16 April 2023 | A Moment in Time: 2000
So my Journey Through time brought me to Earth 2150 Trilogy. Per my rules, I should first go ahead and play the series’ previous installment - Earth 2140. I don’t have this game though, it costs only a couple of euros but seeing as it got “Mixed” rating on Steam, I will skip it.

Half-Life 2

Earth 2150 Trilogy

2.6 hours
no achievements

Earth 2150 Trilogy should contain the main game released in 2000, as well as two standalone expansions - Earth 2150: The Moon Project (2000) and Earth 2150: Lost Souls (2002). I thought I was going to play all of them but sadly Earth 2150 Trilogy does not run properly on any resolution for me (and I've tried all of them), 99% of the time just crashing, and therefore goes straight to my Utter Garbage list. Sadly this is another old game I can't play, we'll see if the standalone expansions run once I get to them.

A Journey Through Time progress:

11% (4/35)
6% (2/35)
54% (19/35)
29% (10/35)