Had some busy weeks with my birthday, parents moving and eye migraine, so I havent been able to play a lot on steam. I did have time to complete another game though :)

Half-Life 2

James Patterson's Womens murder club

5 hours
no achievements

As a lover of the book series, I really wanted to play the game, so I found it for my ds (now 3ds) many years ago, but never got around to play it until now.

I am… disappointed…

I saw nothing reminding me of the books and Lindsay, Cindy etc could have been literally anyone else, I did not see any of the charm, wits or phrases, that I read in the books.

The game is about some murders around town, and while I like those - I did not appriciate the hidden object nor mahjong they presented.

I still give it a 3 out of 10, since I did enjoy the story aspect (beside the Cindy part in the end)


That sounds horrible!
Not the birthday or the game (although it sounds scary!) but the eye migraine. I believe you feel it like behind the eye, sort of inside the skull. Have had that in the past, I can empathize with you. Hope you have recovered by now.


Thank you. Sadly I have suffered for it for 2-3 years now, it started “easy” with just a little pain above the eyebrow and then it slowly started to attach the eye area more. I hate when it happens and I am not always sure what ticks it. Sometimes I cant even sleep it away and then I am stuck with it for days in a row.