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Hey! I am SharkY, happy to have you on my profile!
I play all kinds of games, but my favorites are:

  • simulator games
  • management games
  • all kinds of indie games!

To be honest gaming is my favorite hobby! I really enjoy all aspect of it, especially collecting them!
I joined this site, to organize everything and get rid of my HUGE backlog list!

My Reviews #1 - Iris And The Giant

Iris and the giant

3.6 hours, 5 of 16 achievements

To be honest I really liked the game’s artwork, music and story but not the actual gameplay. I don’t really play these kind of deck builder games so that may be one of the reasons I haven’t enjoyed as much. It really annoyed me that I cannot control which cards will I play out of my hand, yes technically I can decide which cards will get in my bag, but not in my hand…

My full review (on Hungarian): link

2021: 8th Week Plans

Gaming forecast:

As now, I think I will have enough time to complete these games. This is my first week using this site, but I have so much plans regarding the future!

My weekly list:

  • Iris And The Giant

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 16 achievements

  • Broken Age

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 45 achievements

  • Syberia

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

Required playtime:

  • Iris And The Giant: ~ 5 hours
  • Broken Age: ~ 10 hours
  • Syberia: ~ 10 hours
560 games (+270 not categorized yet)
97% never played
0% unfinished
1% beaten
2% completed
0% won't play