There are 2 types of games in this world, One is best enjoyed when you read up about it and understand it, Some are completely the opposite, You should not do ANY research before playing them and just get to it, In today’s post which is #14 I will be talking about another one of such games, From the creator of The Beginner’s Guide, I present to you The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe!

First of all I will be talking about the differences between the original 2013 version and the Ultra deluxe, The ultra deluxe has everything the original has (except for 1 ending that has been altered) and on top of that has extra content, It’s almost twice the content so you should just get the ultra deluxe; Even if you have played the original.

What’s the proper way of experiencing this game? The only piece of content exclusive to the original 2013 game is the free demo, You should start by playing that first through the original’s page.

The achievements are fun to get, But this game is at this point impossible to 100% since one of the achievements literally asks you to stop playing the game for 10 years….. What?

Great sound track, Fun story, Engaging map design, Cool characters… This game has it all,
and a bucket.

I’d rate this game EIGHT. (iykyk)


One is best enjoyed when you read up about it and understand it

I’ve never seen that as a good thing. Games should be able to stand on their own, not require external materials to be enjoyed.


I can’t disagree with you since you raise a valid argument, However I will not agree with you either, I believe both have their audiences and are charming in their own way, Those types promote a sense of engagement and community with more emphasis than the other type.