Tick Tock Isle

    Tick Tock Isle

    1 hour playtime
    no achievements

    A short little game (~1 hour) about time travel. Play as Spike, the clock repairman, who has arrived on Tick Tock Isle to repair an old clocktower. However, not all is as it seems… jump through different time periods to solve everyone’s problems and get the clock up and working, as well as back to your own time!

    Overall, an interesting game that felt more like a point-and-click even though it’s all played with the keyboard. Typical problems with it that I have with most games of this genre - lots of back and forth. Run across the map for one item, and then back across for another that you have now unlocked. Only made worse by the jumping between timezones :P Overall, though, it’s a small area, so nothing too bad. Definitely a fun little game to try out :)