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Hey guys! Quick question; how do I push out an update of all the changes I’ve made on my games list?

Edit: That is, push put an update such as a comment like this unto the Activities feed. Thanks in advance!

Really liking the “Missing games” feature of this group/website and was one of the main appeals to my joining in the first place, aside from the actual assassination attempt of my backlog of course. On a side note, how long does it usually take to be added to the Steam group? As much as I like this website and will continue to participate on it, the Steam group (alongside this website) would be more effective for me personally. Also, I hope all of you are doing well!

So instead of working on my backlog ::cough cough:: I’m currently playing the Distrust Demo.
If you’re a fan of The Thing, especially John Carpenter’s 1982 film, I’d advise to give the demo a try.

Hello everyone, I just want to say hello and thanks again for including me into your community. Much obliged.

2226 games (+2431 not categorized yet)
72% never played
22% unfinished
3% beaten
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