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Heya! Welcome to my profile.

I mainly play games until I beat them and I rarely go for 100% completion unless it’s very doable (like in most HOGs case), also I try to put some bad play on words in the titles of my updates based on the games I played.

I also watch anime “from time to time” so feel free to check my list if you want

I’ll post my updates here from time to time (probably weekly, but I’m not sure if I’ll manage to stick to it XD)

Putting here my progress bar with the stats I had when I joined for future comparison


God’s one day in 199X

Here’s my weekly report


1.8 hours, no achievements


I liked the idea behind the game quite a bit but the execution could have been better. While the story was nice the OST was terrible to the point playing the game completely muted was better. I also missed the option to make the character run, because it walks very slowly and you spend a lot of time walking around. After an hour of playing it I already wanted it to be over (and I'd have abandoned the game if I didn't know its length beforehand)

God's One Day World (神明的一天世界)

6.3 hours, no achievements


This VN was pretty good. The story was really gripping even though you can guess some of the plot twists like the main character being trapped in a time-loop. What I didn't expect at all was that (incoming major spoilers) the main character created the whole time-loop to prevent Christina (AKA the mc's girlfriend) from dying of a demonic curse, and you undoing the whole thing doomed her to a painful death. Also in the epilogue we get to learn the MC also was the one responsible of making the canon so strict a slight deviation from it means getting a gruesome death (I guess he can blame himself for getting all those bad endings ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ) On a negative note I have to say the spelling could have been better (it's still readable though).
The art was pretty good but a tad too limited. I mean, in a bunch of scenes you're told you're facing the guardians yet you only see the background.
The voice acting was ok in most parts, save for Christina's VA which sounds a bit too monotone at times. It takes quite a bit to get used to the chinese dialogues (especially when you're way too used to playing VNs voiced in japanese).
The puzzles vary quite a bit in difficulty. Some are easy, others are a bit harder, and then there are those who are hard enough you need a guide to complete it. Also I recommend saving everytime you go from one scene to another or before a puzzle becuase it's pretty easy to screw it up and have to start all over again.
All in all playing this game was an enjoyable experience. If you feel like playing the game avoid the community hub at all costs, it's full of spoilery screencaps.

On another note, I should resume my ABC Challenge or else I won’t make it in time :X

Endless Quests

Once again is the time of the week when I post my weekly progress.

Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse

4.8 hours, 21 of 33 achievements

The game was an improvement over the previous AM games. They added a spin to the hidden object puzzles that made them more interesting (except for the part when you have to remove illusions, that one sucked). Plot-wise it was ok, and it was visually stunning as usual.

I also played Melty’s Quest out of curiosity (I have no records on steam because I used a “DRM-Free test version” (Read: pirated)) and well, I unexpectedly got hooked to it (and not for the reasons you’re thinking right now =P).

Meltys Quest

?? hours, ?? achievements

The plot is simple yet it has enough twists to surprise the players.
It’s worth mentioning that the naughty bits are well-integrated into the gameplay. In order to equip different armors and learn skills from it you need to raise your “slut level”, and you can already imagine how you raise it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (btw, you can skip the H-scenes if you want just by holding ctrl, which is nice if you’re not into some of the stuff shown in the game).
I’d have appreciated if the dungeons were a bit bigger, some of them were really short (mainly in the early stages of the game).
All in all I can say this game is good enough for me to buy it and try to 100% it once my wallet recovers from the Steam sales.

Not even in Christmas I had time to finish a game

I wanted to finish at least one more game before the end of the year (even if I don’t 100% it) but RL made things a tad too complicated. I tried to get Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse done since HOGs aren’t very long but I didn’t get really far. All I can say about it is that it’s your usual Artifex Mundi game with a female protagonist having to deal with some supernatural stuff (I’d be surprised if we ever get a HOG that has a male MC and is more realistic) also the art looks great and the puzzles aren’t very hard so I expect to finish it this week if nothing unexpected happens

BOOM! There goes my free time

If last week my free time was reduced drastically, in this one I barely had any. I still managed to finish one game… which made me wish I didn’t buy the bundle it was in.


2.4 hours, no achievements

As the saying says, "curiosity killed the catgirl cat". I got this game for the risque content *ahem* art and game style but all it had was utter dissapointment. Sure, the music and art was good but there were too many things tha were downright wrong with this game, if not infuriating.
I can forgive it almost not having any kind of plot, or the english being a tad too broken because that's not why are we playing this game, but using ASZX instead of WASD or SZXC and not showing you how much HP you have left drove me nuts at times. Good thing it's over and the pain barely lasted a few hours (game is only 20 mins long if you don't fail any battle btw).

My backlog is growing out of control! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

My holidays are over so I don’t have as much time to play as I had before. To make it worse 2 interesting bundles got released last week + monthlies so now I have more “never played” games than I had when I joined the site XD At least I had enough time to finish Tomb Raider, which was a tad longer than I expected.

Tomb Raider

18.6 hours, 27 of 50 achievements

This game surprised in a good way. I got hooked from the start and it was an enjoyable experience. I had to suspend my disbelief at times when Lara survived stuff that could have gotten her killed (like that one time she got stabbed on her side after what looked like a 2-3 mts high fall, and spent at least 1 day without having any kind of treatment). I'm a bit dissapointed with the secret tombs tbh since they didn't feel really challenging (save for 1-2 that made me scratch my head really hard), but overall it was a great game I'd have tried to 100% if it didn't have multiplayer-only achievements

Bye Bye Ground AR-K!

Here’s my progress this week

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

1.9 hours, 2 of 16 achievements

I have some mixed feelings about this game. The game itself is fairly good, but I can’t really tell if it’s meant to be played with a controller or a keyboard+mouse. The game uses way too many buttons to be played comfortably on a keyboard, and aiming with the controller is a huge pain in the ass. Also imo it’s a tad overpriced, 20€ for what’s pretty much a demo of The Phantom Pain is way too much.


5.0 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

This one was a decent point & click game. The story was fine, but what actually kept me hooked was how much of a lovable asshole the main character is. You can help but wonder what kind of mischief she’ll be up to, or how low she’ll steep to achieve her goals. I liked the first chapter more than the second one, but maybe it had to do with some performance issues I got during the first half of the second one (it froze for a minute everytime it was in a loading page)

Bye-Bye, Wacky Planet

8.1 hours, 23 of 23 achievements

I have been playing this one on and off for a while and it’s a decent platformer that’s fairly easy to finish and get all the achievements, though some levels that can get a bit annoying (I'm looking at you chapters 4 and 5).

Mermaids Drowned in Dark Coffee During a Candy Storm

This week has been a bit hectic so I couldn’t play as much as I wished (and Dark took a lot more of time to beat than I expected)

CAFE 0 ~The Drowned Mermaid~

2.8 hours, 21 of 21 achievements

This game is fairly mediocre to be honest. I honestly had a hard time trying to care about the plot and the characters to the point I ended up activating the "Skip: All Messages" option for all the endings except the true one which was somewhat decent.
The art ranged from "barely decent" to "Is this Gakuen handsome?". There were bits that were terribly drawn and makes you wonder wether they were really short of time or the artist got paid in cold drinks and donuts.
At least the voice acting was decent.


14 hours, 24 of 31 achievements

This game is as good as it's frustrating. The game is mainly a stealth game and, while it's good in this regard, the combat system sucks to the point that etting yourself detected by your enemies pretty much means game over. Also depending on the difficulty you choose you may count with no quick saves, just 2, or unlimited ones but since the difficulty-related achievements are bugged you can just play 1 minute on hard, another one on normal, and then play rest of the game on easy and save-scum your way to victory (I swear I discovered this by accident lol).

I also took part in the “Challenge Me” challenge and, while I may or may not bit more than I can chew, I’ll still try to finish all the games on time. So far I beat one of them.

Christmas Adventure: Candy Storm

1.7 hours, 23 of 23 achievements

This was a nice HOG. To anyone who has more experience on the genre this game might feel a bit too easy (or casual depending on who you ask) but it's ideal for beginners.

On an unrelated note, A friend convinced me to play Stardew Valley and I got hooked right away, so if I dissapear you now that happened =P

ABC Challenge 2018-2019: Swift like a Bayonetta

Another week another report regarding the ABC Challenge

Assetto Corsa

13.6 hours, 5 of 709 achievements

I ended up abandoning the game because I lost half of my progress in the career mode. I had to do a system restore and my progress went from 45% to 20%. I wouldn't have minded it much if I didn't have to do the races with the Mercedes SLS again. If only they store the save files in the game's folder…


11.3 hours, 23 of 50 achievements

I also finished this game and loved it from the get go. The titular character is pretty lovable (you could say she's very bewitching) and the game is neither too easy nor too hard on normal. It also runs very smoothly even on max settings (though I had to reduce them a tad in chapter 6 (the wind level) because it stuttered from time to time).
If I had to say something negative about the game si that they played Fly Me to the Moon so many times I ended up hating the song.

I also played a few games when I was taking a break from Assetto Corsa


9.2 hours, 8 of 17 achievements

This game was filled with so much testosterone my beard grew another beard and I gained 20 kg of pure muscle.
Jokes aside, it was a really good game for those who like relentless action and silly jokes (I have to admit one of my favs is the Megacockter). It also had a really good OST that made kicking some mooks' asses even better (you don't usually make Satan your bitch while a sick track like this is playing).

Dear RED - Extended

1.1 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

This felt more like a "find the achievement" game than an actual game itself. The game has a ton of routes that last between 2-3 minutes to 10 at best and he plot is explained in such a confusing way you end up being more invested on getting those achievements than knowing what's going on.

Cobi Treasure Deluxe

0.4 hours, no achievements

The game is basically a columns clone with a few stuff added in to make it different. The game itself is not bad but the lack of goals/achievements didn't motivate me to play much more than 20 minutes.

ABC Challenge 2018-2019: The 27 Labours of Nicknames

Last month I made a list with the games I’d play in the challenge (with some changes here and there), and now that I have some free time (god bless paid holidays) I gotta start it. I plan to do this yearly, but since there’s no way I’d complete all the games in just 2 months I’ll extend it to these 2 months + 2019. As you might guess the first game I started with 12 Labours of Hercules

12 Labours of Hercules

6.5 hours, 22 of 22 achievements

This game surprised me in a really good way. I started it with little expectations since I never played a time management game and by the time I realized it I was already past level 20 with 3+ hours spent in the game. Needless to say I finished it the same day I started it and loved it, to the point I also played its sequel The Cretan Bull

12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull

7.4 hours, 20 of 22 achievements

This one was a bit longer and had some extra features that made it even more challenging. For starters now you have to be careful of thieves trying to steal your stuff or making Hera stop scaring your lackeys (her hubby would probably not cheat on her at every chance if she focused on him as much as she does at making Hercules' life a PITA =P). Also they added hidden puzzle pieces you have to find on each level to unlock hidden levels. The only reason I didn't try to get all the achievements is there's one achievement in particular which is a royal pain in the ass to get (actually there are two, but I got lucky and managed to unlock one by pure chance) and I don't have the patience to try to get it ^^; I'll also give the rest of the franchise a go, but not now. I don't want to get burnt out too soon.

Since I finished 12 Labours of Hercules in a day I went ahead and started Assetto Corsa and well… this one is going to take “a bit more” to finish

Assetto Corsa

4.2 hours, 5 of 709 achievements

First thing first, the way the menus are done is a bit confusing. I have the habit of heading straight to the options menu to check the controls and any stuff I can tweak and all I got was a headache. Also it doesn't detect my controller (probably because it's a generic one) so I have to deal with playing with a keyboard. That aside it's a very decent game that takes a bit to get used to, and I'll definitely try to finish the career mode. Don't expect me to get all the achievements though ;)

Unrelated to the whole challenge I also finished Gravity Badgers

Gravity Badgers

13.6 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

This game was decent and it kind of remind me of those flash games that are on Tremor, though there were some levels that were unnecessarily hard (as in, you're 1 milimeter off and you screwed it up). Also don't pay much attention to the time spent on this game, there's 1 achievement that requires you to play the game for 10 hours and well, I idled it =P)

Spooktober: The Curse in the Sky

Last report of my progress, and I couldn’t have picked a more unfitting game for it. I know we were allowed to grab stuff with witches, curses and the like but the game felt a lot more like your standard fantasy game than an actual game you’d play in Halloween. XD

Season Match 3 - Curse of the Witch Crow

12.2 hours, 31 of 31 achievements


The game is pretty decent even if it's a bit easier than your usual match 3 games, mainly because you just have to click on rows with three or more matching pieces instead of having to move pieces to make them match. There are also some easy (and with easy I mean really easy) minigames between levels in the story mode to not make it too monotone or tiresome.
The sory mode could use a better plot though. I know you can't expect much in that regard in a match 3 game but someting that would make me care a bit would be appreciated. There's also a bug at the end of the game that doesn't let you see the ending of the game, but from what I heard you don't miss much.

Unrelated to the whole spooktober thing I also finished Gathering Sky because I needed to relax after a long day of work.

Gathering Sky

0.8 hours, no achievements


This game has the honor of being one of the hardest games I had to review. Gameplay-wise there's not much to say since all you have to do is to click around to guide a flock of birds to their destination, and there are pretty much no consequences for any mistake you might make.
Of course the game excels in anything else. The art is really good and the soundtrack not only is great but it also fits with each of the levels in the game. Are you in a slightly quiet with some few wind currents? let's play some relaxing music; Is there an eagle screwing over your flock or some storms coming? Let's play a dramatic/intense track instead.
Sadly the game is a tad too short and there's no replay value, but the experience is worth it.