Nordic Fantasy XCOM

34.5 hours

Saga 2 of the Banner! I played the first one back in Jan 2022, and i've been looking forward to playing the second since then. Importing the story you helped craft in the Banner Saga 1 is an exciting feeling to start the game with

This sequel is for the most part identical to the previous game, at least as far as style and structure are concerned. You still travel across a beautiful hand-drawn landscape in a caravan, while managing its supplies and the people's morale. Occasionally a text-based event will interrupt, requiring you to make a decision that almost always affects your caravan's needs. Occasionally, one of these events will lead to a battle, which is resolved in a turn-based fashion, but with some relatively unique twists

While the presentation is the same, there's of course a new story to be told, with new developments and revelations about the apparent apocalypse plaguing the land. Many characters literally carry over from before, so they'll be as you expect, but about half the cast are introduced over the course of this game, bringing some new abilities with them, and opening up some different play-styles. Characters now also have talents to put your points into, once their stats are maxed out, as well as higher level trinkets with shinier effects

As i expected after the first one, i mostly enjoyed my time with the Banner Saga 2. Some battles seemed almost unfair (maybe leaning into the chance-based talents ?), but the rest were fun, and i eventually made it through them all (helped by a few several reloads). The story provided some teasing answers to questions i had, but left a lot to be resolved in the final game in the trilogy

Get hype for my review of Banner Saga 3… in about 2 or 3 years time…