Week 4


  • Invisible Apartment
    Invisible Apartment

    44 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Secret of Tremendous Corporation
    The Secret of Tremendous Corporation

    80 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • 7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover
    7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

    16 hours playtime

    26 of 26 achievements

  • Empress Of The Deep
    Empress Of The Deep

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

Invisible Apartment - A decent introduction to the world in which the story is set. My interest is perhaps a little bit piqued but VNs are not my usual go to so I’d likely only pick up the next episode in a bundle or a good sale.
The Secret of Tremendous Corporation - I suppose it can be cut a little slack for being something made in 48 hours during a Game Jam. But the plot feels a bit heavy handed. The UI is ok if just a little clunky.
7 Wonder: Ancient Aliens Makeover - Totally loved this game. I had a lot of fun with it and the little story bits were so amusing. This is leagues above the Ancient Aliens mobile game
Empress of the Deep - A basic HOG. I actually enjoyed the feature that told me when I had completed an area. Keeps me from wasting time looking for things that aren’t there. Fairly linear plot progression with the usual amount of back and forth you might expect from an HOG.

Mostly Dead

  • Empress Of The Deep 2: Song Of The Blue Whale
    Empress Of The Deep 2: Song Of The Blue Whale

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Depression Quest
    Depression Quest

    75 minutes playtime

    no achievements

Empress of the Deep 2 - Finished the game but there is an extra bonus game called ZEM which has bronze, silver, and gold level scoring goals. I’d like to try to get those to consider the game “complete.” And I’m just slightly tempted to play through the game again so I can get a screenshot of the line “How do I know I can trust that whale?”
Depression Quest - I played through once so far and got what I can only assume is the “best” ending. But there are other paths to take and I’d like to play through a few more times before considering myself done with this game.

Grind the bones to make my bread

or: Will I finish before carpal tunnel sets in?

Doodle Kingdom - I think the “my hero” minigame wants to be a clicker but it fails miserably. There is almost no progression unless you are actively playing. I’m close to getting level 16 (the next achievement) and there’s a part of me that wants to get the last achievement for the 100% (level 21 hero) but it’s either active play grinding or I just wait a loooooong time for the game to play itself. -___-;
One Finger Death Punch - Hoping to get through the Master path and to get at least one more achievement level in each survival mode.
Timberman - Though still missing a few achievements (that I’ll likely never get), I think I’d consider myself done with the game once I have the rest of the single player character unlocks (except Gaben because damn) Hardest one likely to be Mr. President. But with a little perseverance and a little luck from RNGesus, I think I can do it! If anyone is interested, maybe unlock a few more of the multiplayer characters too.

New Targets

  • I decided to go alphabetically with my HOGs and to play the ones without Steam achievements first. So the next on the list is The Emptiness. I started it right before bed (and I was alone) and as cheap as the scares are, I’m a total wuss. So I’ve only managed 20 minutes so far. Maybe playing it during the daytime will take the edge off.
  • I just started Haunt the House this morning. It is as much fun as it looks on the youtube videos I’ve watched. None of the achievements seem very hard, just a little meticulous, so I think I could probably 100% this one by next week’s update.
  • Considering I’m mediocre at best with point and click adventures, I’m at a little more of a disadvantage here with Mainland being a text adventure. I’ll be trying my best.
  • I’d been itching to break open Toki Tori as well so I finally started with it too. I like the low stress environment for level solving. No star rating system, no timers, even a rewind button. I’d imagine I can finish it without much trouble but I’m sure it’ll take me more time to get through the additional hard levels and bonus levels. I’ll be taking my time but I’ll definitely go for the 100% on this one.

See you next week assassins!


You have carpal tunnel and you’re playing One Finger Death Punch…? o _o

Just to be aware some of the Toki Toki achievements are date dependent. You can change your calendar to get them to work though I believe.

Grats on your progress. :)


No, I don’t have it. But repetitive motions are potential risk factors. As well as pregnancy apparently. I was just trying to be funny. Did I accidentally make a joke in poor taste? I really didn’t mean to. Do you think I should I remove it?

Eh, like I said, I don’t mind taking some time with Toki Tori. Plus, December’s not that far away. I can be very patient for my 100% :P


Ah no, not poor taste, just me not realising it was a joke. :)