I ended up stalling the game for months, and I managed to beat it by pure chance after I decided to pick up the game again. The fourth game was even harder and I wouldn't have beaten if I didn't find a way to cheese the fight (getting a steal life buff will pretty much fully heal you if you exploit their weakness (using a word with an "E" and an "S" in it). Shuffle until you get both letters and a decent-sized word (5 letters or more) and BAM you're as good as new and the boss just lost a good chunk of HP)).
In short I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games with some RPG elements thrown into the mix

Also finished Zone of Enders for PS2 (which I wanted to play for about 10 years ago, right after I finished Zone of Enders: The Fist of Mars). It was way different than what I expected (I should blame The Fist of Mars for that) but it still was pretty enjoyable despite its flaws. The gameplay is quite good and I really appreciated the lock-on feature since aiming with a joystick is a massive pain in the ass and going up and down by pressing triangle or X can get a bit grating.
What I liked the most about the game is the upgrade system, I found it pretty original. Instead of buying upgrades like in most games you have to look for the driver of said upgrade during each mission (as in, a software driver) and find the suitable server to install it (the non-plot relevant ones are always found in the same map).
My biggest pet peeve was with the main protagonist being a kid. I know I should expect him to be a bit naïve and behave like a kid who got thrown into a life or death situation but man, he sure tries hard to be the most annoying mecha pilot in existence (at least he got in the robot). The worst part is how he doesn’t change one bit through the game. He even got bit in the ass for sparing the final boss’ life, and what did he do after said boss nearly killed his friend and love interest? he beated them and tried to save their life AGAIN flips table
Emulating the game was a bit problematic. Depending on your setup You’d either play it fine with enhanced graphics and stable FPS but without the world map (which is not necessary most of the time, but in some missions it can save you from looking around aimlessly) or having normal graphics and a visible map but some nasty FPS drops from time to time.

On another note, rummaging around in the PS2 catalog I found a game about catfighting (yes, I’m serious) and is as terribad as one would expect xD