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Hey! I am SharkY, happy to have you on my profile!
I play all kinds of games, but my favorites are:

  • simulator games
  • management games
  • all kinds of indie games!

To be honest gaming is my favorite hobby! I really enjoy all aspect of it, especially collecting them!
I joined this site, to organize everything and get rid of my backlog list!

2022 / 10th Completed Game

2.2 hours

Wow, this has to be the funniest game I ever played xD
Because just imagine that you play as a turnip… who commits tax evasion… and meets a streamer who is also guarding a barn… also an apple with an anime face… It's soo weird and random I can't even describe it!

For a more "serious" review, there isn't much to say about the game, it is so simple it sometimes hurts: the whole gameplay uses the simple "go to A and retrieve an object then go to point B" mechanism - the games beauty lies in the dialogues and the excellent graphics!
As I see there are some objectives to complete after beating it, I might also try out those!
To just burn braindeadly 2 hours this is a perfect game!

2022 / 9th Completed Game

4.8 hours

An awesome relaxing, fun, and charming game with enormous amounts of cute cats! It is really far from being challenging however most of the puzzles are made in a quite creative way! For me, it was a big refresh from more complex titles. Recommended!

2022 / 8th Completed Game

2.7 hours

The definition of video games as an art form - ABZU is a truly amazing game with its deep and hidden lore, charming graphics, and touching soundtrack.
You can read my review about the game here

A little update about me: today I’ve finally completed my final high-school oral exam ^^ And in only one month I will officially be the first university student in my family :-D ! Yey!

2022 / 7th Completed Game

0.4 hours

This is a good game. Like a really, really good game.
I mainly played it because of the aesthetics but the atmosphere was something from another world, truly unbelievable…
The fact that the game scares you without real jumpscares is a really good indicator for me. I'm sure I'll play more from these guys in the future!
If you are into J-Horror, this is a really solid pick - I'm only sad a little bit that it's this short, after playing both endings.

2022/ 6th Completed Game

4.0 hours

Okay, so….
First of all, I'm completely aware of the current situation revolving around the game - but I'll sorely review only the game, without the actions of MOB Games. Of course, you could argue that you can't separate the two, however, I'll do it.
Let me start by saying that I hate survival horror games. I just don't like the aspect to be constantly in the fear that something (or someone) may kill you, or two be in a closet in 50% of my playtime. However, this game might have changed my whole attitude to these kind of games…
In my opinion everything is perfect in Poppy Playtime - the controls, the whole vibe and atmosphere, the design - maybe only a little bit optimization is tha only thing needed :-D I really enjoyed Chapter 1 even if it was only a tutorial section, so it was a no brainer for me to buy Chapter 2 right after launch, and I'm not disappointed.

In Chapter 2 we meet a new antigonist and a story that is 3-4x more lenghtier then the first one's. The lore also evolved through the game, tho I'm not 100% satisfied with the ending - I don't think it's bad but the whole upbuilding gave the impression that something big is coming in the end…

So to summerize, I can recommend this to every horror fan!

2022 / 5th Completed Game

Half-Life 2


6.9 hours
1 of 1 achievements

This needs to be one of the best games I've ever played.
First of all, I completely understand the negative reviews regarding this game. The main issue for most people is the lack of choice, it is really far from a choose-your-own-adventure type of game, as I think there is only one single choice that will affect the end of the game.
However, if this isn't a problem for you, then prepare from a really raw but sadly true representation of our society.
Evelyn as the main protagonist in the game serves as some kind of mirror, which reflects many things, but mostly the mental problems people face nowadays. It is really great to see that a game deals with this kind of problem, and in some ways even tries to give a solution for it.
It's funny but my playtime would be much shorter if I wouldn't want to get that one single achievement xD That solitaire minigame is on another level actually…
So to summarize, I think this is a really great VN, but prepare for a linear story.

2022 / 4th Completed Game

Half-Life 2

Iron Lung

3.3 hours
no achievements

One of the biggest surprises for me this year. The whole vibe and feel of the game are fantastic, it generates tension right after the start, the general mechanic, in my opinion, is a genius idea - just the fact that the space is heavily limited sets up a great horror story in my opinion. The art style is also fantastic for me, and I didn't even mention the ending - so I can easily recommend this game to every horror fan. It was a bit hard to learn the controls at first (even if it's super easy) for me, but after ~30 mins I've got used to it. It reminded me to one of the puzzles in the legendary game, Myst actually :-)

3rd Week of 2022

Hey everyone :-) !

As they say… a new year, a new me :-D ? Well first, I wish everyone a happy and successful new year! I know I’m 3 weeks late, but please accept my apology, since I stopped gaming and using this site for several months.
However, I’m back, and I’m more dedicated than ever :-D Also, my reviews changed a little bit, let me know what do you think of this style - I quite like it, might polish a bit in the future, but not bad overall :)!

1. Newest Additions

This week a total of 17 games have gotten to my library! 2 of them were purchased on Steam (Dyson and Cloudpunk) and the others were from 2 bundles at Humble Bundle. I’m really happy, because I got games that are truly interesting to me, and I’m planning to play all of them :-) (one day…..)

2. What have I played this week?

This week I’ve played the following games:

Half-Life 2

Iron Harvest

0.4 hours
0 of 25 achievements

I really like the concept and the whole look too - it reminds me of one of my favorite board games, Scyhte!
I only completed the first chapter, so I didn't really went in the details, but I plan to continue the game in the next weeks :) !

Half-Life 2

Dyson Sphere Program

4.7 hours
5 of 100 achievements

Oh my God! I can't believe that I have ever existed without this game!
This was wishlisted for me for several months now, and because I had some wallet left, I decided to purchase it, and oh my what a great decision it was!
I really like the original concept, and that it has a scientific foundation. I'm a really big IT and science nerd, so you can count me in at these kinds of games :-D
I don't remember when did I last play a game for this long in one sitting. I'm sure that I will play this in the next weeks :-D !

3. Next Week’s Plans

Next week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Visage Game Pass 11 hours
Dyson Sphere Program Steam 60+ hours
Her Story Steam 2.5 hours
Cloudpunk Steam 10 hours

Of course I won’t finish all of them, but I would like to make some progress :-)

I wish everyone a nice, productive week ^^ !

34th Week of 2021

Played Games:

Twelve Minutes:

I’ve written a review about this on my profile, but long story short: I didn’t like it. If 6 years of development will yield this result….

The Stanley Parable

I actually don’t know why I waited so long for this one, because I absolutely loved the game! I didn’t finish it properly tho, as the game has 19 endings and I’ve only achieved 3 !

NFL 21

To be honest, as a European (and more specifically, as a Hungarian) I’ve never watched even 1 match of American football. But I thought, hey it might be fun, so I downloaded it - and indeed, it is! I’m currently playing the story mode in it, and I actually really enjoy it, it has the kind of tactics and difficulty I like! I was never a sports game, but this game caught my attention!

Next Weeks Plans:

Yesterday I’ve started Life Is Strange 2, and I plan to finish it this week. I would also like to continue playing Tank Mechanic Simulator, which I got from a really nice friend!

Good luck to your backlogs, and have a nice week, as always ^^!

Gaming Report - Twelve Minutes [Number: #42 ]

Half-Life 2

Twelve Minutes

1.5 hours
3 of 16 achievements

Okay, so let me start with saying, that I have played this title through Xbox Game Pass. Because of that, I don’t quite look on this as a 25€ title.
So, I’m a huge fan of Annapurina Interactive’s games. I really liked What Remains, Journey, Outer Wilds… But I don’t quite like Twelve Minutes.

The first problem is, that this game is falsely advertised in my honest opinion. Nowhere, on any page isn’t mentioned that this game is a roguelike - because it is.
Of course, I won’t spoil anything but as you know this title involves a time loop. Now as we know, in most films and games that involve something like this, the protagonist doesn’t know why is it occurring or how could they break out of it. These are the questions that most stories of this kind rely on, and it isn’t a big problem in my eyes - at least we will get an explonation. But no, not in this title.

Twelve Minutes shows us how not to tell a story, or better said how to ruin an excellent story. You see, we play games to entertain ourselves. And for this, we usually need something to happen, like the story to move forward.
But here? After going through the 5th identical loop, I was looking clueless, what should I do now. I had to look to a Steam guide, to find out that I have to do things IN ORDER. Yes, it doesn’t really matter if you have done the correct things, if they aren’t following the pattern they have to.

The story was somewhat cryptic for me the whole time, might be that I’m just dumb but I hope it isn’t the case (:P)
I have said too many negative things about it, but actually, the game isn’t bad at all: it has unique art style, incredibly good animations, nice characters, and also really cool voiceover!
But I think that the story is like just any other time-loop thingy. I’ll need to replay a few times to get a full view.


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