Well thats one more month without me playing much, sadly I am in bad luck regarding my eye pains, so june has also been a very casual gaming month. But ofc I have been able to buy some games (since I believe I remember some sort of sale and what not… ups…) :D

Oh yeah and all those bundles so many great ones.. I am not strong enough for the bundles…..

Games added in June:

Games added: 33 (24 more than the month before)
Games won: 1 (Same as last month)
Free games: 5

Also bought the newest some DLC for Pixel Puzzles and NFB.

This is one of the months I have been most sad that I have not been able to play much, SOOOO many good games.. are there any you people like?


OMG, so many wishlisted games! I’m jealous!! And a few more games I have played in this batch, too!

I found Donut County and Little Kitty, Big City somewhat disappointing. If you end up liking A Short Hike, Little Kitty, Big City is essentially the same concept, just in an entirely different setting.

Heavy Rain is an absolute classic (in more ways than one). I kinda wish I could play it again for the first time. If you end up liking it, make sure to check out Beyond: Two Souls next (mostly because it’s in your library already) or Detroit: Become Human (if you prefer a story about androids).

I’m playing through Coffee Talk 2 right now; it’s an absolute gem. I’ll have to go back and check why, but I seem to remember being lukewarm on the original game… while I don’t think it’s one of my new absolute favorites, it’s just gorgeous. If you like the first game, don’t hold off playing the sequel.

Lastly, I don’t know anything about My Little Pony (especially the new generation), but I think I found the game fun for what it is. I don’t recall encountering any major bugs or other jankiness, but in case you do, just know it’s par for the course for games from this publisher.


Thanks for all the info. I am hopeful about Little Kitty because it at least features a cat :D

I think I have HR on my playstation, just never got around to game it, so I am excited to try it and hopefully soon :)


In the end, I prefer A Short Hike ^^ It’s much more lightweight and runs smoothly, plus the Animal Crossing vibe is to die for.

I think I have HR on my playstation

Oh, that’s cool! Do you have a PS3 or PS4?


The game is on my ps5 (can be playd) but I also have a ps3 :)


Aw yeah! PS3, still going strong :D


Ohh great additions! I agree about the ‘sooo many games sooo little time’! 😅

Little Kitty, Big City seems like a nice light hearted way to distract myself in the future. I have Donut County on my phone as I recently discovered that I could play some PC games on my smartphone instead of Steam. I didnt enjoy Donut county as much, only have play half of it thus far.
But I did discover Florence from the Annapurna Interactive collection on Playstore. Loved the game, short and beautiful. Might check out Gorogoa next on phone.
Coffee Talk is something interesting as well, I have a similar premise game in VA-11 Hall-A, yet to play it.

Heard People mention how Like a Dragon is the best Yakuza game out there. Im yet to touch that franchise, i first need to purchase a controller to fully enjoy the Yakuza experience, 2024 might just be the year I earn money, so fingers crossed! Also had no idea Spirit had a game lol, not my style but LOVED the movie and its amazing songs. Spirit City: Lofi Sessions looks like the perfect upgrade to Virtual cottage!

But most importantly games or no games hope you find some relief in this month with regards to the pain.


Thank you, yeah its like only 10min on my computer makes everything worse right now, I am also sick with the flu so it seems to make it worse.

Yeah I could use double time to get to try all the games that I have, I know I should take a break in buying, but if the deal is good, then I do not want to miss out of it.

Thanks for your opinions :D