• Picross Touch

    22 hours playtime

    10 of 18 achievements

It’s just basic Picross/Nonograms. If you’ve played literally any Picross/Nonograms game before, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. Left click fills/unfills tiles, right click adds/removes Xs from tiles, and the numbers indicate how many filled blocks go in each row/column. There’s no building on the mechanics, like the Mega Numbers from Twilight Princess Picross (ngl, pretty disappointed to learn those were exclusive to that game and likely won’t show up again), but on the other hand, there’s no arbitrary time limit or dumb penalty for filling in the wrong tiles, like in Twilight Princess Picross; the game just lets you sit there and stew in your wrongness as you try to figure out which tile you filled incorrectly–you know, like you’re solving a puzzle or something (you can always reset a puzzle if it gets too bad). The game has a lot of boards, but because there are only three sizes (5x5, 10x10, and 15x15) and no mechanic expansion, it overstays its welcome by quite a bit, especially if you already know about the overlap strategy (this game never tells you about it, but guess which picross game does?). Maybe I’m just not as big a picross fan as I thought?

It’s okay for a free game. Maybe just play a few boards between meatier games.

P.S. Also, the difficulty curve is kinda wonky at times.