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Hey, thanks for checking out my profile!
I am a 20 years old university student, currently studying Computer Science Engineering in Hungary. I have played video games since my early childhood and I started collecting them around the age of 16, accumulating a rather hefty backlog throughout the years…
On my BLAEO page, I try to document my gaming journey as much as possible, logging each played/tried game - or at least this would be the ideal plan!

Current gaming standings, as of 5th of June:

2% (61/3300)
2% (50/3300)
6% (204/3300)
90% (2963/3300)
1% (22/3300)

2023 / 8th Completed Game

4.7 hours

Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You is a fascinating and unsettling adventure that delves into the moral issues raised by omniscient monitoring and the misuse of authority. A standout in the narrative-driven genre, thanks to its engaging tale, accessible gameplay, and morally weighty choices. Even though it's not particularly long and has a few weaker points, it's a must-play if you enjoy engaging stories set in dystopian futures.

You can read my full review of the game here!

Progress Report: First half of 2023

Hello! Sadly, my mission to document my gaming backlog as much as possible failed again. I don’t know the exact reason, why I always forget to update these things, considering that since the last update back in February I’ve completed 7 games! Although this is not a significant number, I’m mostly satisfied, since I wasn’t motivated to do anything until April…

Completed games in 2023 until now:

3.9 hours

Paradise Lost is a visually stunning, but otherwise completely blank experience.
I heavily felt the influence of Firewatch on this title, which in itself wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, however, some elements were without a doubt "stolen" from the aforementioned game with the hope of creating a simmilar story.
You can read my full review of the game here.

6.1 hours

8.8 hours

Even though I gave this game in the end a negative review, I think Syberia is a really great adventure title, given that this was maybe the second I've completed the genre I felt some elements really tedious (for instance: backtracking), but the core storyline is one of the most interesting one I've ever encountered. It is a shame to waste this much potential, however as I also noted in my full review, this could easily be since the game was split in half.

You can read my full review about the game here

0.4 hours

I don't know why, but I've written a full-length review of this 30-minute game here, which turns out is my most popular review to this day. Interesting…
Can't say much about the game, pretty generic mascot horror title without much creativity. If you would like to read a rant on me being furious about a simple Unity game, go ahead!

6.3 hours

Out of all the games I've played from the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology, this is my favorite one: it might be because it resembles my favorite horror movie, The Descent!
It has the best characters and storyline in my eyes, it is a huge step up in every term from the last entry. Full-length review in progress.

2.1 hours

Many have said before me, so I will not go into a lengthy review: this is one of the most exceptional games ever created, no matter from which perspective we look at it. The story is intriguing, the art and sound design is fantastic, and while it is "just" a walking simulator this title has more creative solutions than any other game I've ever played. This might be one of my favorite games I've ever played.

12.1 hours

This was the first puzzle-platformer game I've ever completed, and I must say this might turn out to be one of my favorite genres!

As a long-time fan of Spongebob Squarepants, I've really enjoyed the game - for me, this was a huge nostalgia factor since this was originally released in 2003, around the time I actually started to watch this show :D! So most jokes and inside gags were completely known to me - I highly doubt kids at this age understood all the references.

8th Week of 2023

Hey everyone :-) !

A few weeks flew by without me noticing, but this is mainly thanks to two factors: one is that university is starting to get tough, and the other is that I finally got a Steam Deck! It is an amazing device, I’m really happy with it - I was a bit hesitant at first since I sold my Switch after just about half a year of using it irregularly, but after I played with the Deck for a few hours all of my fears disappeared. I’m still a newbie so I didn’t configure it 100% - maybe someone here has some experience with PowerTools? It looks like a useful thing but I cannot really understand it…

1. Newest Additions

I might have gone a little over the top in this current sale… For now, I’ve bought around 37 games off the sale, all from my wishlist so it would be a little too much to list…

2. What have I played this week?


6.1 hours

1.0 hours

Also Played

6.8 hours

3. Next Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Syberia Steam 10 hours
Carto Steam 6 hours

I wish everyone a nice & productive week ^^ !

8th Week of 2023

Hey everyone :-) !

This marks my first post here in 2023… Let’s just say I didn’t rush things - actually, I had quite a few motivation at the start of the year, but sadly it was demolished at the start of February - out of nowhere, I started to feel worse and worse and eventually, I went to the hospital, because the medication didn’t help anything at home. I was there until some days ago when I finally had to chance to go back home. Honestly, I never appreciated life life this before, I will try to live much more mindful from this point - and this is true to my games as well!

1. Newest Additions

I only purchased a handful of games this week, I wanted to celebrate the fact that I came home, so I picked up some wishlisted ones ^^ !

2. What have I played this week?

I started Bendy and the Ink Machine and played through Chapter 1, apart from this I haven’t played anything (yet :P) !

3. Next Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Bendy and the Ink Machine Steam 7 hours
Signalis Game Pass 10 hours

I wish everyone a nice & productive week ^^ !

2022 / 19th Completed Game

2.9 hours

Poor man's PowerWash Simulator - but with some extras. Initially, I thought this was only a cheap replica of the aforementioned game, but actually, the only similarity they share is the fact that you have to clean things. Fresh Start is a cute little game where our duty is to restore the world by cleaning away debris, petting animals, and making a new house for a cat conductor! It doesn't have a lot of content but since it's an early-access game I think it does its job perfectly - I was super relaxed after playing the game! I hope it will get some new maps and maybe extra modifications in the future - I kinda want to play this every single day!

2022 / 18th Completed Game

2.8 hours

A really simple but quite enjoyable little hidden object game. It isn't really much a big deal, I can't even write a proper review for this honestly - it was perfect for ~ 3 hours to "blow off some steam" without the need to actually use my brain xD

2022 / 17th Completed Game

4.3 hours

This was an amazing experience! Sadly I did not play a lot of point & click games till now, I mainly chose this title because of the horror theme. However, I wasn't disappointed at all - I think the story was on another level in this title, it has just the right amount of mystery inside to keep you engaged, maybe in some parts it's a bit cryptic but I hope it will get more evident in the next season!

If you don't want to play it, because of the Horror tag: just try the first episode out, you can't lose much! The horror tag here in my opinion is mainly because of the Lovecraftian theme and the occasional gory/scary content - but for the most part, it is rather a thriller than a horror!

2022 / 16th Completed Game

2.6 hours

It could be good, but sadly it isn't.
While I really, and I mean really enjoy these "PSX-style" analogue horror games, this failed badly in execution.
I hate psychological horror games where you can suddenly die out of nowhere, and of course, you have to play through a big chunk of the map to get to the last point. Sadly in this title there are numerous examples, and while I enjoyed the challenges it gave, multiple times because of the game's own fault I died and was sent back ~10 minutes. It might not be that much, but just add these up…
The stories are nice and bizarre, they loosely tell a story of a father whose daughter is trapped in a red fridge… In the last chapter it will make sense, to that point it's just random psychedelic episodes xD !
Optimization and bugs are the other problems - for a game published by tinyBuild, I would have expected a bit more.

2022 / 15th Completed Game

6.0 hours

Scorn marks the first game I've ever preordered - and this is a massive thing to me, honestly!
And unlike most players, I don't think Scorn is a bad game - moreover, I think it is one of the best games published in 2022!
I'll write a lengthier review in the upcoming days, so to keep it brief: this is NOT a horror game, it is a puzzle/walking simulator set in a darker, "horroristic" environment. The biggest issue is that most people want a typical horror experience from Scorn, with the usual psychological elements/ scares. It is amazing to me that a complete game can be made without reading a single line of dialogue or explanation - it worked in Abzu, and I think it works here as well. For the story part - it is an experience that everybody should interpret in their own way. Not GOTY but still a great title!

42nd Week of 2022

Hey everyone :-) !

A total of 39 weeks have gone by since I wrote a weekly overview, wow xD Many of things happened since then, but sadly only a small progression was made toward my backlog. Let’s not focus on the negative things, I’ve prepared some things that happened to my backlog last week!

1. Newest Additions

This week a total of 7 games have gotten to my library! 3 of them came from a Fanatical Bundle, while the rest are directly from Steam! I felt like once in a while I could treat myself with unbundled games too :P Also, Scorn marks my first pre-ordered game! Yey!

2. What have I played this week?

This week I’ve played the following games:

Half-Life 2

College Kings - The Complete Season

20.4 hours
49 of 104 achievements
Half-Life 2


2.7 hours
no achievements

You can read a short review about College Kings on my profile (a longer one is currently in progress) - but in short, I enjoyed the game albeit I’m totally aware it was full of cliches :D
I’m currently approx. at the middle of Scorn, but so far I love this game! I hope that I’ll be able to beat this game this week!

3. This Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Scorn Steam 5 hours
The Fridge Is Red Steam 3 hours

I wish everyone a nice, productive week ^^ !