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Hello :)

I like completing optional quests and exploring a game world fully, but I am not an achievement hunter. I don’t mind achievements - some are quite fun to get, but I seldom go out of my way for grindy ones.

Wasn’t really sure what to do with games I’ve beaten off Steam, so I’ve just listed them all separately. Note to self: Ask about proper procedure for those.

(not really chatty, so I’ll leave it at that for now)

Black Book - atmospheric folklore/cards game
Broforce - coop
Crown Trick - nice art, interesting setup (turn-based), rather long loading times
The Dig - old adventure game
FFX - finally got around to it XD
Inmost - nice little “story” pixel game, some lovely details
Lost Words: Beyond the Page - beautiful water colours art, although the ending wasn’t my cup of tea
Murder by Numbers - fun and upbeat casual VN (I don’t even like nonograms/picross)
Roki - adventure game
Shadowhand - solitaire with frills
Shieldmaiden - small pixel game
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - SG win

Deiland: Pocket Planet - nice if unpolished tiny planet playground
Geometric Sniper - simple, but the mechanics are oddly satisfying (writing otoh…)
Geometric Sniper: Blood in Paris - similar to GS
Greak: Memories of Azur - wonderful art and presentation
Lacuna - nice pixel adventure/detective game
Solitairica - solitaire with very lite RPG trimmings, but basically solitaire
TOHU - tiny adventure game
Tomb Raider: Anniversary - SteamGifts win - ^_^ Nostalgia

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Moon - solid echo of Castlevania. Getting some monster parts is rather grindy.
Evan’s Remains - nice hybrid of a VN and a lite puzzler
Ghostdream - odd little thing - reading the book whenever possible
Gone Home - walking sim
Inkslinger - tiny, poignant, a little disturbing - wordsmithing done right
Ring of Pain - just one more… I’ll admit, when the right drops show, this is great, but it takes trying
Safecracker - older adventure game
Shape of the World - expected more out of this, movement through different colour palletes mostly… not my cup of tea
She and the Light Bearer - short game with beautiful art and a lovely little fable - the gameplay is very simple
She Sees Red - FMV. It didn’t really click for me, but okay overall
Synergia - cyberpunk VN with the usual tropes
The World Next Door - I actually played parts of this with the battles set to the easiest option as the click/drag/carry pieces around mechanic was very floaty and unresponsive and the battle paces pretty fast. I simply could not select or release the right tiles any other way.
VotM: Night Road - really nice VotM title, a lot of viable approaches and choices, consistent in tone

Carto - nice little puzzler-lite
DARK - I cannot say it’s a great game, but there’s a snazzy song in it (Become the Night / Dark Inside) and the protagonist’s voice actor also voiced Geralt.
Deep Dungeons of Doom - simplifed dungeon crawling
Dracula: Origin - Dracula binge weekend happened XD
Dracula: Love Kills - Dracula binge weekend happened XD
Dracula 4 & 5 – Dracula binge weekend happened XD (If you plan to pick these two up, play them together, they’re really one game cut in half. A certain segment at the end is strangely satisfying.
Hero of the Kingdom: Lost Tales 1 - similar to previous entries
Iconoclasts - I don’t regret playing it, but it did not really resonate with me
Newt One - simple, straightforward, not great, but it has charm
The First Templar - older RPG, found it a pleasant medieval surprise
System Crash - cyberpunk card game, with a nice Gibsonian tone - not too difficult

Bee Simulator - quite nice, really liked the zoo segment
Effie - rather simple, wanted to like it, but just didn’t click for me
Four Sided Fantasy - small puzzle game
Last Word - rather snazzy RPGMaker title with an interesting setting
NEOVERSE - for when you feel like a card battle without firing up Slay the Spire and delving deep
Tales of the Neon Sea - nice adventure game (with a rather ugly potential bug/glitch in the final sequence - if it hits you, replay from an earlier autosave worked for me)
Tell Me Why - expected more of a story, tbh
Vambrace: Cold Soul - fantastic art, nice setting, odd approach to squad management
Steamworld Dig 2 - Steamworld ^_^
Superluminal - perspective puzzler, not too difficult

Control - nice atmosphere, very well done telekinesis (completely random, but in a weird way, some premise elements resemble Warehouse 13 with a drastically different vibe)
Dark Devotion - slow-paced, a little awkward, but worked for me
Gomo - tiny adventure game
Heaven’s Vault - loved the language decyphering, hated the scripted plot rails
Heavy Rain - good story with awful QTEs at times
InnerSpace - nice little exploration game
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech - lovely deckbuilder/RPG
Super Panda Adventures - wonderful little metroidvania, oozing charm
Tales of Vesperia - not my favourite Tales game, but glad I played it

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build - very elegant puzzle game
Cat Quest 2 - nice sequel, the dog side of it didn’t feel as developed as I’d hoped
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders - fantastic adventure game, highly recommended
Expeditions Viking - has more RP in it than many RPGs I’ve played, great Vikings game
Frog Detective 2 - small and simple
The Song of Seven: Overture - pretty enough, but just one chapter
The Vagrant - surprisingly fun, despite the protagonist’s questionable choice of protective clothing
Vampire: The Masquerade- Shadows of New York - ehhh… can’t say I really enjoyed it, but VotM setting is always nice

Bear with Me: The Lost Robots - short prequel to Bear with Me
Children of Morta - fun characters, short and focused runs, souvenirs RNG is a little off though
Death’s Gambit - odd yet likeable
Flower - relaxing way to fly
Hades - absolutely fantastic, loved every minute of it. Supergiant goodness, from start to finish - brilliant NPCs, snazzy gameplay, something different and new even 90 hours in.
Momodora 3 - tiny platformer
Path of Giants - cute puzzler
Reventure - the humor in it is not my cup of tea and gets repetitive in later runs, but it does make finding ways to perish amusing
The Shapeshifting Detective - a bit disappointed with this one, I was expecting a purer detective game. It… spirals off to other topics
Tsioque - really, really short, starts strong and charming, but the closing sequences ruined the fun for me.
VtM Coteries of New York - VtM ^_^ - ambiental writing is quite nice at times, but a character-driven story, it is not. Choices mostly affect the flavour text, feels like a kinetic VN masquerading as something more.

A Case of Distrust - bite-sized tec narrative
Agent A: A puzzle in disguise - easy puzzles, clean and polished
Aragami - forgiving stealth game (I need those :P)
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 - the modern vibe wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’ll take any chance to revisit the Castle
Gabriel Knight 1 (new version) - nostalgia
Glass Masquerade 2: Illusion - very stylish jigsaw-ish puzzle game
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - cyborg mood :P
Neo Cab - worth the playthrough for the Quantum Witch alone
Shadows Awakening - pretty snazzy setting, a shame some companions/quests are character-specific and mutually exclusive
Superflight - surprisingly engaging
The Suicide of Rachel Foster - can’t say I enjoyed it
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - beautiful ^_^
Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth - unpolished and has its issues (ending sequence is one for me) but a fun spin
Yono and the Celestial Elephants - baby elephant protagonist

Alone with You - okay game, but plays a little awkward
The Bard’s Tale IV - very nice party RPG with puzzles sprinkled in (some chests/rewards are very underwhelming, but fun overall)
Dead in Vinland - one part fun (exploring the island, events), two parts chore (management/resources)
Eliza - nice visual novel (fun solitaire variation, too)
GNOG - tiny, colourful… something?
The House of Da Vinci - plays similar to The Room series, but the quality is not there :(
Knightin+ - very fun tiny dungeon-crawler
Machinarium - Amanita nostalgia
Snowball! - snowy pinball game (quite small, btw)
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap - quite enjoyable (never played the original)
Planet Alpha - beautiful, simple platformer