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Hello :)

I like completing optional quests and exploring a game world fully, but I am not an achievement hunter. I don’t mind achievements - some are quite fun to get, but I seldom go out of my way for grindy ones.

Wasn’t really sure what to do with games I’ve beaten off Steam, so I’ve just listed them all separately. Note to self: Ask about proper procedure for those.

(not really chatty, so I’ll leave it at that for now)

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori Odan - nice RPG, unusual setting. It feels unpolished, but the characters/backstory make up for it.
Fall of Light: Darkest Edition - it… pilfered some Dark Souls imagery without the actual soul behind it. I was hoping for more story and interaction with the companion. Horrible movement controls (upstairs feels like treacle, the character finds 20 cm obstacles to be impossible to step over). I think 95% of my deaths were falling off ledges/narrow passages -_-.
Karateka - simple, but fun (disclaimer: never played the original)
The Low Road - small adventure game
Nairi: Tower of Shirin - liked what was there, but abrupt ending (feels axed XD)
Ys: The Oath in Felghana - ^_^

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - finally got around to it
Message Quest - There is very little content in it. Mostly got it for the stained glass art.
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD - snazzy little adventure
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident - camera took me a while to get used to
The Room Three - good puzzler. Been awhile since I’ve played the first two, but this one felt more sprawling and had slightly more traditional puzzle selection, it could be just me.
State of Mind - not bad, but I expected more. It feels a bit like a collision of a basketful of cyberpunk tropes with a very unlikeable protagonist.
Weaves of Fate - .short and simple. Side note to anyone considering playing it: the upgrade points are shared between characters and not all feature prominently, so spend only as needed.

Book of Demons - very nice distilled esence of hack-n-slash with cards.
Gorogoa - quite short title, with an intersting concept. Not as puzzle-heavy as I expected it to be.
Lifeless Planet - aptly titled, as traversing mostly-featureless landscapes
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows - brilliant setting and lovely writting. The gameplay is linear and fairly simple - small, self-contained areas with either combat or plot progression scenes, against beautiful backgrounds.
Minit - the main mechanics is more frustrating than enjoying
OPUS: The Day We Found Earth - it’s very simple, but naming planets was rather fun
The Crown of Leaves - interesting little VN (only the first chapter story-wise, without clean closure. The routes are somewhat unbalanced in content)

Anima Gate of Memories - enjoyable and flawed
Degrees of Separation - very beautiful
Finding Paradise - I missed Eva and Neil. The walking speed could be a bit faster, though.
Freedom Fall - quick and fun
Forgotton Anne - liked it, but expected more story-wise.
Marvin’s Mittens - simple, lovely ending.The go-home-for-the-day mechanics is a bit annoying, though.
The Journey Down: Chapter Three - nice little point-and-click
Wandersong - a musical adventure? It’s forgiving to play and a little odd and even if it tries so hard you want to shrink away from it at times and there are segments you mutter along, some parts just stick with you and stay. If its protagonist became a game, he would be Wandersong.

11-11 Memories Retold - very nice narrative game, quite beautiful at times. Occassionally, it plays a bit slow and collectibles can be hard to spot, given art style.
Guild of Dungeoneering - Fun, but easy to burn out with, as luck matters and upgrade tiers are a little high.
Heroes of the Monkey Tavern - Simpler than Legend of Grimrock, but has a core of genuine fun ^_^
Sword Legacy Omen - Wonderful setting and tone. Worth it for the descriptions of everything alone.
Rime - Beautiful game. The meta story layer actually detracted from it for me (I appreciated it a lot more as a pure, bittersweet, fantasy-ruins adventure).
Trackless - daily dose of weird :P

The Invisible Hours - Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
Samorost 3 - Lovely little adventure.
Orwell: Ignorance is Strength - liked it even less than the first one. The time mechanics detracted from the game, for me (there is plenty of time to settle the plot any way you wish, but still, knowing it is there somehow ruins it). And the usual railroading is there again (you can only connect the dots that the game wants you to and you can upload all kinds of junk, but not the actual evidence, even if you’re shown it clearly).
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - loved it. Hated a certain plot moment (“unnecessary” comes to mind) but really enjoyed the game
Kingdom Rush - Thought I’d give it a try. Do not regret playing, but tower defense isn’t for me.
Late Shift - fun (it does have some futile choices - regardless of the char action, same outcome occurs), but you have to replay all over (no skipping seen scenes) if you want to see a different ending. I didn’t bother.

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim - Not bad, could use a little more polish (if you get stuck in a texture, crafting a crate works to free the character).
The Darkside Detective - Genuinely funny. ^_^ Looking forward to Season 2.
ENIGMA: - Good VN (plays slow, but hits hard when it gets to business)
Tales of Symphonia - An older Tales game :)
Sundered - Streamlined metroidvania-ish game. It looks good (I’m a sucker for hand-drawn cartoon feel) but immersion suffers a bit.
Q.U.B.E 2 - okay puzzler

Peregrin - a nice story-driven puzzler, with a simple concept. Quite enjoyed it
Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish - a slow-paced visual novel (kinetic). Made me laugh a few times.
Hammerwatch - Surprisingly satisfying.
Radiant One - this one refuses to show up in my game lists on BLAEO for some reason. Very short, very mobile port way to kill under an hour.
Technomancer - Once again, a Spiders creation that attracts and repels me in equal measure. XD More polished than Mars: War Logs, with solid narrative elements, stretches of fighting the same fights and climbing the same ladders, and Spiders-signature oddities.
J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars - Quite nice. Worth it for Mobot alone.
Kyn - Um… a little campy, a little silly, equal measures awkward and fun. The prettiest main menu page and the worst inventory filters/management I’ve seen in a while.
Shardlight - Immunology issues aside, good adventure game.
A New Beginning: Final Cut - Daedalic

Sentience: The Android’s Tale - fantastic sci-fi game with a lot of clever details
FINAL FANTASY XIII - finally got back to it and finished. It’s a pretty, flawed game that plays like treacle at times.
Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf - okay card game
The Sexy Brutale - nifty little puzzle box experience, although it’s more about observing how things work than solving the puzzles. Started very strong, but lost some of its momentum for me later on. The ending feels both plausible and mundane. It doesn’t break the game, but I had hoped for something that would fit the snazzy initial atmosphere a little more.
Eisenhorn: XENOS - it’s not a good game and yet falling through textures is kind of nostalgic. Setting/novel helps a little.

Blackwell Epiphany - I wished there were more Blackwell games. The ending sequence irked me a little (it felt off).
Hand of Fate 2 - Fantastic. Definitely improves on the first game. Also, Dealer is back. :D
Mini Ghost - Pretty snazzy little metroidvania.
N.E.R.O: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure - has a few lovely visuals, but other than that… ok, I guess.
Scribblenauts Unlimited - I completely missed the Shards option in the in-level game menu until after beating the game -_-. However, winged bears.