Let’s see. Since my last update, I’ve played a ton of games, finished a few. They are:

Hero of the Kingdom II and Hero of the Kingdom III: Yeah, both were fun, hidden object meets resource management games. Perfect casual/mobile games. I don’t recall a ton about their stories, but overall, they were just good simple gaming experiences.

Crysis 2 - Maximum Edition: On one hand, this game is still a marvel even today. On the other, it shows its age in level design and generally started to wear out its welcome around hour seven. At that point, I decided to cheese most of the rest of the game, which can be accomplished by using your suits speed to literally run past enemies to the level end. There are a few scripted sequences where you can’t do this, but I’d say you can probably do so for like half the game, triggering cutscenes and basically enjoying the best part of the game (the cutscenes and story in general). Is the gameplay tight? Yes. Did Crytek open up the corridors in this shooter and allow for a few different ways to approach most levels? Yes. Are the suit abilities cool? Yes. In general, the main thing I objected to with Crysis 2 was its actual length relative to the gameplay. For me at least, this should have ended right about the point you find yourself around 60% of the way through, and that could’ve been accomplished by scaling the pointless encounters back. But, I suppose it just wouldn’t be a mostly corridor shooter from Gen 7 if that wasn’t the case lol. Otherwise, still an excellent if somewhat boring FPS at this point.

Crysis 3: In contrast to 2, Crysis 3 was the perfect length at about 7-10 hours depending on how fast you play. Additionally, the time in between 2 and 3 allowed Crytek to make much better use of the gen 7 capabilities, be they console or PC. Also, it was just a lot more fun in general. The story was better, the gameplay was better, the level design was better. The only thing that was not as good was some of the voice acting and dialogue, which had Prophet whining a lot for some reason. Other than that though, immaculate experience and really one that holds up perfectly well today.

The Last of Us 2: Best game of the year IMO. I’m not going to get into all the internet crap, but it is largely unjustified. The ending itself will probably be divisive (my wife hated it, but I was hoping it would end basically the way it did), but as to the rest, other than being probably ten hours longer than it probably should have been (My run on mostly hard took about 30-35 hours roughly), TLOU2 was spot on in pretty much every way, and that ten-ish hours of filler was enjoyable for me personally. There is also a ton….ton of nuance that was pretty brilliant IMO. But yeah, Abby and Lev were both really cool characters and the game was great. Graphics were insane. Voice acting was as good as it gets. Memorable.


Desperados 3: Great game with shit cameras that I don’t enjoy battling.
Warsaw: Love turn based tactical type games. Did not find this one to be all that thrilling. It’s okay, and I probably got my expectations up too high for this one, but ultimately, it just didn’t grab me.


Haha congrats on finishing 6 games! nice! If you want, you could use the BLAEO generator, . I just found out about it a bit ago and it’s super useful for automatically filling in data! Also, I think you would like a Steam game called Valley!


I appreciate that link. Definitely going to make use of it.
…and yeah, I did love Valley. You’re pretty much a complete bad ass the entire game.