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Heya! Welcome to my profile.

I mainly play games until I beat them and I rarely go for 100% completion unless it’s very doable (like in most HOGs case), also I try to put some bad play on words in the titles of my updates based on the games I played.

I also watch anime “from time to time” so feel free to check my list if you want

I’ll post my updates here from time to time (probably weekly, but I’m not sure if I’ll manage to stick to it XD)

Putting here my progress bar with the stats I had when I joined for future comparison


Golden Month Week 2: There’s a Mutiny in my Pants! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

This week I focused on err… “plot-driven”, “thought-provoking”, “adult-oriented” visual-novels because you can’t have an anime-themed gaming marathon without some spicy stuff =P


4.2 hours, 19 of 35 achievements


This game sure was something else and I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Before anyone gives me weird looks let me tell you that I’m not into futa animal-like girls but everything else was good enough for me to overlook that detail. On one hand it felt refreshing to have a main character who wasn’t a prude like many other VN protagonist, let alone be a woman who actually likes sex quite a bit, on the other I found all the characters to be quite likeable to the point I didn’t mind how barebones the main story was. I would be a bit hard pressed to choose a best girl (I’m torn between Elizabeth Margaret and Lara) but Alcina is definitely the cutest one (sorry doggo girl).
I found the puzzles fairly easy and the boat ships became a tad too random to me in the later stages of the game, but what bothered me to no end is that some routes can only be followed if you buy their respective DLCs (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻
All in all it was a fun game, and I’d have tried to to fully complete it if all routes were available.

Sakura Spirit

2.7 hours, no achievements


This was more like a kinetic novel rather than a visual novel since there were only one choice and it was pretty much irrelevant. This VN in general was really mediocre. I wouldn’t be surprised if they only wanted to make a game with as many ecchi situations as possible without going full R18 and considered the story an afterthought.
Don’t let curiosity get the best of you and avoid it like a plague. It’s not worth the 2~3 hours it lasts nor its price.

Sweet fantasy

0.6 hours, 15 of 15 achievements


If there was something that was worse than Sakura Spirits it was this one. The main character was annoying, the plot was barely there (the “plot” was more prominent tho =P) and the music was so terrible I had to turn it off because it was driving me crazy. Not even the art was good. I mean, the characters were well-designed but the backgrounds were done in such a different style they stuck out like a sore thumb. The only “positive” thing this game had is you can get all the achievements in about 40 minutes.

Golden Month Week 1: The P.R.I.C.E. of Bermudas


1.0 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

This was surprisingly good for a free game. The gameplay was fine (though the way you use items there is a tad counterintuitive) and the atmosphere was great. I also liked how the story was unfolding as you started to piece the clues together. It kinda caught me by surprise it ended in such a sad note though. I was expecting a bittersweet ending with one of them staying alive after Iva sacrificed her life for his brother, not with both dead and doomed to be forever apart.

All in all it’s a solid game to play if you have an spare hour.


4.0 hours, no achievements

This one was just ok, I mean it wasn’t bad bt it’s not a game I’d recommend. The story was very simple and most of the characters weren’t nothing more than just archetypes. The infiltration game you have to play in each act was somewhat basic and you can beat it most of the time by teleporting the guards out of your way and having only one map made it feel a bit repetitive. The voice acting wasn’t bad save for Joanna’s VA. She sounded as if she was reading a script instead of making it sound natural, thankfully she’s barely on screen after the intro

Clean Up Time!

I just realized this year I’ve been getting way more games than I’ve played, so may is going to be a “clear up your backlog as much as possible” month. So far I beat the following games:

Sonya: The Great Adventure

4.9 hours, 26 of 31 achievements


This was a decent HOG (though it’s pretty lackluster if you compare it with any Artifex Mundi HOG). One thing I liked about it is how the hint actually just gives you a hint instead of pointing out what to do or where to go. Of course not everything was positive; the “go back” button is set on the side of the screen instead of below, making things unnecessarily confusing, and also the lack of a map makes the backtracking quite annoying.

All in all it’s not a bad game, but it’s not better than many HOGs out there. Grab it if you find it in a cheap bundle, otherwise skip it.

Ember Kaboom

3.1 hours, no achievements


This one was a short, simple and somewhat easy (save for one thing I’ll mention later) platformer. The art was cute and the music was nice (except the track that plays in the title screen, that one was painfully generic). The only issue I had with this game (and it was a big one) was that you’d randomly lose 2 lives instead of 1 in the second half. I don’t know if it’s a bug or something the devs made to make it artificially harder, but it annoyed me to no end and it’s the only reason why I’d tell you to not bother with this game.

Lamia's Game Room

4.2 hours, 12 of 12 achievements


I have some mixed feelings about this game. On one hand they really nailed the game mechanics and the atmosphere (who would have thought the Old Maid could be so nerve wracking?). I also happened to like the titular character quite a bit. She’s such a sassy asshole you can’t help but like her. The game could have used an english native speaker to check out for grammar/spelling mistakes though, because there were a few times it was a bit hard to tell what they were trying to say and it broke the immersion.
It’s still a good game. Its length makes it ideal to play when you have some spare minutes or when you feel like playing a game but you’re not in the mood to commit to a medium-long game.

Iron Knights: Hollow Commando

Wow, it has been a month since the last update, mainly because I focused on beating Hollow Knight and totally not because I got distracted with other stuff

Hollow Knight

44.1 hours, 30 of 63 achievements

I usually tend to avoid famous and/or mainstream games because they tend to be a bit overhyped or they don’t live up to my expectations, but this one surprised me in a good way. It’s a very good metroidvania with a really nice artstyle and a solid gameplay. One of the things I liked is how non-linear the game is. After a certain point in the game (once you reach the Resting Grounds) you can go to each place in the order you want, or just skip a good chunk of the story and go straight to the final boss if you feel like it (I don’t recommend this).
Another thing I appreciated is how different each boss fight is, with the Nightmare King Grimm being my favourite one (its kickass track may or may not have helped =P). He may have been hard as fuck (I died within 20 seconds in my first try xD) but fighting him was really fun.
All in all you guys should give this game a go. It’s quite long but it’s definitely worth your time

Iron Commando

5.0 hours, no achievements

I also played Iron Commando since I’m a big fan of beat em’ up games, but all I got was utter disappointment. I know it was a port of a SNES game but they could have ironed it a bit more. For starters the game is unfairly hard, the enemies always have more range than you so you’ll have a hard time hitting them (or you can just spam jump+kick and wish for the best) and more often than not you’ll be pummeled to death, even on easy.
Also you can’t configure the key mapping in game and you have to do it through a menu of sorts which appears when playing in window mode.
I don’t know if the game had more issues later on, but after constantly trying and getting frustrated I ended up abandoning the game.

Glass Masquerade, or how to turn a video game into a work of art

Glass Masquerade

8.8 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

I have been planning to play this one for a while, and finally got around to it since I was in the mood for something short (3.5 hours according to HLTB, which probably didn’t take the DLCs into account) and oh boy, I sure was in for a great time.

This game was beautiful in every sense. The art was really well done to the point my main motivation to finish a certain puzzle was just to see the resulting art piece and the soundtrack enhanced the experience a lot. It also helped to keep myself relaxed despite some puzzles being a bit frustrating (the DLC ones sure cranked up the difficulty a bit).

There were some levels that felt a tad harder than the stated difficulty (3 stars my ass xD) while some others felt quite easier than it should be given the stated difficulty (mainly Indonesia) but overall it was a great game. I’ll probably play the second game sometime soon-ish

Frisky Updates

This time the weekly report is a bit… hotter than usual (sorry not sorry for the pun).


17.8 hours, 22 of 22 achievements

Finally I finished it. The game was definitely good but halfway into it I started skipping the lore bits because the game was starting to get a bit tiring. The final boss was a bit hard if you don’t know what to expect from it (but it still was slightly easier than the Necromancer) but the game was mostly easier than your usual action-RPG game.
Btw, here are some tips for anyone who decides to play it:

- Do every sidequest available. They will be pretty much your main source of extra exp.

- When doing the Fish Co. quest try to get both the Viking Funeral achievement and the other achievement for solving things peacefully. That’s it, save before starting the quest, burn the Blue Whale when you can, once you got the achievement load the game and try to get the other achievement.

- Before you jump into The Abyss make sure you have every achievement except for the one you get for finishing the game because once you get in you won’t be able to go back to the map anymore.

Frisky Business

3.8 hours, 9 of 20 achievements

I’m not gonna lie, this game resemble those cheap-looking porn flash games quite a lot, be it due to the art style or the super cheesy dialogues, yet it manages to be fun (even if you don’t try to go after the girls). Also the story is surprisingly decent for a game that focuses more on the “plot” than the actual writing.
I wouldn’t bother much putting the uncensor patch if I were you though, since the art is well… anything but groundbreaking.

Forward to clearing the backlog!

I started doing a chart in a spreadsheet to keep track of how much my backlog is growing this year, and once I did it I noticed I got over 60 new games in january D= So I better start beating some games >:D. This time I sorted them by how much I liked them

Forward to the Sky

2.5 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

The game was pretty good and the artstyle was cute. The levels design was top-notch and each of them added some new mechanics (though the game itself is not really challenging unless you aim to 100% it). The voice acting could have been a lot better though, since I found the voices a tad annoying (mainly the protagonist’s voice)


9.8 hours, 4 of 22 achievements

This game is very similar to Diablo in style while at the same time it manages to be its own thing. The characters have a more or less predefined class given their initial stats but you can make them any class you want since each piece of equipment grants you an specific skill, letting you to have swordsmen proficient in magic, mages who can hold their own in melee combat, etc. Sadly you can’t have more than 3 spells/skills available per character which limits things a bit. Plot-wise the game is fine and the lore is very detailed (thank god it didn’t go the Goblin Slayer route when it explained the goblin’s mating rituals), though I have yet to finish it. This game is very long.

Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child

2.4 hours, 12 of 13 achievements

It was a fine HOG. Most puzzles were somewhat easy (either that or I’ve played way too many HOGs) and the art was really good as usual. The plot was ok for the most part, but it got a bit confusing at times sinde the characters seemed to not be able to make their own mind to whether be on your side or against you. But the worst of the worst was missing that one vision at the beginning (which was why I didn’t 100% the game) and the only way to get that one achievement is by replaying the whole game (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


0.9 hours, 2 of 19 achievements

First things first, if you plan to play this make sure to wear headphones or else it’ll lead to some really awkward situations.
That aside this is a pretty decent shooter with lots of replayability and many maps that range from being easy-peasy to being a real challenge. Definitely worth playing if you don’t mind hearing moans when your score is *ahem* rising.

Written in the Sky

0.4 hours, 2 of 2 achievements

It wasn’t bad for a freebie but it had a few problems. For starters there were no choices in this game, making this more of a kinect novel than a VN. Also the story felt really rushed, as if there were a few chapters missing.
The art was fine, though I personally think making the main character a loli wasn’t a good idea imo, especially if you need to remark she’s 18 years old.

Fairyland: Fairy Power

2.5 hours, 4 of 7 achievements

This game isn’t bad once you know how to play it, but the instructions aren’t placed in a way one could find intuitively, and once the game starts you can’t check them anymore. That aside it was decent, but you probably won’t play it more than once or twice (unless you try to get all the achievements).

Star Sky - ブルームーン

1.9 hours, 6 of 18 achievements

I was hyped about this game back then I got it, but then I tried it and I just… couldn’t get into it. It felt more like an achievement finder than an actual game. I got a few of them, went from the start to the finish, and then called it a day. I laso tried the second installment of the game in hopes it'd be different, but it remained the same.

God’s one day in 199X

Here’s my weekly report


1.8 hours, no achievements


I liked the idea behind the game quite a bit but the execution could have been better. While the story was nice the OST was terrible to the point playing the game completely muted was better. I also missed the option to make the character run, because it walks very slowly and you spend a lot of time walking around. After an hour of playing it I already wanted it to be over (and I'd have abandoned the game if I didn't know its length beforehand)

God's One Day World (神明的一天世界)

6.3 hours, no achievements


This VN was pretty good. The story was really gripping even though you can guess some of the plot twists like the main character being trapped in a time-loop. What I didn't expect at all was that (incoming major spoilers) the main character created the whole time-loop to prevent Christina (AKA the mc's girlfriend) from dying of a demonic curse, and you undoing the whole thing doomed her to a painful death. Also in the epilogue we get to learn the MC also was the one responsible of making the canon so strict a slight deviation from it means getting a gruesome death (I guess he can blame himself for getting all those bad endings ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ) On a negative note I have to say the spelling could have been better (it's still readable though).
The art was pretty good but a tad too limited. I mean, in a bunch of scenes you're told you're facing the guardians yet you only see the background.
The voice acting was ok in most parts, save for Christina's VA which sounds a bit too monotone at times. It takes quite a bit to get used to the chinese dialogues (especially when you're way too used to playing VNs voiced in japanese).
The puzzles vary quite a bit in difficulty. Some are easy, others are a bit harder, and then there are those who are hard enough you need a guide to complete it. Also I recommend saving everytime you go from one scene to another or before a puzzle becuase it's pretty easy to screw it up and have to start all over again.
All in all playing this game was an enjoyable experience. If you feel like playing the game avoid the community hub at all costs, it's full of spoilery screencaps.

On another note, I should resume my ABC Challenge or else I won’t make it in time :X

Endless Quests

Once again is the time of the week when I post my weekly progress.

Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse

4.8 hours, 21 of 33 achievements

The game was an improvement over the previous AM games. They added a spin to the hidden object puzzles that made them more interesting (except for the part when you have to remove illusions, that one sucked). Plot-wise it was ok, and it was visually stunning as usual.

I also played Melty’s Quest out of curiosity (I have no records on steam because I used a “DRM-Free test version” (Read: pirated)) and well, I unexpectedly got hooked to it (and not for the reasons you’re thinking right now =P).

Meltys Quest

?? hours, ?? achievements

The plot is simple yet it has enough twists to surprise the players.
It’s worth mentioning that the naughty bits are well-integrated into the gameplay. In order to equip different armors and learn skills from it you need to raise your “slut level”, and you can already imagine how you raise it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (btw, you can skip the H-scenes if you want just by holding ctrl, which is nice if you’re not into some of the stuff shown in the game).
I’d have appreciated if the dungeons were a bit bigger, some of them were really short (mainly in the early stages of the game).
All in all I can say this game is good enough for me to buy it and try to 100% it once my wallet recovers from the Steam sales.

Not even in Christmas I had time to finish a game

I wanted to finish at least one more game before the end of the year (even if I don’t 100% it) but RL made things a tad too complicated. I tried to get Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse done since HOGs aren’t very long but I didn’t get really far. All I can say about it is that it’s your usual Artifex Mundi game with a female protagonist having to deal with some supernatural stuff (I’d be surprised if we ever get a HOG that has a male MC and is more realistic) also the art looks great and the puzzles aren’t very hard so I expect to finish it this week if nothing unexpected happens