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Heya! Welcome to my profile.

I mainly play games until I beat them and I rarely go for 100% completion unless it’s very doable (like in most HOGs case), also I try to put some bad play on words in the titles of my updates based on the games I played.

I also watch anime “from time to time” so feel free to check my list if you want

I’ll post my updates here from time to time (probably weekly, but I’m not sure if I’ll manage to stick to it). Also you can check my yearly progress here if you fell like it.

June Report

I originally planned to post something 15 days ago, but uhm… let’s just say I neglected the backlog quite a bit ^^;

Panty Party

8.5 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

This game was as fun as its wild. The story is dumb in a funny way, the characters are quite entertaining (like a certain panty ) and the combat is very solid, to the point I’d love if this got a multiplayer mode and ~~becomes an eSport~~

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

12.9 hours, 29 of 47 achievements

I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy a Batman game as much as I did, it was pretty much perfect. I was tempted to 100% it but I didn’t have the patience to try to do it ~~and the PoP deadline was getting a tad too close~~

12 is Better Than 6

14.6 hours, 45 of 46 achievements

Another game I played for PoP and liked quite a bit. For a top-down shooter it sure tries to make the player be as stealthy as possible, since the guns make enough noise to get you swarmed by enemies after the first shot (and good luck trying to reload fast).
I liked the story but I felt the ending was really abrupt, like when you plan to make one long game but late in production decide to split it in two parts and there’s not much time to make an open ending for the first part.

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions

13.2 hours, 35 of 40 achievements

I liked it as much as the first installment. The puzzles were slightly easier this time since most of them have the same shape, but some of them still were quite challenging.

Cinderella Escape! R12

3.5 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

This game kinda disappointed me. The puzzles were solid but they got repetitive at times (which is to be expected when you notice some maps are being reused!) and the story was quite lacking. The ending also felt a bit cheap, mainly because there’s little difference between them, and both happen to be bad endings. I also played the R18 version and the only difference was the addition of some torture traps and guards which will try to err… “restrain” your character.

Stop the Presses! I got a request in my curator group

Well, this was seriously unexpected since my group is super small and I barely started. Actually I got the request a few weeks ago but the dev asked me to not make any reviews until the game was released. The game in question was Deeproot Manor.

At first I was a bit hesitant to accept the request since I’m bad with horror games, but I though the simple graphics would make it easier to deal with to me, after all I managed ot beat Ino without issues. 5 minutes was all it took to realize how wrong I was.

The game’s atmosphere is really well done and you can feel the tension as soon as you get in the manor. It doesn’t help one bit that it plays with your expectations, there are times when everything is building up to a jumpscare, and you brace for it… but in the end there’s no jumpscare. The puzzles are also well-thought and you can tell they put effort on them.

In the end I was too much of a wuss to finish it but I liked what I played. Horror fans will definitely enjoy this one

Locked-down Updates

I’m having a lot of free time lately due to the pandemic, which of course means it’s time to do some backlog cleaning


2.0 hours, no achievements

This was certainly different. Instead of playing the hero who saves the village you play the demon who terrorizes it… except it’s all staged and they are all actors (plot twist: They are tricked to believe they are). The jokes were excellent and I appreciate what they did with the gameplay. Instead of letting you grind mindlessly if you can’t beat an enemy it forces you to adopt a different strategy.


6.0 hours, 0 of 46 achievements

I have mixed feelings about this game. On one hand the gameplay is solid for the most part (except a certain bug that rarely happens but is a tad annoying, and how much luck you need to finish the last level) but on the other the story is quite bad and the english translation feels like it has been machine translated from russian. To make things worse the achievements are bugged.
The art was fine but it was very limited and I wasn’t particularly a fan of the H-scenes (specially since the game freezes during the scene that plays after beating the 6th level).

Demon King Domination: Deluxe Edition

2.9 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

I didn’t like this one. While the combat was interesting it ultimately felt wasted because there’s the grand total of 1 fight in this game, and the outcome is more or less similar. To make matters worse you have to watch (or should I say hear? after all it’s an audio with a still image in it) a 10-minute epilogue for each ending if you want to 100% it (which is a huge waste of time).

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

5.2 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

I was aware I was about to play a really good game and it still managed to blow me away. The art was awesome and the story was great, even if the characters speak in an incomprehensible language. There are also plenty of twists, some of them are predictable and others not so much. I’m still surprised the elder brother ended up dying at the end of the game. I didn’t see that coming.

Breath of Death VII

4.7 hours, no achievements

I couldn’t help but compare it with Chtulhu’s Saves the World and honestly, it’s way inferior. There’s barely any room for strategizing in any random fight because by the third/four turn the monsters will be powerful enough to be able to wipe out your party, and it gets a lot harder in the second half. Funnily enough the boss fights didn’t feel as hard as the random mobs. One thing I liked about the game is there’s a finite amount of random encounters, which makes exploring easier once you beat them all (you can still fight mobs if you want, but they don’t appear randomly anymore).
The story felt quite… aimless. There isn’t a clear goal in the game and instead is a succession of smaller goals (like explore the eastern ruins) until the game just ends. At least the humour was on point as it was in Chtulhu’s Saves the World.

Celia's Quest

22.9 hours, 2 of 11 achievements

Man, this game was quite good. It takes a bit of time to get used to it because there isn’t a level system like in most RPGS. Instead, you have to pick up stat and skill points scattered throughout the game to improve the character’s stats and learn new skills.
The plot was your usual “rescue the princess” plot with a spin and enough humor to keep it fresh. If you’re looking for a serious story with major plot twists look elsewhere, because there are none here.
Overall it was a very entertaining game even if it was a bit frustrating at first (doing things out of order sure can make things harder). It’s not a masterpiece but it sure can keep you entertained for a few days (especially since it has replay value).
Oh, and before I forget. If you ever decide to play it make sure to check the manual in your installation folder first. There’s vital info about the game and the different skills there.

I’m also playing Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, though I can’t play it for more than an hour a day because I end up with some mild headaches (Valravn’s realm didn’t help at all). I’ll finish it sometime though because I like the game quite a bit and I find the portrayal of psychosis in the game quite interesting.

What Do You Mean You Can’t Hit Your Opponents in Soccer?

The lack of sports due to the pandemic gave me an excuse to try this game (which a friend recommended to me 14 years ago)

Red Card is like your usual soccer game with the difference that rough play is allowed (I’d even say is a little bit encouraged). You can tackle, kick, punch, headbutt or even jump kick your opponents to the face (not even the referee is free from getting hit!). You also can do special shots but more often than not the keeper will be able to stop it (ironically it’s way more likely to score a goal with a normal shot from outside the box). The commentators make it even better, as they are often dissing the referee for not seeing the blatant fouls or the players for diving despite of how hard they got hit by their opponents.

That aside (and the fact you can unlock some fantasy teams like a team of apes or samurais) the game felts a tad basic. There aren’t many modes and once you unlocked everything there’s barely anything else to do there (and to add insult to injury you can’t use the unlocked teams in friendly matches).

All in all it’s a decent yet flawed game that’s good to play for shits and giggles with some friends for an hour or so.

Metal Updates

I haven’t had much time to play games lately but at least I somewhat managed to clear out my SG backlog a bit.

Death Goat

4.6 hours, 3 of 6 achievements


This is your typical top-down shooter game in which you have to kill waves of enemies before they kill you, but what differentiates this one over the other is how it tries to be as metal as possible (to the point it’s close to being a parody of itself). Both the aesthetics and the way the texts are written scream trve kvlt (because there’s nothing more metal than putting umlauts everywhere), it’s as bloody as one would imagine, and the soundtrack ranges from Power Super Metal to Blacker than the Blackest Black Metal. Sadly the game gets repetitive way too fast and there’s barely any difference between the playable characters (they all have the same skills) and the maps you can choose (the only difference between each map is the color of the floor). Also some achievements require a lot of grinding and I don’t have enough patience to try to unlock it

Legend of Miro

5.0 hours, 7 of 12 achievements


This game disappointed me quite a bit. I was expecting your usual JRPG and all I found was a super-linear game where all you do is to go fetch X item or meet X person, and the plot is as “exciting” as watching paint dry. The battles aren’t much better tbh. There’s barely any equipment you can get, all enemies do the same damage, and you do the same amount of damage to them. The only difference is the amount of HP they have and that doesn’t make them a harder foe, just more annoying.
But the worst of all is how easily you can get soft-locked in it. All it takes is to choose the wrong option in certain quests or save your game at certain parts of the game (like mid-quest like I did) and BAM! you get softlocked once you load your game and you can’t progress at all.
Seriously, fuck this game.

Let’s PoP!

I’m participating in Pay or Play for the first time and so far I managed to beat one of the games (which doubles as a PAGWOSG entry).

Broken Age

11.1 hours, 36 of 45 achievements


I’m not really fond of point & click games but this one grabbed me almost right away. The art style was quite unique and the plot was interesting with a mix of predictable and unpredictable twists (Malek being one of the baddies was so unsurprising I doubt it counts as a twist XD). The ending was a bit disappointing imo, almost as disappointing as your average HOG’s ending.

Also I played some games for the BLAEO Monthly Theme because why not?

Super Turbo Demon Busters!

9.9 hours, 18 of 24 achievements


This was an ok-ish game that felt a tad too basic at times and you have to rely on dumb luck at times to win on the last half. It’s pretty noticeable this was a port of a mobile game and some of its mechanics like map navigation don’t translate too well on PC. Most achievements are easy to obtain but some of them require way too much grinding (and I don’t like the game enough to try to 100% it)

I liked these games quite a bit, even if the face art screams “modified default art” and some faces look too similar to each other (Sabina and Tarjae’s faces for example). Rather than a proper RPG this was an adventure game where you have to pick up items and combine them if required to progress into the story. Story-wise it was fine but the characters have enough charisma to keep you interested on the game (Sabina is my favourite by far). My only gripe with the games was the low resolution. I wouldn’t mind it in your typical RPG but it makes it unnecessarily hard to find some key items here.

Until the next update!

End of January Rush!

Sorting out my games by duration made me realize I have a lot of super short ones so what a better way to clear out the backlog than tackling those short games? (I wish it didn’t take me too long to write this post, but apparently RL is way too fond of getting in my way)

Carpe Diem

0.1 hours, 2 of 2 achievements


This felt more like a proof of concept than an actual game. It works as a prologue of Carpe Diem Reboot but as a standalone game is very lacking. The twist at the end is quite unexpected and feels like a kick to the balls though (it doesn’t help that the name of the achievement you get for finishing the game is “What are you doing with your life?”)

A Wild Catgirl Appears!

3.7 hours, 5 of 5 achievements


While this LGBT-positive VN wasn’t bad it had quite a number of issues. For starters the art was super inconsistent. It’d go from western-styled to anime-styled and back to western-styled when you expect it the least (and against all odds I’d prefer if they just stuck to keeping the western-style in the whole VN).
The story was a tad rushed. During the first half the pace is fine but during the second one if feels like the author is in a hurry to finish it. Due to this (and the overall length of the VN) there’s not much character development.
All in all the game feels like wasted potential. It could have been a lot better with some tweaks, a longer duration, and a consistent art.

Creature Romances: Kokonoe Kokoro

9.3 hours, 6 of 6 achievements


I was willing to write this one off as a generic VN (because let’s face it, it’s very typical plot-wise), but the fact that every character except the player is a monster (and not of the fanservicey kind to be precise) makes it quite unique. The game could have had more choices instead of just one at the end though.

BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope For the Young Century

4.3 hours, 16 of 28 achievements


You expected a short, easy beat em’ up game but it was me, BANZAI PECAN! Silliness aside, it could have been short if you have some godlike reflexes and some of the enemies/bosses weren't so cheap. The game is hard, not just because there’s a high chance you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of enemies but also some enemies hit really hard (and you can consider yourself dead if you’re on the floor and the surrounding enemies start to body slam you while you’re trying to get up). That said, I liked the variety of moves this game has (even if you’ll resort to button mashing more often than not, especially against the Jennies and some bosses) as well as the fact it even has finishers to OHKO dizzy enemies.
The art is quite crude and so is the plot, but imo it works in this game’s favor. I think it would have been a lot worse if the game tried to be dead serious. The ending was quite disappointing though.

It could have been just a backlog-clearing week but I caved and bought Mirror. I can only blame HuniePop 2 not being out yet for it =P


12.8 hours, 114 of 114 achievements


First things first, the game was surprisingly more similar to Puzzle Quest than Huniepop, both character/setting wise and gameplay-wise.
Instead of having a big plot the game has mini-stories that take between following each of the girls available, and in each of them there are enough bits of world-building that keep them fresh. I personally liked them all but Leah’s route.
The art was top-notch. The backgrounds were stunning and the characters were designed in a way they looked either sexy or cute (or both) depending on what they want to emphasize. I only wish they didn’t include a loli character. I don’t exaggerate when I say I constantly repeated “ravioli ravioli, don’t lewd the loli” in my mind during her route.
Now let’s get to the meat (pun intended) of Mirror; the gameplay. It can divided in two parts, the battles and the sex. The battles are your usual match-3 games in which each tile has an specific function. Swords do physical damage; stars do magical damage; potions heal you; and rage increases your atk and def. Depending on the combinations you do you can get special tiles which, when combined, automatically use the allocated skill for that tile (IE a special sword tile would use the physical attack skill you have equipped). Enemies also have specific skills based on their race or job. For example the orc girl can significantly raise her attack while the nun would spend a lot of time healing herself (which is a bit annoying since you have a limited number of moves).
As for the sex (which let’s be honest, is the main reason you’re playing this game ;) ) The game lets you choose between different actions to perform on the girl and depending on what you do and were you’ll either raise her pleasure bar, her pain bar, or both, and depending on which of the two is higher once you run out of available actions, you get either the Pleasure ending (basically a happy ending) or the aptly named pain ending, which ranges from sad to outright depressing (ironically it’s the exact opposite for Martha the nun). The Lost Shards DLC also adds some extra "playable scenes" (if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), but it has no impact on the story whether you perform well or not.
Most of the achievements are fairly doable with the exception of a few. Some require some grinding (the challenge mode makes it easier to achieve though) while 1 requires a lot of planning to obtain, another one can only be achieved through dumb luck (usually obtained while attempting to get the aforementioned achievement), and the last one is so hard you better exploit a bug in the challenges to get it if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy.
To sum it up, it’s rare to find such a well-done game for so cheap. It may have a bunch of DLC but only the “Lost Shards” DLC is recommended to buy. The rest is just fluff that has no impact on the game.

ABC Challenge: Palate Cleanser Edition

Man, it feels great to play not one but two good RPG Maker games after the absolute disaster that was 3 Stars of Destiny.

Alpha Kimori™ Episode One

7.6 hours, no achievements


The first thing that caught my attention were the graphics. They were so polished and well done that one could think this game was a NDS port. They also put a lot of work on the menus to the point it doesn’t look like an RPG Maker at all. I wish the full screen mode kept the original 4:3 ratio instead of stretching the screen.
Plot-wise it was quite original but I felt they could have one a bit more with it. For a game that’s about not killing mobs senselessly you can grind as much as you want without consequences. IMO it’d have been more interesting if random mobs stayed dead for good. I also would have appreciated if they didn’t showcase that one flashback all the time.
The OST was fine save for the main theme, which was played at the title screen and during most boss battles. Personal tastes aside, it didn’t fit with the overall setting and it was immersion-breaking.
The game itself was fairly easy (save for the final boss, but that had to do with my natural disregard of using items in RPGs). With a bit of grind at the start you can get your characters quite overpowered early in the game if you want to, and your characters have a tendency of landing critical hits more often than you can imagine. Also I felt like most monsters gave the same amount of exp and money despite some of them being harder to beat than others (and it doesn’t help that there’s a noticeable lack of available equipment).
There’s quite a bit of backtracking too, which made me miss being able to walk faster like in many other games (thankfully the maps weren’t too big).
In short, it was a good game despite its flaws. I hope the sequels are even better.

Ara Fell

16.6 hours, 0 of 18 achievements


Saying that I fell in love with this game during the first hour would be an understatement. Even if the plot isn’t original (save for the origin of the vampires) and some of the plot-twists are predictable the game pulls you in and makes you want to know more and more about the trials and tribulations of the pint-sized Lita (friendly reminder to never wear a ring you find in an abandoned dungeon). The lore is also very extensive, but instead of getting exposition bumps thorough the game we can learn about the world the game takes place in by reading the different books that can be found in each city (or you can ignore them if you don’t want extra info).
The characters are well written too. Lita in particular stands out as being a teenager who wants nothing to do with the Artifacts of Power and eventually succumbs to the pressure of having the fate of the world on her hands, unlike your typical hero who is all gung-ho about being in a huge quest to save the world. Also it’s noticeable how some of the antagonists aren’t inherently evil and they only do what they do because they all they want is a way to get rid of their curse. They could have been allies if circumstances were different.
The backgrounds and character designs are quite pretty and very varied, from gorgeous forests and ruins to snowy towns. Just take a look at the screens and judge for yourself.
On another note, it caught my attention that the game lets you resize the window to some pre-established sizes or just go full screen. Yes guys, you don’t have to play in a small windows if you don’t want to.
Another thing I really loved was the soundtrack. It’s really immersive and the quality is on par with many AAA games, though it gives a bit of a mood whiplash when, for example, there’s some epic track playing and once you get in a cave it plays he usual upbeat dungeon-crawling track (and to makes things worse, if you battle a monster from the previous map inside said cave it plays the epic track again).
Regarding the mechanics, while the battles played as they’d play in any RPG Maker 2003 game there were a lot of things that made the whole game different in this regard. For starters you can craft your own equipments and potions once you get the recipes (though there’s not much variety), you can choose which stats to improve when the chars level up (protip: raise Seri Kasu’s MP to 600 ASAP. You’ll thank me later) and you can learn/improve your skills in a store instead of just grinding. The game counts with a story mode too, which lets you instawin battles in case you just want to enjoy the story (don’t use it on your first run though =P).

All in all get this game ASAP. It’s worth it.

Btw, the devs pretty much finished a remake of the game in Unity (it’s a beta at the moment) which improved on a lot of things, got rid of any limit the previous engine had, fixed most of my minor pet peeves with the game (90% of them had to do with said limitations), and allowed Steam integration (reason why I don’t have any unlocked achievements).

Until next time!

First update of 2020

There’s no better way for a gamer to start the new year than playing some games! This time I played 2 games (which only one was finished, the other one was dropped harder than the beat in this track). Let’s start with the former

12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power

14.3 hours, 18 of 22 achievements


There’s barely any difference in its mechanics between this game and its previous installment (aside of controlling Megara instead of Hercules of course). Of course it’s as enjoyable as ever (except if you’re as dumb as me and play it on Relaxed mode, just to realize halfway into the game that you’d miss about 4 achievements if you don’t play every level in normal or expert mode).

As much as I liked this game I think I’ll take a break from Time Management games before I burn out.

As for the latter, I have a lot of things to say about it, and most of them aren’t nice

3 Stars of Destiny

20.9 hours, 20 of 50 achievements


This one was included in one of the first bundles I ever bought (IIRC it was in a Groupees Bundle back in 2015) and any hope I had for this game was shattered after the first hour. At the start of the game we see witch who warns the big bad that she saw in one of her prophecies that a trio of heroes will defeat him and he has to take action to prevent it. What does the big bad do? kill her before she tells him who these heroes are because HURR DURR I’M SO EVULZ!. Fast-forward a bit and you’re in control of Random (yes, that’s his name and no, you can’t change it), a kid who thinks he’s hot shit and he’s just a immature brat who later meets Sarah and they spent most of the time bickering for the stupidest reasons ever (it doesn’t help Sarah has the maturity of a fifth-grader). As the story progresses the characters take more and more stupid decisions to the point it makes you wonder how much thought was put into the story. It was an absolutely awful experience but I gritted my teeth and kept going. Maybe, just maybe, it improved radically like Windchild did.

Later on I found that you need to backtrace a lot in this game (especially if you try to do as many side-quests as possible) and there’s not a way to make travelling faster, so you spend most of the time walking back and forth from one way to another. It was annoying but still better than hearing random and Sarah argue for the 239346th time, so I pulled through.

Then there were the battles. Being able to get extra exp and/or buffs from teammates if you fight with them long enough was very original, but counter-attacks being able to be countered was a very terrible decision. You’d end up with one of your characters and an enemy attacking each other until one of them dies and you’re unable to do anything to avoid it (you can go and make yourself a coffee while you wait for them to finish if you want tho). I was already at my limit, but I decided to keep going even though the most sensible thing was to call it quits.

Then there was a very sudden “difficulty” spike which could only be solved by grinding incessantly. Why? Because there’s a mob that can wipe out your entire party in one hit and there’s no way to prevent it (aside of dumb luck). That was when I decided to stop playing and regret the hours I spent on it.

There were a few positive things in this game. For example there was a decent variety of side-quests, hidden secret rooms with lots of loot, and the game itself is a good guide on what you should never do if you ever decide to make a game

Until the next update!

2019 Balance

This year of ferocious fight against the backlog is over and it’s time to see how much I progressed over the year.

Month by Month

Progressive Count

It looks like I failed spectacularly this year, though it could have been worse ¯\(ツ)/¯. At least there was some progress percentage-wise compared to when I joined BLAEO last year.

As for what are my plans for 2020. First I’ll move the stuff there’s a 99.9% I won’t play right to Abandoned. Even if it doesn’t amount to much seeing the “never played” percentage lower than 90% motivates me to tackle my backlog even more. Also I’m I’m going to focus on shorter games witht he occasional long game here and there, and I made not one but two ABC Challenges (you can tell I really like this thing =P). One with mostly short games and another one with RPG Maker games (while I’m at it, I ended up making a curator group for curating RPG Maker games, feel free to follow both the group and the curator page =) )