Second week of September

Not much to say here. I been way too distracted with other stuff to even care too much about anything game related lately.

Current balance of acquired - beaten games: 84 - 92 = -8

Completed SG wins

Vampire Survivors
Playtime: 46.7 hours
Achievements: 133 of 133 (100%)
Review: A great "let me just play one more run" game. You have a bunch of different weapons, characters, modifiers, upgrades and levels you can try out which keeps it fresh for a long time. The great reviews it has are very much justified. It is actually that fun and I don't think there is many games out there where you can get such a good value for your money out of them like with this one. Works without any issues with Proton.
Wrath Of The Violent Vicar - Interactive Grindhouse Movie
Playtime: 26 minutes
Achievements: 0 of 0
Review: What on earth did I just watch? What a horrible FMV. What I assume is the settings menu doesn't work with Proton but other than that it works fine. But I really wish it didn't.

Other completed games

Toilet Flushing Simulator
Playtime: 47 minutes
Achievements: 23 of 23 (100%)
Review: Also what the hell is this game? People gift me the weirdest shit I swear. You literally just flush different toilets and earn money. Linux version of the game of the version doesn't work (Proton works perfectly fine), but the dev seems to be willing to try and fix it, I just need to get back to them.