Fatal Twelve battle royale visual novel medium (10 - 30 hours) en ja

Played this at the start of the year. Made by the same people behind Sound of Drop - fall into poison -, this is yet another visual novel with a life-or-death situation. Despite the similar themes, I still had the impression this was an improvement from their previous title.
While Sound of Drop suffered for a good part of the game of two-choice selections where one of those always led to death—and therefore causing a shit-ton of unnecessary instant bad endings—there's none of these shenanigans in this game.

The story is sorta separated into episodic story arcs, which you may or may not find annoying. This was ideal to me since back then I was attempting to slowly get back into vns after an almost one-year pause. If I were to marathon this game now in a couple of days, I would probably get tired of this pacing.

When this vn first came out, I had made the decision to steer away from it! I was very much afraid of queerbaiting and Dead Lesbian Syndrome (=we must all die in fiction), two bad things that still affect us nowadays. A friend decided to act as the test subject and gave me the all-clear.
Please be advised that the protagonist does suffer from Stupid Protagonist Syndrome and her general obliviousness is frustrating to the reader and a let-down to the story for me. Why must this still happen in 2018? We'll never know.


Shishimai Rinka is a high schooler who lost her life during a tragic accident on a train. She has now somehow become a participant in Divine Selection, a ritual carried out over twelve weeks by twelve people, which allowed them to compete in order to undo their deaths.

In order to survive Divine Selection, all the other participants must be eliminated by being "elected".



Ooo, I’m glad for the improvement! I’m also glad for the all-clear so I don’t have to worry about queerbaiting and dead lesbian syndrome. I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while, but I’m glad to know I can keep it there!


tsuper, i don’t know where to put this so i am writing here!!
in these past days I’ve been reading the fata morgana japanese minigames and I am so full of feelings after reading Seventh Coat, it’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT story with fatamoru characters, Novectacle is so good, we do not deserve this. can you believe we live in the same world at the very same time novectacle exists??? we lucked out.
Unfortunately, it’s too long for me to properly translate it with my level of japanese right now so I am hoping that anyone else is gonna step up soon cause we deserve an english translation… DAMN GISELLE&MICHEL TOO MANY FEELINGS WHY


Is that the game with the new art, like, the collection of mini stories for the vita, or ANOTHER set of ministories? NOVECTACLE PLEASE TRANSLATE THEM HERE

GiseIIe this one
it has nothing to do with fata morgana except most characters are the same (with different lives)

tHE fatamoru COLLECTED EDITION with new art for consoles has yet to come out 😠it should be any time now in may or june by how much they’re hinting it on twitter


ohhhh please please please please I need it