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Hey! I am SharkY, happy to have you on my profile!
I am currently living in Hungary and studying Computer Science - because of this I absolutely love everything related to computers, whether these are games, coding, game developing and even math! I’m an open person, I read books and watch films in many different genres - currently I’m mainly into philosophy even if it has nothing to do with my degree xD
I’m always open for chat - except for small talk, I can’t stand that.

I started collecting games around 2014 when I got a “The Adventures Of Van Helsing” key from a Hungarian gaming magazine. While my backlog might be beyond my comprehension I will still try and lower the number of unplayed games every single day!
I categorize my games into three main groups (currently under construction): high, medium, and low priority. I always try to mix these games so that I don’t get overwhelmed or burned out along the way.

2022 / 19th Completed Game

2.9 hours

Poor man's PowerWash Simulator - but with some extras. Initially, I thought this was only a cheap replica of the aforementioned game, but actually, the only similarity they share is the fact that you have to clean things. Fresh Start is a cute little game where our duty is to restore the world by cleaning away debris, petting animals, and making a new house for a cat conductor! It doesn't have a lot of content but since it's an early-access game I think it does its job perfectly - I was super relaxed after playing the game! I hope it will get some new maps and maybe extra modifications in the future - I kinda want to play this every single day!

2022 / 18th Completed Game

2.8 hours

A really simple but quite enjoyable little hidden object game. It isn't really much a big deal, I can't even write a proper review for this honestly - it was perfect for ~ 3 hours to "blow off some steam" without the need to actually use my brain xD

2022 / 17th Completed Game

4.3 hours

This was an amazing experience! Sadly I did not play a lot of point & click games till now, I mainly chose this title because of the horror theme. However, I wasn't disappointed at all - I think the story was on another level in this title, it has just the right amount of mystery inside to keep you engaged, maybe in some parts it's a bit cryptic but I hope it will get more evident in the next season!

If you don't want to play it, because of the Horror tag: just try the first episode out, you can't lose much! The horror tag here in my opinion is mainly because of the Lovecraftian theme and the occasional gory/scary content - but for the most part, it is rather a thriller than a horror!

2022 / 16th Completed Game

2.6 hours

It could be good, but sadly it isn't.
While I really, and I mean really enjoy these "PSX-style" analogue horror games, this failed badly in execution.
I hate psychological horror games where you can suddenly die out of nowhere, and of course, you have to play through a big chunk of the map to get to the last point. Sadly in this title there are numerous examples, and while I enjoyed the challenges it gave, multiple times because of the game's own fault I died and was sent back ~10 minutes. It might not be that much, but just add these up…
The stories are nice and bizarre, they loosely tell a story of a father whose daughter is trapped in a red fridge… In the last chapter it will make sense, to that point it's just random psychedelic episodes xD !
Optimization and bugs are the other problems - for a game published by tinyBuild, I would have expected a bit more.

2022 / 15th Completed Game

6.0 hours

Scorn marks the first game I've ever preordered - and this is a massive thing to me, honestly!
And unlike most players, I don't think Scorn is a bad game - moreover, I think it is one of the best games published in 2022!
I'll write a lengthier review in the upcoming days, so to keep it brief: this is NOT a horror game, it is a puzzle/walking simulator set in a darker, "horroristic" environment. The biggest issue is that most people want a typical horror experience from Scorn, with the usual psychological elements/ scares. It is amazing to me that a complete game can be made without reading a single line of dialogue or explanation - it worked in Abzu, and I think it works here as well. For the story part - it is an experience that everybody should interpret in their own way. Not GOTY but still a great title!

42nd Week of 2022

Hey everyone :-) !

A total of 39 weeks have gone by since I wrote a weekly overview, wow xD Many of things happened since then, but sadly only a small progression was made toward my backlog. Let’s not focus on the negative things, I’ve prepared some things that happened to my backlog last week!

1. Newest Additions

This week a total of 7 games have gotten to my library! 3 of them came from a Fanatical Bundle, while the rest are directly from Steam! I felt like once in a while I could treat myself with unbundled games too :P Also, Scorn marks my first pre-ordered game! Yey!

2. What have I played this week?

This week I’ve played the following games:

Half-Life 2

College Kings - The Complete Season

20.4 hours
49 of 104 achievements
Half-Life 2


2.7 hours
no achievements

You can read a short review about College Kings on my profile (a longer one is currently in progress) - but in short, I enjoyed the game albeit I’m totally aware it was full of cliches :D
I’m currently approx. at the middle of Scorn, but so far I love this game! I hope that I’ll be able to beat this game this week!

3. This Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Scorn Steam 5 hours
The Fridge Is Red Steam 3 hours

I wish everyone a nice, productive week ^^ !

2022 / 14th Completed Game

20.4 hours

I'm not going to lie, I never actually thought I'll play a game like this…
Of course, I think I don't need to explain why I downloaded this in the first place - but why did I continue playing?
Well for one the story is decent. It's a big cliché like most AVN with our typical Gary Stue MC - however, the characters are on a different level! They really feel like real people, not just some dumb NPC-s. We can form (somewhat) real bonds with them and optionally we can also develop a romantic connection with them!
This was the story, now for the technical part. The game looks horrible all the way to Chapter 3 (I suppose the dev got enough support there and formed a team…). The renders are inconsistent, low resolution, the animations are short and also on a lower resolution. This continues all the way to the start of Chapter 3 - where the game miracoulusy looks better than ever :D !
This fact certainly gave away a bit from the actually enjoyment, but maybe for some of you it isn't a problem at all…
Anyways, I'm quite curious how will the story continue - College Kings 2 is already downloaded for me ^^

2022 / 13th Completed Game

6.3 hours

A beautifully crafted puzzle game - feels like Abzu mixed with (low-key) Myst :P !
The puzzles are for the most part fun to solve, some have rather abstract solutions which is not a bad thing at all! Sometimes these same puzzles are reused in a "re-skinned" way, but overall I had a blast thinking about the solutions! The story tho… I don't know why but I tend to play games nowadays, where the story starts off really good, then towards the end of the game it gets sloppy - take Draugen for example…
I felt something like this here as well, since the original problem - the disappearance of our husband - left a mysterious trail behind, and just like in Abzu we were thrown into a world populated by an unknown civilization… As I progressed further into the story, more and more questions got in my head, but in the end, I only got an answer for some of them. I really disliked the way the achievement system was distributed - for an achievement you need to get every possible interaction to your log, however, I missed one because I didn't "inspect" the object before solving an easy puzzle…
Overall I had fun exploring the island and thinking about a possible solution, however I quite disliked the "Lovecraftian" ending we actually got.

2022 / 12th Completed Game

2.7 hours

An enjoyable short walking simulator. The game takes place in Norway, which is a fantastic thing in my opinion since we rarely see this part of the world! The story revolves around Edward, who comes to the small island to search for his sister - a bit of an in medias res start, but we will get the little pieces together in a short time. As the days pass by we uncover more and more secrets about the island, its people, and even ourselves.
This mysterious vibe is fun and somewhat gripping, however sadly towards the end the story will turn into a weird mess in my opinion, so the actual ending will leave thousands of questions in the player.
I enjoyed playing it, however, I think the playtime was too short for a title that had this much to explore. I really hope the developers will continue this story in the future!

2022 / 11th Completed Game

10.3 hours

Really fun game but quite far from being the best from Supermassive.

Even if you hate horror in general, you still know the good ol' clique of "camper-slasher horror" where a big scary guy chases some random teenagers… In Quarry even if the details are different the story, in general, is the same - which itself isn't a bad thing, however, sadly the game really went with these cringe teenager jokes and oversexualizing some characters, while the horror itself didn't even start until like 5 hours into the game…
Some mechanics advanced since the Dark Pictures games, some are way worse (like the "Don't Breathe" minigame, it literally doesn't require any kind of skill at all), the lore behind is again really great - this is one thing I really like in games made by Supermassive, there is always more if you spot the tiny details!
I'm not disappointed with this title, however, I really hope "The Devil in Me" will be better…

(Also if anyone planning to buy the game, disable the 2K launcher before starting the game - this boosted my performance from 40 FPS to easy 70FPS on Ultra!)