iracional 88

Arietta of Spirits - a little disappointed with this one, neither the story nor the gameplay worked for me
Asura: Vengeance Edition - nice little hack-n-slash, great for quick bursts of play
Call of the Sea - nice colour palette, solid adventure-lite
CrossCode - I loved the characters here and how polished everything felt, the world-puzzles are quite fun, the setting is nice and it’s all worth doing just for Hugs ^_^ but I did find the puzzle-dense plot areas (room after room after room XD) a little tedious to do all at once, to be honest.
Dagon - bite sized audio story in game format
Eastshade - beautiful game (unsurprising, given the premise) with some lovely locations. A little like a real holiday.
Eldest Souls - pixel boss-rush game that I wasn’t very good at
Far: Lone Sails - tiny puzzle-lite game
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - its main narrative/message aside, the premise and writing hit my buttons. Memorable imagery, poignant details, lingering atmosphere.
Horizon Zero Dawn - good world building and a sprawling map.
Lyne - great puzzle game
Machinika Museum - this isn’t quite at the level of The Room games, but it is a solid game and has a very satisfying ending.
Paradise Lost - visual novel, wasn’t my cup of tea
Raji: An Ancient Epic - odd little game, liked the mythology tidbits and the narration
Song of Iron - for some bizarre reason, I enjoyed this as a whole, although it is unpolished and awkward at times
The Room 4: Old Sins - as delightful to explore as usual
TOEM - very enjoyable, wholesome photography-based adventure, quite adorable
Uncertain: Light at the End - was finally able to finish this on a different machine
Unravel - fantastic art, more melancholic tone than I was expecting


Some nice games there, and good progress– thank you for the report!
Call of the Sea, Dagon, and Paradise Lost are in my backlogs.
Eastshade and The Room 4 are in my wishlist.
I’ve played Far: Lone Sails and Lyne, and have finally started Hellblade (though the combat has me stumped atm, can’t get past the first boss).