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Hey! I am SharkY, happy to have you on my profile!
I am currently living in Hungary and studying Computer Science - because of this I absolutely love everything related to computers, whether these are games, coding, game developing and even math! I’m an open person, I read books and watch films in many different genres - currently I’m mainly into philosophy even if it has nothing to do with my degree xD
I’m always open for chat - except for small talk, I can’t stand that.

I started collecting games around 2014 when I got a “The Adventures Of Van Helsing” key from a Hungarian gaming magazine. While my backlog might be beyond my comprehension I will still try and lower the number of unplayed games every single day!
I categorize my games into three main groups (currently under construction): high, medium, and low priority. I always try to mix these games so that I don’t get overwhelmed or burned out along the way.

8th Week of 2023

Hey everyone :-) !

A few weeks flew by without me noticing, but this is mainly thanks to two factors: one is that university is starting to get tough, and the other is that I finally got a Steam Deck! It is an amazing device, I’m really happy with it - I was a bit hesitant at first since I sold my Switch after just about half a year of using it irregularly, but after I played with the Deck for a few hours all of my fears disappeared. I’m still a newbie so I didn’t configure it 100% - maybe someone here has some experience with PowerTools? It looks like a useful thing but I cannot really understand it…

1. Newest Additions

I might have gone a little over the top in this current sale… For now, I’ve bought around 37 games off the sale, all from my wishlist so it would be a little too much to list…

2. What have I played this week?


6.1 hours

1.0 hours

Also Played

6.8 hours

3. Next Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Syberia Steam 10 hours
Carto Steam 6 hours

I wish everyone a nice & productive week ^^ !

8th Week of 2023

Hey everyone :-) !

This marks my first post here in 2023… Let’s just say I didn’t rush things - actually, I had quite a few motivation at the start of the year, but sadly it was demolished at the start of February - out of nowhere, I started to feel worse and worse and eventually, I went to the hospital, because the medication didn’t help anything at home. I was there until some days ago when I finally had to chance to go back home. Honestly, I never appreciated life life this before, I will try to live much more mindful from this point - and this is true to my games as well!

1. Newest Additions

I only purchased a handful of games this week, I wanted to celebrate the fact that I came home, so I picked up some wishlisted ones ^^ !

2. What have I played this week?

I started Bendy and the Ink Machine and played through Chapter 1, apart from this I haven’t played anything (yet :P) !

3. Next Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Bendy and the Ink Machine Steam 7 hours
Signalis Game Pass 10 hours

I wish everyone a nice & productive week ^^ !

2022 / 19th Completed Game

2.9 hours

Poor man's PowerWash Simulator - but with some extras. Initially, I thought this was only a cheap replica of the aforementioned game, but actually, the only similarity they share is the fact that you have to clean things. Fresh Start is a cute little game where our duty is to restore the world by cleaning away debris, petting animals, and making a new house for a cat conductor! It doesn't have a lot of content but since it's an early-access game I think it does its job perfectly - I was super relaxed after playing the game! I hope it will get some new maps and maybe extra modifications in the future - I kinda want to play this every single day!

2022 / 18th Completed Game

2.8 hours

A really simple but quite enjoyable little hidden object game. It isn't really much a big deal, I can't even write a proper review for this honestly - it was perfect for ~ 3 hours to "blow off some steam" without the need to actually use my brain xD

2022 / 17th Completed Game

4.3 hours

This was an amazing experience! Sadly I did not play a lot of point & click games till now, I mainly chose this title because of the horror theme. However, I wasn't disappointed at all - I think the story was on another level in this title, it has just the right amount of mystery inside to keep you engaged, maybe in some parts it's a bit cryptic but I hope it will get more evident in the next season!

If you don't want to play it, because of the Horror tag: just try the first episode out, you can't lose much! The horror tag here in my opinion is mainly because of the Lovecraftian theme and the occasional gory/scary content - but for the most part, it is rather a thriller than a horror!

2022 / 16th Completed Game

2.6 hours

It could be good, but sadly it isn't.
While I really, and I mean really enjoy these "PSX-style" analogue horror games, this failed badly in execution.
I hate psychological horror games where you can suddenly die out of nowhere, and of course, you have to play through a big chunk of the map to get to the last point. Sadly in this title there are numerous examples, and while I enjoyed the challenges it gave, multiple times because of the game's own fault I died and was sent back ~10 minutes. It might not be that much, but just add these up…
The stories are nice and bizarre, they loosely tell a story of a father whose daughter is trapped in a red fridge… In the last chapter it will make sense, to that point it's just random psychedelic episodes xD !
Optimization and bugs are the other problems - for a game published by tinyBuild, I would have expected a bit more.

2022 / 15th Completed Game

6.0 hours

Scorn marks the first game I've ever preordered - and this is a massive thing to me, honestly!
And unlike most players, I don't think Scorn is a bad game - moreover, I think it is one of the best games published in 2022!
I'll write a lengthier review in the upcoming days, so to keep it brief: this is NOT a horror game, it is a puzzle/walking simulator set in a darker, "horroristic" environment. The biggest issue is that most people want a typical horror experience from Scorn, with the usual psychological elements/ scares. It is amazing to me that a complete game can be made without reading a single line of dialogue or explanation - it worked in Abzu, and I think it works here as well. For the story part - it is an experience that everybody should interpret in their own way. Not GOTY but still a great title!

42nd Week of 2022

Hey everyone :-) !

A total of 39 weeks have gone by since I wrote a weekly overview, wow xD Many of things happened since then, but sadly only a small progression was made toward my backlog. Let’s not focus on the negative things, I’ve prepared some things that happened to my backlog last week!

1. Newest Additions

This week a total of 7 games have gotten to my library! 3 of them came from a Fanatical Bundle, while the rest are directly from Steam! I felt like once in a while I could treat myself with unbundled games too :P Also, Scorn marks my first pre-ordered game! Yey!

2. What have I played this week?

This week I’ve played the following games:

Half-Life 2

College Kings - The Complete Season

20.4 hours
49 of 104 achievements
Half-Life 2


2.7 hours
no achievements

You can read a short review about College Kings on my profile (a longer one is currently in progress) - but in short, I enjoyed the game albeit I’m totally aware it was full of cliches :D
I’m currently approx. at the middle of Scorn, but so far I love this game! I hope that I’ll be able to beat this game this week!

3. This Week’s Plans

This week I’m planning to play the following games:

Game Name Platform HLTB
Scorn Steam 5 hours
The Fridge Is Red Steam 3 hours

I wish everyone a nice, productive week ^^ !

2022 / 14th Completed Game

20.4 hours

I'm not going to lie, I never actually thought I'll play a game like this…
Of course, I think I don't need to explain why I downloaded this in the first place - but why did I continue playing?
Well for one the story is decent. It's a big cliché like most AVN with our typical Gary Stue MC - however, the characters are on a different level! They really feel like real people, not just some dumb NPC-s. We can form (somewhat) real bonds with them and optionally we can also develop a romantic connection with them!
This was the story, now for the technical part. The game looks horrible all the way to Chapter 3 (I suppose the dev got enough support there and formed a team…). The renders are inconsistent, low resolution, the animations are short and also on a lower resolution. This continues all the way to the start of Chapter 3 - where the game miracoulusy looks better than ever :D !
This fact certainly gave away a bit from the actually enjoyment, but maybe for some of you it isn't a problem at all…
Anyways, I'm quite curious how will the story continue - College Kings 2 is already downloaded for me ^^

2022 / 13th Completed Game

6.3 hours

A beautifully crafted puzzle game - feels like Abzu mixed with (low-key) Myst :P !
The puzzles are for the most part fun to solve, some have rather abstract solutions which is not a bad thing at all! Sometimes these same puzzles are reused in a "re-skinned" way, but overall I had a blast thinking about the solutions! The story tho… I don't know why but I tend to play games nowadays, where the story starts off really good, then towards the end of the game it gets sloppy - take Draugen for example…
I felt something like this here as well, since the original problem - the disappearance of our husband - left a mysterious trail behind, and just like in Abzu we were thrown into a world populated by an unknown civilization… As I progressed further into the story, more and more questions got in my head, but in the end, I only got an answer for some of them. I really disliked the way the achievement system was distributed - for an achievement you need to get every possible interaction to your log, however, I missed one because I didn't "inspect" the object before solving an easy puzzle…
Overall I had fun exploring the island and thinking about a possible solution, however I quite disliked the "Lovecraftian" ending we actually got.