Ninglors Log 205

16.02.21 – 22.02.21

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Zero Escapes: The Nonary Games

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Mass Effect Legendary

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Mutiny! Syberia

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

54 hours, 38 of 38 achievements

Wow, I'm really having trouble talking about this, bc I don't want to spoil anybody. Ok, let's see. I really liked the first one. I think it might be a 5 star liking? And after having read, it was supposed to be a stand alone game, it makes sense I guess. The second doesn't feel that good. I still liked it a lot, I had a great time playing it, but it's not the same lvl the first is on. Also while I very much liked the art of the first one… the second one was just ugly in comparison D:
As for the story: Both games had this mindblow moment. Mhm, ok, probably not this "I really didn't see that coming", but more like the story slowly revealed itself. It had a lot of unexpected moments, a lot of "woah, rly?" and yeah, a lot of "omg!". And I clearly didn't see everything coming xD Ok, I take it back, I didn't see the big things coming. Not the way they eventually did happen. I still don't get who Phi is. It's kinda driving me nuts here xD
Well, yeah. I guess that's it from me. I can't talk about the game, bc… reasons. I think it's way better than Steins;gate - don't hate me -, I loved the riddles. I'm really looking forward to the 3rd game! That's it. Play it.
Hidden LEWD rating: Uh… Swimsuits? Some lewd remarks in the second game thinking
Gay-Ship: No? No. Unless Alice and Clover? But no.
Recommendation? Yes!

Cat Story ahead!

So… Ameno moved out. He’s back with my mother. Two reasons. 1. He really needs to go out into the garden and I can’t give him that. 2. He’s not getting enough love, bc he somehow doesn’t come and demands it – unless ofc while I sleep. And 3. I’m going crazy. He’s not really letting me sleep and I’m just getting mean, so that is no good either.
I just hope they are fine without each other. If not, he comes back ofc. Also if I miss him too much. Or if he drives my father crazy – if my dad can’t sleep bc of him, that’s it really. So yeah, we’ll see if this lasts. For the moment… it’s quieter. I miss him, obv, but… yeah, we manage. Also Tizio and I have been these last two days at my parents, bc I have to paint shelves and he could hop around in the garden with Ameno. Man, we had this amazing weather! Just nuts, considering it’s still February!

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor