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Heya! Welcome to my profile.

I mainly play games until I beat them and I rarely go for 100% completion unless it’s very doable (like in most HOGs case), also I try to put some bad play on words in the titles of my updates based on the games I played.

I also watch anime “from time to time” so feel free to check my list if you want

I’ll post my updates here from time to time (probably weekly, but I’m not sure if I’ll manage to stick to it)

Putting here my progress bar with the stats I had when I joined for future comparison


Gotta Love When you Try a Game Because you Liked the Cover and it Turns Out to be Good

Here’s the game that was responsible of keeping me away of clearing my backlog for more than a month, the one that taught me that if HLTB says it takes over 100 hours to beat it you better expect it to take that long to finish, the one and only… Eternal Poison! (AKA Poison Pink in Japan)

As expected the art was great, especially the 2D images. The 3D models were fine (save for Thage in the FMVs…), but they look kinda dated nowadays.

The story is a bit hard to describe without spoiling too much. The princess got kidnapped by a race of monsters named Majin and the king issued a call to rescue her. Some of the protagonists went to rescue her while others went after the Majin for completely different reasons. I personally recommend taking each tale as an alternate storyline to avoid unnecessary headaches (oh btw, don’t play the fourth tale before finishing the first 3 ones. There are some huge spoilers in it). My biggest pet peeve is how you’re pretty much forced to play all the routes to be able to clear the game, making the game insanely long and repetitive (and god forbid if you didn’t get a good ending in one of them). Thankfully the last route is way shorter and kind of forces you to adopt a completely different strategy, which keeps it a bit fresher.
The characters were fine save for Olifen. I especially liked Thage and the main characters from the 2 secret routes were great (Rondemion in particular was relatable). Olifen on the other hand was so obnoxious I found his route unbearable.

Gameplay-wise was fine but a bit convoluted. One of the things I liked was the ability to be able to capture defeated monsters and use them as your allies, even if in the end I barely used them and opted to sell them for new equipment or skills. On the flip-side, there wasn’t a real explanation of what some statuses do (I finished the game and I still don’t know what disease does) and you can’t tell what represents evasion or criticals in the stats page without some trial and error. Also the equipment section was unnecessarily complex and a bit confusing at the beginning, and makes you ponder why they didn’t make it simpler.

I nearly forgot to mention the OST is great, to the point I’m listening to it while I’m writing this

All in all it was a good game that could have been a lot better if it were simpler and less repetitive.

Remnants of Isolation

Wow, time sure has passed since the last time I posted here (you can blame a certain PS2 game I’ll post about once I finish it).

Remnants of Isolation

7.7 hours, 5 of 7 achievements

So, all I’ve cleared from my backlog in this month and a half was Remnants of Isolation, a short RPG Maker game which won the Indie Game Maker Contest back in 2014 and boy, I sure can see why.
Despite the game’s short length (due to the contest’s conditions) it manages to tell a gripping story about a mysterious, mute girl who is accidentally freed from her magical prison by a mage and both have to find their way out from there. Even if the plot is a bit simple you can’t help but care for the characters.
I also really liked the combo system in the game. Instead of just spamming your most powerful attack you’re able to combine your innate spells with equippable spells to get a stronger attack, hit everyone, cause status effects, etc.
Both the art and the soundtrack were remarkable too. It’s pretty clear they put a lot of care in both the characters and the monster’s design, and the music does a great job at enhancing every scene in the game (especially that piano track).
In short, this is a great game if you’re looking for something that won’t take you too long to beat.

Quantum Updates

Quantum Conscience

7.0 hours, 4 of 4 achievements


This was a SG win from back when I joined pretty much every GA that had a game I might find interesting (shame on me, I know =P). I was a bit put off by the artstyle at first but the plot got me really hooked and finished it in one sit (btw, playing the game at night on a weekday wasn’t a bright idea xD). Some plot twists were fairly predictable but I have to admit I didn’t see the Shadow being a piece of software who looks like a genderswapped MC coming. It was completely unexpected yet it makes sense.

Also this VN was way different than your usual VN. Here you don’t have to pick choices, instead the outcome of your actions depends only on what did you read from other people’s mind and how frequently do you use your mind-reading powers. Also romance is completely secondary here. You can get in a romantic relationship (same-sex or not) with another character but it’ll have little impact in the overall story, unlike most VNs which make this a requirement.
The game had some flaws though. Questionable artstyle-aside I felt like they didn’t expand the world building a bit more to give some scenes more weight like when the Shadow asks you to use your powers to obtain the coordinates to the secret base in Vandorfin, as if that was a certain location the players were familiar with. I had a hard time caring about the consequences of whether I’d do that or not.
Also I feel the relationship meter was pure BS. I mean, I managed to romance Mierol just by meeting a few criteria despite the bar being only about half-full and not being the one with the best biggest. Also I feel like they could have added some achievements related to the partners you choose to romance or some plot events like managing to save Amalek’s life or romancing Mierol and getting the Viva Veramus ending in the same playthrough (it leads to an interesting “plot development” ;))

All in all it’s a pretty good VN which compensates its lackluster art with a good story and an interesting gameplay.

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

12.7 hours, 31 of 60 achievements


As a fan of the Bookworm games I couldn't let the chance to play this game pass and boy, it sure is a massive improvement of the concept behind the Bookworm games. The RPG elements add a myriad of different strategies to approach different foes (protip: max out "Plurality". It always comes handy). The game can get quite hard at times. Some foes can cause some really annoying status effect (like poisoned tiles that hurt you if you use them, or infected tiles that cause no damage and keep infecting adjacent tiles until the effect is gone) and the bosses can deal a good amount of damage if you're not prepared. In fact the third boss was so hard to me I ended up stalling the game for months, and I managed to beat it by pure chance after I decided to pick up the game again. The fourth game was even harder and I wouldn't have beaten if I didn't find a way to cheese the fight (getting a steal life buff will pretty much fully heal you if you exploit their weakness (using a word with an "E" and an "S" in it). Shuffle until you get both letters and a decent-sized word (5 letters or more) and BAM you're as good as new and the boss just lost a good chunk of HP)).
In short I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games with some RPG elements thrown into the mix

Also finished Zone of Enders for PS2 (which I wanted to play for about 10 years ago, right after I finished Zone of Enders: The Fist of Mars). It was way different than what I expected (I should blame The Fist of Mars for that) but it still was pretty enjoyable despite its flaws. The gameplay is quite good and I really appreciated the lock-on feature since aiming with a joystick is a massive pain in the ass and going up and down by pressing triangle or X can get a bit grating.
What I liked the most about the game is the upgrade system, I found it pretty original. Instead of buying upgrades like in most games you have to look for the driver of said upgrade during each mission (as in, a software driver) and find the suitable server to install it (the non-plot relevant ones are always found in the same map).
My biggest pet peeve was with the main protagonist being a kid. I know I should expect him to be a bit naïve and behave like a kid who got thrown into a life or death situation but man, he sure tries hard to be the most annoying mecha pilot in existence (at least he got in the robot). The worst part is how he doesn’t change one bit through the game. He even got bit in the ass for sparing the final boss’ life, and what did he do after said boss nearly killed his friend and love interest? he beated them and tried to save their life AGAIN flips table
Emulating the game was a bit problematic. Depending on your setup You’d either play it fine with enhanced graphics and stable FPS but without the world map (which is not necessary most of the time, but in some missions it can save you from looking around aimlessly) or having normal graphics and a visible map but some nasty FPS drops from time to time.

On another note, rummaging around in the PS2 catalog I found a game about catfighting (yes, I’m serious) and is as terribad as one would expect xD

ABC Challenge 2019: Poi

Silliness aside, this was a pretty good game. In terms of gameplay it reminded me a lot of Super Mario 64 and other similar platformers of that era. The game is pretty short if you stick solely to the main plot but there are enough sidequests to make it almost twice as long. Getting all the achievements takes a little bit more though (Which is also why I’m missing only one achievement) since the last one requires you to beat the game in New Game+ (you only have 1 heart instead of 3 and the maps are different) and it can get a bit too time-consuming.
Not everything is perfect though, the game lacks some variety when it comes to the enemies (this becomes really noticeable when you try to get the creature biologist achievement) and some of them are hard to hit because you can’t tell exactly where the hitbox is (I’m looking at you snakes <.<).

All in all it’s a pretty good game I recommend everyone who likes platformers to give it a chance. It may not be perfect but it’s still pretty enjoyable

Gomu Gomu no Update!

Another SG win that (finally) bites the dust.


16.8 hours, 19 of 40 achievements

The game was different than I thought, I was expecting it to be a beat em’ up game and instead I found out it was a musou style one with constant hordes of weak enemies to defeat. To be honest it took me a bit to get into it, but once I did I enjoyed it even if I felt it was a bit too easy at times. Sanji is so OP they had to add a weakness to compensate it a bit (he’s extremely vulnerable to female opponents).

Story-wise it’s a very summarized version of the anime (up to the Punk Hazard arc) with some arcs skipped here and there, and its final level is completely original (since the Dressrosa arc wasn’t finished yet). It works as a recap but I wouldn’t recommend anyone who hasn’t watched the anime (or read the manga) to play the game because some important moments like Ace’s death are less impactful than they’d be in the series, plus the game can get a bit repetitive at times.

All in all the game is decent and fans of One Piece should give it a try. It can be finished in 15 hours or so but it has a lot of replay value and it takes a lot more to get all the achievements.

The Other Backlog: Trapt

Playing Resident Evil 3 the other day reminded me of that ever-growing backlog I have been neglecting for so long; the console games backlog! (AKA those games I’d really love to play but never got ported to PC). As a fan of the Deception series I just had to play Trapt, the fourth installment of the series (the previous 3 were released on PSX).

The game follows Allura (Alicia in the JP version), a princess who was framed for the murder of her father by her totally not evil stepmother and escapes from the castle with the help of her handmaid. She then takes refuge in an abandoned castle, but is forced to make a deal with a fiend. She then gets the power to magically set traps to fend off her pursuers in exchange of the souls of the people she kills. The plot is nothing to write home about and it can get a tad confusing at times, though I have to say there were a few plot twists that caught me by surprise. The game has multiple endings based on some choices near the end of the game, and they are all pretty messed up. In the good ending you manage to defeat the Fiend, save the world from its doom and become the new queen, but you’re pretty much the only inhabitant alive of said kingdom since you killed pretty much everyone thorough the game, and the evil ending gets you fully possessed by the fiend and you get to see the MC kill the only person powerful enough to stop the now resurrected fiend.

If I had to describe the game from a gameplay angle it’d be “Home Alone, but darker and deadlier”. There are 3 kind of traps you can use in the game. Ceiling Traps like giant boulders that fall from the ceiling, vases that do the same, guillotines, etc; wall traps like iron maidens, arrows shot from the wall, push walls, etc; and floor traps like bear traps, bombs, and the ever deadly banana peel, among others. Also some rooms have already set traps that can be used to make combos with your own traps (and the more combos you do the more money you get). There are some special traps called Dark Illusions that can be activated if you meet certain conditions which are brutal and over the top enough that they’d fit in games like Mortal Kombat (this game has no gore though, all you will see is blood).

There were a few things that bugged me a bit though. For starters they changed the main character’s name in the english translation yet they kept the japanese voices, so everytime they name the main character you’ll hear “Alicia” but read “Allura” in the subs. Also the Legionnaires are way too annoying and hard to beat. They can pretty much resist anything and you’re royally screwed if you aren’t prepared to fight them.

All in all it was a good game that can be beaten in a few hours. Gameplay-wise is the best of the first four (I’ve yet to play the PS3 ones) but I liked the plot in the third one more.

A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

My brother visited me after not seeing him for a few years and we did what one would normally do. No, we didn’t go out to visit some places or anything like that, we played that one game we beat over twenty times and was last played in 2001. I’m talking about Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis

Playing a game this old makes you really aware of how much gameplay has changed over the years. Things you take for granted (like getting up/down platforms automatically when running towards them or using keys (and other key items) when needed just by pressing x on the locks (or whatever else that item is needed) instead of having to search for that item in your inventory) are missing here and it makes for an awkward experience until you get used to it. There’s also the whole “tank aiming” which is pretty bad, but imo it still beats aiming with the twin sticks.

Replaying this game also helped me remember some bits of the plot I forgot as well as some puzzles and map layouts. You have no idea the amount of pointless backtracking I did in the hospital because I forgot to check the rooms in order. Also I didn’t remember well what happened between when you leave Raccoon Park and you get in the facility, as in there should have been another map in between them. It turned out there wasn’t anything there and the transition from one map to the other was pretty abrupt.

All in all I wish this game gets remade like RE1 and RE2 did. The game could definitely use a gameplay overhaul (and improve its graphics while you’re at it) and the story is already good enough to not need any changes (except you know don’t put a secret facility right next to a park).

Viking Gods and Soccer

Another week another update. This time about a game I decided to give a chance after hearing positive things about it and a SG win.



13.2 hours
13 of 18 achievements

I’m a big sucker for stuff based on norse mythology so I couldn’t help but get my hands on this game and give it a try. At first it took me a while to get into it because the mechanics are vastly different than most puzzle-platformers, but once I got used to them (more or less after I cleared out the first level) it started to grow on me. Some of the levels were quite pleasant to play in like Vanaheim or Helheim, some were really annoying like Niflheim (as well as Muspelheim) and Svartalheim (fuck those beams), and then there’s Asgard which is a combination of every previous levels and becomes the most frustrating level ever (thank Odin it’s short).

In the end it lived up to my expectations and anyone who likes puzzle-platformers should try it.

New Star Soccer 5

New Star Soccer 5

30.1 hours
78 of 100 achievements

I won this game back when I used to join most GAs blindly and it was about time I gave it a go. The first thing I saw when I started it was a connexion timeout, and the game has no offline mode so I was about to drop it until I saw in the forums all it needed to get that fixed is increasing the connection time (which is insanely short) in the ini file so it doesn’t timeout right at the start.
Once I got to start it I discovered it’s not your usual soccer game but actually it is a very complete simulator game that takes pretty much everything into account. You can train your character to improve their skills, buy stuff to increase their lifestyle, manage the chars relationships so he gets along with everyone and his happiness level remains high (or else they’ll fail easy shots), and of course play soccer games. Doing actions consumes the character’s energy, and playing games with low energy increases your risk of injury (and believe me, you don’t want to get your character injured) so you have to carefully choose what to do between games.
While the game starts being a tad challenging it gets really easy once you upgrade your stats a bit and you get the hang of how to score goals. You could easily score about 5 goals in a single match by yourself. As you might expect the game gets quite repetitive later on since you’re playing the same matches against pretty much the same opponents (unless you got transferred to another team) until you end up retiring 20 seasons later. I stopped once I won the World Cup because there were no new challenges after that.

Grindy Witch Academia

I won this game a while ago and, as a fan of the anime, I couldn’t let this game rot in the backlog for too long

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

26.7 hours
14 of 25 achievements

When I got the game I was expecting it to be a RPG but it turned out to be a beat em’ up with RPG elements (which to me it was a good thing. The last Beat em’ Up I played was Fighting Force 2 for the first Playstation and I was dying for more).

Each character has 6 slots in which you can equip different spells and a well-defined fighting style plus a bonus for using them as the party leader. For example, Amanda is a pure melee character with long combos and gains extra exp and money when she’s the party leader while Constanze excels at long-range fighting (and given the weapon she uses and how low her HP is, it’d be the closest you’ll be to feel like playing Contra) and Stanbot gives her a hand when she’s the leader. Of course if you just want to steamroll the bosses use Akko as the leader and go with Lotte and Sucy, raise Akko’s INT until she has a bit more than 400 MP, max out the Shiny Arc to unlock the Shiny Ballista, raise Shiny Ballista to lvl 4~5, equip it to Akko and she will be ready to destroy any boss that stands on her way as long as Lotte and Sucy are alive (especially the Snow Dragon, fuck that asshole).

My one of my biggest gripes gameplay-wise is that you need to be perfectly lined-up with the enemy to hit them with certain spells like elemental arrows or your strong basic attack. In other words, you either go melee or spam AoE spells as much as the game allows it. My other gripe is how grindy it can get at times. I dreaded every time a NPC asked me for an item to progress in the story (protip: play the game on the hardest difficulty available. It increases the drop rates a bit). It’s even worse when doing side-quests because the required items have really low drop rates, though at least those are optional.

There were a few things I missed too. For example it could have been nice if you could choose the behaviour of the AI-controlled characters like in the Tales of games. They tend to be a bit wasteful with their spells, going as far as using one of their special spells against a random mook right before the boss fight (and said spell takes about 3 minutes to recharge depending on your equipment) as well as getting too close to a boss that’s about to unleash a pretty strong attack.

I also would have appreciated if the map was a bit more precise instead of just pointing at the area you’re in. Given how complicated Luna Nova’s layout is it made it easier to get lost (thank god you can teleport later on).

Story-wise it was good and had the same lighthearted nature from the series (and it even had the same team behind the show do some of the cutscenes!), the whole game felt like something taken straight from a LWA movie. I had a slightly hard time to get used to the ingame CG, the mouth flaps were kinda weird (not as weird as if it was an Artifex Mundi game, but it still felt a bit unnatural) and their movements felt a bit robotic at times during dialogues).
All in all it was a enjoyable game despite its flaws, though imo it’s a bit overpriced (it shouldn’t cost more than 30€).

Waiter! There’s a Karateka in my Soup!

Bad play on words is bad, I know. Anyway these are the games I beat last week.


40 minutes, 5 of 12 achievements


Karateka is a pretty nice game that focuses more on timing your attacks properly rather than mashing buttons (more or less like the original NES game, but easier). The game is also pretty short to the point you can finish it on your first run in a bit more than half an hour, and it was easy enough to make it near impossible to get a game over. I mean, I managed to beat it while I was sleepy and my reflexes were terribad xD
Overall the game wasn’t bad. It looked nice and the gameplay was solid but man it sure left you thinking “wait, it’s already over?”.

There's Poop In My Soup

1.5 hours, 22 of 22 achievements


As one could imagine this game was pretty gross, but I never expect to find throwing poop to any unsuspecting pedestrian this funny. The game also comes with certain “tasks” to make it a bit more challenging, like pooping on some people in particular, reaching a certain score, or flinging crap to a concrete place (the special poops make it really easy to get the tasks done though, especially the score-related ones). With only 3 levels the game feels a tad short, but given its price you can’t complain much about it.