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All alliterations aside ;) my plan of attack is to categorize my games into themes. Not just broad categories like “Puzzles” or “RPG” but something more fun like “A week in the Tropics” for my Tropico games or “To Hell with this!” for bullet hell games. This is just what I do personally and I won’t be making additional lists here (at least not at the moment) but you are likely to see the themes reflected in my weekly updates.

I had twins born in October so right now there is no time for playing games. Once they are a bit older I will get back into the backlog.

I hope to keep my un-played games at or below 50%. My main problem though is finishing what I start - this spills over into so many other aspects of my life outside of gaming but let’s not get into that here :P So the focus of my goal at the moment is to bring my unfinished games below 30% and ideally get to 25%.

Got some assassinating done!

  • klocki

    2 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • The Hidden Dragon
    The Hidden Dragon

    86 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Zenge

    3 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

Finished klolcki and zenge which also nets me two completed games as well. Relaxing and enjoyable puzzle games with a bit of challenge but not too much.

The Hidden Dragon was pretty “meh.” It’s three areas further divided into three sections with 8 “levels” each. Just hidden object scenes with the slightest bit of story. Nothing even happens when you finish all the levels. But at least it’s also a SG win taken care of too.

While organizing my games here, I have found some games I considered “completed” now have achievements. Namely, Mountain and Hocus. So I will (hopefully) be working on those. We’ll see what else I can find the time for as the days go by.

Hiatus Update 2.0

The good:
The twins are finally going to sleep on their own within about 20 minutes or less.
They go to sleep by 7 and don’t (usually) wake up until their first feeding at 10pm or later. (This is decent since their last feeding is usually at 6, but they really should be going until 11 or even midnight)
Naps are fairly consistent
They are more independent in their daytime playtime.

The not so good:
Still have to hover around to make sure naps are at least an hour long. (there’s still a tendency to wake after 30 minutes even if they are falling asleep on their own more often)
They still wake up three times a night.
Still trying to extend the first stretch of the night to 11 or midnight.
Still trying to wean them down to two feedings a night instead of three (I know at least one of these feedings is just for comfort. I just need to toughen up and make them go back to sleep without it until they just sleep through it)
Still dealing with 4-5am wakefulness. I can get them back to sleep for a bit but it’s still a struggle to keep them asleep until 6am (or later) wake up time.

I’ve managed to find a little time here and there throughout the day to play since they can amuse themselves much better. Right after putting them to bed would seem like a good time to work on the backlog but there’s usually quite a bit of clean up to do, lol. And once that’s done I’m usually ready for bed myself! I’ve been playing a little bit of Knights and klocki. I’ll probably work on the casual and simple puzzle games like these first with the current “free time” I have. Looking for the time to redeem all the keys of the games I want so I can gauge the true extent of my backlog. Also trying to find some time to make GAs with all the keys I don’t want.

I’ll conquer my backlog yet! Keep on assassinating my friends!

Hiatus update

So I never got around to making the announcement here that I had my twins. I did make the announcement on Steam Gifts though. They’re 4 months old now! Anyway, Things are going well but there is not much time for playing games. So I won’t be assassinating anything on my backlog for a while but I will get back to it eventually. I don’t have much time to babble on about anything else right now but I did want to make a quick note here. I miss you guys and the SG community and I can’t wait until I can get back to it on a regular basis. But right now these two little human beings need almost all of my attention and when they don’t I’m usually sleeping, lol. So I’ll be back in a few months. Take care everyone. Keep on assassinating!

Week 5/6

  • Sparkle 2 Evo
    Sparkle 2 Evo

    4 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

Decided to skip last week’s update since all I had finished was Sparkle 2 Evo. But I didn’t get much done this past week either. It’s mainly due to shifting focus. With about 6 weeks before the twins get here (if I’m lucky enough they stay in that long!) I obviously have other things on my mind and higher on my priority list. My energy levels have also been lower, despite my best efforts. It’s getting harder and harder for my desire to play something new or finish what I’ve started to outweigh my desire to take a nap. I’ll be doing my best over the coming weeks but the backlog kills and the updates will inevitably be slowing down.

In other news, I caved this week and bought a couple more bundles. There’s just a few games I want from each of them and I’ll make GAs for the rest.

Until next time my fellow assassins!

Week 4


  • Invisible Apartment
    Invisible Apartment

    44 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • The Secret of Tremendous Corporation
    The Secret of Tremendous Corporation

    80 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • 7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover
    7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

    16 hours playtime

    26 of 26 achievements

  • Empress Of The Deep
    Empress Of The Deep

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

Invisible Apartment - A decent introduction to the world in which the story is set. My interest is perhaps a little bit piqued but VNs are not my usual go to so I’d likely only pick up the next episode in a bundle or a good sale.
The Secret of Tremendous Corporation - I suppose it can be cut a little slack for being something made in 48 hours during a Game Jam. But the plot feels a bit heavy handed. The UI is ok if just a little clunky.
7 Wonder: Ancient Aliens Makeover - Totally loved this game. I had a lot of fun with it and the little story bits were so amusing. This is leagues above the Ancient Aliens mobile game
Empress of the Deep - A basic HOG. I actually enjoyed the feature that told me when I had completed an area. Keeps me from wasting time looking for things that aren’t there. Fairly linear plot progression with the usual amount of back and forth you might expect from an HOG.

Mostly Dead

  • Empress Of The Deep 2: Song Of The Blue Whale
    Empress Of The Deep 2: Song Of The Blue Whale

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Depression Quest
    Depression Quest

    75 minutes playtime

    no achievements

Empress of the Deep 2 - Finished the game but there is an extra bonus game called ZEM which has bronze, silver, and gold level scoring goals. I’d like to try to get those to consider the game “complete.” And I’m just slightly tempted to play through the game again so I can get a screenshot of the line “How do I know I can trust that whale?”
Depression Quest - I played through once so far and got what I can only assume is the “best” ending. But there are other paths to take and I’d like to play through a few more times before considering myself done with this game.

Grind the bones to make my bread

or: Will I finish before carpal tunnel sets in?

Doodle Kingdom - I think the “my hero” minigame wants to be a clicker but it fails miserably. There is almost no progression unless you are actively playing. I’m close to getting level 16 (the next achievement) and there’s a part of me that wants to get the last achievement for the 100% (level 21 hero) but it’s either active play grinding or I just wait a loooooong time for the game to play itself. -___-;
One Finger Death Punch - Hoping to get through the Master path and to get at least one more achievement level in each survival mode.
Timberman - Though still missing a few achievements (that I’ll likely never get), I think I’d consider myself done with the game once I have the rest of the single player character unlocks (except Gaben because damn) Hardest one likely to be Mr. President. But with a little perseverance and a little luck from RNGesus, I think I can do it! If anyone is interested, maybe unlock a few more of the multiplayer characters too.

New Targets

  • I decided to go alphabetically with my HOGs and to play the ones without Steam achievements first. So the next on the list is The Emptiness. I started it right before bed (and I was alone) and as cheap as the scares are, I’m a total wuss. So I’ve only managed 20 minutes so far. Maybe playing it during the daytime will take the edge off.
  • I just started Haunt the House this morning. It is as much fun as it looks on the youtube videos I’ve watched. None of the achievements seem very hard, just a little meticulous, so I think I could probably 100% this one by next week’s update.
  • Considering I’m mediocre at best with point and click adventures, I’m at a little more of a disadvantage here with Mainland being a text adventure. I’ll be trying my best.
  • I’d been itching to break open Toki Tori as well so I finally started with it too. I like the low stress environment for level solving. No star rating system, no timers, even a rewind button. I’d imagine I can finish it without much trouble but I’m sure it’ll take me more time to get through the additional hard levels and bonus levels. I’ll be taking my time but I’ll definitely go for the 100% on this one.

See you next week assassins!

Assassinations Week 3


  • Alice's Patchwork
    Alice's Patchwork

    19 hours playtime

    14 of 18 achievements

  • Two Digits
    Two Digits

    6 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

  • Port of Call
    Port of Call

    68 minutes playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

  • Numba Deluxe
    Numba Deluxe

    6 hours playtime

    no achievements

Alice’s Patchwork - I had fun up to a point. The difficulty spikes in the 4th world (Knight, I think) making me feel more relieved than accomplished when finishing a puzzle. I might go for the “Beautiful Garden” achievement which will likely get me “Humpty Dumpty” as well, but we’ll see.
Two Digits - This game is definitely meant to be played in short sessions. I love that it had so many levels, but it is definitely tedious if you try to get through them all at once.
Port of Call - A quick kill. I was a little burnt out on puzzles after Alice and Two Digits but still wanted to finish up Numba before my post today. So I saw this as an easy target. It’s an interesting little story that unfolds.
Numba Deluxe - At least the first half of the puzzles are pretty easy. Then they do get tricky here and there. I was genuinely stuck on #78 for a while and was just about ready to give up on the last puzzle #84. But logical minds prevailed and I completed it.

The Future is Unclear

  • I started playing You Have to Win the Game. I’ll try to finish it but there’s little chance I’ll 100% it.
  • I played a little bit more of The Bridge for this month’s theme and have become utterly frustrated (as often happens when I play my puzzle games) in chapter 4. I refuse to look up the solution just yet. I’ll likely finish it by the end of the month but I’m just not much into this months theme. (Maybe I’ll spend some more time in The Silent Age.)
  • I’ve started playing One Finger Death Punch again, at least for a little while. I have in under “finished” because I did finish the student’s path and unlocked all the survival modes (quick aside, I just about died laughing when I first played No Luca No mode) But it’s been nagging at me to get through the master and maybe grandmaster paths too.
  • I been feeling a bit of an itch to play some more of my HOGs. I might start a few and see if anything really grabs me.

All that said, I haven’t decided what I might accomplish this coming week. We’ll just see what winds up in next week’s update.

Let’s keep attacking those backlogs my fellow assassins!

Week 2 Assassinations


  • Doodle Kingdom
    Doodle Kingdom

    9 hours playtime

    12 of 14 achievements

  • Lexica

    23 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

  • Star Sky - ブルームーン
    Star Sky - ブルームーン

    68 minutes playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

Doodle Kingdom was pretty much the same as Doodle God. The quests were amusing enough and tried to add some story to the process of combining elements. The “My Hero” mini game is dreadful though.
Lexica I finally finished all the puzzles. I enjoy this type of game so I enjoyed playing through this.
Star Sky A relatively short and simple game. Just keep track of what you do and what you don’t do and you can pretty much get all the endings.

Marked for Death

  • Alice's Patchwork
    Alice's Patchwork

    5 hours playtime

    5 of 18 achievements

  • 7 Grand Steps, Step 1: What Ancients Begat
    7 Grand Steps, Step 1: What Ancients Begat

    7 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Numba Deluxe
    Numba Deluxe

    34 minutes playtime

    no achievements

Alice’s Patchwork Essentially a jigsaw puzzle game. Relatively relaxing. I see myself continuing this game to the finish. Not sure yet if I’ll bother going for the 100% or not.
7 Grand Steps Picked this one up again after a longtime. Just have to get to the “challenge of the age” and that should complete the play through.
Numba Decided to take another look at this after only playing it for a few minutes after I first got it. Turns out there is a puzzle mode which means I should be able to consider this game “complete” once I solve them all.

A handful of other games I’m whittling away at and I’ll probably be trying to get through a few games on this month’s theme.

I’ll see all my fellow assassins again next week!

First Week as an Assassin

As initial motivation I jumped right into the monthly theme since many of the game on the list were already in my library. For the most part, it was finishing or completing games I had started but left unfinished for a long time.

Mondrian - Abstraction in beauty
Quell Reflect
Morphopolis (That effing beetle lock puzzle!)

A few other games I started for the first time.

Collisions - Finished
Windosill - Completed
Hocus - Completed (for now, unless dev does actually adds new levels)
Two Digits

And another few games I had started long ago, I am now once again working on finishing.


But overall the week was mostly neutral in success. Coming back after my absence, one of the first things I did was activate the keys of many of the games I had bought in bundles way back in January. Somewhere in the neighborhood of two dozen keys. And that’s just the ones I wasn’t one the fence about. I still have keys to some games that I think I might want to play but don’t know if I really should do it or not. And…. in the process of retrieving keys, I became irresistibly drawn to Groupees 8floor bundle. Not sure if I’ll add the TD games but I know I’ll add everything else.

A lot going on and changing next week but I’ll keep doing my best to reduce the number of unplayed games and increase the number of finished games.

See you in next week’s update my fellow assassins!

Hi there. New on the site but I’ve been around SG for a while and was there at the beginnings of BLAEO. There’s a good number of games on this month’s list that I have in my library. In fact, I just finished KAMI and Unium a few days before joining this site! While there’s a few other games I’ve been working on, I can’t resist a little competition ;) Of the titles on the list that are also in my library, I’ll see about starting the games I haven’t started yet and try to finish or complete to games I’ve already started. Keep attacking those backlogs everybody!