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Hello :)

I like completing optional quests and exploring a game world fully, but I am not an achievement hunter. I don’t mind achievements - some are quite fun to get, but I seldom go out of my way for grindy ones.

Wasn’t really sure what to do with games I’ve beaten off Steam, so I’ve just listed them all separately. Note to self: Ask about proper procedure for those.

(not really chatty, so I’ll leave it at that for now)

The Invisible Hours - Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
Samorost 3 - Lovely little adventure.
Orwell: Ignorance is Strength - liked it even less than the first one. The time mechanics detracted from the game, for me (there is plenty of time to settle the plot any way you wish, but still, knowing it is there somehow ruins it). And the usual railroading is there again (you can only connect the dots that the game wants you to and you can upload all kinds of junk, but not the actual evidence, even if you’re shown it clearly).
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - loved it. Hated a certain plot moment (“unnecessary” comes to mind) but really enjoyed the game
Kingdom Rush - Thought I’d give it a try. Do not regret playing, but tower defense isn’t for me.
Late Shift - fun (it does have some futile choices - regardless of the char action, same outcome occurs), but you have to replay all over (no skipping seen scenes) if you want to see a different ending. I didn’t bother.

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim - Not bad, could use a little more polish (if you get stuck in a texture, crafting a crate works to free the character).
The Darkside Detective - Genuinely funny. ^_^ Looking forward to Season 2.
ENIGMA: - Good VN (plays slow, but hits hard when it gets to business)
Tales of Symphonia - An older Tales game :)
Sundered - Streamlined metroidvania-ish game. It looks good (I’m a sucker for hand-drawn cartoon feel) but immersion suffers a bit.
Q.U.B.E 2 - okay puzzler

Peregrin - a nice story-driven puzzler, with a simple concept. Quite enjoyed it
Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish - a slow-paced visual novel (kinetic). Made me laugh a few times.
Hammerwatch - Surprisingly satisfying.
Radiant One - this one refuses to show up in my game lists on BLAEO for some reason. Very short, very mobile port way to kill under an hour.
Technomancer - Once again, a Spiders creation that attracts and repels me in equal measure. XD More polished than Mars: War Logs, with solid narrative elements, stretches of fighting the same fights and climbing the same ladders, and Spiders-signature oddities.
J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars - Quite nice. Worth it for Mobot alone.
Kyn - Um… a little campy, a little silly, equal measures awkward and fun. The prettiest main menu page and the worst inventory filters/management I’ve seen in a while.
Shardlight - Immunology issues aside, good adventure game.
A New Beginning: Final Cut - Daedalic

Sentience: The Android’s Tale - fantastic sci-fi game with a lot of clever details
FINAL FANTASY XIII - finally got back to it and finished. It’s a pretty, flawed game that plays like treacle at times.
Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf - okay card game
The Sexy Brutale - nifty little puzzle box experience, although it’s more about observing how things work than solving the puzzles. Started very strong, but lost some of its momentum for me later on. The ending feels both plausible and mundane. It doesn’t break the game, but I had hoped for something that would fit the snazzy initial atmosphere a little more.
Eisenhorn: XENOS - it’s not a good game and yet falling through textures is kind of nostalgic. Setting/novel helps a little.

Blackwell Epiphany - I wished there were more Blackwell games. The ending sequence irked me a little (it felt off).
Hand of Fate 2 - Fantastic. Definitely improves on the first game. Also, Dealer is back. :D
Mini Ghost - Pretty snazzy little metroidvania.
N.E.R.O: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure - has a few lovely visuals, but other than that… ok, I guess.
Scribblenauts Unlimited - I completely missed the Shards option in the in-level game menu until after beating the game -_-. However, winged bears.

Burly Men at Sea - fun at first, but tedious if unlocking all paths
Full Throttle Remastered - I missed that soundtrack more than I realized
Hidden Folks - it’s ugly, but somehow fascinating at the same time
Hyper Light Drifter - snazzy, atmospheric setting with thought-out combat - blade-play is spot on and blinking around just makes it better
Old Man’s Journey - short and straightforward, with a few beautiful visuals
Subsurface Circular - lovely bite-sized narrative game

Figment - This one pleasently surprised me.
The Lion’s Song - Quite enjoyed some aspects of it, but replaying segments is rather awkward, if you want a specific sequence of choices (auto save points only).
Tales of Berseria - the reason it has taken me a month to post progress XD. Memorable characters (party and adversaries). The pacing is a bit off, but the banter/journey redeems it.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate - not a full-fledged Castlevania game in any way, but any game with the Castle makes me happy :P
Pankapu - beautiful platformer, rather endearing, second episode is trickier
Shadows on the Vatican - Act 2: Wrath - short and simple
Shuyan Saga - great art, very easy gameplay
Star Story: The Horizon Escape - colourful rogue-lite?/choose your adventure thing. Occasionally tedious, but don’t regret playing it.

Almightree: The Last Dreamer - nice little puzzler
Gemini: Heroes Reborn - A short, simple game. Throwing things at people (and people at people) via telekinesis was surprisngly fun. For anyone else potentially struggling with a mandatory projectile-catching segment in late game - slow time (R), then deflect to auto-catch (C). Took me a while to work it out XD
Pillars of Eternity - Mixed feelings about this one. I was happy to play a new isometric RPG and there’s a few nice characters and well-written banter bits, but party interaction is probably less present in Pillars than in games it tries to emulate and quite often, for my taste at least, it’s trying too hard to be gritty and edgy, or mistaking piling taboo topics/images to the roof with mature storytelling. I don’t own the DLCs (if it wanted to be a proper expansion it wouldn’t be out in “parts”) but even if I did, likely wouldn’t play it.
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom - A rather nice blend of genres/ideas, with JRPG at the core. Not a bad setting either. A little rough (a few crashes, somewhat annoying and unclear “affinity” doors, and (although only at one point), possibility to lock yourself out of 2 sidequests simply by choosing to speak to one NPC before speaking to another nearby) but enjoyable, overall.
Put aside:
Yooka Laylee - Burned out on it. I’ve actually enjoyed the colourful running around (expanded all worlds) but some of the char comments towards dinosaurs (and in general) are unnecessarily mean and one of the worlds was a somewhat distasteful choice.

Celestian Tales: Old North - promising setting, but the game itself… eh. Not what it promises. I can remember two choices only, both minor and completely meaningless and a quite twitch-inducing out-of-character ending for the sake of drama/revving up interest in the next chapter (No. :P)/something. A few side characters are rather endearing.
Flood of Light - a rather lovely little puzzler
The Fidelio Incident - didn’t really enjoy it. It gives away its two main premises (gameplay-wise and backstory-wise) almost straight away and the rest is a bit of a meandering ramble.
Perils of Man - small adventure game with nice scene transitions/organization. Illustrative storytelling, there to present conclusions, rather than let the player make their own, which is a pity.
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - an enjoyable vignette. I was hoping for a narration spike, but still :)
She Remembered Caterpillars - snazzy and stylish. Excellent design.
Subject 13 - “Ursine interference” is about the only nice thing I have to say about it. :P
Yesterday Origins - the drag-and-turn-around/inspect characters/items mechanics was rather unusable on my laptop (camera would get stuck or go whichever way it pleased, regardless of the input). I gave up on observing everything about 20 mins in. The game is a bit of an agonizing mess to navigate, but it extends the first game nicely.