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First week of September

This week has not been an easy week but I have somehow still managed to complete 3 games \o/

Completed SG wins

Playtime: 2.8 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: An OKish match 3 game with 20 quite different level from each other (2 of them were bullshit, the rest were fine for the most part). Runs without any issues with Proton.

Other completed games

When In Rome
Playtime: 12.5 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: An OK resource/time management game. I just found the level to sometimes drag on for way too long. Work without issues with Proton.
Puzzles At Mystery Manor
Playtime: 3.3 hours
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: A not so good jigsaw puzzle game. I had it crash a couple of times and it had some very minor visual glitching a couple of times but it otherwise worked fine with Proton.