Really liking the “Missing games” feature of this group/website and was one of the main appeals to my joining in the first place, aside from the actual assassination attempt of my backlog of course. On a side note, how long does it usually take to be added to the Steam group? As much as I like this website and will continue to participate on it, the Steam group (alongside this website) would be more effective for me personally. Also, I hope all of you are doing well!

[BNB] KiiTa

Hi Hekay :) !

Extract from the thread where you applied to come here :
Why wasn’t I invited to the Steam group?
We add everyone who applies in this thread to the users of our website, meaning after you login there with your Steam account for the first time, you can use it as a regular member. Invites to the Steam group are sent out by admins or mods to users who have been using the site actively for at least 10 days (depending on frequency and extent of their activity, might be several weeks until you get an invite).

What are the benefits of being in the Steam group?
You get to post on the forums and* join giveaways that are shared with the group here on SG! But remember that we’re not a giveaway group and there aren’t many running giveaways at any given time, so you’re really not missing much if you’re not in the Steam group. the forums are open to everyone now, no need to join the Steam group.

You don’t have to be in the group to participate in the forum, feel free to use it without being part of it. You invitation may come if you’re an active member of the community (Note that I’m not an admin or mod, it’s just what is specified in the FAQ). A good start would be to classify your game here for example :) And then from time to time, you make a post to explain your progress :D !



I read that prior to requesting an invitation, but I was asking more from the personal experience of those of you here who are already in both.

Thank you for the advice at the end though.


They also might consider categorizing your games on BLAEO as part of “using the site actively.”


You’d better believe the OCD part of my brain was looking forward to that part of the site when I first saw that feature initially.