Some reporting!

Since I beat DOOM I’ve tried getting all the achievements, but I just gave up on the hardest difficulty one, it’s just not worth it.

Have I been playing anything else? I have, I did play Moirai, a game I recommend trying out if you haven’t been exposed to youtube videos or spoilers.So I beat that, won’t say much more than it took me two days to beat it, those who played it will know.

I also started Gemini: Heroes Reborn for the theme. Played about an hour and haven’t touched it for a time now. It’s ok, but really nothing I’d recommend.

Part from that I’ve played Overwatch & World of Warcraft a lot, as mentioned in my previous post. Summer event & pre-expansion event.


Quite a few people seem to be recommending Morai… :)


It’s unique, downloaf and play without reading about it is my recommendation :)