• MudRunner

    52 hours playtime

    62 of 62 achievements

Report #272: MudRunner

Plowing through the mud

Finished the sequel to Spintires. This is actually called Spintires: Mudrunner. Very similar to the first game, although the map names are completely different, most of the maps are almost the same. They added a couple of new vehicles and some changes in gameplay. There are road blocks, so you cannot take the easiest way from log kiosk to lumber mill. Also there is no three-step manual gear, just first gear and first+ and reverse.

The American DLC is nice, but very short. Adds two maps and a couple of vehicles. On the additional maps they introduced yet another mechanic. Log is not general available in a kiosk, but there are many locations where it can spawn. The spawn location is random. Once you collect log from one location, another location is filled with random type log. So you have to be flexible with the log types and locations. Makes it much more interesting.

Recommended, if you do not want to buy Snowrunner in Epic Store