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Hi! So I am Jekofob

I tend to play games all over the place (a little of this one here, a little of that one there) and as such, I hardly ever use enough time to actually complete the games. I am quickly moving on to another game.

Thats why I am here - to change that!

  • I hope to get inspired by other people
  • I hope to be advised or challenged by other people

  • More to come later, when I figure all this out ^-^



2024 here I am! Ready to post games I bought each month, BEFORE the end of the next month.
Hopefully I will soon be able to make a summarize of 2023 as a whole (even though I can in no way do it as fancy as many people from here does)

Games added in January:

Games added: 16
Games won: 3
Free games: 4

Wondering why it says no achievements for Powerwash Simulator as it does indeed have achievements?
Also a bit disappointed in the PS as I experience motion-sickness from it on the big screen (and I find it harder to play on steamdeck)

IWATE seemed exciting, but after a little while I had to stop it for now, my heart just were not in it to play (hopefully its only because I am sick)

Recommendations are always welcome

So I am kinda back again after almost a month away from here. Real life got in the way, mostly bad things happened (some good too) and I did not have the energy to post here. I hope to change that in february.

Half-Life 2


2 hours
All stamps

Found for free on netflix, played it on my ipad. Very funny game, makes you think and makes you laugh once in a while. Sadly too short.

Okay I am a little delayed with posting my games from last year, but better later than never I think :)

I will soon make a little thread about all the games in total, with some notes and thoughts :)

Games added in December:

Games added: 37 (21 more than the month before)
Games won: 8 (8 less than the month before)
Christmas Gifts: 11

Thats many games this month, and I did not include the dlc for pixel puzzle or the new coloring pixel dlc..

please come with recommendations, soooo many games

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Games added in November:

Games added: 16 (6 less than the month before)
Games won: 0 (6 less than the month before, I was to busy with CP)

Now a person might think “how did she become THIS good this month, bought SO few games?”… Well… technically I could also write:
DLC bought for COLORING PIXELS: ALL (thats 40+) thats a gift from my mom though :) + 2 dlc for The Sims 4

As always, open to input with the games I got

Almost done, maybe I should do 2 tomorrow :D

Games added in October:

Games added: 22 (1 less than the month before)
Games won: 6 (3 more than the month before)

Wacky wheels was a blast from the past :D

Anything good here you can recommend?

Onto the next month, this is going rather good right now :D

Games added in September:

Games added: 23 (4 more than the month before, and many are with cats…!)
Games won: 3 (same as the month before)

All in all not a bad month for games, many I am looking forward too :)

Recommendations are always wanted

Now I am just trying to get this done before NY :D

Games added in August:

Games added: 19 (10 less than the month before, HURRAY!)
Games won: 3 (1 less than the month before)

Coloring pixels have me hooked! It’s so relaxing and nice :D

As always, if you have a recommendation I would love to hear it

Happy Christmas everyone!
I am so behind with this, my mom got admitted to the hospital last week, so I have spent a lot of time between visiting her and my dad who was at home (and can’t do grocery shopping etc by himself) thankfully she is home now :D

Games added in July:

Games added: 29 (6 more than the month before, wups… I blame HB)
Games won: 4 (1 more than the month before)
Games featuring cats added: 8/9

Okay thats a lot of cat games :D

Recommendations are always wanted

It’s starting to get embarrassing how far I am behind with showing the games I bought this year, I will try to make a list today and one tomorrow, then hopefully I can be done with the rest next week (this weekend I am away on a christmas vacation getaway)

Games added in June:

Games added: 23 (2 more than the month before, wups)
Games won: 3 (Same as the month before)
Games gifted: 1 (The Gardens Between, thank you Fran - I am sorry I haven’t played it yet)

Looking at this month I see it’s mostly a mix between a couple of bundles and again - lots of trading
As always I am also way behind with playing, but I did complete a couple of them (Changeover won’t be completed until I find an english playthrough)

As I always ask, are there some games of these that you can recommend?

Half-Life 2
Bigby did WHAT???

The Wolf Among Us

11.1 hours
35 of 35 achievements

I playd this game when it first came out with a friend (patiently waiting for each episode) and it was great! I even have Bigby in my Tomodachi Island game (and I also ended up being married to him.. ahem…..)

Many years has since passed (I know…) and thanks to PoP I got a chance to play it again and this time I would play it alone, make my own decisions.. be my own woman and all that stuff (I remember me and my friend had some discussions about certain picks..) just to see if I still liked it..

And the game did not disappoint.. wow for an atmosphere, all the characters, the story arch.. I like it a lot.

I know it's not like out decisions impact a whole lot, but still enough so I felt satisfied with my picks.

I really hope the 2nd game will come out next year, as they have promised us a new game for sooooo many years..

So here is to hoping :D

1092 games (+1 not categorized yet)
41% never played
28% unfinished
20% beaten
10% completed
0% won't play