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    11 hours playtime

    This was a lovely game, as are all of Miwashiba’s games in my opinion.
    1BitHeart is a game about making friends and understanding people. As well as detective sloothing. As well as being a parody of like, all of my favorite games. See aspects of Pheonix Wright, Dangan Ronpa, The World Ends With You, and more in here.

    My main issue with this game was some of the logic. It’s the same issue with phoenix wright - two pieces of evidence should work at one point as they say a similar thing, but only one works. A piece of evidence should work at two lines, but it doesn’t.

    Overall, do recommend this game.

So, I’m going to put this review under a click-bar. That’s because I think that this story is better to go into blind. While a lot can be interpreted early on, I’m glad I played this with no previous context.

    Papo & Yo

    4 hours playtime, 6 of 10 achievements (60%)


    Papo & Yo is a story about an abused child of an alcoholic father. Whether that abuse is mental, physical, or both, I am not sure. The game is spent going on a journey to try and ‘fix’ the monster (that is his father), his precious toy, Lula, coming to life to assist him. Chalk opened up magic doorways, allowing for travel and puzzle solving.
    Overall, I liked the game. I had issues with a few of the puzzles, and don’t really feel the need to go back and complete the achievements. One of them can’t even be done until the game is beaten once and the other would require a complete replay of the game. So, yeah.
    On to my interpretation:
    Quilo is abused by his father, and this is the world he escapes to. His toy is special to him, because it ‘protects’ him. It seems that perhaps the alcoholism started after his mother died in a car crash? I’m not 100% sure. Quilo still loves his father, though. He wants to fix him. However, he learned along the journey that that’s not something that you can do. You can’t fix someone else, it’s up to them. The ending is kind of foggy to me, but it seems as though he allows for his father to collapse into his alcoholism and die? Either way, he likely moves on and realizes that he doesn’t need his father’s love, he just needs to be free from him.

Overall, I do recommend this game :)

    Milkmaid of the Milky Way

    Milkmaid of the Milky Way

    2 hours playtime

    A sweet little point-and-click adventure with a great story and adorable pixel graphics.

    Play as Ruth the farm girl living on her own, making a living off of her homemade cheese and butter that she creates using her mother’s old recipes. When a spacecraft arrives, what is a girl and her cows to do?

    I really did enjoy this story, though I did need a little help on a few of the puzzles. There’s a few that just required me clicking everything with everything to figure out, and I feel like it wasn’t just me but it may have been :,) Overall, though, amazing game with a cheap $6 pricetag on it. While I usually like a ratio of around a dollar per hour (I’m c h e a p), this is one I’d make an exception for.



    2 hours playtime

    Lots of posts today - sorry for flodding dash, I’ve just actually had some time off for the first time in a year and have been enjoying it (and filling the void I got after finishing KH III, oof)

    AliceMare is a very interesting story. There’s a lot of looking for the fine details, and even small choices impacting later on. As such, I cheated and used a walkthrough :) Sorry, but I wanted to milk every bit of story from this and knew that’d be the best way to do it.
    Play as Allen and learn about the other four children in this facility with you, as well as your ‘Teacher’. Really, telling you anything else would feel like a spoiler, but I will say that I enjoyed it immensely. These 2 hours flew by, and I was fully immersed.

    Apparently, Alicemare also has a novel that you can find in English here. I’m off to go read that to fill in the blanks!

    Always The Same Blue Sky...

    Always The Same Blue Sky...

    40 minutes playtime

    This was a… decent VN? It wasn’t bad, but at the same time, ask me about it tomorrow and I may remember none of it. I feel like my biggest issues were the fact that, other than deciding the ending, it felt like the choices didn’t matter - they had the same outcome. Even the endings seemed to have the same outcome. The only difference was if you died or not - either way, she wound up in love with you no matter the fact that the bad ending involves literally pushing her away at every chance?

    I’d say it’s something that may be worth playing if you have it, but not worth going out to buy. Also, I don’t really get the title, or the wing symbol in it, as it has to do with the sea more than anything, but maybe I’m just…. dumb.

    Stickman Wars

    Stickman Wars

    9 minutes playtime

    So first of all, I’ll tell you the controls are WASD…
    because the game never does.
    Basically, use WASD to flip yourself in directions and murder the other stickpeople. It’s not like, the worst game ever, but it took me 9 minutes to get through all of the levels, soooo.
    Achievements are just gotten when you open the game, I believe?
    It’s… really not worth the time of playing. I’m just working on clearing all these shorty games up from my backlog :|

    Midnight Carnival

    Midnight Carnival

    4 hours playtime
    no achievements

    Real Playtime: ~18 minutes

    What?… Just… What did I play???

    It’s a story about a really moronic guy who decided to click random links and put his credit card info into them (so safe) and then CONTINUE talking to a girl clearly stalking him. Continue on for more delusions and having no clue what the hell is going on. And not only is the story itself bad, it’s written with so many grammatical errors I wanted to cry. And I read lots of fanfiction, I deal with bad grammar daily :,)

    Please save yourself and move this to ‘Do Not Play’

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    10 hours playtime

    Real Playtime: ~5 hours

    I don’t know why it took me so long to play this game. I really, really wound up enjoying it. So much so that I went back and 100%’d it once I finished. I really miss RPG maker games and now feel the need to go back and play some classics I missed out on. But yes, I highly recommend this game. It’s only $3, and contains 3 games in each, each of which takes ~1 hour. It’s very interesting and I really enjoyed the story.


See you soon!

So, this game doesn’t really exist according to steam, which is 100% fair. It takes 2 minutes and just clicking. I, however, like riddles and enjoyed the small amount of laughter I got from this. However, I also only spent 11 cents on it at DIG, so….

Essentially, click through riddles and get 5000 achievements that don’t actually count towards your achievement total because Steam did not like what it learned about the game. Also, the name’s a joke. Because there’s 18 riddles. Harharhar.


This game doesn’t deserve it’s own post.
As someone who likes dad jokes, these jokes SUCK.

The minigame? Horrible. Click ‘sexy’ girls who make moaning noises. The next time I hear someone ‘seductively’ whisper ‘yeah’, I may punch them. Because I’ll get war flashbacks to the 10 minutes of my life I just lost.