• Spintires┬«

    63 hours playtime

    62 of 62 achievements

Report #264: Spintires®

Driving simulation

After seeing some twitch streamer playing SnowRunner, I got interested again in returning to Spintires. I already had 1 achievement unlocked back in 2017. After a couple of hours I got really hyped by the game and played all the maps in Hardcore. Found someone to do the Coop achievements as well.

Basically you have a set of starting trucks, you unlock the map and other trucks. Fetch logs from log kiosk to the sawmill(s). Depending on the map, you need to fill one or two sawmills.

Unfortunately the game is very buggy. If you accidentally move the mouse outside the fullscreen game and click, the game might crash. Also alt+tab causes this sometimes. There is no savegame for Multiplayer, so if you have an unstable connection, you might need to restart maps multiple times.