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Been gone for a while, but I am back and ready to slay that backlog!

Current Game(s): Disgaea 4, Our Life: Beginnings and Always, Higarushi, Chicory,
Current longterm games: Farm Together, Cozy Grove, Coloring Pixels

Games I cannot wait for (and typically backed on Kickstarter): Friday Night Funkin (full version), Beacon Pines, Coral Island, This Dead Winter

2.8 hours

I absolutely completely 100% loved this game. This is what I wish Pokemon Snap had been, and I say that as someone who also loved that game.

Graphics? Astounding.
Creatures? Totally unique.
Story? Minimal, but in a way that works, and is very enjoyable.

I love that they have spaces to save photos of landscapes, and the ability to take selfies - it just ads for more unique gameplay in my opinion. I felt like I could just spend time chilling and truly taking everything in. Sure, you can make a mad dash and just take photos of things while running along the path but, there's so much to enjoy.

I have one single complaint - I wish you could skip cutscenes, for the sake of replay-ability. While most cutscenes are incredibly short, I made the mistake of reaching the end of the game again and 'finishing'. The ending cutscene + the credits wasn't worth sitting through again, and I just closed my game. I feel like I'd be more willing to go back through everything - even with the game 100% completed - to get better photos if I didn't have to sit through the scenes again.

Been focusing a bit more on my book backlog than my games, but the Wholesome Direct had me grabing two new games and wishlisting like… 30. So here’s one of the games I grabbed!

1.2 hours

Once again, I wish Steam had a better rating system than "recommend" or "don't recommend". Where the game is right now, I definitely have a fair few issues, but overall the game was enjoyable and I see potential for updates and improvements.

Overall, this game is relaxing aside from the usual frustrations of the nuances of claw machines. I actually had to laugh at how realistic it could be at times, where just being that little bit off gets you nothing. Of course, it is overall easier than the real games, aside from the fact that the fish move.
There are (at the moment) three claw machines you can play (and one out of order). Each one has a new gimmick you have to deal with when it comes to dropping and grabbing with the claw. While I found them annoying at the time of playing, I do really like the idea. It means you're not just doing the same thing for the entire game.

Now, my issues.
My biggest one first. There's no save. And it doesn't tell you there is no save. While the game is short, sometimes I don't even have the 30 minutes to sit down and play it to completion. It's really disappointing to be almost done, have to run an errand, and then come back and start over. It wasn't much of a time loss, but. It almost was enough to stop me from playing it to it's entirety.
Next, the fish LOVE to hug the walls of the machine, where your claw can't go. And I get that that's a thing in reality when playing these games too, but they literally just. Swim the parameter until they get near the box, then move out for a moment. You just have to sit there and wait for them to come out. If it'd be possible to better randomize the fish patterns, I think that would help.
Also, it only happened once and was an easy fix, but the fish CAN get stuck in corners. All you have to do is leave for a bit and come back, so it's not at all a make or break issue, but definitely a little annoying.
Lastly, I imagine it's just a bug, but having finished the game I ended with only 27/28 fish. I got the achievements for both getting all the claw machine fish and bucket fish, so unless there's a hidden method somewhere else, I'm not sure what happened. I still wound up with all achievements.

And one other thing I'd love to see is the ability to view the fish you've caught again, in a little book or something. Either in the game or in the main menu would would, I just think it'd be a nice little touch :)

  • 100 hidden cats

    0.0 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden mice

    0.1 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden birds

    0.3 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden aliens

    0.1 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden gnomes

    0.0 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden cupcakes

    0.0 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden eternals

    0.4 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden snails 2

    0.3 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • 100 hidden mushrooms

    0.3 hours playtime

    100 of 100 achievements

  • The playtime should make it obvious on why I am combining all 9 of these into one review. Today I made an impulse purchase to buy the rest of the games (having already played 100 hidden snails), and refused to let them sit on my backlog. So I played them back to back. They were something nice and simple to do while feeling pretty crappy, and reminded me a lot of the types of magazine-ish games I loved playing as a kid.

    Overall, they’re all very easy;. Gnomes and Cupcakes the most so. Eternals was the only one that required more than just finding the hidden object - you had to puzzle solve to reveal a few. Mushrooms only posed a challenge in that the mushrooms actually suit the scenery, and feel natural, whereas I can usually just look for what seems ‘off’. Snails 2 had a fun twist of being colored the second half of the game.

    Very simple games with interesting art styles. Definitely not great on the money:time ratio, but still pretty cheap in the first place.

    Rescue Lucy

    0.25 hours, no achievements

    Well that was… not good. Not sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. It was incredibly short, and honestly annoying. You have 5 seconds to click on 'enemies' with the right object, but it can be finicky on where you click, leading to a horrified shriek and needing to start at the entrance again.

    Basically, you're a little girl who's dog ran off into a haunted house and you need to save her. There's nothing to this game other than that. It's just a really boring point and click. I'm not quite sure why I went in with any expectations considering I knew it had been removed from the steam store, but apparently whatever bar I set was too high.

    Another one checked off the backlog at least.

    Finished some short games!


    1.4 hours, 47 of 47 achievements

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    I hated it. That's all I have to say. This game is so PICKY and yet it's so hard to get the sliders exactly where you want them. In theory it seems like a cool little game, but in my opinion, it was NOT executed well. I could move the sliders to what seems the exact same spot 3 times and get 3 different results. I rage quit this game multiple times, but finally powered through it.


    2.3 hours, 4 of 8 achievements

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    Another game I had to power through. This one was more so because the mechanics are that of a ragequit game, and aren't exactly my thing. But I have it, and so I played it. I don't really have too much to say - the game is what it appears. Just keep redoing the same things until you learn the rhythm. I definitely don't plan to 100% this, as it basically requires replaying the game.

    Nino Maze LOFI

    1.2 hours, no achievements

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    Another cute little cat game I got in a steam bundle. This one is just mazes to reach fish with some nice LOFI music in the background. Overall exactly what I expected, with a few issues -
    The fact that it gets smaller with each stage wouldn't bother me had they kept to a light colored background and tiles - a black cat would show up fine in contrast. I was able to see fine in all the stages, it just was more annoying on those.
    I really, really wish the LoFi didn't have any speaking to them. It made me jump multiple times, and just pulled me out of the relaxing mood. It's only in a few of them, but I personally didn't enjoy it.

    Overall, very simple mazes that were easy to complete. Screenshot is the final image of the game, just for proof of completion :)

    Emily is Away

    .55 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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    I already knew the story of Emily is Away, I just hadn't yet played it myself. Overall, it's a very good game. It makes you feel like your choices impact the ending, but there is only actually one route. There's different dialogue based on your answers, yes, but it felt far less stressful to me than feeling like my choice could make or break something.

    The extra achievements were actually more fun than I expected - there's a certain username that unlocks all of the different icons, and each icon (or at least, the ones for the achievements) leads to a little bit of fun dialogue with Emily at the start of your conversation. You can also use all of them on chapter 1, making it a very quick process!

    3.0 hours
    Played on Steam

    I will start by saying this is a beautiful game with a touching story. With that in mind, I did have a few issues with some of the mechanics. Some of these may have been due to the laptop that I played the game on, but looking at other reviews it seems that others had some similar issues.

    The controls could be kind of wonky - there were multiple times that my double jumps failed, and there were a few situations where I had to move to a precise spot in order to interact with the object, even though I seemingly was right in front of it.

    The massive amount of space to explore is nice… but also a pain. It's beautiful to look at, but so easy to get turned around and lost. I retraced my steps by mistake too many times. Having at least a compass probably would have helped. I realized pretty quickly that this wasn't going to be a game I'd 100% - there was too much and it was too spread out. I originally thought that the stars would be a trail, leading you around, but I spent so long running around looking for the next small cluster, it definitely got frustrating. And with all of this, I still managed to find no hidden items. It also took forever to get to places, even when I knew exactly where to go, even at a run.

    I wound up watching a video for the secret ending. I thought it was really touching, and wish it had been included in the main game. It felt like an important aspect of the story that I was sad that many people missed out on. Based on steam achievements, less than 2% of players at this time have actually found it.

    Negatives out of the way, as I said, I did love the overall experience. The negatives, while frustrating, weren't enough for me to dislike the game. I can absolutely see them being reason for others to quit, but to me, the story outweighed it. It felt so personal and touching, and just so real. I'm also sad that in missing out on some general items, I missed out on more story that way, as I really loved the insight into Joseph's life (and Rachel's). The music also felt perfect for the atmosphere, and very much complimented what was going on.

    That in mind, I think I can only recommend this game for it's art and story, and not so much for the gameplay itself. While I understand that it is a walking simulator, it left me feeling more annoyed than others that I have played, mostly in part due to the long spaces between anything happening, the frustration of failing jumps, and the distance between items.

    6.5 hours
    Played on Steam

    I'll be honest, were it not for a friend's recommendation I wouldn't have looked twice at this game. The info on the steam page left me feeling 'eh', and based on the graphics I could see i thought I'd either be really bored, or it'd make my brain hurt. Fortunately, I was wrong.

    I absolutely loved this game. While it is fairly minimal in gameplay, there is enough to keep you engaged. The story is absolutely amazing, though. I don't want to say much for fear of spoilers, but we'll just say I played this until 3am because I couldn't put it down until my eyes refused to open anymore. There's also the taxonomy of all of the species you can find - holy hell that DETAIL! I'll admit I didn't read all of them, but I did look at all of the sketches. Absolutely astounding. I also really appreciated that post-game, it gave you a chance to go back and find what you were missing. I was at 98%, and apparently I just forgot to scan something I already had in my base :,) But it allowed me to 100% it! And as someone who doesn't 100% games unless it's 1) easy or 2) I love the game, I hope that says something :)

    I did have a few problems with the game - it gets kind of boring going straight on the paths where there is nothing to scan, it bugged out a few times and told me I couldn't go deeper/less deep when I could and I'd have to leave the point and come back, and sometimes I didn't notice the game dialogue going because I was so focused on the radar, and seeing as the text auto-advances, I definitely missed some. There is a way to access to log at least, but at the time, it was kind of annoying.
    Overall small annoyances compared to the amazing positives.

    The one screenshot I have attached was just proof of 100%ing because there are no achievements :)

    2.4 hours

    In the desperate need for his delicious, mouthwatering cherry, our hero finds himself facing horrors including mutilation, amputation and body modifications in order to fight enemies, friends, and family alike to reach his goal.

    Chuchel is a goofy, text-less game. It's a simple point and click, and honestly, I feel like there's less gameplay than in others of the genre. Essentially you just need to go through the list of choices offered before you can even unlock the correct solution (Or if not, in order to get the achievements). There's not too much to say on it other than I love the art style and definitely got some good laughs out of this. Not long at all, took maybe 1-2 hours to complete? And the game is made easy to go back and 100%, as you can 'chapter select' to get to the exact stages you need - so long as you can figure out (or google) which stage it is.

    0.4 hours

    A very, very simple game. The world is 'cracked', because it is split into multiple parts and moved out of order. So essentially you have to figure out where each piece actually goes to get first the ball of yarn, then to the bed. They add a few things including needing to find 'cards' to allow entrance to some areas or to allow you to collect things from an area. It's… really easy. I played it while watching a friend stream another game, so it was the perfect small amount of stimulation I needed at the time. Definitely something a kid could play, plus, cute cat!

    1.5 hours

    Glad I went back to finish this game! I quit in frustration a few years ago, but finally decided to pick it back up again. It's definitely a game that can get frustrating easily, but honestly, once you know what to do, things are pretty simple. I definitely don't think I'll be going back to get that 25 run achievement, but maybe I'll try and find the collectables I missed some time!
    I really love the idea of this game - you have 1 minute to progress as far as you can before you die. However, certain things are saved - interactions with other characters, items gained, etc. Having needed to use over 100 runs myself, I definitely wasted a TON just running around and hitting 1 minute before getting where I needed to. And I got kind of stuck at the end trying to figure out how to get to the end spot with the watering can… but I figured it out hah. Boss wasn't too bad honestly, I only died a few times during it.
    There were a few things I needed to look up throughout the game, but overall I managed to do most of it myself - which says something, as I can be preeeetty stupid sometimes lol. They're not too easy but it's not a game that'll have you pulling hairs trying to figure everything out. Maybe grit your teeth a little at times though lol