17th Week of 2021


Hello :) My last week was… interesting. In one hand it was really good but in other quite bad. After 4+ hard months I was able to read again, I was in a “reading slump” till now, I don’t know what caused this but nevermind, I’m happy I can enjoy books again :-D But on the other hand I somehow loosed interest in games, I played some but not that amount I played in the last few games… Life is like this, I’ll enjoy what is currently giving me joy ^^

Completed Games

(Main Games)

Half-Life 2

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

4.4 hours
11 of 11 achievements

As I said last week, I'll complete one HOG every week! This game was OK I guess, but the game I played before (The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan) was waaay better.

The setting of this game was really good, we play as a detective investigating the disappearance of a girl in a small town called Maple Creek. But and here comes the twist, we are deep into this investigation when something happens and we forget everything we found till that! How cool is this? I mean, in the terms of game design, we as a player don't know anything about the case - just like the detective !
So I started the game with high hopes because I really like crime stories and thrillers, but I almost immediately felt a bit let down, because I'll say it, the graphics are outdated! I had really hard time finding thing in HO scenes, yes it can be because I'm a noob, but my eyes literally started to hurt after an hour of playing… These scenes will also get a negative from me because they were reused many times! It happened some times that I completed an objective then checked the map to find out I have to go back - where I was like 3 times already ?!? Is this "mechanism" common in these games? (as I'm writing this I feel like that 90% of my reviews are actually rants xD)

I finished the game about 5.5 hours (idk why Steam didn't count it that way) and wasn't really satisfied with the ending. I like games more that have an ending, more like games that "force" you to play the sequels.
But I won't give up, I'll play HOG every week, one bad-ish game won't take away my will to play :-D !!

(Smaller Games)

Half-Life 2

Strange Night

4.7 hours
no achievements

Not bad horror game, way better than the first game I played from this developer.
If I would need to categorize this, it has elements from FNAF games and from P.T. Interesting choice.
We play as a guard, who is watching the video cameras that are placed in some kind of apartment. Of course, thing aren't that easy (why would anybody play then xD ?)
Alarms will get triggered, lights will start to flicker and a really nice girl will great you some times. No, I'm not kidding, she is really friendly!

Yes, it has some cheap jumpscares but it also has a really, really hard (thick) atmosphere, and that is what I mainly like in these kind of games!

I have started some games this week but didn’t succeed to actually finish any of them (aside from these two)… I hope this week I’ll find some kind of balance between playing playing and reading :D

What have I acquired during the week

Some games from the VR bundle, some from the HOG bundle, but nothing really much. I’ll stop collecting a bit and actually play what I have :D

I wish to all of you a nice and productive week, as always ^^!