Games all over the place! Jekofob’s profile

Hi! So I am Jekofob

I tend to play games all over the place (a little of this one here, a little of that one there) and as such, I hardly ever use enough time to actually complete the games. I am quickly moving on to another game.

Thats why I am here - to change that!

  • I hope to get inspired by other people
  • I hope to be advised or challenged by other people

  • More to come later, when I figure all this out ^-^



349 hours, 273 of 273 achievements

I'm…. done?

I cant believe it! After all these hours (hides face) I actually managed to get every single medal in the game. I did not even accomplish that when I had the game for 3ds. (Btw.. I love the horse option in the new game)

I really REALLY love this game. It's so fun and addictive and… well frustrating when you decide to go for all the medals out there.

Well.. time to start a new team up I guess :)


8.6 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

I must admit I had hoped to get more out of this.
I do like that the games is cozy, but I also do think thats its a little too slow for my taste.

The stories werent as interesting as I had hoped for, but I did like the stay ending.

Neighbours back From Hell

7.6 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

It's the remastered versions of Neighbours from Hell 1 and 2.

I've been playing both older versions a couple of times each (alone and with a friend) and I've always loved the humor in them.
So I was excited to play a new and better looking version - and, while it definitely does look better, thats about it for me. (I did try it with controller, but I prefer mouse/keyboard)

At least now I've tried it :)