Console Report 3 - Life, Tired & Switch

Wow two months since the last report, that’s not good, not good at all. The reason? Well been tired most times after work, just wanting to play games and not think about much else, sickness coming and going and also the work I do over at truesteamachievements. So these reports will not have a set time, I’ll do them when I feel they are needed, might be faster and might be slower. I’m just not committing myself to something if I can’t handle it (less stressful things in life is always good)

Now on the the gaming I did during the two months I didnt post anything!

Finished Games

I actually finished about 4 games during this time!!

Gears of War 3

First one is Gears of War 3, a great ending to the trilogy on 360 (not counting Judgement,’s not appealing at all, also not numbered). A series I recommend anyone with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One(backwards compatibility) to pickup!

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

So yeah I don’t have a PS4, but a friend does and when this was released he bought it and I went to him and we both played and beat it in about 3 hours. I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan and played the original two for many many hours. And caught up with story in the side games. The graphics in this one is awesome and I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be released (whenever that happens, square be slow)

Batman - A Telltale Series

I bought the entire series during the christmas sales on xbox one and finished it last month. It’s a really great game, like really great. Batman fans, get this. It got story elements not found in any other comic place.

Gears of War 4

And I also finished the latest entry in the series! This game was done great by the new devs after epic stopped. It also ended with me wanting more story, it didn’t feel like an ending, more like a surprise ending if you go by what they say during the playtime.

Games in Progress

Halo 5: Guardians

And once Gears of War 4 ended I booted up Halo 5! Well after deleting gears and spending over an hour installing and updating Halo 5…I’ve played one mission only but I hope it’s a great game, all the previous ones were awesome.

Disney Infinity 3.0

So yeah, I found a new collecting addiction. This started like 3 weeks ago. And I might aready be up at 20 characters I think. Don’t underestimate this being a kids game, it’s fun and the play sets have great stories. I have 2-3 play sets to go then I have “beaten” it. Also the quality on the character figures is not something that breaks easily. Iäd say Infinity is way better collectible than skylanders. Lego dimensions’s hard to beat lego. But I haven’t started that atleast!

Switch is coming

Only 4 days to go, then it’s here. The Nintendo Switch. I pre-ordered mine back in October. I pre-ordered the new zelda last month. And I pre-ordered the charging grip a few days ago. I’m ready. Or should I say (hidden in link to not give you nightmares)


Congrats on finishing all these games. I’m really hyped about the switch and especially Zelda. OoT is my favorite game of all time and I haven’t played a new zelda (although I did replay ocarina of time last year) in a long time. I didn’t pre-order, but I hope to get one near christmas. Hope to read your post about it here!
Reggie doesn’t give nightmare, only dreams ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Damn, I wish that Microsoft would actually port all Halo games on PC :(